Chapter 0783: 10,000 Spectral Transformations

Currently, the Heaven Devouring Avatar was at its limit.

Everything was banking on today's wager.

Whether he could hold on or not, Wu Yu had no way to back down from this attack!

Even in the Dark North Imprisonment, the Titan Sword of Grit and Starlight's spirit design was magnified, and the dragons trumpeted in the air, fighting to get past each other as they stormed Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar, planning to tear him limb from limb!

The Heaven Devouring Avatar's eyes turned even redder than before. The Primordial Spirit of the avatar had already surpassed the real body's by a significant margin, and his control was slipping.

Of course, the more difficult it was to control, the stronger the absolute power that the Heaven Devouring Avatar was capable of! Its berserk craving to devour only intensified as it burst forth from the Heaven Devouring Avatar's entire body!

This avatar seemed almost demented. Right now, close to half of Wu Yu's consciousness was consumed by a need to devour!

Within the Dark North Imprisonment, the mystical dragons of black sand seemed to be on the verge of swallowing Wu Yu whole. All eyes were wide at this majestic spectacle. They could all see clearly, mostly through Wu Yu's Shadower, the fight between Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar and Prince You Yan!


With everyone watching, Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar suddenly dispersed into a black mist. Its volume and density was much more pronounced than before. After it dissipated, it continued to spread until it covered a quarter of the Dark North Imprisonment!

In a flash, the mystical dragons of black sand were all within the black mist. This black mist was like a huge creature which easily absorbed all the mystical dragons of black sand and furiously devoured them!

To Wu Yu, this was the crucial moment. Could he destroy the Gritty Netherworldly Void Design?

Right now, the mystical dragons of black sand were disoriented in his body, snarling and thrashing. The black mist was even finer, and it was permeating the black sand.

At this time, the Heaven Devouring Avatar's finest ability had been revealed. It was its only distinctive feature at this time.

But such a trait was strong enough already. From the start, he had not had much confidence. But now, with this devouring, he was still not at his limit, and could still control the Gritty Netherworldly Void Design.

As long as his control did not rip at the onset, the Heaven Devouring Avatar could basically control it and subject it to his will. It was basically his now, just like how the Heaven Devouring Avatar had turned Duan Yi's control back on him.

Prince You Yan was indeed powerful, but Wu Yu had allowed the Heaven Devouring Avatar to devour many demon corpses in this period. As Wu Yu managed to subdue his opponent's attack, he relaxed. He threw himself into battle. This was also the reason why he had dared to challenge Prince You Yan. He was much more aggressive than Prince You Yan now, and his real body only needed to watch the fight!

Boom, boom, boom!

Within the black mist, terrific sounds of battle clanged out.

Had this move finished Wu Yu off?

Actually, Prince You Yan himself was unsure about Wu Yu's avatar. He thought that he had read Wu Yu, but clearly, he had not. He suddenly realized that he had lost control over his spirit design!

In the next instant, Wu Yu's explosion!

The black mist shrank abruptly. The area was huge before, but it was now roughly only 10 zhang wide!

And then a violent explosion. Many originally thought that Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar would be thoroughly destroyed in its wake.

However, they saw a black mystical dragon shoot forth from the destruction, concentrated to the extreme and moving with fearsome speed.

When it appeared, it shot towards Prince You Yan, snarling. The dragon teeth and fangs were turned on Prince You Yan in the blink of an eye.

In truth, this small, black mystical dragon was the concentration of the entire Gritty Netherworldly Void Design from before, converted and concentrated by Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar. Only God knew how much lethal power was packed in it.

Therefore, when it appeared, not only those watching here, but the 800,000 audience outside gasped. They were clearly shocked by this development. Up until a moment ago, they were still speculating if Wu Yu's avatar was destroyed.

To their disappointment, the one whose life was in danger right now was not Wu Yu, but Prince You Yan. This was his own killing move, and now turned on him. He was a little at a loss.

Just like the others, he had not expected such a situation. His eyes were wide, his face full of disbelief. As the user of the Gritty Netherworldly Void Design, he knew better than anyone just how formidable the black dragon was!

In this critical moment, he had to use his life-saving technique!

"Damn it!" He was reeling from the shock, and the grim look on his face told that his anger had escalated to a new echelon. He not only felt anger, but also a tinge of fear at the possibility of losing.

Just like Duan Yi, he had never considered the notion of defeat. Therefore, this hiccup had rebounded as huge pressure. However, the difference between Duan Yi and Prince You Yan was that Prince You Yan would grow even more aggressive in the face of such pressure!

"10,000 Spectral Transformations!"

Another ultimate mystique unleashed. He was already prepared after seeing Duan Yi defeated last time. He did not want Wu Yu to throw another spanner into the works!

10,000 Spectral Transformations was a top-tier mystique of the Dark North royal family, and only the most talented could cultivate it successfully.

Prince You Yan was the strongest of all who had cultivated this mystique.

At this moment, it was as though a road to the hells of the Dark North Kingdom had opened. From the portal, mist shrouded his body and then fused into it. This caused a monumental transformation. Firstly, his body was fortified, his skin, flesh, bones, and every other part beginning to transform.

Soon, Prince You Yan was covered in black scale armor, and had sharp claws as well. His powerful arms transformed him into a battle monster!

And on his back was a pair of robust flesh wings. The wings were mounted on a sharp skeletal frame, and they were like two huge blades. He looked a little like a bat, and each beat of his wings caused the entire Dark North Imprisonment to thrum!

As Wu Yu counterattacked, Prince You Yan had hurriedly used this Spectral Transformation to become this hellish beast! In the next instant, his huge wings were folded protectively before him, an impregnable defense that absorbed the mystical dragon.

Prince You Yan used one wing to defend Wu Yu's counter, while the other wing slashed out a riposte that intended to cut the mystical dragon in half!

Two huge beasts grappled in the sky. The entire Dark North Imprisonment shook with the impact, mountains and rivers breaking down. If this were the actual Dark North Kingdom, they would have wrecked half of it!

Prince You Yan had now calmed down after the initial panic. In the Dark North Imprisonment, he continued to draw from an endless stream of power, and managed to mitigate the offensive spirit design that had once been his.

Finally, he sliced the black mystical dragon into bits before Wu Yu's eyes.

However, even so, he was panting heavily. He looked extremely fatigued. If not for the 10,000 Spectral Transformations, he would be six feet under!

The developments of the battle between Prince You Yan and Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar was truly shocking!

They still did not know that Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar had grown this strong in just the last couple of days. They were laboring under the impression that his avatar had always been this strong.

Therefore, they felt that Wu Yu was indeed more than meets the eye!

"I can't believe that his real power is actually on par with Prince You Yan. That means that thing is one of the strongest among the 1,000 competitors!"

"This person has great depths! He actually hid it until the last day! Luckily, Prince You Yan did not run into his attack, and successfully defrayed his attack. Otherwise, he would be in trouble now! This Wu Yu is far beyond our expectations!"

"Before this, I felt that he had many tricks in his arsenal. It looks like this vampire-like avatar of his is the real terror. It's actually stronger than his real body!"

Everyone had fallen into an admiring attitude towards Wu Yu. Perhaps only the battered Prince You Yan was driven to the utter limit of his rage at this time, and was entirely consumed by it.

But Prince You Yan did not let down his elders outside. He held on, and again pressed Wu Yu!

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