Chapter 0782: Dark North Imprisonment

Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar again appeared mysteriously before them.

Actually, the Heaven Devouring Avatar was also Wu Yu's body. He controlled the Heaven Devouring Avatar just as well as his main body. It was just like resting his right hand while he fought with his left.

His Heaven Devouring Avatar wore a long, simple, white robe, its white and silvery hair floating free. Although it looked the same, it had a strange spookiness to it. And the crimson eyes swirled with blood. They were mostly crimson, with a very small, white sclerae. It looked very creepy.

This Heaven Devouring Avatar was visually disconcerting, especially when they thought back to how Wu Yu had also used this clone to defeat Duan Yi. The power of this clone included some sort of devouring, and then to turn one's mystique back on the user. This was very surprising, and it was still fresh in their memory.

Actually, they had thought that Wu Yu would surrender for his dignity, and was merely fighting for the sake of it. But now that the Heaven Devouring Avatar had been revealed, Wu Yu's intent was clear. His own body had retreated to the periphery. He meant for it to fight his opponent!

In this world, it was astronomically rare for a clone to be stronger than one's real body.

It was difficult for clones to improve, and many clones could not even increase their ability. Their ability was decided at the point of their creation!

"What is the meaning of this?" Seeing Wu Yu's clone, Prince You Yan was a little confused. He thought the battle was over.

Wu Yu simply said, "To decide the victor." These four words were voiced by the Heaven Devouring Avatar. It was his first time speaking through it, and the same voice had a different timbre to it - a raspy and sinister tone!

At the same time, an invisible pressure crept forth. Prince You Yan completely understood now that Wu Yu was not joking. He wanted his clone to fight him.

"Your clone is not bad. A pity that it encountered me!" Whether clone or real body, he did not want to waste time on Wu Yu!

Therefore, he held the Titan Sword of Grit and Starlight and the Dark North Cartograph in his hands. Both advanced dao treasures unleashed their respective powers. Hundreds of thousands of spirit designs were activated at the same time, resulting in a huge drain on one's Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy that only Prince You Yan was capable of sustaining. His Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy knew no limits! However, the mystique that he first used on Wu Yu was the one that he had used before that had enabled Wu Yu to reach the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. Heavenly Dragon Soul Lock!

A loud dragon roar issued from his lips, the sonic attack flying unerringly towards Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar. It formed a Heavenly Dragon Soul Lock that entered Wu Yu's body.

He intended to use this to destroy the part of Wu Yu's spirit or Primordial Spirit that was in it. Because he guessed that such a clone would probably be controlled by Wu Yu's spirit directly. After all, the Primordial Spirit in Wu Yu's real body was whole, and so the portion in the clone should be very frail. By his calculations, this Heavenly Dragon Soul Lock should easily destroy Wu Yu's clone and then continue on to destroy his main body.

But as the Heavenly Dragon Soul Lock mystique neared, Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar dissolved into a black mist, and the Heavenly Dragon Soul Lock was left with no target. It could only fizzle away in the waters of the Ghost Sea Prison!

His mystique was ineffective!

This not only startled Prince You Yan, but also everyone else. Interest in Wu Yu's clone suddenly rose. They had not noticed that Wu Yu's real body was currently struggling.

Wu Yu was experiencing what Ming Long had warned him of. The clone's Primordial Spirit had surpassed his real body's.

At this time, it was difficult for him to control the Heaven Devouring Avatar. The Heaven Devouring Avatar had an overpowering desire to devour. Wu Yu could still decisively curb this when his real body was stronger, but right now, it was a little vague. He frequently had the impulse to devour everything before him. The Heaven Devouring Avatar was in a constantly starving state - and before him was a delicacy. Even right now, it faced the attacking Prince You Yan with hunger, which Wu Yu had to curb, a craving that set his entire body afire. But he knew that if he relinquished this control today, it could get completely out of hand. His Primordial Spirit would become a new Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, and bring disaster to this world. He would lose all control over the Heaven Devouring Avatar!


Therefore, Wu Yu was very clear that from now on, unless his real body continued to grow stronger, the Heaven Devouring Avatar could not be allowed to devour any more. In these 20 days, the Heaven Devouring Avatar had been growing so it could defeat Prince You Yan today!

Wu Yu's sore point had been infringed on, so he needed to grow stronger rapidly!

Especially after the Dark North Battle for Supremacy, he knew that he would face many challenges outside. After all, he had already revealed many of his moves here, and attracted much attention. The avatar would make a huge difference as to whether he lived or died!

He could not rush the progress of his main body, so he had to borrow the strength of the Heaven Devouring Avatar. Right now, the Heaven Devouring Avatar was still within the limits of his control. He too was clear that the Heaven Devouring Avatar could exceed his real body by just a tiny margin. Of course, this was for crucial moments. Therefore, he was taking a risk to make such a decision.

After today's battle, he would definitely not allow the Heaven Devouring Avatar to continue devouring. His primary mission was to continue to strengthen the Primordial Spirit of his real body, to quickly perfect his control over his Heaven Devouring Avatar, and to eliminate any risk!

If he was willing to take a risk, then there had to be a reward. Therefore, he had no intention of losing today. He did not know what the Heaven Devouring Avatar was capable of, but he longed for more than anything to defeat this fairly elite opponent that was Prince You Yan. This craving, paired with the Heaven Devouring Avatar's cravings to devour, allowed him to reach an extremely unsettling state. The red glare fixed on his opponent was making Prince You Yan feel extremely uncomfortable! And this discomfort would translate into anger!

Therefore, he acted first!

However, Wu Yu could actually only wait for him to strike. Because no matter how strong the Heaven Devouring Avatar was, he only had one battle technique!

"Dark North Imprisonment!" Unexpectedly, the first choice of Prince You Yan was the Dark North Cartograph.

He activated the offensive spirit designs on the Dark North Cartograph, immediately unleashing his most famous advanced dao treasure!

This advanced dao treasure was created based on a blueprint of the Dark North Kingdom. Right now, a huge scroll was unfurled, and it was infinitely huge. It filled the entire area, and soon both Wu Yu's real body and avatar were rolled up in the scroll. All the mountains and rivers, plains and grass - all of them were vivid. The gentle breeze blew through the hills, the rivers gently meandering. Even the livestock on the grassy plains could be clearly seen grazing, as though all of this was real.

As the Dark North Cartograph continued to grow more and more realistic, Wu Yu was trapped within the Dark North Imprisonment. This was a prison created by the advanced dao treasure!

Here, Prince You Yan was the absolute lord. He was like the Dark Sea Emperor of the entire Dark North Kingdom! Wu Yu felt that he had left the Ghost Sea Prison and returned to the Dark North Kingdom. All around him were the geographical features of the Dark North Kingdom, and it felt like there was no one in the entire Dark North Kingdom but him and Prince You Yan!

Therefore, he naturally felt a sense of wretchedness, as though he were being suppressed! This was all felt by Wu Yu's real body. His avatar was not that affected.

Wu Yu was not worried. His real body continued to back away, while his avatar continued to go up against Prince You Yan.

The Dark North Imprisonment was a magical spirit design. To Wu Yu, he had entered another world, but to those outside, they saw Wu Yu held by the advanced dao treasure. The Dark North Cartograph was transparent, and they could see Wu Yu running around like a headless housefly, while Prince You Yan looked invincible within.

Of course, Prince You Yan had used this offensive spirit design to lock Wu Yu down. His next move to destroy him would follow!

"Gritty Netherworldly Void Design!" As the Dark North Imprisonment took hold, the Titan Sword of Grit and Starlight in his other hand dissolved into countless grains of black sand, surrounding his arm. It continued to grow. Wu Yu could only see black sand continue to swirl over the skies of the entire Dark North Kingdom, and then turn into tens of thousands of black mystical dragons, each one about the same as the one that Wu Yu had just faced.

His opponent was truly terrifying to be able to call forth such power! From the start, Wu Yu had been shocked by his power. Right now, the 10,000 black mystical dragons charged towards his avatar!

He himself started to doubt. Could his Heaven Devouring Avatar handle this ultimate offensive spirit design?

"Wu Yu's in danger!" The 800,000 outside could see this clearly. There were many Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm cultivators outside. One look and they knew the devastation that this attack could bring.

Only Wu Yu believed in the infinite potential of his Heaven Devouring Avatar!

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