Chapter 0781: The Brave Fear Nothing

This battle was well underway.

Prince You Yan was impressive, much more so than Duan Yi in all ways.

From the moment he acted, his incredible Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy had already swallowed Wu Yu whole. If not for the fact that those outside could see Wu Yu on the Shadower, they would think that he had been completely owned by Prince You Yan.

"Wait." Just as the tension was rising, Wu Yu had dodged his opponent's attack simply by using the Swift Art.

He appeared in their midst, glowering at Prince You Yan. "What's your great hurry? Have you sworn your deadly oath?"

To Wu Yu, this was fairly important. This was the reason that he would stand before them. Otherwise, he would not have needed to challenge him.

Besides, he was also proving to them that even with so many surrounding him, he could easily leave them all behind if he was unhappy. Besides, he could also use the Darkness Breaching Talisman, then they could do nothing to him.

"Tedious," Prince You Yan retorted. However, he did stay his hand. A little begrudgingly, he said, "I, You Yan, swear to the heavens that I will not disturb the peace of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, nor bring harm to Wu Yu's friends and family. Or I will perish, and my dao with me!"

"Everyone has heard it, he made the oath." To him, it was a check, and therefore Wu Yu required such a deadly oath from him.

Besides, it was not just Prince You Yan. The other 20 or so who had once accosted Wu Yu - he required them to vow too. Otherwise, he had no need to participate in today's fight.

The others followed reluctantly, and the deadly oaths were begrudgingly taken. None of them were interested in this oath.

"And now we can fight." Prince You Yan brandished the Titan Sword of Grit and Starlight in his hand, his voice clear and cold.

"Yes." Regardless of how effective the deadly oath was, Wu Yu had done his due diligence.

What remained was his madness.

This was what he had planned for 20 days. A real highlight.

By the time he heard Wu Yu's reply, Prince You Yan was already extremely impatient.

Thinking of the frustration, resentment, and rage building in this time, he channeled them all into his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy and his advanced dao treasure. The Titan Sword of Grit and Starlight exploded with energy.

He acted swiftly. Seeing this bastard sword explode, it turned into a sooty, black sand, and then reformed into a colossal black dragon that circled Prince You Yan. It was similar to Wu Yu's Infinite Eternal Sand Reincarnation Design!

It was already the final day, and the participants who had given up, along with the 800,000 spectators, were all watching Prince You Yan's grand show.

"Go to hell." Prince You Yan poured all his anger into his attacks. The entire Ghost Sea Prison was ripped apart, the seawater churned into dust. The dragon bared its maw, and came gnashing towards Wu Yu!

Wu Yu had already increased his strength to the maximum. In his hand, the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff expanded massively, until it looked like a golden pillar that propped up the sky itself. His two arms continued to bulge and thicken. He had already put his Violent Art into the attack and activated the Infinite Eternal Sand Reincarnation Design on the 10,000 Dragons Staff. As the Violent Art took effect, the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff turned into a colossal golden dragon, with Wu Yu clutching on to its tail and controlling it with the Violent Art. This was basically the height of his power right now!

The golden mystical dragon and black mystical dragon clashed before eager and tense expressions. A clash of advanced dao treasures!


Under their respective owners' control, the advanced dao treasures snarled and bit at each other, doing heated battle. It was as though two real mystical dragons were fighting. Perhaps even real mystical dragons could not reach this level of combat!

Ping, ping!

Wu Yu quickly found out how strenuous it was to hold out in a head-on fight against such an opponent.

His opponent's advanced dao treasure was controlled by an abundance of Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. It was far superior to Wu Yu's own physical strength. Even his powerful physique, compounded with the Violent Art and the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, he was completely outclassed. The eternal sand was shattered, while the Titan Sword of Grit and Starlight suddenly reformed as a bastard sword that almost sliced Wu Yu into bits.

Fortunately, Wu Yu could use the Somersault Cloud to quickly evade his opponent's attack. But this clash showed him clearly that the chances of Prince You Yan killing him was over 90%, and his chances of doing the same were virtually zero.

This was the huge difference between his real body and Prince You Yan's might. Whether the spectators here or the 800,000 outside, all the experts from the Yan Huang Ancient Region could see that Wu Yu was outclassed by Prince You Yan.

"As expected, this kid's main aim was the deadly oaths. His challenge was simply an attempt at a dignified defeat. His boldness is indeed interesting."

"Laughable. To do so many meaningless things just to salvage some pride. I see it as a further self-embarrassment! To try for the prize and reputation of the Dark North Battle for Supremacy, laughable!"

Seeing Wu Yu get owned, everyone relaxed and smiled.

At this time, the supporting cultivators in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy had also passed word of the exchange between Wu Yu and Prince You Yan to those outside, and they now knew what was going on here.

"Dong Sheng Divine Continent?" All the immortal kingdoms in the Yan Huang Ancient Region had their own intelligence network in the others. Therefore, by the time Prince You Shi knew what was happening, the Yan Huang Ancient Country knew as well.

"Wu Yu has no need to worry. As long as he is willing to return to the Yan Huang Ancient Country with us, we will definitely protect every last person of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. After all, the Dong Sheng Divine Continent is also our Yan Huang Ancient Country's territory." Qu Yin had just been to Dong Sheng Divine Continent, and he understood the place well. Therefore, he was confident about this.

Qu Yin smiled and thought, "Wu Yu does not know that we are here, or our intentions. That is why he has made such a choice, to duke it out with Prince You Yan. But he has no chance - he should have given up at the start. But whether he wins or not, we have found a gem. When he comes out, we'll tell him that we have a better proposal than this oath-taking business." 

The others of Yan Huang Ancient Country laughed as well. There was no pressure for them, and the Dark North Kingdom would not dare to start any trouble with them over this. After all, the Dong Sheng Divine Continent was indeed the Yan Huang Ancient Country's territory, albeit a barren wasteland of poverty that sat neglected. But if the Yan Huang Ancient Country refused entry to others, they indeed could not enter.

Wu Yu's decision caused the 800,000 watching to scratch their heads in puzzlement. Everyone thought that he was going to give up his championship. Although the spread of such news might not be favorable to the Dark North Kingdom, Wu Yu losing the win would mean that there would be no mark in history. Who would remember what happened? But if he took first place, he would enter the records. Perhaps millennia later, the descendants of the Dark North Kingdom would still remember this humiliation. Therefore, the damage to the Dark North Kingdom would be much greater.

Therefore, although the royal elders were not very satisfied with such threats, they themselves had no better idea against Wu Yu.

"Amongst the youngsters, this You Yan is a bold one. When he reaches the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm in the future, he will be a real credit. He might even have a brighter future than You Yang." Low whispers among the Dark North royal family were heard. After all, they could see Prince You Yan's imposing manner decisively trouncing Wu Yu, who was struggling at death's door. Right now, all he could do was dodge his opponent's attacks frantically with the Somersault Cloud!

"Wu Yu, if this continues, our battle today will be meaningless. If you're a man, then fight me head on. Stop sneaking about like a street rat!" Prince You Yan was on the verge of killing Wu Yu a few times, but Wu Yu's astonishing speed had carried him clear. Prince You Yan was even more enraged now. Not only did his anger find no avenue for venting, but it continued to build. Wu Yu was truly an existence to drive one mad.

It was not that Wu Yu was escaping. Instead, his real body was never the highlight of this battle. He had never once thought that his real body could be his opponent's match.

"Of course. As you wish." Seated on the Somersault Cloud and dodging, Wu Yu suddenly stopped, facing Prince You Yan. Prince You Yan had also pulled out the Dark North Cartograph, his strongest weapon.

When Wu Yu halted, Prince You Yan expected him to surrender. He, too, knew that Wu Yu was merely making a play for his pride.

However, he did not expect that a white-haired, red-eyed Wu Yu would appear before him, while the real body of Wu Yu retreated backwards, as though ready to watch the show.

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