Chapter 0780: Dark North Cartograph

Wu Yu's steadfast determination showed that he had been planning for this day for the past 20 days.

He might even have come up with this plan from the day that Prince You Yan had threatened the Dong Sheng Divine Continent.

To them, his brazenness knew no bounds.

Even the Full Moon of Nanshan, who had accompanied Wu Yu throughout, had no idea.

But his guts had shocked them.

Therefore, as Wu Yu laid out his thoughts calmly, there was no response for a while as they reeled.

Everyone looked at Wu Yu, then at Prince You Yan.

Their gazes were locked on each other in an invisible struggle.

Clearly, just by looking at them, Wu Yu was far from being able to compare to Prince You Yan. The only thing he had was guts.

But guts played a very limited role in battle. At least for them.

"Is he addled in the brain? Or undone by fear? Challenging Prince You Yan? Is there hope?" The whispers began.

"You don't see? I'm afraid that he doesn't intend to defeat Prince You Yan at all. He simply wishes to use this method to earn their forgiveness and ask for their benevolence. At the same time, it's a way for him to back down with a little grace. Otherwise, if he simply gave up on collecting Dead Souls Nets, that would be too undignified."

"Seems good. That means that Wu Yu is no dunderhead, he's trying to win back some pride."

"It's alright. But he has already been very brazen in our Dark North territory. He should have been reined in long ago. Perhaps only these princes and princesses can do it."

"Challenging Prince You Yan is like attacking a rock with an egg."

"But all he wants is Prince You Yan's deadly oath."

"The outcome of the battle is unimportant to him. Even if he loses today, and very badly, his reputation is enough to shake the entire Jambu Realm. I do envy him. He's really made his name in this Dark North Battle for Supremacy."

The discussions ensued as they stared interrogatively at Wu Yu, as though trying to read his mind.

But perhaps only Prince You Yan and the other 20 could feel that this was not Wu Yu's true intention.

He indeed sought a dignified way of getting Prince You Yan to pass over the Dong Sheng Divine Continent.

But he also needed a fair fight to reinforce his Dark North Battle for Supremacy win!

This was Wu Yu! The straightforward and domineering will!

But even such strength of will was laughable to Prince You Yan. He even saw it as disrespect.

He could entirely choose to allow Wu Yu to have first place and then take revenge on the Dong Sheng Divine Continent after this.

But this would not favor his reputation outside. They would brand him as someone who was narrow-minded and obsessed with revenge.

Wu Yu's championship was the larger picture here.

Therefore, it seemed like he had to accept. But if he did, then everyone would have to make the deadly oath together.

This was the caveat. And then the showdown.

If he could win without problems, then he could smooth over the conflict of the Dark North Battle for Supremacy.

And the Dark North Tribe would regain their pride.

But if Prince You Yan lost, then the Dark North Tribe would be in deeper trouble than ever....

Everyone understood this.

But even Prince You Yan felt that it was virtually impossible for Wu Yu to come out on top in a battle against him at this time.

If he did not assent to any condition, he would be seen as surrendering, afraid to accept the challenge, and before the eyes of 800,000 spectators at that. The conclusion to an epic - there was no chance that Prince You Yan would reject such an end to the day.

This, too, was what Wu Yu was banking on.

He was supremely confident. That was why he had showed up today.

Prince You Yang and the others conferred privately for a while. Perhaps everyone had much to offer.

But all in all, they were willing to put aside their towering rage with Wu Yu and convert it into fire for the battle.

Prince You Yan could freely use any method he wished to crush Wu Yu and achieve the conclusion he desired.

Therefore, with everyone watching, the others fell back, while Prince You Yan stared coldly at Wu Yu. He beckoned imperiously, "Since you have such sincerity, then I will grant your wish. After all, there is but a day left in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy. I will spend it on you."

He had accepted.

Everyone heard him clearly, and therefore they had to back down now, leaving a wide space as the battleground.

This was what Wu Yu had expected.

All that he had done until now was because these people had forced his hand!

From beginning to end, the last thing he could bear was to have others threaten his family and friends.

Therefore, he had to challenge it. He had to go wild, to dig deep.

And today was the day that what he had suppressed for 20 days would explode forth.

"I not only want to get first place in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy, but I want to defeat him openly, and leave this place with my head held as high as possible. Finally, I will make all of them to have respect for me."

If they respected him, who would dare to attack his sore point?

To drive him to such reckless, savage actions?

Naturally, no one could obtain any drastic leap in strength in 20 days' time - not since the beginning of time. Therefore, Prince You Yan was not at all worried.

He could completely crush Wu Yu at this time.

The two faced off like an adult against a child.

Wu Yu looked extremely frail and pitiful.

"Perhaps this guy defeated Duan Yi and felt like he was close to touching Prince You Yan. He doesn't know that although Duan Yi and Prince You Yan are only one tier apart, there is a difference between heaven and earth. Prince You Yan is a prince, and Duan Yi is only the son of a mere provincial lord. Can all be the same between them? Just in terms of advanced dao treasures alone, and elite advanced dao treasures, Prince You Yan already has two."

Some could not resist laughing. The pair would probably fight very soon, and this battle would not be competitive in the least.

Wu Yu wanted to deal with Prince You Yan as an example to the others. Before today, he had already learned of Prince You Yan's strength through Princess You Xue.

Prince You Yan was one of the strongest martial cultivators yet to enter the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm. He was a contender for the Dark North throne in the future, and had the ability to match it.

For example, his two advanced dao treasures had been obtained from the previous Dark North Battles for Supremacy. In the previous one, he had gotten sixth place, and two iterations ago, he had achieved third.

The first time, he had obtained the Titan Sword of Grit and Starlight.

This was an ancient bastard sword, a killing machine composed of black sand and swirling with starlight. Its power was nothing to sneeze at - it was definitely more powerful than Duan Yi's Elysian Life Extinguisher!

His second advanced dao treasure was even more terrifying. It was known as the Dark North Cartograph.

This was an advanced dao treasure that had been passed down in the Dark North royal family for a long time. It was very famous, and each owner had been a hero of the Dark North royal family.

The Dark North Cartograph held the power of all the mountains in the Dark North Kingdom. It could invoke their power to crush enemies, and was Prince You Yan's trump card that would crush his opponents and make them weep.

Prince You Yan had not used both at the same time in a while. Both advanced dao treasures, the Titan Sword of Grit and Starlight and the Dark North Cartograph, facing the same opponent.

With these two dao treasures, he was on par with his senior, Prince You Yang.

Besides, Prince You Yan still had all kinds of dao techniques and mystiques hailed as elite in the Dark North Kingdom. For example, the Heavenly Dragon Soul Lock from before was one of them.

The Heavenly Dragon Soul Lock was one of his fundamental mystiques.

Speaking of that, Wu Yu had quite the tangle with Prince You Yan.

It was because of Prince You Yan that Wu Yu could enter the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm.

If not, he would not even be qualified to face off against Prince You Yan now.

Anything could happen in the heat of battle. Even if there were injuries or deaths, that was very normal.

Right now, everyone was watching these two. Evidently, Prince You Yan was not inclined to waste time on Wu Yu.

Therefore, when the two decided to fight with their lives, Prince You Yan immediately unleashed his advanced dao treasures!

The first one was naturally his Titan Sword of Grit and Starlight. Perhaps to him, Wu Yu was not even worth him pulling out the Dark North Cartograph!

Just the Titan Sword of Grit and Starlight alone seemed to put Prince You Yan far above Wu Yu!

He had a kingly aura of domination to him, a god amongst men. Before him, Wu Yu looked insignificant indeed!

And at this time, Wu Yu had not used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, nor transformed into the Immortal Ape. He stood as a man.

Prince You Yan was already shrouded in robust Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. The inky Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy swirled around him, forming violet dragons that roared at Wu Yu, baring fang and tooth!

If not for Prince You Yan reining them in, they would probably have devoured Wu Yu already.

Suddenly, the huge, black sword in Prince You Yan's hand jabbed forward. Instantly, the entire sea region rang with an ear-splitting sound!

An endless stream of black light blasted towards Wu Yu!

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