Chapter 0078: Spiritual Qi Spring

Art of Sword Flight!

This was not the first time that Wu Yu had stood upon Feng Xueya's flying sword. However, this was the first time he had gotten the opportunity to travel such a long distance quickly with it.

They soared through the thousand li's of clouds. The numerous flower-like white clouds gently brushed past their zooming bodies. There were also flocks of birds flapping away by their sides, riding the wind currents, unfettered by the ground and the skies! 

This feeling was absolutely heavenly.

The speed they moved at forced Wu Yu to hold on carefully. He was almost frightened to the point that he almost hugged the sword itself. 

This was much faster than the Heavenly Cloud Roc.

Cultivators, especially sword cultivators, wielded their swords to behead demons and exterminate devils. When they flew through the skies, the sword qi they emitted would rush into the skies above, completely unrestrained! 

"To me, to fly atop a sword is still be a lofty dream. I have to become a Jindan Immortal first. I am afraid that I have to wait at least 10 years before I can attain that realm."

Wu Yu envied his sect master.

The sword he was flying upon was a golden-colored longsword. Under Feng Xueya's control, the longsword emitted golden light in the shape of a giant version of itself. It was three zhang long and two zhang wide. With his powers, the sword's apparition was as large as a skiff.  

"When you return, I will give you your own mountain. Once you become a core disciple, you will also have the right to learn the Art of Sword Control. It is a relatively simple dao technique."

Certain dao techniques were not for offensive purposes, such as Jiang Junlin's ability to create vines and Hao Tian's ability to control water. All of these were for auxiliary purposes. 

These dao techniques were very easy to learn. All core disciples knew over 10 odd types of auxiliary skills. Even if one was not the brightest, they would still be able to learn them all in a short amount of time.

For example, the Ascending Art, Firestarting Art, Body Cleansing Art, Tranquility Art (creates a zone of silence), Dust Expelling Art, Spiritual Communication Art, and so on. The Art of Sword Control was considered one of the harder ones in the list. However, the Qi Condensation Realm's Art of Sword Control only allowed one to manipulate treasures around oneself and to attack with them. They did not allow one to fly.

Although all of these moves were simple, they were things that could be used day to day. For example, the Body Cleansing Art and the Dust Expelling Art could be used in combination to clean oneself and ensure they looked presentable. To mortals, this was incomprehensible. 

Feng Xueya's hair was dancing in the wind as Wu Yu clasped his hands behind his back. He could sense that Wu Yu already possessed two spiritual sources. "I have brought along a copy of the Qi Condensation Spiritual Art, but it looks as though you have already found your own way. It looks like you don’t need it."

"No. However, I would still like to thank Master."

Honestly speaking, Feng Xueya was very meticulous as a master. He had prepared everything beforehand.

Perhaps in his eyes, the miracle-creating but arrogant and unyielding Wu Yu held a trace of himself when he was younger. 

"It seems that Sun Wudao has left behind an amazing legacy."

Feng Xueya suddenly stretched his hand out placed it upon Wu Yu's forehead, on top of his Heaven's Hall Meridian. Wu Yu suddenly felt a trace of immortal power flow through his body. It was as though a sword had penetrated his Heaven's Hall Meridian and was swimming within it.

Of course, it would never harm Wu Yu.

Feng Xueya removed his hand and spoke frankly, "Your Qi Condensation Spiritual Art does not seem very tyrannical, but at the same time it has a powerful regenerative ability. It is really quite good. It is much better than the one I used when I was in the Qi Condensation Realm." He had pertinently assessed the art's abilities.

"Hehe. This is all because of the Great Way of Immortality Art's awesomeness. You have yet to showcase its true abilities; otherwise, this master of yours would pee his pants in fright!" Ming Long said mysteriously within his body. 

Wu Yu was too lazy to care about her.

Feng Xueya gave a deep sigh. "Sun Wudao truly is mysterious. He gave you a top tier body refining technique that has no equivalent and even gave you a decent Qi Condensation Spiritual Art. Even I cannot fathom how great the legacy he has imparted you is. At the very least, it is no worse than the things I have given your fellow personal disciples. Since this is the case, when you're adventuring outside the sect, there might be times where you must show restraint and not expose all your abilities. This will prevent others from becoming jealous. Do you understand?" 

This was from experience.

As the saying went, don't expose your riches to others. An ordinary man is free from guilt, but a talented individual will arouse the envy and ire of others.

"Disciple understands."

"Frankly speaking, if I was any younger and if I had yet to complete my Qi Condensation, knowing that you had something so amazing would also arouse my greed. Cultivation is never easy, and who wouldn't want a better spiritual art? This world is cold and cruel. You should have understood this. You have to be prudent in your path." 

Feng Xueya was very frank, and this led Wu Yu to respect him even more. Although his relationship with his master was relatively shallow considering the limited time they had spent together, Feng Xueya was still his benefactor who had saved him thrice. Just considering that already ensured that Wu Yu would repay him for the rest of his life.

"However, you are my, Feng Xueya's, disciple. So long as I am still around, I will protect you. You should quickly showcase your strength, rise greatly, wield your weapon honestly, and repay the gratitudes and enmity you have. If you want to be restrained and maintain a low profile, wait till I am dead!" Feng Xueya suddenly smiled. It was clear that he was very satisfied with Wu Yu. 

Clearly, he was more protective than Wu Yu had imagined.

Of course, to Wu Yu, this was only a good thing.

It did not take long to travel from the Capital Wu to the Bipo Mountain Range with Feng Xueya's flight speed.

Wu Yu had not had enough time to enjoy soaring amongst the clouds when the Bipo Mountain Range's beautiful river appeared in front of his eyes. The numerous mountain peaks and residences dotted the landscape. The mountains were filled with numerous Immortal Cranes floating amidst the clouds. One could even see numerous longswords dancing in the sky, flashing with a myriad of different colors. One could even see thunder and vicious gales surrounding said weapons as the numerous immortal disciples sparred with their abilities. It was like seeing fireworks blossoming within the Bipo Mountain Range. 

One by one, the numerous peaks that Wu Yu recognized appeared in front of his eyes as he approached. The Heavenly Peak which pierced the layer of clouds, the beautiful Stained Glass Sky Peak, the Immortal Promotion Plateau's mountain. Even the bustling Myriad Treasures Valley could be seen down below. There was also the large mountain which held the archives containing the arts of the sect. 

This was the lofty, majestic, and flourishing Heavenly Sword Sect.

Although Wu Yu had only spent a small amount of time here, it was like his second home. This place led him to meet Sun Wudao, Feng Xueya, Su Yanli, and Qing Mang... To be frank, he had already fallen in love with this beautiful river. This was the place where his dreams had finally taken flight! 

"As I said, the big issue with the Bipo Mountain Range has to do with you. You need to make some mental preparations."

Feng Xueya immediately brought Wu Yu in another direction.


After which, he reduced the speed of his flight and entered the Bipo Mountain Range after passing through several cloud layers, entering the sect's vicinity. 

"Do you see anything different?" As they entered the sect above the flying sword, Feng Xueya asked this question.


Wu Yu looked at the numerous mountains and rivers. There were countless trees, and following the large river were uncountable amounts of fawn and fauna.

Everything looked exactly the same!

However, there was one key difference!

"I found it. The spiritual qi in the Bipo Mountain Range has become thicker! What happened?"

Ever since he had just returned from Dong Yue Wu, he had felt that the spiritual qi was thicker here. This was quite normal as Dong Yue Wu was relatively sparse in spiritual qi, but this difference was too great. This was a mystery! In such an environment, Wu Yu could feel that his spirits were uplifted. Just a single breath felt so sweet.

If a group of mortals were to live here, living past a hundred years would be no issue.

With such a dense spiritual qi environment, one's entire body could soak the qi in through their very pores. His two spiritual sources were rotating even quicker, and this allowed Wu Yu to maintain his body at top condition.

"The spiritual qi seems to be at least twice as dense as before..." Wu Yu said. After reading The Chronicles of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, he knew that the Bipo Mountain Range was formed above the convergence of countless spiritual veins. Thus, it turned into a place that immortals would prize, and the Heavenly Sword Sect was built upon it. 

This area where spiritual veins converged had already been well documented countless tens of thousands of years ago.

Normally speaking, a change in the spiritual qi would be very minor. Every time there would be a large change, it would be due to the accumulation of also tens of thousands of years. A sudden change like this would be impossible.

"You are wrong, it’s already three times as dense. Furthermore, it seems to be increasing," Feng Xueya said as he brought him along.

"Three times?!"

Wu Yu felt that this was inconceivable. 

"Do you know what this implies?" Feng Xueya said.

Wu Yu was stunned momentarily. 

"Only those sects with three times the strength of the Heavenly Sword Sect would possess such a location," Feng Xueya replied bluntly.

"Isn't this a good thing?" After hearing this, Wu Yu had a faint idea why Feng Xueya had recalled all his disciples.

"It’s a wonderful thing. If we are able to grasp hold of this opportunity, we will be able to become thrice as strong!" Feng Xueya gave a cold smirk. At this time, he had brought Wu Yu to Yanli Mountain. When he arrived, Wu Yu realized that the spiritual qi here was even more dense compared to the outside area. It was almost four times as dense!

It was hard to describe in words the advantages that cultivating here would bring.

"Respected Master!"

The elegantly white-robed Su Yanli, the scholarly Mo Shishu, and numerous elders were gathered here. Wu Yu followed Feng Xueya in as he looked around. It was at this point where he noticed that this was near the place that he had entombed Sun Wudao. Furthermore, the entire group was surrounding Sun Wudao's tomb. 

"Junior Brother, you’re finally back. We have missed you. I heard that you managed to kill a ghostly cultivator at the second tier of the Qi Condensation Realm. That is just too awesome!" Mo Shishu said as he fanned himself smugly as he approached Wu Yu. 

"Get out of the way."

Feng Xueya gave him a glare.

Mo Shishu gave a light smile. He was accustomed to Feng Xueya's temper. He immediately made way and even winked coquettishly at Wu Yu. It felt utterly wacky.

However, all of Wu Yu's attention was focused on the sight in front of him.

"Uncle Sun!"

When the people in front of him had moved away, Wu Yu could clearly see that the tomb he had erected for Sun Wudao, whether it was the gravestone or the coffin, had already disappeared. What was in front of him was a large, deep hole. It was approximately one zhang wide and basically bottomless!

"How could this happen?

"Who dug this hole? Where is my Uncle Sun's body? Where is the gravestone?"

Wu Yu felt extremely aggrieved. This was the most respected elder he had, and he was the one who had given Wu Yu everything! 

"Junior Brother, calm down. Listen to me."

Su Yanli walked forward, and upon seeing her calm and incomparably beautiful countenance, Wu Yu relaxed slightly.

"No one touched your Uncle Sun's grave. This situation is unimaginable. One day, we heard some movement over here and I rushed over. I realized that the grave had actually disappeared. In fact, what was left was this deep hole. Additionally, a large amount of spiritual qi began to spew out from this hole, turning this area into a spiritual qi spring. It is because of this spiritual qi spring that the Bipo Mountain Range now possesses such a dense spiritual qi. I first thought that the grave had been pushed somewhere by the eruption of the spiritual qi, but no matter how meticulously I combed the surrounding area, I could not find any trace of the grave."

It was no wonder Feng Xueya had said that this situation had to do with him.

Sun Wudao's grave had disappeared and the entire Bipo Mountain Range had encountered a mysterious transformation. It was all due to this spiritual qi spring. 

"How could this happen?"

Sun Wudao's grave and coffin had disappeared, and Wu Yu did not know how he could account to Sun Wudao.

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