Chapter 0779: Fight for Power

The two exchanged a smile. Actually on this last day, they finally understood. Rather than angering oneself, they should direct this hatred, anger, and struggle toward Wu Yu.

But, unexpectedly, even when the result was set, they actually received a Message Talisman from Wu Yu.

At this moment, the Dark North Tribe members outside had already accepted this reality and were quite disappointed. They were disheartened, and some had left already.

Wu Yu was ahead by over 300 Dead Souls Nets at this point. He not only did not leave, but had actually initiated contact with them.

"What is this person planning to do?" Jiang Shangyue asked doubtfully. Now Prince You Yan was looking at the Message Talisman.

After Prince You Yan read it, his expression turned strange. He felt that this was absurd and looked at Jiang Shangyue. He said, "He told me that he is waiting for me at the place he and Duan Yi battled. He wants to settle this fight of resentment."

"How is that possible? Is he joking with us? He still wants to embarrass us?" Jiang Shangyue said in disbelief. Obviously, the best course of action for Wu Yu right now would be for him to leave as soon as possible.

Prince You Yan said, "We've already reached this moment, are you still afraid that he will trick us? Let's gather the others. There's only one more day left. Let's all go there."

Wu Yu had said in his Message Talisman to gather as many people as they could, the more the merrier. He meant that he wanted as many people as possible gathered in his position. Then we would do as he wished. Prince You Yan's eyes were cold and dark.

He was now headed in Wu Yu's direction, and he sent the Message Talisman out. All who were similar to him in status and ability would receive his Message Talisman and know about this. Then these people would spread the news and it would reach many other people.

To them, now Wu Yu was important business.

Actually, on this day, the top 10 were obvious because the group who had the most Dead Souls Nets was far ahead of the others in terms of numbers. Basically everyone who received Prince You Yan's Message Talisman saw that Wu Yu actually was going to reveal himself in public and settle their fight of resentment, and they wanted to take a look. Especially those who had no hope at all of entering the top 10.

So this huge group of people gradually appeared at the previous place of battle.

Actually, the 800,000 people outside also realized that Wu Yu had stopped moving and that his current position was the spot where he had defeated Duan Yi.

"What is he doing? Why is it that others are heading in his direction? Perhaps he contacted the others?"

"I think that's what he did. Why is he suddenly so daring? Wasn't he hiding and evading before?"

"Perhaps he became courageous. I want to see what he can stir up on this last day."

It was already the last day, and the Dark North Battle for Supremacy was about to end.

The people of the various powers might fight after this ended, especially the people of the Yan Huang Ancient Country and the Dark North Kingdom.

Obviously, one could see that Qu Yin and his group were already itching to make a move. Their eyes were full of praise for Wu Yu.

Now laughter kept erupting from their sector. It was obvious that they were in high spirits.

"What's there to be proud of? Wu Yu is not even from the Yan Huang Tribe! Perhaps when he emerges, he will willingly join our Dark North Kingdom and become part of our Dark North Tribe. While he does not have the bloodline, a person like him is acceptable."

"Forget it, he has already embarrassed us enough. Such a person should die here. He cannot be brought to the Yan Huang Ancient Country to make the Yan Huang Ancient Country stronger."

Everyone was discussing his fate. Prince You Yan and Jiang Shangyue appeared before Wu Yu first. He was closely followed by Prince You Yang, Prince You Ying, Princess You Yu, Princess You Xuan, and the others. They were fast too. They arrived one after another and immediately surrounded Wu Yu. While they knew that it was useless, at least they could stress Wu Yu mentally.

After receiving the news, more people came. At least there were more than the 20 people from before. Not long later, about 100 people arrived, and the numbers were increasing. This was the last day, and they were treating this like a show to see what Wu Yu was going to do. Prince You Yan looked at Wu Yu as though he was an explosive about to blow up.

If not for Wu Yu having obviously expressed his intent to discuss with them, he would probably already have attacked.

Except when he thought about it, Wu Yu’s moves were shocking. He had used the Heavenly Dragon Soul Lock to hurt Wu Yu, but it would probably not be useful now.

Prince You Yang pulled the agitated Prince You Yan and said in a deep voice, "Don't be rash. He probably dared to show himself to seek peace and because he is worried about the Demon Sealing Continent. Let's see how he intends to negotiate!" 

The talented youths of the Dark North Tribe had surrounded Wu Yu and were looking at him with dark expressions.

They had all heard of the situation here and knew that once today was over, if Wu Yu took first place and received the Dark North Royal Obelisk of their Dark North Kingdom, that would be incredibly unbearable. This was the godly weapon that the Dark Sea Emperor once wielded.

And there were so many other supreme treasures and great honor.

Wu Yu did not hold the suspense any longer after seeing that the crowd had assembled. He looked at the audience, and his gaze landed on Prince You Yan. This person had the most exchanges with him. It was also his idea to threaten the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. Hence, after Wu Yu betrayed their agreement, the angriest person was him.

Here, his motive was the strongest!

"Everyone." Wu Yu took the initiative and became the host. He announced loudly first, "I have close to 1,000 Dead Souls Nets. I believe that no one here can surpass me. After today, I will no doubt be the champion of the Dark North Battle for Supremacy. On this, there is nothing for debate."

Not only were many of the participants looking at him, but basically all 800,000 outside were also staring at him even though they did not know what he was saying.

Wu Yu's words caused some uproar. Close to 1,000 Dead Souls Nets was a number that was hard to surpass even for Prince You Yang. He only had over 700 Dead Souls Nets now.

To put it simply, as long as Wu Yu was willing, no one could stop him from claiming the championship.

"Are you bragging? Wu Yu, do you really think that what I said to you 20 days ago was just a joke? To be honest, I've already arranged for the manpower to execute my plan when we leave this place. Not long after that, the good news will travel to your ears." Prince You Yan was at the last straw of his patience, how could he still speak to Wu Yu calmly?

His threat was no surprise to Wu Yu.

Wu Yu stared at him, his eyes burning. They glared at each other. He said seriously, "I know that this was not your original goal. You just didn't want me to enter the top 10. Actually, if I had not appeared today, I would have won and it would have been the end of it. You wouldn’t even have had the opportunity to retort. Today, I'm here because I want to give everyone a fair and just conclusion."

Prince You Yang interrupted him and said, "Then let's see what kind of fair conclusion you want."

Wu Yu was also direct and said, "Today, before everyone, I'm going to make things clear. As long as you fulfill my condition, then I can throw all my Dead Souls Net into the Ghost Sea Prison!"

Hearing this, they were tempted because their original goal was to resolve this problem from its root cause and not to take revenge. Revenge would only make them vengeful in their hearts. 

"Then tell us your condition," Prince You Yan said coldly.

"First, I need everyone to guarantee for me, to swear to the heavens, to swear to everyone, that you will never stir trouble at the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, regardless of you doing it personally or ordering someone to do so on your behalf. If not, you will die, your dao will disappear, and your spirit will be destroyed!"

Martial cultivators basically dared not to swear such deadly oaths to the heavens.

Because the heavens controlled the Heavens' Wrath and the dao crises. It was said that if one betrayed his oath, then the Heavens' Wrath suffered at the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm would be much scarier than average. Hence, a certain amount of courage was needed to swear such a deadly oath.

This was a restraining power on any of the martial cultivators.

It was because Wu Yu had betrayed the agreement that they had to do that. Hence, to them, this was not really important. As long as Wu Yu threw away those nets, they wouldn’t bother to create trouble at the Dong Sheng Divine Continent.

While these 20 days were infuriatingly humiliating, they could vent this humiliation on Wu Yu. If word got out that they attacked the family of a martial cultivator, it would damage their reputation too.

Hence, Prince You Yan would not believe that this was Wu Yu's condition. He believed that this was only one of his conditions. So he answered, "As long as you do things obediently, I've no interest in your family and friends. It's nothing to swear that deadly oath. But if that were all, you wouldn't have wasted your efforts for these 20 days. So?"

Wu Yu answered him quickly, "This is indeed only one of the conditions. The more important condition is that I'm going to challenge you."

He said it so lightly. These five words were uttered calmly, yet they contained unbelievable courage. There were so many present, yet none of them expected Wu Yu to dare to say those words, because they were on totally different levels.

Prince You Yan was one of the strongest in the Dark North Kingdom for those under 100 years old and below the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm.

Hence, many people thought that they had heard wrongly.

Wu Yu continued, "You guys heard correctly, I want to challenge Prince You Yan and take a gamble. If I lose, I'll throw all my Dead Souls Nets into the Ghost Sea Prison. If I win, I'll bring them out and claim all the prizes and honor belonging to the champion. Regardless of victory or defeat, you guys have to swear a deadly oath. This is my entire goal of coming here. I've shown you my sincerity. Now it depends on whether you all dare to take it. After all, I'm also thinking of a way to resolve this difficult problem."

He looked at the audience, who were at a loss.

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