Chapter 0778: The Final Day

"What is going on? What are these kids doing?" Prince You Shi was mad with anger. Right now, he could only send people in to tell the royal members about Wu Yu's current state. There might have been some misunderstanding within.

Those outside could clearly see that if this continued, Wu Yu would definitely emerge in first place after 20 days. The Dark North Royal Obelisk would belong to him, unless something drastic changed. But the gap was growing wider and wider. Even if Wu Yu was kicked out, it would be incredibly difficult for anyone to overtake him.

They could not see that Wu Yu was leaving every demon's corpse at its original spot, where a black mist would soon follow to shroud it and make the demon corpse disappear.

Prince You Yan and the others had already received the news after half a day, that Wu Yu had not done as they had ordered.

Before this, all of them were relaxed, excitedly embarking on their final spree.

The news was like cramming shit down their throats. A bitter feeling. Followed by explosive rage.

None of them could stand for this, let alone Prince You Yan, who had personally engineered this plan and reined Wu Yu in. This was the deepest humiliation that Wu Yu could have done to him.

Therefore, he went berserk when he heard the news. His demented cries echoed around the entire Ghost Sea Prison, rippling the waters itself. Demons that heard it retreated in fright.

"Wu Yu, I will see your entire family dead!"

This enraged cry traveled far and wide, stirring up the desolate Ghost Sea Prison!

"I received a Message Talisman from them. Do you want to see it?"

Princess You Xue followed Wu Yu, killing demons.

"No need." Wu Yu already knew what it would say. It must be more sinister threats and ugly words. Wu Yu could imagine their own rants towards himself. He had chosen this path, and there was no room for regret. Therefore, he did not even want to hear it.

In the Ghost Sea Prison, he was a wily ghost. As long as Princess You Xue was not in their control, it was impossible for them to hunt him down. After all, they could not catch the Somersault Cloud.

Therefore, even if their fevered cries filled every corner of the Ghost Sea Prison, Wu Yu would still be hidden away from them, rapidly slaying demons. The number Dead Souls Nets in his possession climbed drastically alongside his spree. Even though the number of demons had increased, the gap between him and second place continued to grow, until it was more than 100, and even close to 200. He had reached an untouchable number within a matter of days.

Princess You Xue did not even accept their messages after that. She was not clear as to how Wu Yu planned to resolve this. Although it was no hardship for him to become champion, he would invite the wrath of these royal family members after the Dark North Battle for Supremacy. They would shamelessly target the Dong Sheng Divine Continent.

Seeing Wu Yu's attitude, she knew that Wu Yu had already entered the same state of mind as he had on the Immortals’ Viewing Platform. At that time, Wu Yu had been a terror in Princess You Xue's eyes.

Soon, just 10 days were left. In this period, it could be said that all the participants in the Ghost Sea Prison were looking for Wu Yu, and those outside were also frantically sharing Wu Yu's position. But Wu Yu was too quick. Even though they roughly knew where he was, Wu Yu had already vanished by the time the information got to them. They could not catch him.

Even if the royal family was fit to burst with anger, and facing tremendous pressure from those outside, their idiocy and anger were showcased to an audience of 800,000. They were so incompetent that they could not even catch a Wu Yu. Wu Yu's existence itself was a huge blow to them.

The key was that Wu Yu was ignoring them. Wu Yu himself did not know what was up with them in these few days. He did not care about them at all, he was simply focusing on his own Dead Souls Nets. After all, the Dark North Battle for Supremacy was about to end soon.

When there were 10 days left, Wu Yu's name had spread throughout the entire Yan Huang Ancient Region, shocking many superpowers.

Because he had clearly drawn ahead of second place with a lead of more than 200 Dead Souls Nets. Even if Wu Yu quit the Ghost Sea Prison now, the runner-up might not be able to get 200 - it was basically impossible.

Therefore, barring any accidents, he was basically confirmed to be in first place - the undisputed champion of this iteration of the Dark North Battle for Supremacy.

Of course, he had to thank the Full Moon of Nanshan. In these days, the two had gradually grown familiar. Wu Yu found the Full Moon of Nanshan decent. Although a little talkative and greedy, and at times even more vulgar than Ming Long, and a lecher to boot, at least he seemed like a worthy friend to have.

He would have plenty of time to hang out with Wu Yu in the future. He currently had 29 Darkness Breaching Talismans. If he got just one more, he would be kicked out prematurely. He did not want to do so just yet. He wanted to leave just one day before the Dark North Battle for Supremacy ended. Therefore, he was holding back on the last Darkness Breaching Talisman, which Wu Yu had already identified for him.

Although there were just 10 days left, Wu Yu knew that his presence had stirred the remaining contenders into a frenzy to look for him recklessly, trying to threaten him.

But he had already made up his mind that he would not even acknowledge them. In the remaining time, he would only continue to increase the number of Dead Souls Nets.

"There are just 10 days left. In this period, the number of demons appearing is definitely increasing. They will also be able to get more Dead Souls Nets. Therefore, I cannot let up even now."

This was a frantic race.

Outside, all 800,000 could see that Wu Yu had become more harsh in this time. His resolve was a shining point about him that no one could complain about.

His calm manner was indeed superior compared to the outbursts of those royal family members. Comparatively, the princes and princesses were in an even blacker mood now. They could not focus on killing demons, because they knew that they could not possibly reach first place in these few days.

The entire Dark North Tribe watching outside was sitting on pins and needles.

To them, the result was already decided. Such a result was truly disastrous.

However, seeing them played by Wu Yu, they could only curse inwardly. The Dark North Battle for Supremacy had to be fair, which was why they invited guests from all over the Yan Huang Ancient Region to watch. They were supposed to see the power of the new generation of the Dark North Kingdom. That was all a mess now. They only saw the idiots of the new generation of the Dark North Kingdom.

But actually, they were not idiots. It was simply that Wu Yu was too hard to deal with.

The most vexing thing for Prince You Yan was that he did not expect Wu Yu to be unafraid of such threats.

Right now, he could not meet Wu Yu, but when he did, he would shred him into tiny pieces. No one could stop him now.

Days passed in such fashion. Each day, Wu Yu would expand his lead a little more. When there was less than one day left, he was already close to 300 ahead.

In second place, Prince You Yang could not possibly gain 300 Dead Souls Nets in one day. Even if the ground was littered with demons, the only possible champion would be Wu Yu. Actually, Wu Yu could have used his Darkness Breaching Talisman and left. There was no need to stay till the end.

Many saw no hope in continuing, and also left. Princess You Xue was among them.

On the last day, the Full Moon of Nanshan had to complete his quota as well. Therefore, on this day, the Full Moon of Nanshan found a suitable martial cultivator with Wu Yu's help, forcing him to use the Darkness Breaching Talisman. He gathered 30 Darkness Breaching Talismans, and was taken out of the Ghost Sea Prison.

Actually, Princess You Xue and the Full Moon of Nanshan also had no idea what Wu Yu was planning to do on this last day.

However, Wu Yu had taken one Message Talisman from Princess You Xue that could reach Prince You Yan.

The demons and martial cultivators were in a frenzied state of battle.

The princes and princesses could not find Wu Yu, and could only enter their final struggle in a fit of angry despair.

The Dark North Battle for Supremacy was a nightmare for them. And Wu Yu was the devil of their dreams.

On this last day, Prince You Yan was with Jiang Shangyue. The two were killing demons as their final push. Their faces were defeated and sullen. They had probably had an argument.

"It's the last day. We'll see when we get out. I'm sick of waiting around." Looking around, Prince You Yan gave a maniacal smile. These 20 days had been the most embarrassing period in his life. But he believed that now that it was over, those that had gone back on their agreement would pay the price.

"Are you planning to act the moment the Dark North Battle for Supremacy ends? Or should we find a reasonable candidate to do it with everyone else? It's said that any Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivator can slay everyone at the Demon Sealing Continent," Jiang Shangyue said snappily.

"I've already selected someone. This person has acted on my behalf very efficiently before, when my hands were tied," Prince You Yan said coldly.

Jiang Shangyue was equally bitter. "We have truly been disgraced. But that was his choice, and we can't blame him. The Dark North Royal Obelisk is a wonderful thing. A pity he won't be able to use it."

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