Chapter 0777: A Life and Death Struggle

Delight and satisfaction.

This phrase brought about uncomfortable feelings. Of course, the delighted ones were them and not Wu Yu.

Although Wu Yu had emerged victorious against Duan Yi, it could be clear from the jeering laughter and expressions of the princes and princesses that he had clearly failed.

Now they wanted Wu Yu to release Duan Yi. Duan Yi was still suffering amidst the Infinite Eternal Sand Reincarnation Design, completely ashamed to face anyone.

To release or not to release?

Wu Yu would naturally let him loose. Additionally, Duan Yi was no longer a crucial piece.

Duan Yi was, after all, merely a pawn to these individuals. He had lost and was now worthless in their eyes. His aspirations had been shattered. From now onwards, Duan Yi, who was no longer even a dark north general, could not threaten Wu Yu in any way.

Thus Wu Yu released his Infinite Eternal Sand Reincarnation Design back into its 10,000 Dragons Staff form in his hands.

Duan Yi truly cut a sorry figure as it was. Perhaps he did not even know what was happening. His vacant gaze stared towards the audience. Anyone could imagine the sort of mental shock he had received. Yet all of this was self-inflicted.

The current him was just itching to find a hole to hide in.

Before the princes could speak, he willingly chose to break his own Darkness Breaching Talisman and escape the Ghost Sea Prison. Before long, an elder came by to escort him out silently.

Truthfully, the news of Wu Yu obtaining numerous Dead Souls Nets had already been spread to the princes and princesses.

"Everyone, I will take my leave." As they had previously agreed upon this, Wu Yu had no further need to linger here. 

Princess You Xue wanted to leave with him, and more than half of Wu Yu's numerous doppelgangers had already returned to him. Only 300 remained by his side. The Heaven Devouring Avatar was also nearby. When the numbers were fewer, the white-haired, blood red-pupiled avatar was truly eye-catching. All of the members of royalty continued to stare at it.

"Wu Yu. This is our last warning. We are very good-natured people. Don't force us to turn into killing monsters. Your future lies in our hands," Prince You Yan drawled as he affixed his gaze onto Wu Yu. He still didn't believe in Wu Yu's ability - he believed Wu Yu did not have the ability to resist.

This was the plight of those without background.

When Wu Yu left, they did not stop him. Instead, they gathered in a circle and smiled, as though everything had been settled perfectly.

"Alright. As per our agreement, we will begin now. We will compete fairly and see who gains the position of first place." Prince You Yang smiled gaily. To be frank, he had full confidence in his ability to emerge as number one.

Of course, there were still another 20 days of time. The cultivators and demons were whipped into a frenzy. Whoever obtained the position of champion would obtain the Dark North Royal Obelisk, and it was an unbelievable prize.

After hearing of Wu Yu's count of Dead Souls Nets, they were assured that in 20 days, they would push him out of the top five.

Their original agreement was to gather and deal with Wu Yu before engaging in fair competition. Despite their amicable dealings, once they separated, they started to battle frenziedly.

It was a race against time, and all 20 of them left even quicker than Wu Yu did.

All that was left was Princess You Xue, Wu Yu, and the hidden Full Moon of Nanshan. Princess You Xue was unaware that this guest was hiding nearby.

Her expression showed a deep furrow as she gazed at Wu Yu sadly. "I'm sorry. I never knew they would use such depraved means. Such coercion must have been hard to tolerate. There's still time and we can think of a solution." However, Wu Yu was clearly aware of the situation.

At this point in time, there was nothing that could truly faze him.

"Don't be anxious," he said as he looked at Princess You Xue. He was filled only with determination and cold blood.

Princess You Xue replied, "After they spoke so and you immediately agreed, I already knew that you would not obey. You should hurry and attain first place. That way, once we leave, I will do my best to restrict them and prevent this situation from spreading. They would not dare to make a move. The only fear is that they will act without caring about their own reputation and dispatch assassins in the shadows or act underhandedly. This is something we truly cannot defend against." She herself was a princess. Within the Dark North Kingdom, her methods were similar. If this spread, that these princes had used such means to pressure Wu Yu, it would be a stain on their reputation. If the elders heard of it, they might not even allow such actions.

It was truly shameless.

Wu Yu insipidly replied, "If I acted as they said, then all of my previous efforts would go to waste. I will not let go of something I've almost attained. Especially not to a group of vagabonds and vagrants. This is not my dao." Thus, he would continue to struggle, regardless of the risk. After all, what in martial cultivation did not possess risk?

Either the fish dies or the net breaks. This was a struggle of life and death.

"Thus, I will struggle even harder to become champion. This way, I will become more famous. Once I've done so, I will spread tales of their underhanded means." This way, the members of royalty would have to closely consider their moves. Otherwise, it would demonstrate their inferior characters and tarnish their reputation throughout the Jambu Realm.

Prince You Yan had not expected that Wu Yu would become even more determined. With such a large blade hanging over Wu Yu's head, his mood naturally improved. They felt that they had truly suppressed Wu Yu.

Thus, he would not go further and would cease striving for first place.

Additionally, the princes and princesses and the rest of them were the ones with the highest chance of entering the top 10. Those below the 10th tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm could only curse.

It was obvious that everyone would go all out towards the end.

"You've thought things through. They will definitely not let you stay in the top five. Now that things have reached this point, I'm sure they wouldn't mind doing a bit more. Anyway, anyone could go crazy, right?" the Full Moon of Nanshan said to Wu Yu. Only nonsense ever came out of that boar's mouth.

"I know, pinning your hopes on others' consciences and scruples is dangerous. If they are left with no choice, even I will be caught in the crossfire! Thus, when the Dark North Battle for Supremacy ends, I need to have the strength to resist them and gain a foundation for myself." 

"Your strength can only compete with that Duan Yi guy. You are only left with 20 days. What else can you do?" The Full Moon of Nanshan guffawed.

Wu Yu did not reply. He had no need for the Full Moon of Nanshan to know of the devouring powers of the Heaven Devouring Avatar. It had already left.

"Regardless, the number of demons that will appear will gradually increase. With only 20 days left, everyone will be striving for Dead Souls Nets!" Wu Yu said resolutely.

After introducing Princess You Xue to the Full Moon of Nanshan, the hiding demon said, "This lass is truly hot. However, I cannot bully my friend's wife. I will merely appreciate you from a distance." 

"Go and look for demons." Wu Yu cut him off immediately and the three headed off together, to prevent a similar situation from happening again.

The threat to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent would come later. Princess You Xue's safety was more urgent.

"Let’s go." The Full Moon of Nanshan acted as though he had forgotten something as he chuckled before heading off.

Wu Yu and Princess You Xue already knew that they had embarked on a tempestuous road. It would be untold times more unpredictable, where success was not guaranteed.

The opponents had already forced Wu Yu onto a narrow path. He would struggle to the end and see who would emerge alive!

He had no background, but what he had was the valor and courage of a true martial cultivator.

However, the 800,000 viewers outside had no idea what their decision was.

They had seen Wu Yu conquering Duan Yi before leading Princess You Xue away. The other princes and princesses had immediately rushed off, and it seemed like the problem had resolved itself.

Wu Yu and Princess You Xue were even chattering. It seemed like everything was fine.

Wu Yu did not seem like he was leaving the Ghost Sea Prison. He seemed to have quietened down and allowed others to surpass him.

Otherwise, why would the rest have left so happily?

They had peacefully rushed off to engage in a final brawl. Even the demons were anxious at this point in time. All the sea region demons from the Dead Souls Sea Region were looking forward to leaving this jail.

Now that things were about to come to a close, they would not hold back. Additionally, the number of cultivators remaining was not high.

The Full Moon of Nanshan had also almost obtained the Darkness Breaching Talismans he needed. Wu Yu had also given him a hand.

Just as they thought things were going well.

What happened next was something no one had expected. Wu Yu seemed to have erupted into a frenzy. He fervently sought out demons and fought berserkly, obtaining Dead Souls Nets left and right. Most of the demons had already shown themselves, so his hunting speed gradually hastened. He continued to expand his large lead, and in just half a day's time, he had almost 70 to 80 more Dead Souls Nets than the person in second place. It would easily take one almost 10 days just to bridge this gap.

Prince You Yan was all smiles at first. He did not know that Wu Yu was slaughtering demons. However, all the viewers knew!

Their attempt to stop Wu Yu had fallen flat. Instead, they had incensed him and made matters worse!

Wu Yu's fervor could be seen by everyone outside. His speed in striking down demons was naturally quicker than that of those princes.

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