Chapter 0776: Reverse Scale

Wu Yu could only engage in a standoff with them.

Under the watchful eyes of 800,000 people, Prince You Yan ran to Prince You Yang. The two princes discussed secretly. They looked confident. What happened next surprised Wu Yu. Prince You Yang actually released Princess You Xue.

That pitch black giant snake-like Hell of the Dark North slowly loosened and freed Princess You Xue.

This was out of everyone's expectations - even Princess You Xue did not expect this. After the initial surprise, she immediately distanced herself from her elder brothers and sisters. Instead, she stood beside Wu Yu.

She felt much safer after standing beside Wu Yu. After all, she also did not want to be a burden on Wu Yu.

"What's going on?" Wu Yu asked her in a low voice. He originally thought that they would have to go through more trouble, but in the end, Prince You Yan acted like he had suddenly given up.

"I'm also not sure what he is planning," Princess You Xue said, still in a state of shock. However she was a little happy too. After all, this was the first time Wu Yu had, in front of so many people, ignored the difficulties and danger and risked his championship to save her from these people. 

Duan Yi, who was proud like a peacock before, was now trapped by Wu Yu's Infinite Eternal Sand Reincarnation Design. He was suffering a fate worse than death.

This was definitely a shocking turn of events!

In this turn, Princess You Xue was very touched and pleasantly surprised. She became more convinced of the decision she had made in her heart.

But Wu Yu knew that this was too good to be true.

Perhaps the bigger problem was hidden in Prince You Yan's cold smile now.

Now they still surrounded Wu Yu and his doppelgangers.

A few of the princes and princesses appeared before Wu Yu. They now knew which one was Wu Yu's real body.

Prince You Yan said, "We have honored our agreement to release You Xue when you defeated Duan Yi. But we still want to remind you that the princess of our Dark North Tribe will never have any relationship with an outsider. If you continue to contact each other, neither of you will meet with a good end after exiting."

Wu Yu said, "Your highnesses are worrying too much. Wu Yu knows what your highnesses are referring to. I can guarantee that your highnesses have no need to worry about that at all."

While Princess You Xue was not willing to say such things, because she did have such intentions, she knew what character she needed to play now. Hence, she said, "Older brothers and sisters, you have humiliated me by doing this. After the Dark North Battle for Supremacy ends, you have to give me an explanation. At the very least, I demand a sincere apology. As for the problem that you all are referring to, I'm not afraid, because I did not do anything wrong. I do not need your worry. If you all have any other things to say, just be straightforward and spit it out!"

No one would believe that they would admit defeat so easily. If Prince You Yan had nothing planned, they would definitely not release Princess You Xue.


Prince You Yan stared at Wu Yu darkly and said, emphasizing each word, "Wu Yu, you should know that we did not want to have to do this. We just want to prevent you from entering the top 10. As long as you exit, then we will not bother you at all. Now we have made our choice for you. From today onwards, you can choose not to use the Darkness Breaching Talisman and exit, but we are forbidding you from taking any Dead Souls Nets."

He was making it sound like they had relaxed their demands, but the result was actually the same. They wanted Wu Yu to give up on getting first place. No matter what, Wu Yu would not do that.

"What if I can't do that?" If the other party could make such demands, then he definitely had something else that he could threaten Wu Yu with. Previously, they had used Duan Yi and Princess You Xue to threaten Wu Yu. Now Duan Yi was defeated, yet he had released Princess You Xue without hesitation. He had to have something that he could better use to threaten Wu Yu. 

And it was that that gave them the confidence. Now everyone was smiling in a high and mighty manner, as though they already had Wu Yu.

Prince You Yan approached him and said coldly, "If you can't do that? What will we do? Wu Yu, don't you know? Honor is very important to us. Your entrance into the top 10 is a humiliation to us.

"Since you've humiliated us so ruthlessly, why should we be polite to you? Of course, we will retaliate against you in any way that we can. Who gave you the courage to embarrass us?"

Prince You Yan continued

"So think about it. You are from the tiny Demon Sealing Continent. We all know how weak the Demon Sealing Continent is. We also know that you have family and friends at the Demon Sealing Continent. There are many people there that you care about. We are the princes of the Dark North Kingdom. We just have to send someone to the Demon Sealing Continent and we can find all your friends and family, your brethren, and everyone connected to you. No matter where they run to, or hide, we, the Dark North Tribe, can capture them and torture them in front of you.

"But this is not our fault, because the one who caused their fate was you, who humiliated us first. You embarrassed us. We cannot withstand such humiliation, so we will take revenge on you. If they really meet with an unfortunate end, then the blame is on you. You are the cause of their deaths, including the family you loved the most. Actually, this is not a good choice, don't you think?"

Prince You Yan said so much in one go. He wore a smile as he spoke; he was determined and confident in his idea. It looked like he was impressed with his own intelligence.

Actually, this was a method that he had just thought of.

But he now knew Wu Yu's character, so this method made him excited.

"We are not forcing you to do anything. If you think that using the Darkness Breaching Talisman is embarrassing, then it's alright for you to remain here. However, do not let us find out that you have collected a single additional Dead Souls Net. If you are in the top 10 after we get out…. Forget it, we'll not make things difficult for you. If you are in the top five, then you cannot blame us for being ruthless. After all, we've given you a chance and a long time to consider."

After saying this, the entire group laughed.

"Actually, you have earned it. The prizes for the sixth to 10th place are about the same. Anyway, from now on, you cannot collect another Dead Souls Net. If you think that you have too many Dead Souls Nets, it is okay to throw a few away. The Dark North Battle for Supremacy has never barred us from giving up a few Dead Souls Nets. Anyway, our condition is that you cannot enter the top five," Prince You Yang said.

"You should know what to do. Actually, our Dark North Kingdom can have a very good relationship with you, as long as you do not take the initiative to embarrass us. You are my dear sister's friend, why would you take the initiative to make things uncomfortable for you? As long as you do as we say, everything will end well. Now everything depends on your performance, Wu Yu," Princess You Yu said coquettishly.

After saying all this, Princess You Xue was angered first. Her eyes were bloodshot and she said coldly, "You all are really shameless. This Dark North Battle for Supremacy has always emphasized fair play. This is the tradition of our Dark North Kingdom. Now, in your hands, it has become a competition that allows underhanded methods to threaten others when you cannot win openly. You even threaten the friends and family of others. I did not expect such people to possess the bloodline of the Dark North Royal family, and to even be my older brothers and sisters. I feel disgusted to have you as my elder siblings!"

She was really furious because she knew that this was Wu Yu's bottom line. Thinking back, at the Taigu Immortal Path, those people had died on the Immortals’ Viewing Platform because they had also threatened Wu Yu like this.

This was the threat that Wu Yu could never endure. Perhaps until just now, to Wu Yu, he was simply taking part in a small dispute. It could not hurt him at all. However, this was now a different situation. This had risen to the point of war and hatred, and it was a hatred that was uncontrollable in life and death. 

Prince You Yan still thought that he was smart. Of course, they were scrutinizing Wu Yu's reaction.

Under their scrutiny, Wu Yu did not seem to react much. He was very quiet and his eyes swept across every one of them, to observe them. It was as though he wanted to imprint everyone in his memory, especially these few princes and princesses.

They all felt that Wu Yu did not seem too angry.

Actually, they did not know that when Wu Yu stopped arguing, that was the point where he was most disappointed, and disappointment was often accompanied by strong will. Wu Yu's dao made him more rebellious the more he was pressured. This pressure now was 10 times heavier than before and had reached the point where he could not bear with it. He knew what he was about to do. Perhaps it would be futile, a measly attempt to fight stones with eggs, but his rebellious will, his unyielding spirit, had already hit the level he could not control.

"Wu Yu, how will you respond?" Yuan Qinqiong asked.

Everyone was looking at him, including the 800,000 people outside, who were clueless of the truth.

They only saw Wu Yu suddenly smiling and saying, "Everyone, your words are right, this time it is me who has offended everyone. I will gratefully accept your highnesses' reminder and will definitely not disappoint everyone in 20 days."

It sounded like Wu Yu was being very obedient. It seemed like there was no problem at all. Prince You Yang and the others were very satisfied. They knew deeply that this method was indeed much better than the previous one using Princess You Xue.

Wu Yu was very obedient and they were very satisfied.

"Great, then everything will end well. Since that is the case, release Duan Yi first."

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