Chapter 0775: Returned

This was an ability that the Heaven Devouring Avatar possessed, recently uncovered by Wu Yu. This was also the first time he had used it. Even though the process was risky and dangerous, it ultimately lined up with Wu Yu's imagination.

This Heaven Devouring Avatar was a giant treasure that was waiting for him to uncover.

Wu Yu named this ability 'Return'. While the name sounded simple, its effect was nothing simple.

As long as it was within the tolerance limits of the Heaven Devouring Avatar, Wu Yu could devour many mystiques and dao techniques, change them into his own attack, and return them to his opponent. The opponent's killer move would become his best attack.

This Immortality Art had probably not appeared in the Yan Huang Ancient Region since ancient times.

As for the limits of Heaven Devouring Avatar? Actually, Duan Yi's attack today was practically at the limit.

There was a certain degree of luck involved in returning the Heavens Blasting Seal to Duan Yi. If the power were increased by just a little, then it was possible that the Heaven Devouring Avatar would break, but it would still survive. It was just that it would probably lose a portion of its ability, which would weaken the Heaven Devouring Avatar. Then it would need to devour again to be strong.

The range of abilities of the Heaven Devouring Avatar was quite impressive. He weakened when injured and strengthened when devouring.

Return was the most terrifying ability that Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar possessed now!

Thanks to Return, after the Heavens Blasting Seal swallowed Duan Yi's Hellish Demonic Shadow Doppelgangers, it also engulfed Duan Yi very quickly. In this short period of time, Duan Yi was unable to escape far. However, because the Heavens Blasting Seal's power was reduced, it did not cause enough damage to kill him immediately.

Even so, Duan Yi was heavily injured. His blood spewed everywhere and the most obvious result was that the Heavenly Battle Demon's Possession mystique on him had directly been dissolved. At this instant, he was covered in blood and his face was deathly pale. He looked even more horrifying now!

But at this moment, Wu Yu did not give him a chance. His Infinite Eternal Sand Reincarnation Design transformed into golden sand and directly engulfed Duan Yi and locked him within the Golden Millstone. There were countless sharp sand grains in the Millstone, which coursed towards Duan Yi crazily and tore his flesh apart. Now Duan Yi was not only defeated, but faced the danger of death!

But Wu Yu could not kill him yet because they were not allowed to kill other participants in the Ghost Sea Prison. The other party could do that, but if Wu Yu did that, he would be expelled from the Ghost Sea Prison. Then it was not worth it.

"I…." Duan Yi had sunk entirely into a struggle between life and death.

Desperation, fear, pain, sadness, and even crying. These were all displayed on his face. It was probably the lowest point of his life now. He had never been so defeated before in his entire life. He thought that this would be the peak of his lifetime, that was why there was such a huge gap between expectation and reality. Such a gap was enough to destroy his everything and made him so disheartened. He did not want to see anyone and even felt like dying. He could not imagine how the group of 20 high born youths outside would see him. After all, he had promised results. He could not imagine how the 800,000 people outside would see him, see his father. His performance had totally smeared the name of the Li Heavenly Province.

Perhaps only death could let him escape from the pain now. Wu Yu did not let him die. He only used the Infinite Eternal Sand Reincarnation Design to trap the other party.

After succeeding, Wu Yu let his Heaven Devouring Avatar hide among his doppelgangers. It would be best if he could hide in a position where no Shadower could spot him. He only needed him to be far away from other people.

His thousands of doppelgangers had taken up a large amount of space and others could not near him. Hence, the people outside could not see his Heaven Devouring Avatar now.

He had perfectly finished off his opponent! 

What Wu Yu had done was enough to shock the entire Dark North Kingdom!

This time, he was on a whole new level.

Compared to when he had just arrived at the Dark North Kingdom, he now possessed more and stronger moves.

At this moment, because of Wu Yu, the 800,000 people outside were arguing nonstop. Duan Yi was defeated, and if they went according to the agreement, the plan of this group of 20 plus people had probably failed.

Some were depressed, some were happy. Only those people from the Yan Huang Ancient Country were happy.

"Actually, I thought that Wu Yu was really done for this time. I still wanted him to pressure them a little more to save the situation, but this was unexpected. Really unexpected." Qu Yin was filled with wonder.

Beside him, all the other people from the Yan Huang Ancient Country basically had the same expression, except for Qu Fengyu, who was still looking on coldly.

"I saw what happened. That should be a type of Immortality Art. It was used by an avatar. It looks like Wu Yu's doppelgangers have more than one type of ability. He not only has so many doppelgangers, but an avatar that is outstanding, or could even possess incredible abilities. Amongst all his abilities, the ability of this avatar is really unique!" Qu Yin was full of praises for Wu Yu now.

"I think the moment has come where I need to borrow the power of our Yan Huang Tribe to forcibly bring Wu Yu back."

Qu Yin said in a deep voice. When he said this, he had actually already sent a Message Talisman in the direction of the Yan Huang Ancient Country because he knew that it would be very difficult for him to take Wu Yu away alone.

He did this in secret.

Wu Yu had exhibited a talent, will, and a future that surpassed those of many geniuses in the Yan Huang Ancient Region during the Dark North Battle for Supremacy. They did not know Wu Yu's specific age of martial cultivation, but if they knew he had only trained for about 10 years, they would definitely go crazy about snatching him.

As for this question, You Shang and Prince You Shi were also discussing anxiously.

Zhou Jing and the others had dark expressions and asked Ancestor Yang, "How should we handle this Wu Yu? This child has exhibited too many moves and we cannot avoid handling him just because of You Xue's protection. Should we be trying to turn him into a member of the Dark North Kingdom or destroy him here?"

It would be very difficult for them to send Wu Yu to other powers after the moves and mysterious mystiques and dao techniques that he had exhibited.

Ancestor Yang probably pondered a lot on that.

After watching, he said, "He is indeed a genius that shocks the world. We should continue watching before we determine how to deal with him specifically. At least because of You Xue, he will not do anything to the Dark North Kingdom. What we need to consider is whether or not to plunder his potential or to train him. There is another problem, and that is to handle the people from the Yan Huang Ancient Country. They definitely want to bring Wu Yu back with them."

There were about 20 days left, so they had time to consider before coming to a decision. After all, this was the Dark North Kingdom's territory, so they had the home field advantage. They still did not know how they would handle him, but at least they would not let him leave with the people from the Yan Huang Ancient Country after claiming the championship. 

Actually, the fight in the Ghost Sea Prison was far from over.

Now Wu Yu had Duan Yi's life in his hands. Faced with over 20 10th tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm geniuses, he actually managed to withstand their pressure alone.

Comparatively, he did not seem any weaker. This was the stance of the victorious!

Opposite him, only Princess You Xue smiled. It was as though this was all within her expectations. She now had blind confidence in Wu Yu.

"I've defeated Duan Yi. According to the agreement, your highnesses, shouldn't you release Princess You Xue now? After all, she is a princess. There are so many people watching outside. If she remains like this, it will look like a joke." His last gaze landed on Prince You Yang. The Hell of the Dark North that was holding Princess You Xue was his advanced dao treasure.

To release or not?

Perhaps they had not thought of such a situation at all. They had not expected Duan Yi to be defeated at all.

They were feeling very awkward. They, of course, were unwilling to let Wu Yu leave just like that. However, they had boasted before and had even made an agreement between themselves and Wu Yu. They could not just admit that they were beneath him.

In an instant, their expressions changed and they looked at each other. Obviously, this was a difficult choice for them. In summary, they were simply not convinced of their defeat!

"Shouldn't you release her? Perhaps you are intending to announce to the world that you are all underhanded low lifes?" Looking at their faces now, Wu Yu knew that they could not admit defeat, and at this moment, Duan Yi was still in his hands.

Except at this moment, no one cared about Duan Yi's life.

Of them, Prince You Yang's facial expression changed the most.

"Wait a moment."

Their group of 20-plus people were in no hurry to release Princess You Xue but gathered together to discuss in secret.

Of them, Prince You Yan was the most angered. "Fuck it, that damned Duan Yi, so confident just now. Now he's just like a dead dog! I've wasted my trust in him. When we get out, I will kill him!"

"Forget about Duan Yi for now.Wu Yu's last move was unexpected for all of us. The problem now is whether to watch as he escapes again. There's only about 20 days left, and if we do not expel him using You Xue, there's practically no chance to beat him!"

Gu Haochen said in surprise, "Perhaps everyone is thinking about going against the agreement?"

Prince You Yan said, "If yes, so what? Why should we uphold any moral principles with an outsider?  The face of the entire Dark North Kingdom is almost gone. Now, however, we can suppress him, so we'll suppress him!" After he spoke, no one else seemed to object. 

They wanted someone to take the lead and betray the agreement. Perhaps now the only option they had left was abandon all face.

Obviously, it was not possible for them to release Princess You Xue now. Wu Yu knew the result just by looking at their expressions. He realized that he had overestimated the moral principles of these people.

"Allow me." This time, Prince You Yan looked at Wu Yu with danger gleaming in his eyes. He seemed to have thought of a way to handle Wu Yu.

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