Chapter 0773: Heavenly Battle Demon

It seemed like the initiative brought an advantage.

While Duan Yi was still reeling from the number of clones, Wu Yu made the first move!

Firstly, the Blood Weeping World Technique!

The 10,000 clones, along with himself, all employed the dao technique of the Demon Dao Sect!

10,000 golden apes bared their throats, releasing shrill screeches that called forth the Blood Weeping World. All of the golden monkeys targeted Duan Yi at the same time, their voices rising as one.

Wu Yu's real body was right in front of Duan Yi, who was battered by the barrage of sound. Such a dao technique could only be described as epic.

No matter how confident Duan Yi was, no matter how strong his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, or how high his cultivation level, he was completely drowned in the Blood Weeping World.

This world, born of life blood, swallowed Duan Yi in an instant. Wave after wave of sound crashed against Duan Yi's eardrums, permeating his Sea of Knowledge and riddling his Primordial Spirit.

Ss, ss!

Not just Duan Yi, but the 20 10th tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivators outside could only continue to back away, alarmed. They were not even the target of Wu Yu's attack, but bystanders.

This move had intimidated them. They had been supremely confident, but now Wu Yu had inspired anxiety in their hearts. If this matter was bungled, they would be in trouble.

However, they had also underestimated Duan Yi. This youth had carried towering ambition from a tender age, and he was also harsh on himself. As the Blood Weeping World Technique swept over him, he still unleashed a new mystique while resisting it!

"Heavenly Battle Demon's Possession!" From within the mystique, Duan Yi's being changed. His body suddenly enlarged, and he was a five zhang giant in no time. The giant was completely black, and its flesh was encased in thick, sturdy, black scale armor. Even its head was no exception. There was a huge horn on its brow that extended to the sky, and its limbs were arrayed with sharp claws. His eyes turned a feral red - he had turned into a demon born for battle!

This was the mystique of the Duan family! It was said that the Heavenly Battle Demon was an extremely ancient Spirit of the Universe. It possessed the bloodline of a Spirit of the Universe.

Using his mystique, Duan Yi had transformed directly into a Heavenly Battle Demon! After changing, regardless of his strength or defenses, he had suddenly become much more powerful. His physical strength was suddenly capable of giving Wu Yu a run for his money, while the Elysian Life Extinguisher in his hand also expanded considerably!

"ROAR!" His opponent bellowed thunderously, as though trying to out-shout the shrill cacophony of apes!

In truth, this was the first time that Wu Yu had faced such resistance when using the Blood Weeping World Technique. And also the first time that he had 10,000 clones in support.

This was a sonic battle!

Keen and powerful reverberations clashed. Of course, Wu Yu's Blood Weeping World Technique was a little stronger, but the devastating damage that he wanted to deal seemed like it would not connect. After transforming into the Heavenly Battle Demon, Duan Yi was only minimally affected. Even though his body was not fully alert, his savage ferocity still surged forth. After fending off Wu Yu's Blood Weeping World Technique, he whirled the Elysian Life Extinguisher and charged into Wu Yu's clones! A mass slaughter. Everywhere the Elysian Life Extinguisher was thrust, dozens of Wu Yu's clones fell!

"Holy Elephant Hell-Shocking Technique!" As the Blood Weeping World Technique could no longer threaten his opponent, Wu Yu switched tactics!

The Holy Elephant Hell-Shocking Technique had all the clones concentrate the power of their dao techniques. Wu Yu was at the core of the clones! He used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth to maximize his strength. He, too, turned into a giant. Although he was still a size smaller than the Heavenly Battle Demon, he could at least stand up to him. Especially with so many clones using the Holy Elephant Hell-Shocking Technique at the same time, all the dao treasures, immortal treasures, and Wu Yu's own advanced dao treasure were pointed at Duan Yi. 10,000 Golden Holy Elephants materialized in this sea, a majestic, thunderous stampede that headed for Duan Yi! This was the real power of the Holy Elephant Hell-Shocking Technique. This offensive ability rampaged forth, the Holy Elephants shaking the ground beneath their feet!

The Holy Elephant Hell-Shocking Technique amazed everyone at the extent of Wu Yu's abilities. Wu Yu had time and again surpassed everyone's expectations. Even the Full Moon of Nanshan was exclaiming in admiration.

But Duan Yi was a real piece of work as well. Although he cringed and groveled before royalty, that was simply a matter of status. He was not much weaker than them.

"Elysian Life Extinguishing Pattern!" As he felt the lethality of Wu Yu's Holy Elephant Hell-Shocking Technique even in his Heavenly Battle Demon form, he immediately triggered a spirit design on his advanced dao treasure, causing a cascade of activating spirit designs. A huge spirit design encased Duan Yi, a complex and threatening formation. The runes were as keen as sword qi, and swirled around him. One could clearly see countless lines of shining runes come together to form the word "life" within this spirit design!

The ingenuity of this advanced dao treasure was embodied in this word. The Elysian power contained within it was the power to send one to the next world! Lethal power!

Within the Elysian Life Extinguishing Pattern, the advanced dao treasure in Duan Yi's hand was an immovable mountain. As Wu Yu's Holy Elephant Hell-Shocking Technique trampled over the gloomy Ghost Sea Prison, the black and golden dao techniques clashed. Wu Yu's 10,000 clones descended on their golden elephants, charging into the spirit design!

The chiaroscuro of black and gold culminated in an earth-shaking eruption! Huge waves reduced everything within 10 li of the center into powder!

This intense clash had already far surpassed the eighth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm level. This was reasonable for Duan Yi, but it was hard to believe for Wu Yu. And everyone wanted to see - was the battle decided or not?

Wu Yu's clones were also caught up in the maelstrom of power, and it looked like a good portion of them had died. This was a rather significant loss for Wu Yu.

Actually, the tide of battle was very easily seen. But even so, the battle was not over, and the two commenced an even more intense clash. Wu Yu's remaining clones were currently all dispersed, maintaining their distance from Duan Yi. His real body was concealed amongst them. Wu Yu now faced a difficult issue.

Which was: through the heated clash, he had realized that he could not take Duan Yi down through battle. Impossible.

While he hesitated, Duan Yi did not. He immediately unleashed his second mystique.

"Hades' Shadow!"

One could clearly see a shadow rise from behind his Heavenly Battle Demon. It looked like a body double of the Heavenly Battle Demon, except it was completely black, and only as substantial as a shadow.

Wu Yu could clearly sense its power, because this shadow quickly concealed itself in the gloom, disappearing without a trace like the Full Moon of Nanshan. Wu Yu found this insidious - it was hard to place the shadow, unless he used his new mystique.

When the shadow disappeared, Wu Yu sensed the danger!

"World of the Golden Eye!"

This was not the best place for this mystique to shine, but Wu Yu had no choice. He could only use such a method to deal with Hades' Shadow!

Wu Yu's fiery eyes blazed hot, the World of the Golden Eye blistering forth from his eyes. It devoured the sea region around them, surrounding Wu Yu and Duan Yi in a flood of flames that burned hot. Only then did Wu Yu locate Hades' Shadow.

However, this double of his moved very quickly, and could also melt back into the darkness. It flitted here and there and was hard to pin down. It was difficult for the World of the Golden Eye to affect such a shadow. Even with the World of the Golden Eye present, Hades' Shadow still posed a very real threat.

"Wu Yu, I know that your reputation is big. You have many mystiques and dao techniques. They're pretty to look at but not effective. You're full of yourself, and lying to yourself. In this battle, and all future battles, I am and will be the victor. Therefore, you must meet your death today. To me, making you leave is far from enough."

Duan Yi was relentless. He would thoroughly eradicate this opponent. Currently, Wu Yu was a rock in his path, and he would pay any price to fulfill his ambition.

This would also show Princess You Xue who the strongest was, and who would have the last laugh.

Duan Yi again leapt for the counterattack.

Wu Yu was also thinking. What should he do?

Should he begin to evade and play for time, holding out for 20 days, or should he resist and struggle, and fight with all he had?

From the start, he had decided to play for time, but now that the battle had started, he could not help himself. He did not wish to stop at all. Neither did he want to back down from a battle with Duan Yi. Right now, all he wanted to do was defeat his opponent and take the win.

As Duan Yi came rolling up in his Heavenly Battle Demon form, he unleashed deadly power to suppress Wu Yu. His unwillingness to lose in battle and unwillingness to flee came gushing forth, like lava from a volcano.

This was dao. No backing down.

Wu Yu thought that it was time to reveal him. After all, one day, he would stand before them all.

He was himself after all. The Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast!

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