Chapter 0772: Elysian Life Extinguisher

"You're confident?" Prince You Yan and the others were gathered around Duan Yi. Everyone awaited his response.

"Currently, the strongest opponent that Wu Yu has faced should be an eighth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm demon. And Duan Yi has an advanced dao treasure, and is also a superb ninth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivator. His ability is at least worth a few Wu Yus. I feel like there's no problem. Wu Yu must be jumping the gun. His panic shows that he is affected by his feelings for our sister," Prince You Yan offered on behalf of Duan Yi.

Duan Yi himself answered next. His emotions had indeed been taken for a ride, and he was under tremendous pressure. But he very quickly converted this pressure into motivation. He was very tense as he said, "Highnesses, seniors, I can guarantee that I will take down this Wu Yu, or at least force his Darkness Breaching Talisman. If all goes well, I will kill him."

He was proactively trying to resolve this issue for the princes and princesses. If he could kill Wu Yu, then he could also shoulder the burden and risk of the consequences on their behalf. This was a risk, but his father would definitely feel that this was the right decision, because ingratiating himself readily into this circle of royalty, and gaining their favor, was the truly bright path for his future.

"This is ingenious. Duan Yi likes You Xue, and Wu Yu also likes Princess You Xue. If Duan Yi kills Wu Yu, this will be seen as a love scuffle, and not as our jealousy spurring a gang up at Wu Yu taking first place."

Such words made them judge that even if Wu Yu died, their reputations would not suffer too badly. After all, this was a lovers' spat.

As for Duan Yi, he was fighting on behalf of the Dark North Tribe, and on the side of justice. Because the royal family had never had a precedent of marrying outside the tribe before.

This was an epic of love and hate.

The only worry was that Duan Yi could not beat Wu Yu. As long as Princess You Xue was their captive, Wu Yu was trapped.

It was not that they did not have confidence in Duan Yi, but simply that the stakes were too high.

However, these were the most favorable conditions. After conferring for some time, they decided to do it.

Eventually, Prince You Yang declared to Wu Yu, "Since you have made such a request, we cannot help but agree to it. We will agree to that. If you lose, immediately break your Darkness Breaching Talisman and leave. If you win, you can take her away."

Hearing this, Wu Yu's face was expressionless, but his eyes blazed with a desire to fight.

"Strange. You know that Duan Yi is much stronger than you. And still you dare to fight?" Even Ming Long could not understand it.

Wu Yu was indeed still Duan Yi's inferior.

"There's no other way. And when a challenge comes my way, I cannot back down, even if I lose. Another crucial point: although Duan Yi is stronger than I am, and it will be difficult to defeat him, it'll be difficult for him to defeat me as well. As long as there's no clear victor, I can continue to delay him. That works too."

Wu Yu was playing with words here.

They had simply said fight, but had not said how long the battle would last. As long as Wu Yu continued to hold out, he could simply delay for 20 days or so with no problem.

At that time, the Dark North Battle for Supremacy would be over, and he would naturally take first place. This would not violate their agreement.

However, his intention was to fully duke it out with Duan Yi. That, too, was a test of his cultivation limits. To play for time was his back up plan, if he established that there was no chance of winning. Or if he was forced to the brink.

"Not bad. But I wager that if you only play for time, they will intervene. I don't know if they'll keep their promise then."

Truly, Wu Yu had to consider if they were people of their word.

He looked at them, then said soberly, "Since we have agreed, then no matter who violates the agreement must say, I, so-and-so, am a despicable, dishonorable wretch. What do you all think?"

Wu Yu was afraid that they would go back on their word.

At this time, he wanted them to make a guarantee. Everyone here valued their ego. Everyone would at least pause to consider before they violated the contract.

At least he felt that his taking first place should be no great hardship for the Dark North Kingdom. After all, he had won it fairly. They roared with laughter at his words.

Yuan Qinqiong said, "No less than we expected from a barbarian. Our status is different from yours. Naturally, we keep our word. We will not go back on what we say."

Wu Yu obviously did not believe their inborn arrogance. He asked, "I'm asking if you dare to make such an agreement."

Prince You Yang cut in. "What's there not to dare? Cut the crap. Duan Yi, you're up. Don't you dare disappoint us. Or your future will look bleak."

Duan Yi knew the pressure on him, but he was already extremely fired up. He could not wait, and gritted his teeth. "Don't worry. I will have his head today."

Saying thus, he sped towards Wu Yu, and the others moved to surround Wu Yu and Duan Yi from all sides.

Princess You Xue was still being restrained by her elder sibling.

It had already been agreed upon. The fight between the two exploded in an instant. The scene of Wu Yu facing tremendous pressure to save her in the face of all these elite beings, with an impassive face and heroic manner - just the sight of this alone was very moving. Therefore, Princess You Xue had been worried, but right now she had faith in Wu Yu's ability to create miracles. Right now, she simply waited with intense anticipation, and an enigmatic smile appeared on her face - something that no one else would understand.

Seeing her calm, Wu Yu also treated this fight as a final challenge to himself. If he could overcome this hurdle, he would have reached a new level, creating a miracle in the Jambu Realm.

Duan Yi was like a snarling predator before him. He was not one given to bloviation. His eyes told all. As he neared Wu Yu, his own advanced dao treasure was already out. A long, black spear in his palm, and its power was not all inferior to the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff.

The full name of this advanced dao treasure was said to be the Elysian Life Extinguisher. It was also an ancient advanced dao treasure, with an illustrious history. Duan Yi had obtained it in some ancient ruins, and it was the basis for his sudden rise. The advanced dao treasure was deadly, with hundreds of thousands of spirit designs. All activated at the same time, they could turn an opponent's essence to ash. Amongst them were highly destructive offensive spirit designs. Once activated, they could level armies.

Duan Yi had the power of a ninth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivator, and his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy was a natural pressure against Wu Yu. One's Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy was truly the fundamental basis of inner power.

Spiritual power was a martial cultivator's innate strength. Average martial cultivators would not have Wu Yu's terrifying physical power.

Even with such a punishing obstacle, Wu Yu was not cowed. As Duan Yi prepared to kill him, Wu Yu was doing the same.

Right now, he had just mastered the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff. In his hands, this advanced dao treasure could reach its full potential, and was the equal of the Elysian Life Extinguisher. A clash of titans between the two.

On this basis, Wu Yu was going to unleash his strength. Firstly, he used the Immortal Ape transformation. Next, he used the Unshackled Doppelganger!

This time, Wu Yu's Unshackled Doppelganger was used to its full effect, shocking everyone. Not just the 20 or so present, even the 800,000 people outside were shocked. From the many Shadowers, they finally understood the extent of Wu Yu's doppelgangers.

10,000 doppelgangers!

The 10,000 doppelgangers surrounded the 20 or so people. They were truly too insignificant a number, and his 10,000 clones surrounded them completely.

"This is madness. Everyone, split up!" They could not clearly see how many clones Wu Yu had.

These people squeezed their way out of Wu Yu's doppelgangers. From this distance, it was hard to see what was going on with the battle. All they saw were Wu Yus.

As for Duan Yi, he was like a streak of black in the water, wielding the Elysian Life Extinguisher.

Duan Yi was unsettled at this time as well. Because what he saw was unlimited Wu Yus. He could not identify which was Wu Yu's real body.

Actually, the Unshackled Doppelganger was one of Wu Yu's most terrifying powers till date.

"Damn me. This mystique is much better than mine. What the hell is this, that is even more formidable than my Marshal Tian Peng's legacy?" Seeing Wu Yu's 10,000 clones, even the Full Moon of Nanshan was flabbergasted. He, too, had been surrounded by Wu Yu's clones, which were all over him.

No wonder Wu Yu dared to challenge Duan Yi.

"How can this Wu Yu have so many clones!?" A huge stir had started outside!

Many of the 800,000 were standing at their seats, riveted, staring at the Shadowers, all of which showed Wu Yu after Wu Yu.

In other words, they saw a crowd of golden apes. Each was savage and brutal, filled with the lust of battle. They all wielded all kinds of dao treasures and immortal treasures.

In their midst, the others looked at Duan Yi's Shadower. He looked a little pitiful. However, after they got over the shock, they knew that impressions did not represent fighting power. Wu Yu's clones were not especially strong.

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