Chapter 0771: Wipe Out Every Last One

"It's truly not easy to get first place with no problems." Although Wu Yu had not arrived yet, he roughly knew the size of the force facing him.

These princes, princesses, and consorts were all the strongest amongst those under 100 years old in the Dark North Kingdom. These young leaders of the Eight Main Armies that could enter their circles were all 10th tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivators, with Duan Yi being the only exception.

"Counter soldiers with arms, water with an earth weir." They would only act after Wu Yu arrived. Therefore, Wu Yu had no real need to hurry. He could think as he traveled. 

"They must want to force me out of the Ghost Sea Prison. As long as I cannot bear the humiliation they will subject Princess You Xue to, they indeed have a way to force me out."

After thinking about it, he still had many more trump cards in the Ghost Sea Prison that they did not know about. And when he used them, he would have to do so in a way that the 800,000 people watching would not see them. Firstly, the Floating Dreams Pagoda could not be used.

"Perhaps the only viable secret weapon is the Heaven Devouring Avatar."

Different from his other clones, the Heaven Devouring Avatar always remained near his true form. At this time, the Heaven Devouring Avatar did not have such speed, and could only slowly follow Wu Yu.

However, their original location was not particularly far from Wu Yu's. Therefore, the clone would be able to catch up before too long.

Wu Yu was prepared to have his clone wait outside. If he truly needed to use it, it would be a super reinforcement.

"Actually, if this girl is a princess, they wouldn't go too overboard. Just a kiss - that's the craziest thing they could do. After all, there are so many people outside. If you could accept it, you could completely ignore them. If you go take the bait, their chances of getting rid of you are high. At that time, you would throw away your first place and the Dark North Royal Obelisk with it. That wouldn't be worth it. It's just a kiss, hehe...." The Full Moon of Nanshan continued to crack jokes.

"Haha, I'm kidding. It's your chick. How could you let others kiss her? If it were me, I would cut off that kid's tongue and peepee, make him cry." The Full Moon of Nanshan was fishing now.

Actually, those outside could already see how things were developing. Evidently, the 20 or so of them wanted to use Princess You Xue to counter Wu Yu, and he was already heading over.

As for this matter, the guests from outside the kingdom would see things differently. The Dark North Tribe people would feel ashamed, but also compelled to pursue this course of action. The others were basically all smiling coldly, especially the Yan Huang Ancient Country guests.

They could not stop it, but they could spread word of the Dark North Kingdom's ugly behavior to the world.

Therefore, at this time, the discussion quietened down. Everyone was watching the Shadowers of Wu Yu and the 20 in silence, seeing how it would unfold.

Finally, they saw Wu Yu stand alone in front of the 20. Although they could not hear what was being said, but they could feel the murderous intent even through the Shadowers.

The fact that Wu Yu had come to Princess You Xue's rescue already surprised many. No matter how much they looked down on Wu Yu, they still had to respect his enormous courage at this time.

Also, after he arrived, Wu Yu did not show much respect to them. He had quite the guts.

Indeed, Wu Yu was not only not reverent towards these elite beings of the Dark North Kingdom, but also very angry.

For example, Princess You Xue was also a royal family member, but they had used such a despicable method to deal with Wu Yu, even trussing You Xue up with an advanced dao treasure. This was shameful, and Wu Yu would not respect such people.

Even though all 20 of them were individually stronger than him, and near the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm.

They might even reach immortalhood in the future, and become the future leader of the Dark North Kingdom. "This is the one who forced us to such an extent?" After seeing Wu Yu, many people were in disbelief. Because from his cultivation level, no matter how you looked at it, Wu Yu was someone who had just entered the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm.

They felt that Wu Yu was hiding his cultivation level.

Prince You Yan had seen Wu Yu before, which was why while others were still sizing Wu Yu up, he said with a black face, "You actually have the guts to come here. We already know of your relationship with her. We know you fancy her. I'll cut the crap. She has already told you our intention. We want you to quickly tear that Darkness Breaching Talisman and get out. As long as you do, this matter will be resolved. Of course, we also will not hurt our dear sister."

They knew that it would be difficult to threaten Wu Yu's life, and the best way would be to force him to use the Darkness Breaching Talisman. As long as Wu Yu was not that famous outside, they had many ways to arrange accidents for him. After all, there were many Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm cultivators who would do their bidding.

"That's right. When are you going to use your Darkness Breaching Talisman? That's when we'll release her. If you dare to escape, although we don't want to do this, we will be forced to. We're really sorry for Princess You Xue. Isn't that right, Duan Yi?" Gu Haochen said, smiling at Duan Yi.

Duan Yi had still been struggling, but now his hated rival, Wu Yu, had arrived. He drummed up his courage and made his decision. He knew that he could not possibly show any sign of wavering now. Therefore, he boldly said, "Today, I might be offending Princess You Xue, but I have no choice. I am doing it for the pride of the Dark North Kingdom. However, if some coward does not choose to flee, Princess You Xue will not be subject to these indignities either, and neither will I be troubled. Although she might eventually forgive me, she will never forgive the coward who flees today."

They were indeed afraid that Wu Yu would leave, to have said so much.

"Wu Yu, is your decision to leave or stay? If you decide to use your Darkness Breaching Talisman, we guarantee that no one will harm a hair on my sister’s head," Prince You Yang said grandly, his emotionless eyes fixed on Wu Yu. The others were even more direct. Wu Yu was surrounded by 20 10th tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivators on all sides. They had also pulled out their dao treasures, prepared to fight at any moment. The moment Wu Yu showed signs of fleeing, they would act, even if they could not guarantee success.

This bunch would stoop to anything, no matter how low. As for their superior expressions, it did not sit well with Wu Yu at all. He looked again at Princess You Xue. She was looking at him apologetically. Wu Yu knew what she was thinking, her mind filled with shame and berating herself.

She naturally did not want to be a burden to Wu Yu.

She already hated this group. Even though many of them were from the same bloodline as she was.

Sometimes, it seemed like the royal bloodline was not that important. There were too many instances of in-fighting throughout history.

"Wu Yu, break your Darkness Breaching Talisman." Seeing Wu Yu's frustrated expression, Duan Yi was celebrating inwardly. He stood beside Princess You Xue, a cold look directed Wu Yu's way, affecting a prepared poise. Even he would never have dreamed that one day his words would sound so ugly. But for his dreams, he would persist, despite Princess You Xue's dirty expression.

Wu Yu was both discontent and angry. Furious. Such despicable methods truly tested his bottom line.

However, he did not lose his reason. At this time, they were all waiting for him to break his Darkness Breaching Talisman. He bunched his hand and said, "If that's the case, then there's no meaning to it. I know what you want. You want me to leave. That's just the start. More, you want to kill me. You're just afraid that I will vanish, and you can't catch me. Why not be more direct with this? By my method, I can promise that I will not flee, but you have to give me a fair fight, a challenge that both parties will accept."

"Your meaning is?" Prince You Yang asked.

Wu Yu's eyes were blazing. In the direction of the weakest in the bunch, Duan Yi. he said ringingly, "I have a life and death enmity with this person. Since you have put him in this spot, then why not go further and let me challenge him? If I lose, I will break my Darkness Breaching Talisman. If I win, I take Princess You Xue away with me."

This was the only thing that Wu Yu could think of that they might agree to, under the circumstances. After all, they were only worried that Wu Yu might flee.

Wu Yu's current proposal would not only make him stay, but might even develop into a death match. That was acceptable for Wu Yu. Would they accept it? After all, Wu Yu was also giving them a fair and open chance. Their previous method was too low, and would not have looked good outside.

"You dare to challenge me?" Duan Yi could not believe his ears. A look of surprise appeared on his face. The first time he met Wu Yu, he was much stronger. In the Alternate World, if not for the fact that he was worried about leaving a trace, he could have killed Wu Yu directly without luring the Dark North Emperor Beast.

In the Dark Sea Army, he had chased Wu Yu a few times, but Wu Yu had dodged with his speed.

Not too much time had passed, and Wu Yu was initiating a death match with him!

The princes, princesses, and consorts all looked at each other. Wu Yu's request was one they had not foreseen. They were a little worried about placing such a huge burden on Duan Yi.

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