Chapter 0770: The Calm before the Storm

Princess You Xue did not understand them.

She thought, “Something has all these people worked up. Must be Wu Yu.”

This got her on edge. With a chilly smile, she said, "Could it be that Wu Yu has put such a fright in all of you? I think it's no secret that Wu Yu has the most Dead Souls Nets now. Is that why everyone is panicking? The Dark North Battle for Supremacy is supposed to be a genuine competition. There will be winners and losers. It is very normal for you all to not be able to take first place."

Hearing this, everyone was angry, especially her royal siblings. This strengthened their determination to capture Princess You Xue and deal with Wu Yu.

"Sister You Xue, it hasn't been that long since we last met. How arrogant you've become! You were not this dull before. You have caused the entire Dark North Capital to be humiliated, and yet here you are, acting wise. I think that love must have addled your brains!" Yuan Qinqiong said. Her tone was warm, but her words were poisonous.

"What's the point in talking? She has already lost all reason, so we must cure her. In the future, she will thank us for this. After all, we siblings are those who truly have her best interests at heart," Princess You Xuan said peculiarly.

"I think we're done talking too. Go!" Jiang Shangyue said.

They normally ignored their youngest sister. But because of her, they were currently all in a sticky situation, and they were angry.

They were also angry because Princess You Xue had recently seen great leaps in ability, improving quickly. She had been hailed as the most talented of the royal siblings, and now posed a threat to them. 

They would also use this opportunity to teach her a lesson.

They truly wasted no time bantering. Given their current ability, it was a piece of cake for more than 20 10th tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivators to take care of Princess You Xue.

Prince You Yang immediately used an advanced dao treasure to hold Princess You Xue. The name of the advanced dao treasure was Hell of the Dark North. It was a long chain of black iron, broken into many segments. Each link was extremely sturdy and powerful, and densely covered in spirit design runes. Right now, the Hell of the Dark North trussed Princess You Xue up. Although it was not tightened, its presence alone was enough to immobilize Princess You Xue.

Princess You Xue was unfazed. She had been to the brink of death and back, and was on a completely different level from them now.

They did not expect Princess You Xue to still look at them calmly, and even taunt them. "So the finest cream of the Dark North Kingdom’s crop cannot beat someone in a fair fight, and must resort to such despicable methods. You even use your own sister to threaten an outsider. Ridiculous and shameful. The world must be laughing at us. You are the shame of the Dark North Kingdom."

Such verbal abuse was humiliating, and only fueled their anger. Jiang Shangyue, who was already feeling indignant, raged at her. "You shameless wench. If not for you, we would not be this disgraced. And still you talk back."

"Enough. Enough." After all, this was still his own sister. There was no point in meaningless conversation. Wu Yu was the key here.

Prince You Yang came before Princess You Xue, and said righteously, "Whether you understand or not, still we offer you a chance to make amends."

"Just spit out what you have plotted. Stop hedging," Princess You Xue said bluntly.

"I'll explain." Prince You Yan himself came up. Without any embarrassment, he laid out their entire plan to Princess You Xue clearly.

After hearing it all, Princess You Xue was not only fearless, but instead laughed loudly, as though she had heard an excellent joke. Her laughter was uncontrollable, and made them even more embarrassed. They had thought that she would cry after hearing it.

"I thought you were fools. But this is the height of comedy. In my mind, everyone was an important person with ability and pride. I did not expect such a base method. You must have been driven to desperation by your helplessness against Wu Yu."

This was too great a humiliation, and a naked slap to all of their faces.

Their anger only continued to build, and they could not even speak.

They were a little uncertain as to how to deal with Princess You Xue's fearlessness. Because they still needed Princess You Xue to send the Message Talisman.

Yuan Qinqiong said, "There's no need to argue with her. She's just being stubborn. It's easy to have her comply. Just get Duan Yi here."

She shot a look at Duan Yi, bursting with excitement.

"All yours," Prince You Yang said to Duan Yi.

"Your Highness." As Prince You Yang stepped aside, Duan Yi walked up to Princess You Xue. There was some doubt in his eyes, but his desire not to lose got the better of him, and he was compelled to go with this wild notion. As his inner resolve steeled, he met the hard gaze of Princess You Xue with conviction.

"Princess, everyone has your welfare at heart. I hope that you can understand the good intentions of your brothers and sisters. I, too, have your future at heart. My feelings for you are true, and I hope you can see that. Today, if I have caused offense, I will pay for my crimes in the future." After he said this, he leaned forward.

"Duan Yi, if you dare to do this, from today onwards, I will make your murder the greatest goal of my life. Don't ever think that you will have the chance to be my dao companion. You will forever be my enemy, and I will seek your life without rest. One day, I will hang your head from the walls of the Dark North Capital, and bury my indignity."

Princess You Xue spoke with great conviction, and each word was like a dagger to Duan Yi's heart. Such words made Duan Yi hesitate. Because he could clearly see that Princess You Xue was no longer the person he had imagined. She had grown stronger and more decisive.

For him, this was not good news.

An overly domineering Princess You Xue was like a porcupine. If Duan Yi offended her today, she would not be his dao companion simply out of shame. Rather, like she said, she would treat him as a mortal enemy.

This was a conundrum for him.

Behind him, Prince You Yan whispered into his ear, "Don't be intimidated. This girl is simply scaring a greenhorn like you. After this blows over and Wu Yu is no more, she will naturally understand. And if she doesn't, don't you still have us? What are you afraid of?"

Duan Yi turned back. Everyone was looking at him encouragingly. Today, he had gained the trust of so many. They would definitely help him in the future.

At this time, the recklessness in his heart trumped the fear of Princess You Xue. He mustered his courage anew, although he still battled his fears as he looked into the sharp eyes of Princess You Xue.

"Here goes," he cried, about to pucker up.

At this moment, Princess You Xue was helpless.

"Alright, I'll have him come over." Surprisingly, the stubborn Princess You Xue changed drastically, surrendering and deciding to use a Message Talisman to call Wu Yu.

This was a surprise. They had not expected her to cave so easily.

"Enough." As long as Princess You Xue was willing to cooperate, the royal siblings had no intention of letting Duan Yi cop a chance. After all, they could not let their sister lose out at the hands of this humble provincial lord's son.

Duan Yi's use was to force Wu Yu to remain here. The kiss was merely a threat against Wu Yu. If You Xue complied, he was redundant.

After all, if they handled this too badly, they would face the repercussions from their elders after they left.

Actually, Princess You Xue had surrendered at this point because Wu Yu had heard her thoughts while he was out hunting. The more complicated the situation, the more thoughts she had, and the more aware Wu Yu was of what she was thinking. Therefore, even without saying anything, Wu Yu already knew what was happening here.

"So many people posturing here. They must know how many Dead Souls Nets I have. This must mean I'm in first place."

Wu Yu was in a good mood after learning this.

However, this bunch were the most elite people. Seeing them use such a base and shameless method left Wu Yu speechless.

"I thought that I was a shameless person. To think that I found this bunch of vulgar bastards who are even more shameless than me." After hearing this, the Full Moon of Nanshan held his belly and laughed. 

"If I were you, I wouldn't be able to stand for it. Whether it was my woman or not, I wouldn't let anybody take advantage of anyone who has an interest in me."

The Full Moon of Nanshan would never be able to understand the complicated relationship between Wu Yu and Princess You Xue.

However, right now it was Princess You Xue who was having her dignity compromised. Wu Yu knew that she did not like Duan Yi, and at this time, he still regarded Princess You Xue as a decent friend. Wu Yu could not possibly sit by and watch her be humiliated.

Although Princess You Xue did not want Wu Yu in danger because of this matter, Wu Yu could not ignore her dismay.

"Let's go. Are you coming?" Wu Yu asked the Full Moon of Nanshan.

"Such a circus. How could I miss it? Your lover is also an elite here. Even I would normally hide if I saw them. Today I get to see you go all out. Why wouldn't I go? If you're done in, then all my hard work from before would be wasted, no?"

"Then get on." He revealed the Somersault Cloud, and allowed the Full Moon of Nanshan up. The pair sped towards Princess You Xue's location, which had already been conveyed to them.

"You're confident in dealing with them?" the Full Moon of Nanshan asked.

At the moment, Wu Yu was not. Most crucially, Princess You Xue was trapped in the Hell of the Dark North. Even if there was no threat to her, it would be difficult to break the advanced dao treasure and spirit Princess You Xue away. And as long as Princess You Xue was in their clutches, Wu Yu did not have much swaying power.

Therefore, he was faced with a conundrum - perhaps the hardest puzzle that he had faced since the start of the Dark North Battle for Supremacy.

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