Chapter 0769: A Damned Plan

When he heard these words, Prince You Yang had hit upon it as well.

The key here was not to endanger their sister's life, but to hold Wu Yu down.

Of course, if not for the elders' wrath and the gossip of the entire Dark North Kingdom, he might have just sent assassins right at him instead.

"The question now is, how do we do it?"

Gu Haochen spoke first. "Firstly, I guess that those two must be in love. That's clear. No friendship so pure exists. But everyone is clear that our Dark North Kingdom’s princesses cannot marry an outsider. No one would allow it. That's the premise. In this way, we can find a way to separate and estrange them, and resolve that problem. If we control Princess You Xue, and Wu Yu panics, that shows that Wu Yu likes Princess You Xue. At that time, we have a just reason to kick Wu Yu out."

"Seems like that's the case. If so, I know what will make Wu Yu panic. If Princess You Xue is with someone else, he definitely won't stay away."

At this point, Prince You Yan laughed. "What gives? We still have to find someone to get on like wildfire with my sister. If we can, we will definitely set Wu Yu's pants on fire."

Jiang Shangyue sneered. "You're overthinking things. To a man in love, things are not that complicated. We simply need someone to give sister You Xue a kiss. That will send Wu Yu into an uncontrollable rage, fueled by the power of love."

"That's true. Would anyone like to see their love interest kissing someone else? My sister was wrong to bring Wu Yu to the Dark North Kingdom. She must resolve this personally. Just one kiss with someone else - that's enough contribution, and the whole Dark North Kingdom will forgive her."

"The key is that we must find a young and handsome guy, who is very suitable for my sister, to do the deed before Wu Yu." Prince You Ying nodded.

The ones who agreed to this were the elder siblings of Princess You Xue, or her siblings-in-law. Others who heard this did not comment. After all, any dissatisfaction that Princess You Xue might have in the future would not affect them.

Prince You Yang took it all in and nodded. "This is the only way."

"Firstly, bring my sister here. All of us will watch over her. Then make her send a Message Talisman to tell Wu Yu that if he does not come here to take her away, we will have somebody kiss her every day. To the elders, this will not be much. To the people of the Dark North Kingdom, this will be her way of winning back the Dark North Kingdom's pride, and the results will justify the deed. And to my sister, it will be penance for having taken the wrong road. Fancying an outsider is no good. Our Dark North Kingdom is huge, and there are so many suitors compatible with her. This Wu Yu has a choice of death, or leaving the Dark North Kingdom."

"I agree."

"That's it then, I concur."

"We just have to trouble Princess You Xue."

"It's not troubling her, it's trouble she found in the first place."

Agreement piped up in dribs and drabs.

Although this idea was a little despicable, it sounded interesting. Against ordinary lovers, it was indeed very useful. The idea of one's lover being kissed by someone else in public every day was an unbearable thought for any man.

"Right now, the key is, who should be the lucky person? Any nominations?" Prince You Yang looked around. As his gaze swept across them, a few seemed enthusiastic, but they all already had dao companions.

Prince You Yan was first to offer a suggestion. "I have a nomination. He is the son of the Li Heavenly Provincial Lord, and is called Duan Yi. He is at the ninth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm despite his youth, and he has an advanced dao treasure. Fairly decent in ability and conduct. Before Wu Yu appeared, he was on good terms with Sister You Xue, and she was fond of him."

Prince You Yang nodded. "I know that guy. He was born a little low, but he’s a diligent one. This time, he gained quite a bit from Ghost Sea Prison as well. One of the most outstanding ones. I think he will reach the 10th tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm within a decade with ease. Talent commensurate with his status. I think he's suitable. Thoughts?"

Even if anyone else had an opinion, no one would dare to voice it against these two princes. Therefore, everyone hastened to agree, and thus the idea to capture Wu Yu was born. "Since that's settled, then Duan Yi it will be."

"Then I will have Duan Yi come over." Prince You Yan chuckled.

This idea was mainly the brainchild of Yuan Qinqiong and Jiang Shangyue. The others had drawn blanks. As the saying went: women shouldn't be hard on women.

After receiving Prince You Yan's Message Talisman, Duan Yi rushed over, and Prince You Yan personally briefed him. No matter how composed Duan Yi usually was, he was completely worked up over this. He could not imagine how such a great thing had been bestowed upon him. He was overjoyed. This had been his greatest wish recently - to be able to enter the royal family's clique. Through this process, Wu Yu would definitely be eliminated.

With this foundation settled, Princess You Xue might very well consent to dao companionship with him, in order to save face. If that happened, then what happened here would no longer be a humiliation, but turned to her advantage instead.

Wu Yu's performance had made the entire Dark North Kingdom too nervous.

"Alright. I will definitely do this." Duan Yi hurriedly agreed. 

"You're in luck. I hear you're on bad terms with that Wu Yu as well. Seems like you're perfect for this. When this is all settled, you have to treat my sister well. Otherwise, we older siblings will definitely not let you off." Prince You Yan smiled and patted his shoulder.

"I will definitely work hard! I will definitely work hard!" Duan Yi was ecstatic. However, he still wanted to maintain his composure at this time. He knew what he needed to do. All he needed was some courage. He knew that in the short term, Princess You Xue might hate him deeply,     but he did not care how she would treat him after they became dao companions. He only wanted the status of royalty, which would help him scale the ranks of the Dark Sea Army. To him, that would be the real success.

Actually, as they gathered to discuss, the audience outside had roughly caught on, and word of Wu Yu had also spread to the other participants.

The people of the Dark North Kingdom also felt more relieved.

Those of the Yan Huang Ancient Country looked around, and gave wry smiles. They were all too clear about the Dark North Tribe’s situation. If this was held in Yan Huang Ancient Country, they would never let the Dark North Tribe win.

The matter of pride was every kingdom's greatest problem.

There was definitely some level of anticipation from the 800,000 outside towards the 20 of them.

"With a few princes and princesses spearheading this, there shouldn't be much of a problem."

"This will also be a test for them."

"Let's watch and see. This should be interesting.” However, while they were discussing, Wu Yu obtained many Dead Souls Nets. Right now, he was already more than 30 nets ahead of second place. If this continued, he would overtake the person in second place by a huge margin, and cement his win. They had to eliminate him quickly and then all overtake Wu Yu in the total count. Otherwise, even if Wu Yu was forced out, his Dead Souls Nets would still be valid. If they chased him out and he still took the win, they would be a laughing stock.

Right now, their main target, Princess You Xue, did not even know that she was the target of her own people.

With so many of them having Princess You Xue's Message Talisman, a little lie soon had Princess You Xue heading over to their location. And when she reached the rendezvous place with Prince You Yang, over 20 10th tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivators suddenly appeared, surrounding her, leaving her no path to escape. This formation made Princess You Xue realize that they were targeting her.

Why her?

She immediately knew that it had to be because of Wu Yu. She was all too clear as to how many Dead Souls Nets Wu Yu currently had.

However, she could not figure out their plan, and her own part in it.

"My dear sister, we've finally found you. It's been a while. How's the yield?" Prince You Yan said smilingly.

"I have no desire to meet you. As for my yield, I can't be bothered to tell you either. What's the meaning of this, so many people surrounding me? Are you going to send me out?"

After seeing them, Princess You Xue was not at all flustered. She might have once been afraid of these elder siblings, but now that she had developed greatly, she found it hard to respect these people.

In the future, they would be her rivals, and Princess You Xue did not regard herself as weaker, simply younger in cultivation years.

"Recently, you committed a wrong. We siblings have thought it over and decided to give you a chance to make amends," Prince You Yang said gallantly.

"What wrong? I have no idea what you're talking about," You Xue said with a vexed laugh.

Gu Haochen cut in. "Still playing the fool? Because of this wrong, the entire Dark North Kingdom has been turned upside down by you. Must we spell it out?"

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