Chapter 0768: Yuan Qinqiong, Jiang Shangyue

Prince You Yang was currently standing in the center position.

Everyone took the news badly, Prince You Yang himself included.

Prince You Yang was well-proportioned, and not as burly as Prince You Yan. He had a more imperial air about him. His every move, and the look in his eyes, were filled with a strict reserve. Right now, his face was much more normal than the others, despite his bad mood. He had not let his anger slip. It was often such people who had a deeper level to them.

Beside him was Prince You Ying. This prince was much skinnier, more like a youth. But he had hard eyes, and a brisk roughness to his movements. He was a born killer, and a reticent character.

As for Princess You Yu and Princess You Xuan, they were the elder sisters of Princess You Xuan. They were already married, and looked similar to Princess You Xue. However, they were a little more mature in their graces. One of them was fiery and passionate, and the other aloof and elegant. They had contrasting personalities.

"I think no one expected Wu Yu to undergo a transformation in a few brief months. Right now, the number of Dead Souls Nets he has might have already secured first place for him. The elders have also said that right now, only we can stop him. Our mission is to - under the caveat of not breaking the Dark North Battle for Supremacy's rules too badly - send Wu Yu out of the Ghosts Sea Prison in this last month," Prince You Yang said.

What he spoke of was no serious violation, and not a complete adherence to the rules.

"Everyone knows what the consequences will be if Wu Yu ends up in first place. The thousand of us will be done for. Right now, the entire Dark North Kingdom is panicking. I feel that even if we seriously break the rules, that's still better than letting Wu Yu take first place," Prince You Yan said morosely.

"The key is that you even tried the Dark North Soul Lock Spirit Design, and it was useless. Although we have the numbers, everyone knows Wu Yu's ability to flee. Therefore, chasing him out or killing him is all well and good, but more importantly, how are we going to do it?!" Princess You Yu said with a hateful face, arms folded.

At this time, everyone was very serious.

Prince You Yang said, "If anybody has any ideas, speak freely. We will all work on any problems together. All of us are members of the Dark North Tribe. Something that we must accomplish has landed on our shoulders. No matter how serious the rule-breaking, any idea can be raised. We can discuss whether it can be tried."

His thoughts mirrored the thoughts of the 800,000 outside.

Having established this, everyone had more room to work with.

However, even if they had many ideas and could use many things similar to the Dark North Soul Lock Talisman, that had already been tried and proven ineffective against Wu Yu.

"Let's keep thinking."

Everyone began to brainstorm and throw out their ideas.

Prince You Yang heard a few, and shook his head. "He was actually able to even escape the Dark North Soul Lock Spirit Design. These methods that you speak of are useless. It has to be something that can stop him from escaping."

He was asking because he himself had no good ideas.

Right now, everyone was troubled.

Prince You Yan said, "Stop all these useless ideas. They're completely useless. Multiple layers of ploys are also useless. If these could have finished him, I would have finished him long ago."

He was despairing right now, and everyone knew that he was not one to give up easily. Which was why the mood was even more troubled now.

"I don't believe that all of us together cannot finish him off. A barbarian from the Dong Sheng Divine Continent." The one who spoke now was called Gu Haochen. He was a handsome young man with a sharp gleam in his eyes. His shine was no less bright than that of the royalty in his company. Gu Haochen was the son of Duke Gu, the only duke with a foreign name. Duke Gu was quite a legend in the Dark North Kingdom. His ability was unparalleled - he was much stronger than You Shang and You Shi, and one of the main pillars of strength for the Dark Sea Emperor. It was said that he had grown up with the Dark Sea Emperor, and they called each other brothers. Therefore, Gu Haochen's status was not that different from royalty. In terms of ability, he had been personally groomed by Duke Gu, and so was on their level as well. Usually, Gu Haochen interacted with the princes and princesses. He had another identity, which was the emperor's son-in-law. Princess You Yu was his dao companion.

Their union was the wish of both Duke Gu and the Dark Sea Emperor, and was one that the Dark Sea Emperor was fairly satisfied with. After the two became dao companions, they helped each other and progressed quickly. They were one of the most legendary pairs in the Dark North Kingdom.

Besides Gu Haochen, there were two others whose words also carried weight. Both were girls, and important ones at that. One was the dao companion of Prince You Yang, the other the dao companion of Prince You Yan.

Prince You Yang's dao companion was called Yuan Qinqiong. Before she had joined with Prince You Yang, her name was already well known. This was because her mentor, Yuan Bingye, was the foremost expert outside of the Dark North Kingdom's system. All the experts generally worked within the kingdom, but there were also some who had no interest in such positions. They valued freedom and chafed at restrictions. They did not participate in the governance of the country, and would only act when the nation was in danger. There were quite a few such characters, and they were called roaming cultivators. The Dark North Kingdom did not have many roaming cultivators, and Yuan Bingye was a legend amongst them. She was the foremost roaming cultivator of the Dark North Kingdom, and someone near immortalhood, just like Duke Gu. It was said that the Dark North royal family had invited Yuan Bingye many times to take up a station of responsibility, but she had turned them down.

However, as a gesture of respect, her only disciple, Yuan Qinqiong, had wedded Prince You Yang. Yuan Qinqiong was a warm and beautiful girl, petite, with a strength in her softness. She was also a strength for Prince You Yang.

There was another, called Jiang Shangyue, who was a sharp contrast to Yuan Qinqiong's warmth. She had an aura of valiant formidability to her. Clad in black armor, her severe expression and keen eyes had the image of a killer, despite her gender. Clearly a woman who was hard to deal with.

She was actually from the Dark Sea Army, and was the most famous dark north general in the Dark Sea Army. She was much more famous than Duan Yi. And her birth station was high as well.

Jiang Shangyue was the dao companion of Prince You Yan. Just like Yuan Qinqiong, she was one of the finest girls in the Dark North Kingdom under the age of 100. Save the Dark North Kingdom’s princesses, they were the finest. Jiang Shangyue was born in the north of the Dark North Kingdom, while Yuan Qinqiong was born in the south. Therefore, they were respectively hailed as the foremost beauties of the north and south.

Of course, this could never be mentioned in front of the princesses.

That these two had caught the eye of the princes meant that they were truly outstanding, and could match the princes. This also meant that there was a high standard for Princess You Xue's own dao companion, because her elder siblings' dao companions had set the bar high.

However, they were currently engaged in heated discussion, their faces flushed as they plotted.

"That won't do. We can't hold Wu Yu at all that way. Do you actually think that thing is stronger than the Dark North Soul Lock Spirit Design?" Prince You Yan sneered at another.

The other person's temper flared as he retorted, "Perhaps you did not use it correctly because you were too nervous?" 

"Fuck off."

In truth, they were not afraid that their methods would violate the rules. They did not care about that at all. But the problem was that there was no method at all. Because the crux of the problem was how they would hold Wu Yu in place.

"What a joke. We're having a meaningless discussion here, and he's out there accumulating Dead Souls Nets. He might truly be first right now. Everyone outside can see it clearly. We're probably the fools in their eyes." Jiang Shangyue was extremely unhappy. So many people gathered were here, unable to deal with a barbarian from the Demon Sealing Continent.

Finally, everyone lapsed into brooding silence.

The princes and princesses were frowning as well, looking at each other.

"You Xue is to blame for that Wu Yu brat. If she hadn’t brought that brat to the Dark North Kingdom and sheltered him, we would not be dealing with such a big problem. Your sister was always an unruly one, and this time around she's truly to blame!" Jiang Shangyue said spitefully.

Suddenly, Yuan Qinqiong's face changed. She said softly, "This means that if Princess You Xue cares deeply for Wu Yu, then Wu Yu must probably also care deeply for Princess You Xue. Perhaps there is something between the two. After all, they are a young man and woman, and raging with hormones. A spark on dry tinder, two people on the Taigu Immortal Path journeying together..."

Hearing this, Prince You Yang's expression turned ugly. He looked at his own dao companion. "You mean to use my sister to control Wu Yu? Those outside see everything that we do, and my little sister is also part of the royal family. Can she be sacrificed?" Prince You Yang was unhappy.

Yuan Qinqiong was not angry. She smiled mildly. "I'm just raising a possibility. If you're not willing, forget it. And you've over thought it. It's just a way to attract Wu Yu, and force him to stay. We're not sacrificing her."

At these words, Prince You Yan clapped. "This might actually be a brainwave. Our younger sister is the key to it. Only she can control Wu Yu in the entire Ghost Sea Prison! And we definitely have a way to deceive Wu Yu, and yet not sacrifice my sister. Otherwise, the royal family elders will not forgive us, right?"

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