Chapter 0767: Three Princes, Two Princesses

It could be said that in the Ghost Sea Prison, not a single demon could escape the nose of the Full Moon of Nanshan.

Meeting him here was Wu Yu's luck.

With his help, Wu Yu hunted down demons, and also helped him lock down the martial cultivators' positions.

Both continued to progress swiftly.

Especially Wu Yu. His progress was astronomical. In a day, he would gain at least 10 Dead Souls Nets.

On a good day, he would even get more than 20. This was a bad month's worth.

This game-changing turn was something that the remaining martial cultivators in the Ghost Sea Prison were oblivious to.

Because such a method was not at all obvious. Therefore, it had been going on for a month, and virtually no one had caught on.

But Wu Yu's sudden increase was clearly watched by the 800,000 people outside.

He was almost constantly fighting demons.

Wu Yu, with the aid of the Full Moon of Nanshan, had rocketed up within a month.

As for those outside, they were completely dumbfounded in this month's time.

Their surprise and shock only continued to grow.

Most unbearably, according to their calculations, Wu Yu's Dead Souls Nets already put him in third place.

And he was not far behind the first two.

With his speed, he was expected to take first place in the remaining few months.

Many were unable to stand for this.

But the beauty of it all was that Qu Yin was here. Besides, the Dark North Battle for Supremacy guaranteed absolute fairness, so they could not interfere.

Therefore, even though they could not stand it, they could not do anything about it.

Right now, Wu Yu was the center of discussion.

Wu Yu himself could guess just how his performance had taken them by storm!

Everyone was restless and glowering, flushed with their simmering anger, as though they had all been slapped.

"Right now, the question is, why would he explode forth in these last two months? He was muddling around up until the fourth month and then exploded in the fifth month. What has happened in the middle? Could he have improved himself with another terrifying mystique?"

"Maybe so. Maybe he already had a method to hunt demons, which is why he worked so hard to join the Dark North Battle for Supremacy. But he's very clever. That's why he used other methods at the start, and only used this one towards the end!"

"All of this is but speculation. Who can know the truth? The thing is, if he gets first place in the end, it will be a joke. The entire Dark North Kingdom will be taken as a huge joke!"

"That's right. In the future, all the youths of the Dark North Kingdom will hang their heads in shame. The Dark North Battle for Supremacy is such a major event, but an outsider was crowned champion, and with everyone watching as well."

"What are we to do? The rule of the Dark North Battle for Supremacy is that no one can interfere once it has begun. Even the Dark North royal family cannot interfere, let alone us."

"Right now, no one besides the participants inside can stop Wu Yu. I think that at this time, they will find a way to inform the contenders that Wu Yu has surpassed them."

"That's the only way. I hope that the princes and princesses can bring glory to the Dark North Kingdom."

"Did you see the faces of the Yan Huang Tribe people? Wu Yu isn't even part of the Yan Huang Tribe, but they're treating him as one of theirs because they see that he's performing well. Applying gold powder to their faces."

"Yeah, odd, isn't it? As if Wu Yu's strength has anything to do with the Yan Huang Ancient Country!"

Right now, the Yan Huang Ancient Country contingent was smiling smugly, which was irritating.

If not for the fact that the Yan Huang Tribe was difficult to deal with, they would probably have been chased away already.

Besides the Yan Huang Tribe, the Dark North Battle for Supremacy had also invited a few martial cultivators from the major superpowers in the Yan Huang Ancient Region.

Therefore, those outside could do nothing about Wu Yu. They could only let it proceed.

And even if Wu Yu won, they could not do anything.

If it were just the Dark North Tribe present, they might be able to think of some way to get Wu Yu out.

After all, it would be historically unprecedented for an outsider to win the Dark North Battle for Supremacy.

Right now, even You Shang himself was troubled. He had not expected that Wu Yu would reach this level.

What he was worried about was the change to Wu Yu that had occurred four months in. It seemed like nothing had happened, but out of the blue, no demon could escape his view.

The only explanation was that he had learned something - some awesome dao technique or mystique, perhaps.

The wave that Wu Yu had stirred up was far from over.

Each demon he killed and each Dead Souls Net he obtained was watched with bated breath and a rollercoaster of emotions. Pale faces and people trembling with rage that made them want to leave. All of these emotions echoed throughout the crowd.

Wu Yu could guess that all of this was happening, but he could not stop now.

Princess You Xue roughly knew how many Dead Souls Nets the top 10 geniuses had.

He estimated that he was in the top five, and perhaps even top three. He could also guarantee that he would be in first place in 10 days' time.

And in the remaining 20 days' time, he would cement his position.

After all, everyone would have a last burst of effort towards the end.

As for the demons, they would also rush out like mad. It would be a slug fest towards the end.

If Wu Yu could gain enough Dead Souls Nets before then to take a comfortable lead, then he would not be afraid of being overtaken when the number of demons increased sharply.

In the last few days, he had met a few participants who were 10th tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivators. They had not been the least bit concerned about Wu Yu.

Wu Yu knew that not only did they not know who he was, and how many Dead Souls Nets he had, but they also did not know how much he had grown in this time.

This was a good thing. Best if it could last a while longer.

For example, if those princes and princesses knew that he had surged to the top three, they would lose their minds.

"After all, this is the territory of the Dark North Tribe. I wager that in a few days, they'll all know that you've caught up. At that time, those royal types will definitely cause trouble for you," the Full Moon of Nanshan said.

Wu Yu had thought of this as well.

This was inevitable. He simply had to be more careful from now on. The Dark North Soul Lock Talisman from before was still fresh in his memory.

And if there were more measures taken to shut him down, they would only get stronger.

After all, the number of jealous enemies would definitely have increased by now.

Anyone of the Dark North Tribe would probably know the humiliation they would face if Wu Yu were allowed to win.

Wu Yu's guess was right on the money. After another five days, his Dead Souls Net count had already broken 700, and he reckoned that he was in first place by now. There must have been an uproar outside.

He felt that he should be a little more careful. After all, the atmosphere seemed a little off these few days. Everyone was looking at him strangely. He felt that news of the astonishing rate that he was reaping Dead Souls Nets must have gotten out.

The remaining contenders should all know.

Those who were not confident in dealing with Wu Yu could not act. Those who were not confident in catching Wu Yu could not act either.

All that remained was the strongest few in this cohort of participants.

Wu Yu's guess was not far off.

In some corner of the Ghost Sea Prison, more than 20 people had gathered. All of them were 10th tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivators.

Their Dead Souls Nets count was basically all in the top 30, which meant that they were the strongest people in the Dark North Kingdom under 100 years of age.

All of them were very near the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm.

The Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm was the most crucial stage in reaching immortalhood. Wave after wave of people entered this stage. Although there were many who died in this realm, the dream of becoming immortal urged generation after generation of martial cultivators to aspire to it.

They would be the elites of the Dark North Kingdom in another 100 years.

All of the young men and women gathered together were of the finest bearing. All of them were very serious. Without a doubt, their target was Wu Yu.

From the grim expressions all around, they were very unhappy with the current situation.

Prince You Yan was among them.

His face was the blackest, because he had wounded Wu Yu seriously in the midst of the Dark North Battle for Supremacy. Even he could not understand - how had Wu Yu shrugged it off?

He had suddenly received the news in the past few days, and had been boggled by it. He had forgotten Wu Yu in the last month.

And now that the truth was laid out before him, he felt like he had been slapped soundly.

He even felt a little ashamed to stand amongst them right now.

As for Duan Yi, he was not qualified to be here.

Of the leaders here, there were three princes and two princesses. Only Princess You Xue was not here.

Besides them, there were also a few other elite geniuses.

Their cultivation levels were roughly the same as the royalty, only they came from slightly less eminent families.

The three princes were Prince You Yang, Prince You Yan, and Prince You Ying.

The two princesses were Princess You Yu and Princess You Xuan.

They were all the elder brothers and sisters of Princess You Xue. Even the youngest had 20 years on Princess You Xue, and already had a dao companion.

Prince You Yang was the oldest, and his words carried the most weight among this group.

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