Chapter 0766: The Method to Find Demons

Wu Yu had no doubt that the Full Moon of Nanshan was a mysterious existence. At least he was the most talented demon Wu Yu had ever met. He was also an existence similar to him.

If things went smoothly and he still possessed the possibility of reaching immortalhood after many years, then his Marshal Tian Peng immortal's legacy might indeed be stronger than the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal’s.

Since the other party said that and seemed to want to help him, Wu Yu asked sincerely, "What is the method to help me get first place?"

The Full Moon of Nanshan grinned and said, "This is my personal ability, I have a method to find demons. Within the range of this entire Ghost Sea Prison, I know very clearly where each demon is. Even the demons with the best hiding spots, their demonic auras cannot escape my nose."

Indeed, this wild boar's nose was memorable.

Wu Yu believed with all his heart that he who received Marshal Tian Peng's immortal's legacy could possess such ability.

"Heh heh, to put it bluntly, I will lead you to all these idiots from the Dead Souls Sea Region and let you get their Dead Souls Nets."

To Wu Yu, this was indeed a chance to overturn his circumstances. Hearing these words, his impression of the Full Moon of Nanshan became better. At least he really could be of great help to him. As for whether he was speaking the truth, all they had to do was try and he would know. If he really possessed this terrifying demon-searching ability, then his new rate of collection might even surpass that with his method of doppelgangers luring demons.

"What do you want in exchange?" Wu Yu was really simple and direct at such times. There had to be other goals for the other party's sudden appearance.

Full Moon of Nanshan smiled and said, "For this, it's the same as before: be my follower and follow my orders in the future. Deal or no deal?" 

"This is non-negotiable. I can treat you as a friend, yet you want to treat me as your follower. Is that appropriate?" Actually, Wu Yu could tell that he was probably only joking.

It was as he had expected.

The Full Moon of Nanshan became serious and said, "Forget it, I'm going to stop teasing you. We are not familiar, so I'm going to be direct. I need you to use your doppelgangers to pick suitable martial cultivators for me. I want to get more Darkness Breaching Talismans to hit 30. I still need a few."

This was a cooperation. His goal was to leave, but there were actually very few martial cultivators around. There were only 1,000, and they were scattered, so it was actually quite difficult to encounter them. Besides, demons could not be near each other. Once they were close, their Dead Souls Nets would activate.

With the help of Wu Yu's doppelgangers, he could search faster too. Of course, with the Full Moon of Nanshan's ability, Wu Yu estimated that it would be easy for him to exceed 30 after two months.

He could agree to this request, but he felt that the Full Moon of Nanshan would have some other request.

Indeed, the other party continued, "This is the first condition, and it should be easy for you. There's a second condition."

"Please go on." The other party was offering great help to him. Wu Yu wanted a fair exchange and did not want to take advantage of the other party. Since they were helping each other, it was alright if the difficulty level was about the same.

The Full Moon of Nanshan said, "I also know that you're aiming for the championship. The prize is one part. You want to use fame to protect yourself - that is the other part. I received the same thing as you, so I know what you are worried about. If I help you get the championship and achieve your goal, then I can also leave the Ghost Sea Prison. However, I'm not a demon from the Dead Souls Sea Region. If I go to the Dead Souls Sea Region, I'll be in greater danger. So I must stay in the Dark North Kingdom, and if I want to stay in the Dark North Kingdom, I need a justified and clean identity. At least so I can appear openly. So I hope that when I get out, I can follow you and you'll protect me. In the Yan Huang Ancient Region, it is actually very common to have a demon friend. After all, I'm not a demon from the Dead Souls Sea Region, so I don't have any great hatred against the Dark North Kingdom."

This explanation sounded so much more normal. Actually, Wu Yu could understand even if he did not explain, because the two of them faced the same problem. Wu Yu needed Princess You Xue to guarantee that he could have a justified and clean identity. And the Full Moon of Nanshan was a demon, so his status here would only be lower. He also needed someone to provide him with an identity. At least when he strolled along the streets, everyone would recognize that he was Wu Yu's friend or servant and would not be scared or attack him. After all, Wu Yu was famous, and if he followed Wu Yu, then at least when he was in the open and people wanted to attack him, they would still have to consider Wu Yu.

He was in the same situation as Wu Yu.

Hence, Wu Yu actually understood him.

While he also had outstanding talent, he was a demon, so it would be even more difficult for him to be at the Dark North Kingdom. He wanted to be free and stop hiding at such a dark place, living a frightful life. He also wanted an identity.

Hearing his story, he really felt like they were brothers in trouble. No doubt, the other party seemed much more sincere now in Wu Yu's eyes.

"Just these two requests. Whether you tell others I'm your friend or slave, I don't care. Of course, you cannot order me. If you agree, then we can help each other. If not, I have no other ideas. At least I feel that we suffer the same fate. I'm in a sadder state than you. I practically grew up in the Ghost Sea Prison."

The other party had said so much to give Wu Yu a chance to consider. Wu Yu made up his mind quickly. He was very direct and immediately said, "No problem, deal."

"That's really quick. You really are compendious, a man of few words. I have only had this one boring old guy to talk to for a long time and have endured until I got sick. Now that I’ve finally met a person I can talk to, I'm more noisy. But I'm very handsome, so it doesn't matter even if I'm noisy." The fan in the Full Moon of Nanshan's hand suddenly changed. It transformed into a mirror. He looked at the mirror and fiddled with his hair.

"Handsome!" he concluded emotionally.

"Oh yes, do you have anyone hiding inside your Ruyi Jingu Bang? Does it have a previous master?" The Full Moon of Nanshan suddenly thought of this.

"There is." Wu Yu nodded.

"Is he also a terrible old man, and very stinky? Sprouting nonsense the whole day? Like a stupid pig?" the Full Moon of Nanshan asked curiously.

"No, she's a very pretty little girl." Wu Yu was forced to say that by Ming Long. Actually, he felt that Ming Long was an old, demonic hag….

"Shit! That's actually my type! God, this is really unfair. I'm so handsome and you gave me a stupid old man. He's so ugly and you give him a little girl. This is illogical. No, I want to switch with you!"

The Full Moon of Nanshan was so angry that he was about to burst into tears.

"Don't be stupid. Now that we have reached an agreement, let's not waste any more time. Let me see your talents in searching for demons. I hope you're not just boasting." The Full Moon of Nanshan had not proved his ability yet, so everything was tentative. He also did not know how talented the Full Moon of Nanshan party was.

"Looks like you still don't trust me. Then let's watch and see. But to prevent the audience from noticing, I'll look for you in three days. At that time, I may hide myself and point you to a direction. In the remaining time, I will probably stop appearing before you."

After all, when they were conversing, the audience could still see. Now Wu Yu was facing trouble, and if he suddenly rose up again after their meeting, perhaps others would know that they had cooperated. The cooperation between martial cultivators and demons had never happened before in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy. 

Wu Yu was not anxious for those three days.

As for following Wu Yu when this ended, this was something to be discussed when they got out. Now the two of them had similar goals. One wanted to go out, while the other wanted the championship.

Wu Yu continued to look for demons. After three days, the Full Moon of Nanshan appeared as expected. Of course, he hid and spoke to Wu Yu in secret to guide him towards some direction.

And what followed was shocking. The truth was verified. A boar's nose was really sharp. This might be connected to the legacy of Marshal Tian Peng too.

The Full Moon of Nanshan could lock on to a demon even when they were several li[1] apart. He could basically confirm their abilities upon smelling their demonic aura. He directly ignored those above the ninth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm and brought Wu Yu straight to those below the eighth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. Those who hid well, no matter how far they had hidden, could not escape the Full Moon of Nanshan's radar.

Under his guidance, Wu Yu very quickly found the first demon. From the moment he started to point the way to the time he found the demon, only less than an hour passed.

And this was a sixth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm demon, someone who Wu Yu could easily defeat and retrieve their Dead Souls Net.

"Let's go, the next one." This time, he took more than an hour, but he found the demon he had smelled.

With his help, Wu Yu got the second Dead Souls Net. At this rate, Wu Yu realized that it would be no problem for him to get the championship, even though he had lagged behind a lot in the previous month.

The Full Moon of Nanshan was indeed amazing.

"You don't have to idolize me. I've been so talented since young. Other people always gaze at me in awe. I'm so used to it and will no longer feel proud of that." The Full Moon of Nanshan laughed proudly.

Wu Yu restrained himself for this day but still got 10 Dead Souls Nets. With this speed, he could get 300 in a month and 600 in two months. He previously had about 300 and would probably end up with about 800. At that time, the person in first place would probably only have about 600. 

After one day, Wu Yu knew that as long as no issues arose, he should be able to get the championship of the Dark North Battle of Supremacy.

He really should thank the Full Moon of Nanshan.

"We are just getting what we need. This little thing is so small to me. You have no need to marry me out of gratitude." Every time something was said, the Full Moon of Nanshan would be especially proud.

1. 1 li = half a kilometer

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