Chapter 0765: Underhanded Schemes

Even the Dark North Soul Lock Talisman could not trap Wu Yu. The 800,000 people outside were shocked at this level of skill in escaping. It was not the first time.

Even many of the Dao Querying cultivators had nothing to say.

They looked at each other solemnly and finally understood why Wu Yu dared to be so high-profile. Obviously, he was very confident in his escaping skills, and until now, he had not made a mistake yet.

He had even escaped from the Dark North Soul Lock Talisman. There were indeed not many ways left to deal with Wu Yu, unless those top martial cultivators dared to risk their reputation and attack him. If that were the case, a good justification would be required because Qu Yin from the Yan Dragon Army was still here.

Now the people from the Yan Huang Ancient Country were watching with great interest. While the Dark North Tribe had been embarrassed, the people from Yan Huang Ancient Country were gaining face and were all smiles. They had decided to try their best to bring Wu Yu back to the Yan Huang Ancient Country after the Dark North Battle for Supremacy. Even if they failed this time, after they returned and reported to the Yan Huang Royal family, a high ranking person would personally bring Wu Yu back from the Dark North Kingdom. In reality, Qu Yin had already reported Wu Yu's performance in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy to many senior officials in the Yan Huang Ancient Country. After listening to the detailed description, they should make a decision.

As the most powerful country in the Yan Huang Ancient Region, Qu Yin was still confident.

At this moment, he also updated them on the ploy with the Dark North Soul Lock Talisman. He believed that this would force those really powerful officials to make a decision. After all, he was a genius from the Yan Huang Ancient Country, but if this continued, then he would really become part of the Dark North Tribe. At least that was what Qu Yin thought.

The Dark North Battle for Supremacy had yet to end and Wu Yu was the biggest dark horse. It was a major suspense on whether he could rush into the top 10 and maintain a position there.

In the Ghost Sea Prison, Wu Yu refocused his energy into hunting demons and competing with others in the speed of getting Dead Souls Net.

He was fast in the first few days, but something strange happened. Wu Yu released more and more doppelgangers, but there were fewer demons falling into his trap. Too few had fallenprey.

"Could it be that the demons in this Ghost Sea Prison have all been killed? That's impossible, there are plenty of demons in every Dark North Battle for Supremacy. 10 years is enough time to capture many prisoners of war."

That was not possible, so Wu Yu also asked Princess You Xue. Princess You Xue also said that such a situation had never happened before. There were always many demons remaining in the Ghost Sea Prison. They hid for a chance to be free again. Besides, the rate of demon slaying remained the same for other participants. "I just asked around. I know the reason." Princess You Xue found him in less than a day and approached Wu Yu.

"What's the reason?"

"It's one of my royal elder brothers, the one who ambushed you previously. He told many people to spread the message of your doppelganger trap to the demons. They are talking about it everywhere. The demons can hear about it easily."

When they were spreading the news, they probably avoided Wu Yu's doppelgangers as well. If not, Wu Yu would have heard of it. 

"I think that most of the demons left in the Ghost Sea Prison know about it. Since that is the case, then it will be difficult for your doppelganger trap to be effective anymore. The demons know that your doppelgangers do not have Darkness Breaching Talismans and that your real body is strong. When they see you, they probably get scared."

Princess You Xue was upset. "These people, they just like to use underhanded schemes."

If that was the case, then Wu Yu would have a little headache. His biggest advantage was gone now.

"This is happening because you have attracted too much attention and offended many people. It is because you are not from the Dark North Tribe that everyone is targeting you. After the Dark North Battle for Supremacy, you better stay beside me. If not, I will be worried people will ambush you." Her eyes were filled with worry and concern. It was unexpected that she had become so gentle.

Wu Yu shook his head and said, "My dao is to move forward courageously. Now my goal for this Dark North Battle for Supremacy is to get the first place, so I cannot hide. I cannot help if I attract attention. After all, this is a risk. Whatever happens after this ends is secondary. My most important concern right now is how to kill more demons." If he could get first place, that would indeed be a different story. 

Princess You Xue should understand too.

"Yes, if you get first place and receive the Dark North Royal Obelisk, then your name will spread throughout the entire Jambu Realm. Everyone will know that the Dark North Battle for Supremacy of the Dark North Kingdom was won by a person from the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. Your name will be well known, and after that, both the young people and elders of the Dark North Tribe will find it difficult to attack you for fear of you losing your life here. Because firstly, the Yan Huang Ancient Country will definitely not be happy with that, and secondly, the whole Jambu Realm will treat the Dark North Kingdom like a joke. You just need to win and then, no matter how you perform, you will be safe."

That would be true if he became famous. Everyone who wanted to attack him would be worried about being embarrassed if they were exposed. This was especially true for the people of the Dark North Tribe. People would think that they had secretly attacked him because they could not openly beat Wu Yu.

"If you cannot get the championship, at least get into the top 10. The higher your rank, the safer you'll be."

He had no one he could depend on now. His only supporter was Princess You Xue. Sometimes, you had to compete with others for resources and could not just hide cowardly. Hence, he had to try to protect himself in this world. Actually, he was definitely a genius when just talking about battle power.

Top geniuses were the talents that every kingdom in the Jambu Realm would want to attract. Wu Yu was now trying to get famous. The more famous he became, everyone would be wary of attacking him openly. After all, everyone would recognize that he was talented.

"So, I still have to find a way to get the championship. Please let me know when there are any changes."

Princess You Xue could not help much in this situation, so Wu Yu let her continue with her own fight. After all, she also wanted to become more powerful.

For the following 20-plus days, Wu Yu was trapped. He tried many ways, but the rate of his Dead Souls Net collection had fallen too much. In one month, he only hunted down a bit over 30 Dead Souls Net.

While his rate fell, others maintained their original rate of collection. Now he should have fallen in ranking and was not even in the top 50. There were only two months left. It looked like he had no more hope of making it into the top 10, and if he followed this trend, when the Dark North Battle for Supremacy ended, he would probably fall out of the top 100 or even the top 200.

At that moment, no one would notice even if he was buried directly.

Near the end, everyone was catching up at a furious rate; even the demons were fighting back fiercely. All of them fought for more Darkness Breaching Talismans. From the Shadower, battles were ongoing everywhere, only Wu Yu's side seemed cold and quiet. He did not have much of an advantage in battle power. There were many geniuses at the ninth or tenth tiers of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. They were much more efficient than him.

The fame he had gotten from the last month was now almost gone. He had faded out of the audience's attention, and this was quite dangerous for Wu Yu because everyone already knew that he had received a high level legacy but not fame.

In the remaining two months, if he still could not find a way to break through, then he would meet with plenty of trouble when he got out.

At this moment, the happiest people were Prince You Yan and his group. While they had failed to kill Wu Yu, they had managed to deal a heavy blow to him.

Now the 800,000 people were mostly mocking when they talked about Wu Yu. Wu Yu's hunting method using his doppelgangers was interesting, but the rules also allowed others to reveal his method. This was, after all, a competition. Now the demons were basically all ignoring Wu Yu's doppelgangers. After all, they knew it was a trap.

While hope was minimal, Wu Yu was still calm. He was thinking of ways with Ming Long. Even though their rate of finding demons was slower, he did not give up.

"Are you scared? Previously, I was outstanding too. That's why I ended up like this," Ming Long said to him.

"There's nothing to be afraid of. I think that that's the way of our dao. Even if we die, we will die with no regrets. We'll not cower to survive. What we want is the great dao heart." Perhaps it was because he had encountered the things that the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal had left behind in the Taigu Immortal Path by chance that Wu Yu had made huge improvements in his understanding of dao. It was also the reason why he could remain calm under such adverse circumstances and not regret his decisions.

It was too early to say that it was over when there were still two months left.

He had a feeling that this was not the end. At this moment, the Full Moon of Nanshan appeared before him and grinned at him. While handsome, Wu Yu felt that his expression looked obscene.

"Looks like you've encountered a problem. You look unhappy. Were you bullied? Do you need your boss to protect you?"

"Don't come here just to be a busybody and waste my time."

"Oh, is that so? But, coincidentally, I actually have the ability to let you get the championship. It's really incredible."

The Full Moon of Nanshan smiled and looked at him. He waved his fan of beauties lightly.

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