Chapter 0764: Eight Dark Immortals' Descent

For Wu Yu right now, every Dead Souls Net was worth pursuing.

It was also normal for demons to appear in places that he had already searched. After all, demons roamed freely as well.

Riding his Somersault Cloud, he charged over, reaching the site of his clone's death in the blink of an eye. And he indeed saw a sea region demon!

This demon was strange. It looked like a gorgeous tree, but was armed with many sharp tentacles. Growing up near the East Sea, Wu Yu naturally knew that this was a coral, but he did not know that coral could become demons.

This coral demon's speed was rather slow. Wu Yu needed some time to come over, but the demon had not yet fled yet, remaining where it originally was. Although he could not see his face upon his arrival, Wu Yu felt like something was strange. This coral demon looked off. Unnatural.

However, Wu Yu could still see the Dead Souls Net on it. This was enough for him.

Wu Yu quickly pulled out his advanced dao treasure. Holding the 10,000 Dragons Staff in his hand, he swung it towards the coral demon's head without hesitation.

The demon was terrified, and shrieked, "Don't kill me! Save me! I've already fulfilled my mission. Let me go!"

These were strange words. After hearing this, Wu Yu pulled himself back, right as he was above the coral demon's head.

However, he was too late.

He immediately realized that this was a trap. He should have expected it. Seeing how bold he was, the Dark North people must have been thinking of a way to deal with him.

"Dark North Soul Lock Spirit Design! Eight Dark Immortals' Descent!"

This voice shook the entire area like a clap of thunder. It came from all around, as though there were yells from eight different directions.

Wu Yu vaguely heard familiar voices, such as Prince You Yan and Duan Yi’s.

When he thought about it, probably only Duan Yi and those others would be so anxious to get rid of him.

Actually, Wu Yu was very confident in himself. Therefore, even if he had an instant to escape, he chose not to take the opportunity.

However, the others still continued to create spirit designs, and Wu Yu understood that they were preparing to take him down.

This was definitely a fairly elite spirit design!

In this instant, eight shadowy giants appeared all around Wu Yu with a wave of seawater. The giants were armored, and cut imposing figures with their menacing frost energy. They had the bearing of immortals. When they appeared, all eight fixed their eyes on Wu Yu, pinning him down with pressure. These had to be the Eight Dark Immortals they had spoken of!

These Eight Dark Immortals all had ultimate mystiques. They were not easy to deal with, and they surrounded Wu Yu, creating spirit designs.

After they appeared, a violet formation appeared in a huge area, with Wu Yu at the center. It spun wildly, fusing with the Eight Dark Immortals. Wu Yu could feel a terrifying pressure assailing him from all sides. It was an extreme frost that not only chilled one's flesh, but also the Primordial Spirit. Especially the Primordial Spirit - it felt like it had been completely shut down. This was an alarming reaction. Wu Yu felt that its effect was to sever the connection between Primordial Spirit and body, isolating the two.

Such a spirit design was not just effective on Wu Yu. Even against experts at the Dao Querying Realm, it would have locked them down completely. Wu Yu was currently facing the brunt of this power, and he could clearly feel how fearsome this spirit design was.

Any ordinary person would have been a sitting duck here. And they were not going to just let this duck sit around.

After severing the Primordial Spirit from the physical body, it was sometimes difficult to command one's physical body. However, Wu Yu had been prepared. As soon as he sensed danger, he summoned the Somersault Cloud into his own body. Therefore, although the spirit design could cripple a majority of Wu Yu's mobility, it could not fully lock down Wu Yu's mystique. He had confidence that he could escape this spirit design and leave.

That was enough.

However, Wu Yu was still astonished that such a high-level spirit design would be employed against him. "This spirit design, even for their level, would take a few months to set up. Did they stop killing demons for these few months, all to create this trap for me?"

That seemed rather implausible.

In that case, Wu Yu guessed that they had used something else.

Seeing that Wu Yu was successfully trapped in the Dark North Soul Lock Spirit Design, a person appeared above the heads of each of the Eight Dark Immortals. They had emerged from within the bodies of the Eight Dark Immortals, and Wu Yu had seen them all before many times. Their leader was Prince You Yan. 

By right, this person was Wu Yu's better, but he had treated Wu Yu cruelly, and had now even set this trap against him. Wu Yu did not feel a single iota of gratitude towards him.

Seeing that their plan had worked, all eight smiled.

"Is this huge pomp and fuss meant to be an invitation for me to join your squad?" Wu Yu was completely calm, even mocking them. His ability to speak was testament that this spirit design had not fully locked down his Primordial Spirit. However, his body could not move, let alone employ dao techniques and mystiques. Luckily, the Somersault Cloud had already been used, and Wu Yu was simply lingering to hear what they had planned.

"Your time to die has arrived. Stop being such a hard mouth." Duan Yi laughed coldly.

"Die? Impossible. This is the Dark North Battle for Supremacy, and there are 800,000 people watching. You wouldn't kill someone outright, would you?" Wu Yu asked, puzzled.

"This is the Dark North Kingdom. Against you, nothing is impossible," Prince You Yan retorted.

"Why? Can we not have a fair fight?" Wu Yu said.

They all roared with laughter.

"The more Dead Souls Nets you obtain, the more you humiliate the Dark North Kingdom. If you enter the top 10, the face of our entire Dark North Kingdom will be thrown away. Do you think that we won't kill you? Whether you live or die depends on whether you have enough control to ignite your Darkness Breaching Talisman."

If he lit the Darkness Breaching Talisman now, they might not have the chance to kill Wu Yu.

"So that's how it is." To them, Wu Yu seemed unafraid in the face of death, and would probably not cry until he was in the coffin.

"Duan Yi, I'll give you the opportunity to kill him," Prince You Yan said.

So he had given the chance to Duan Yi.

Firstly, he knew that Duan Yi wanted to kill Wu Yu the most.

Secondly, Duan Yi was the newest person in his group, and killing was a necessary part of proving his loyalty.

Thirdly, it was a sticky situation to kill someone here. He, Prince You Yan, wanted to enter the top 10. If he were disqualified, then he would have to give up his chance. Duan Yi had no hope of reaching the top 10, so it would not be a problem for him to be disqualified. After he left, Prince You Yan could still protect him.

His provincial lord father would be all too ecstatic to earn the favor of Prince You Yan.

"I thank the Prince!" Duan Yi was moved. He curtsied to the Prince You Yan and then quickly made his way over to Wu Yu, appearing before him. A long, black spear had already appeared in his hand - his advanced dao treasure.

"Both you and I have advanced dao treasures. Today, I will use mine to send you to the next world - a fitting end for you. Princess You Xue is mine. Trying to snatch her from me was the biggest error of your life. Enjoy your last few moments. Wu Yu, see you in the next life."

This was a rare opportunity, and he naturally wanted to decide this battle quickly. To him, even the slightest hesitation would be unforgivable.

"Sorry to disappoint you. Your spirit design might be very valuable, but it's far from being able to kill me. Sorry to have wasted your treasure." Wu Yu had basically confirmed their reason and motivations through prolonging the exchange. He would definitely be more careful in the future.

That they would even expend such a spirit design on him showed him the strength of their resolve.

At this time, Duan Yi sent his long, black spear lancing punishingly towards Wu Yu's brow. He would have no more sleepless nights over him.

But all he faced was Wu Yu's grinning face. At the last moment, he used his Primordial Spirit's last vestige of control over his body to flip. To Prince You Yan's fury, Duan Yi's spear connected with nothing but air!

Wu Yu had escaped again.

It was as Wu Yu had said. Their Dark North Soul Lock Spirit Design had been wasted. To Prince You Yan, preparing the Dark North Soul Lock Spirit Design could have been equivalent to taking down a Dao Querying martial cultivator.

That was the level it was on.

All eight looked at each other.

"Prince, forgive me. I was inept." Duan Yi hurriedly knelt in fear, his face pale. At the same time, his eyes welled with fury. Again, he was foiled by Wu Yu.

Prince You Yan knew that this had nothing much to do with Duan Yi. He had underestimated Wu Yu.

"It was I who made the mistake this time." Prince You Yan's expression was hateful as he looked at the spot where Wu Yu had vanished. His killing intent flooded him again. What to do? The others were already dismayed. Even after bringing out such a valuable spirit design, they had not been able to capture Wu Yu. There was no other way.

Duan Yi thought about it. "I think it might be very difficult to force him out of the Dark North Battle for Supremacy now. He is too slippery, and has a myriad of ways to flee. But I have an idea that will make it difficult for him to continue accruing Dead Souls Nets at such speed."

"Go on."

"Isn't he using the clones to lure demons? Then we will just spread the word of this, and let all the demons know that this is a trap. Then there will be no more demons to take his bait."

If they spoke loudly, their voices would travel far, so making this announcement would not be difficult.

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