Chapter 0763: Dark North Soul Lock Spirit Design

To Wu Yu, the other party might have received something similar, but this was not fate. If they were really tied by fate, then they would definitely meet again. Compared to fate, he believed that time would reveal a person's true colours. 

He did not sense that the Full Moon of Nanshan was trustworthy. At least he could not immediately open up to him. As for becoming his follower, that was even less possible.

Wu Yu did not feel that he was weaker than the other party, especially now that he possessed the Heaven Devouring Avatar. With that, his identity would no longer only be the successor of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal.

He continued to scatter his doppelgangers to search for demons and quickly collect Dead Souls Nets. The Full Moon of Nanshan was just a short distraction.

There were only four months left.

This time, he dispersed even more doppelgangers. There were thousands of them covering the entire Ghost Sea Prison. They searched for traces of hidden demons. Wu Yu totally ignored the other martial cultivators and only reacted to demons. No matter who spoke to his doppelgangers, he was too lazy to deal with them as that would only be a waste of time.

In the next month, he exerted all his abilities. Demons weaker than the eighth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm could hardly escape his pursuit, and as for demons above the ninth tier, while they had many Dead Souls Nets on them, there was only a small number of them. Wu Yu was not bothered by this group of opponents.

In this one month, his rate of collection of Dead Souls Nets increased exponentially. While he did not know how the others had done, he had killed over 250 demons.

When many of his doppelgangers gathered together, they could also kill demons. The scene was spectacular because from the outside, Wu Yu's doppelgangers could be seen in many of the Shadowers. 

Until now, no matter how amazingly well the ninth or 10th tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivators performed, they were overshadowed by Wu Yu because his number of Dead Souls Net was close to the top 10.

Wu Yu did not know, but those outside were counting. The martial cultivator at 10th place had only collected 260 Dead Souls Net. Based on Wu Yu's speed, he would soon surpass him.

And the most important thing was that all who had entered the top 10 were 10th tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivators.

Moreover, they were either princes or descendants of powerful people. Each of them were top existences below 100 years of age in the Dark North Kingdom. Almost every one of them was the pride of the Dark North Kingdom. For instance, Prince You Yan - he was sixth in the number of Dead Souls Nets collected.

Actually, Wu Yu still wanted to thank him. It was because of him that he had entered the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm.

"Half of the time has passed - there are only three months left. I think when it ends, Wu Yu is likely to reach the top 10, or will even remain in top 10 throughout."

"With his current method and rate of killing, it's really possible. I really didn't expect this guy to have such a method!"

"The point is that this method seems to be cheating!"

"Although his battle power cannot be in the top 100, or even in the top 200, his luring and killing method is really effective."

"He took a shortcut. That's unfair to the others! He is also not from our Dark North Tribe. It's good enough to let him enter. Do they really want to give him our Dark North Kingdom's prizes? I think that we should make decisions based on the situation. If not, the whole Dark North Kingdom will not like it!"

"Indeed, if we let an outsider win a prize in our Dark North Battle for Supremacy, and news spreads, then our whole Dark North Tribe will be embarrassed. Not to mention that he is some barbarian from the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. Even other tribes in our Dark North Kingdom have never taken a prize!"

“How could something belonging to the Dark North Tribe be given as a prize to outsiders? Everyone, let's just wait and see. In the end, Prince You Shi will definitely disqualify Wu Yu. From the beginning, he was already displeased."

It seemed like at least half of these 800,000 people were talking about Wu Yu because they were too surprised by Wu Yu's performance.

"These people are too naive. This outsider has built too high a profile in our Dark North Battle for Supremacy. Now the rest of the participants are unhappy too. I see that more groups have gathered, and they are probably discussing how to force Wu Yu out first. There are only three months left in the Ghost Sea Prison. They will definitely not allow Wu Yu to remain," Yin Ding said confidently. 

"That is true. Wu Yu is now 11th in the ranking for Dead Souls Nets. Anyone in the top 10 will not want him to surpass them. He now threatens the interests of the strongest competitors and has angered all the participants. He will never get what that doesn't belong to him. Everyone, we just have to watch what happens in the remaining time. Anyway, my guess is that it will be hard for him to stay for another month." 

"Besides, too many people are waiting to beat him when he comes out."

"If he had not been so good at escaping, he would have been expelled long ago. Perhaps he would already be dead. How many Dao Querying Realm cultivators want him dead?"

Generally speaking, most of the Dark North Tribe still did not want to see an outsider shine in their most desired Dark North Battle for Supremacy. This would be a tight slap to their faces. The Shadowers showed a few scenes clearly.

"Everyone, look. Prince You Yan, Duan Yi, and many people have gathered. Maybe they are discussing a plan to get rid of Wu Yu." Yin Ding took a look and smiled.

It was indeed as he said.

Prince You Yan and Duan Yi, as well as other nobles who followed him, had gathered together. Their topic of discussion was how to get rid of Wu Yu.

Those who could be part of this discussion were at least at the ninth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. Duan Yi was only here because he had met Wu Yu before. If not, he would not even have a place to speak.

After all, he was here as the son of a provincial lord. This background was most useless here. Of the eight present, at least five were from the royal family.

"We cannot tolerate his arrogance anymore. The face of the whole Dark North Kingdom is being sullied by him. The elders watching outside have probably scolded us badly," one said.

"That is true. So what if Wu Yu is good at escaping? We have to come up with a solution. If this continues and he reaches the top 10 at the end, then we'll be the laughing stock of the entire Jambu Realm."

"There's so many of us around, yet we cannot deal with one Wu Yu, and we might even let him get the prize. I think that will be a stain for our entire lives."

Everyone was indignant.

Prince You Yan said, "Don't speak meaningless rabble. I gathered you here not for you to analyze whether or not to kill him, but to discuss how to kill him. I already have a way, but I need everyone's cooperation."

"Prince, please speak."

Prince You Yan said seriously, "He is using his doppelgangers to lure demons. We shall play along with his plan. We catch a demon to attack his doppelgangers. The weaker, the better so that we can attract his attention. He'll appear immediately, and at that moment, he will fall into a trap that we have arranged."

This method was simple but effective. The key was how to set it up.

Everyone looked at Prince You Yan and waited for him to tell them how to arrange the trap.

Prince You Yan said clearly, "Before I entered, I obtained a Dark North Soul Lock Talisman. With the efforts of the eight of us, we can set up the Dark North Soul Lock Spirit Design and lure Wu Yu into this spirit design. He is bound to be trapped." Hearing about this Dark North Soul Lock Talisman, the others all looked shocked. There was no doubt that this was a very precious talisman.

Someone felt that it was a pity and said it unwillingly, "Isn't it a bit too wasteful to use such an important thing on Wu Yu alone? I think it's overkill. Even if he is really good at escaping, I don't think we'll need to use this. This is one of the most precious treasures you have." 

"It is indeed a pity. Such an important thing may be useful in the future fight for the throne. To every prince, Wu Yu is very troublesome, so everyone will deal with him. The Dark North Soul Lock Talisman is something that could even handle a Dao Querying cultivator!"

It looked like everyone felt that this thing was too powerful and a waste to use on a minor character like Wu Yu.

However, Duan Yi said, "The use of talismans is forbidden in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy."

Prince You Yan responded, "It is forbidden to use talismans to attack demons and other people. I'm only using it to set up a spirit design. That's not forbidden. Even if it is forbidden, I will not be using it to defeat demons, nor against our own people. I'll just be dealing with a barbarian, so no one will say anything."

Actually, it was also forbidden to set up spirit designs to attack others. However, everyone knew that he was a prince and Wu Yu was an outsider. Therefore, even if he did that, nothing would really happen to him.

"That's enough, stop giving me nonsense. I'm using this Dark North Soul Lock Talisman. I'm just asking if you guys will be helping to collectively release the power of this talisman."

While everyone felt that this was a pity and a waste, since Prince You Yan had set his mind on it, they nodded and agreed.

"First, let's set up the Dark North Soul Lock Spirit Design. After that. you guys guard it and I'll capture a demon. Next, we'll just have to wait for Wu Yu's real body to take the bait and we can watch as he dies."


Duan Yi smiled too. He had waited for this day for a long time. He already felt that it was a pity that the Dark North Emperor Beast had failed to kill Wu Yu previously.

"He only has this road to death, the Dark North Soul Lock Spirit Design!"

Duan Yi was already looking forward to it.


This day, Wu Yu was still using his doppelgangers to lure demons into his trap.

As usual, there was a demon attacking his doppelganger, and this was a sixth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm demon.

"I've searched this place already, why are there still demons around?"

Wu Yu was puzzled.

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