Chapter 0762: Marshal Tian Peng

When he heard the words “immortal's legacy,” Wu Yu was quite shocked. For so many years, he had never told anyone about it.

When the boar demon spoke these two words, Wu Yu still thought that it was inconceivable.

But to prevent the other party from using the immortal's legacy to trick information from him, he asked, "What is an immortal's legacy? Are you joking, or are you crazy. If I had an immortal's legacy, wouldn't I have become immortal already and no longer be standing here?"

Hearing Wu Yu's words, the Full Moon of Nanshan smiled knowingly. He seemed to have guessed his reaction and said, "I knew you would be stubborn. How about I tell you a story?"

He paused only momentarily before starting his story.

"One year, I was just a happy little wild piglet. Every day, I'd roll in mud under the sun and flirt with little female piglets. My life was beautiful and free. I was not envious of lovebirds or immortals. However, one day, a harrow fell from the sky and stuck onto my head. I was about to die and almost did."

Here, he laughed and continued, "It was unexpected that this was the start of my fate. In that life and death moment, it seemed like I saw a dream, and in this dream I saw a farm tool, the harrow. This guy told me that he was called the Supreme Gold Harrow, also known as the Nine-Toothed Harrow. He was forged by Taishang Laojun using the Divine Iron and the strength of the Five Direction Emperors and the Twelve Gods of the Sexagenary Cycle. It was said that this Taishang Laojun was an incredible immortal in the sky palace!

"It also recited a poem to me, and this is how it went: This was forged from Divine Iron, Polished till bright and shiny. Laojun hammered personally, Mars added the charcoals personally. The Five Direction Emperors used their ingenuity, the Twelve Gods of the Sexagenary Cycle expended great efforts. To form the Nine-Toothed Jade Hook, and cast the Double Rings and Golden Leaves. Six stars and five planets on its body, split according to the four seasons and eight sections. The sky and earth are set by the rise and fall, the sun and moon are divided by the left and right Yin Yang. The Six Divinatory lines follow the rules of heaven, the eight trigrams and stars will follow the order. It is named the Supreme Gold Harrow, and it entered the Jade Emperor's Pill Tower!"

Hearing this, Wu Yu already felt that the Full Moon of Nanshan was telling the truth. Not to mention the way he had received the Supreme Gold Harrow, but also seeing a dream of this treasure. Both were similar to his encounter with the Ruyi Jingu Bang. Then there was the poem in the end with the energetic and domineering words. This was not something a boar could compose. Comparatively, Wu Yu believed in the authenticity of the poem.

But the Full Moon of Nanshan still wanted to continue his story. It was likely that this was the first time he was telling someone this story. Hence, he was very excited, as though he had found a confidant.

He waved his fan and the beauties on the fan shone attractively. With the passionate storytelling of the Full Moon of Nanshan, these beauties seemed to come alive and smiled at Wu Yu seductively.

"The Supreme Gold Harrow was really domineering and imposing. But to me, the most important thing was its master. I heard that he was the most handsome immortal in the sky palace and was in charge of 100,000 generals and soldiers in the Milky Way. That is 100,000 immortals. This shows how terrifying my immortal's legacy is. So I believe that one day, I will also be able to control 100,000 generals and soldiers."

At this point, he laughed as though he was having a great dream. 

Following his story, Wu Yu said, "You have not said what this immortal is called."  

The Full Moon of Nanshan did not hesitate and answered with gusto, "He is definitely a top immortal of his generation, he has two well known and reputational names. Some call him Marshal Tian Peng, though he is also well known as the Envoy of the Cleansed Altar! You can imagine him holding the Supreme Gold Harrow and leading 100,000 generals and soldiers. That is so majestic and aspiring!"

At the end, the Full Moon of Nanshan thought of his own future and almost drooled.


At this point, Wu Yu basically believed his story. The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal was comparable to Marshal Tian Peng, Victorious Fighting was comparable to the Envoy of the Cleansed Altar, and the Ruyi Jingu Bang was comparable to the Supreme Gold Harrow. This resemblance might be the reason why the Full Moon of Nanshan had said that they had received homological immortal's legacies.

"The interesting thing is that within the Supreme Gold Harrow, there is an old man who received the immortal's legacy three yuan ago. He's old and rude and supposedly was extremely famous after he received the immortal's legacy. Unfortunately, as soon as he reached the Dao Querying Cultivation Realm, he was slaughtered by a group of people. His spirit remnant hid within the Supreme Gold Harrow and survived. Now he is waiting for me to help him regain his body and be reborn! This guy gave himself a handsome nickname: Qingfeng Wuzui. It's really disgusting."

"You're called the Full Moon of Nanshan, that's no better," Wu Yu said.

"Thanks for the praise. While I'm more handsome, I'm no brainless ditz. While I can't say that I'm rich and talented, I still possess some literary talent," the Full Moon of Nanshan said with a wide smile.

To be honest, Wu Yu was indeed shocked. The other party reminded him of himself. Everything he had received was so similar to Wu Yu. The only difference was that Wu Yu had the Heaven Devouring Avatar, and the Heaven Devouring Avatar was a trump card Wu Yu had that was no weaker than the immortal's legacy.

It sounded like the Full Moon of Nanshan's legacy from Marshal Tian Peng was more powerful because this Marshal Tian Peng was a powerful being in the sky palace who controlled 100,000 immortals. This was probably equal to the Army General in the Dark Sea Army in the Dark North Kingdom. This was a top immortal. On the other hand, Wu Yu did not know what level the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal was in the ranks of immortals. Of course, Ming Long knew no more than him. She also did not know much about the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal.

At this moment, Ming Long was more shocked than Wu Yu.

"Damn me! There really is something similar to the Ruyi Jingu Bang. How is it that I've never heard of it? And there is an old monster from three yuan ago inside. That is much older than me, but he's a fool to have been killed just as he reached the Dao Querying Cultivation Realm. Old Mother here managed to hold on till I almost achieved immortality. In summary, I'm still stronger."

At such a time, her focus was actually on comparing herself with that old thing. 

Wu Yu was shocked that their tracks were so similar.

It took him a long time to react.

"After I saw you before, I observed you for a period of time. It is that old guy who told me that you received an immortal's legacy and are similar to me. I wanted to teach you a lesson, but upon thinking how both of us have suffered the same ordeal, I gave up. However, now I have another idea."

"What idea?" Wu Yu had already believed his words, so he was straightforward and admitted readily. He had received a similar immortal's legacy. 

The Full Moon of Nanshan stared at him and asked, "I've told you my personal details clearly. Shouldn't you tell me too? What's your situation?"

Wu Yu hesitated.

The two of them had just met. While he did not doubt the truth of what the other party had said, as the old adage said, you could know one's face, but not one's heart. He still could not trust this person.

"Don't worry, I will definitely not reveal anything that I know. I have no one here and am still a prisoner. I'm even more scared than you that my secrets will be leaked," the Full Moon of Nanshan said helplessly.

Wu Yu also did not want to owe others too much. Since the other party had shared so much with him, if he still refused to share, he would seem too stingy. Hence, he said, "There's not much difference to the process. My weapon is called the Ruyi Jingu Bang. Its name is the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, also called the Victorious Fighting Buddha. As for what position, I don't know."

"Tch, that name is too lame. It is not as domineering as my Marshal Tian Peng. He's probably too embarrassed to tell you his position in the Sky Palace. Perhaps he is just a tiny soldier or small general under Marshal Tian Peng," the Full Moon of Nanshan said with pride.

This guy was really shameless.

Of course, Wu Yu was not bothered by such a useless comparison. Just from the mystiques, the 72 Transformations, the Body of Vajra, and the Great Way of Immortality Art, the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal was definitely not some weak immortal.

"What other thoughts did you have?" Wu Yu asked.

"I was thinking that it's so difficult to meet someone similar to me. At least our encounters were similar. This must be fate, and it's rare for such occurrences to happen even in thousands of years. So, I don't want to disappoint such fate and want to ask if you'd be interested in becoming my dao companion." The Full Moon of Nanshan laughed like a pervert.

To be honest, he was really beautiful, and it would not be a brag to call him the most handsome in the world. However, every time he laughed, it really felt indecent.

And what did he just say? Dao companion!?

Ming Long burst into laughter upon hearing this.

Wu Yu was furious. This boar, and a male one, wanted to become his dao companion?

He answered directly, "Why don't you die?"

"Aiya, it's a slip of the tongue, I'm sorry. I've said it too many times before and it's become a habit." The Full Moon of Nanshan laughed sheepishly. Then his expression turned serious and he asked in a domineering manner, "Your Great Sage, Heaven's Equal is definitely the follower of my Marshal Tian Peng. On account of fate, you can follow me and be my follower. Call me your boss, and in the future, I'll shield you and let you walk freely. How's that?"

After saying this, he looked at Wu Yu expectantly.

This time, he was probably serious. He could hear that this was the true intention of his contact. After saying so much, he wanted Wu Yu to work for him.

"To be honest, even though I, the Full Moon of Nanshan, am a demon, I've never done anything wrong to my own people. If you follow me, I'll also definitely shield you the best I can. Whatever benefits I get, I'll share with you. Other than beauties, I can share everything else," the Full Moon of Nanshan said as he looked at Wu Yu, full of expectation.

However, Wu Yu had nothing to hesitate about regarding this question. He waved and looked at the other party. He said bluntly, "Don't joke. It makes more sense if you become my follower instead. I might not even accept you. After all, you are just a prisoner now. Wait till you get out of the Ghost Sea Prison, then I'll give you a chance to follow me." He did not want to get involved with the other party.

After saying this, he left in a flash.

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