Chapter 0761: Homological Immortal's Legacy

He was not only daring, but perverted. Wu Yu did not know Lan Yu's identity, but he knew that her parents would not be someone less powerful than Duan Yi.

He had defeated Lan Yu, and that was still within the rules, but the Full Moon of Nanshan's actions had surpassed Wu Yu's imaginations.

"This guy is a true pervert!" Wu Yu could not resist scolding him in his heart.

The Darkness Breaching Talisman was sent out, and the elder patrolling would soon arrive. The Full Moon of Nanshan shrugged and said to Wu Yu, "I did not defeat her. This Darkness Breaching Talisman will not add to my count, so I think I'll go." After saying this, he immediately ran away. Behind him, Lan Yu kept screaming and cursing. 

"No matter what demon you are, you're dead!" This concerned her innocence. There were over 800,000 people watching her outside. Now she would definitely become the joke of the entire Dark North Kingdom. 

She had actually been violated by a demon in the Ghost Sea Prison. This was a great humiliation.

This was also out of Wu Yu's expectations. After he used a large amount of golden sand to retrieve Lan Yu's Sumeru Pouch, he took out the Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills and returned the rest to Lan Yu. He withdrew the Infinite Eternal Sand Reincarnation design and left with the Heaven Devouring Avatar.

"Wu Yu, I will return today's humiliation tenfold in the future. I'll wait for you outside the Ghost Sea Prison!" As Wu Yu left, Lan Yu's angry, piercing screams continued to echo behind him.

Wu Yu was very calm; he was not scared by Lan Yu’s words.

There were many Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills on Lan Yu. He had earned a lot. He could use these Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pill for some time. He decided to focus on killing demons now.

As he expected, there was a great argument outside now. This time, it was not because of him, but because of what the Full Moon of Nanshan had done. To the Dark North Tribe, this was unbearable. This was especially true for the City Lord of Ice and Fire. If he had been half dead with anger just now, he would have fainted. He thought that he would let his daughter perform well in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy so that he could gain honor. Now his dream was completely destroyed. Even his face was stomped into the ground. In future, it would be difficult for Lan Yu to meet others.

Everyone was talking about this. Under the attention of many people, the City Lord of Ice and Fire asked Prince You Shi, "Prince, I want the life of this demon. Please hand this demon to me!

"This is a great humiliation and I have to make this demon regret being born." It was already not easy for the City Lord of Ice and Fire to complete his sentence.

Prince You Shi was still calm and said, "It is no problem handing him to you, but you have to wait until the Dark North Battle for Supremacy is over. According to ancient rules, there have been no prior instances of taking out demons who have a chance."

"Sure, I shall wait." As long as he could have him, there was no problem. After the Dark North Battle for Supremacy, he would have plenty of time to torture the Full Moon of Nanshan.

Prince You Shi thought for a moment and said again, "However, there may be an exception. If this the Full Moon of Nanshan accumulates 30 Darkness Breaching Talismans, then, according to our previous agreement, we'll have to release him. This is the iron clad rule of the Dark North Battle for Supremacy. We have abided by this since ancient times and there was never an exception. It is also because of that that the Dark North Battle for Supremacy can proceed grandly and smoothly. The demons are also trying their best. So if he succeeds, then I'll let him go. Of course, his chances of succeeding are not high".

Upon hearing this, the City Lord of Ice and Fire became anxious again. Actually, others were feeling the heat for him too. After all, this was too humiliating. Even they could not swallow such humiliation. While the Full Moon of Nanshan’s chances were slim, what if he actually succeeded?

Would he really be able to go free? If that were the case, then the City Lord of Ice and Fire would be very embarrassed. This was intolerable for him. 

So what if this was what You Shi had said? The City Lord of Ice and Fire wanted to throw a tantrum, but at this moment, the Master of Justice pulled him aside and quickly said, "Don't be rash. The Prince meant that he would follow the rules. He is only responsible for letting the Full Moon of Nanshan go. However, this does not mean that he will protect him after releasing him. At that time, where else can the Full Moon of Nanshan escape to? This is the Dark North Kingdom. It is only a matter of time he becomes the prey in your hands."

Now the City Lord of Ice and Fire understood. After all, this was under the watch of the general public. You Shi had to follow the rules. However, privately speaking, everything could be arranged.

It was only now that the City Lord of Ice and Fire returned to his own seat. Lan Yu would soon be sent out, but she would probably not stay to watch. She would probably return to the Eastern City of Ice and Fire immediately. The City Lord of Ice and Fire had already arranged for people to take her back.

At this moment, the others demonstrated great performance in killing demons. It was only then that people's attention turned to other things.

And Wu Yu brought his doppelgangers deep into the sea. He was submerged in darkness.

Today, Wu Yu was pleasantly surprised by the first battle of the Heaven Devouring Avatar. The Heaven Devouring Avatar had limitless potential. Wu Yu could only uncover a little of the true power of the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast, but it was enough.

The most terrifying ability of the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast was the power of devouring. The Heaven Devouring Avatar had already proved the utility and magicalness of this ability. He has used it for less than one month to reach the same level of Wu Yu's real body. If Wu Yu could control it, he could become even stronger. For instance, he could break through to the ninth or 10th tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. This was probably enough to be on par with any of these 1,000 martial cultivators here. However, just to be safe, Wu Yu did not do that yet.

Wu Yu had already retrieved all his other Unshackled Doppelgangers. He now had the equivalent of two pairs of eyes. His real body and the Heaven Devouring Avatar stood opposite each other. His real body saw a version of him that had blood red eyes and white hair, whereas the Heaven Devouring Avatar saw a black-haired, black-eyed, majestic, and domineering version of himself.

It was strange. Both of them were him, but they seemed like two different people. Their auras were totally different. Both his real body and the Heaven Devouring Avatar would definitely become his greatest resources in future, especially the Heaven Devouring Avatar. As long as his real body was strong enough, the Heaven Devouring Avatar’s strength could increase limitlessly. It could even reach the level of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, who could fight immortals. Actually, that was not difficult. The most difficult period for the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast was the time when he was just born and was at his weakest.

"You've followed me here, show yourself now."

The Full Moon of Nanshan was highly skilled in hiding. It was this skill that had helped him survive until now in the Ghost Sea Prison.

But this time, while Wu Yu was sure that he was nearby, he actually did not know the specific location. If he really wanted to know, he would need to use the World of the Golden Eye.

Wu Yu was sure he was nearby based on speculation. He could see that the Full Moon of Nanshan appeared and disappeared so quickly. He had to have some goal, and from the change in his attitude towards him, this goal probably had something to do with him. Hence, when he left, the Full Moon of Nanshan would definitely follow him.

"I was discovered again, that's incredible." As expected, after Wu Yu said that, the Full Moon of Nanshan appeared immediately before him, and he was just 10 zhang in front of him. The other party took out a folded fan out of nowhere and acted elegantly. He did not bother with the seawater surrounding them. When that folded fan opened, he revealed the two sides, and over 10 different beauties were drawn on them. Each drawing was lifelike. They all looked passionate and seductive. The key was none of them were wearing anything.

This showed that the Full Moon of Nanshan was quite the perverted playboy. However, to Wu Yu, he was just a wild boar. It was just that he was more coquettish.

Seeing that he appeared as expected, Wu Yu was straightforward and asked, "You tailed me. What do you want? Just spit it out." 

"Don't be so anxious. Monkeys are really short-tempered. What's the rush? If there's something to be said, we should discuss it slowly. You cannot enjoy beauty if you're in a hurry." The Full Moon of Nanshan smiled gently.

He had just taken advantage of a beauty, and he had enjoyed her beauty.

Recalling his daring move, Wu Yu knew that this boar was not simple. He was not an idiot. If he dared to do that, he definitely had a way of staying alive.

"Okay, then let me hear what you have to say." Wu Yu was not in a hurry and waited for him to speak.

"There is indeed a reason why I'm looking for you. For a while now, I've followed you and looked at your moves and mystiques. It was really eye-opening. It is as though I've found a confidant. It gives me a sense of closeness. An old immortal told me that our legacies may be homological."

There was an old immortal?

The legacies they had received were homological?

He had secretly followed him and monitored him?

The other party was difficult to detect. His ability in hiding was exceptional. Wu Yu was not sure if he could detect him every time he tailed him.

If that was the case, then he had probably already discovered many of his secrets.

"What do you mean by homological? Who is the old immortal? If you're going to say something, explain clearly." Wu Yu still did not know if this guy was a friend or foe. Hence, he was still very cautious. After all, this was a demon, and when he saw through his true form before, the other party was angered.

He did not expect him to be so straightforward and directly say, "Homological means that I've received an immortal's legacy and I'm guessing that you received one too."

When he said this, his lips curled into a slight smile. He looked suspicious.

After so many years, he was the first to know that Wu Yu had received an immortal's legacy. Wu Yu had not even told Luo Pin.

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