Chapter 0760: Golden Millstone

After her first mystique was shattered by Wu Yu, Lan Yu's expression was still cold, but she attacked even more fiercely.

"God Slaying City of Ice and Fire!" Now she clasped her hands together, moving her 10 fingers quickly. She used her vast Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy and a few dao treasures to form a great city made of flames!

That was the City of Blue Flames. It expanded rapidly and occupied an entire sea region in the blink of an eye. The entire architecture of the City of Blue Flames was practically a copy of the Eastern City of Ice and Fire. This city looked to be covered in flames but was actually extremely cold. You could say that this was an icy-cold hell!

This mystique was more mysterious than Lan Yu's previous Glacial Netherflame Emperor's Domain and no doubt much more powerful!



Lan Yu let out a shrill laugh. From her cruel eyes, it was obvious that she wanted to kill Wu Yu using this mystique. She knew that many people hated Wu Yu, and if she killed him, she would not be punished. 

In her hands, huge changes occurred in the City of Blue Flames. Using both her hands to knead, this city that she had worked hard to form became like dough. Under her speedy kneading, the City of Blue Flames quickly turned into a Spear of Flames. The blue Spear of Flames was unbelievably huge and thick. Lan Yu stretched out an arm and lifted the end of the Spear of Flames. The sharpest part of the Spear of Flames was aimed at Wu Yu!

It was clear that the same architecture remained on that long spear. It was just that this city now looked different due to the kneading. This long spear was the City of Blue Flames!

This was the God Slaying City of Ice and Fire mystique!

Wu Yu had indeed experienced the strength of an eighth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Cultivator!

However, this only made him more excited, crazier, and encouraged him to pour even more passion into this battle. It had aroused all the passion in him!

"Infinite Eternal Sand Reincarnation Design!"

This was the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff's strongest Offensive Spirit Design. Wu Yu wanted to see how much stronger this spirit design was compared to the previous 10,000 Dragons Total Annihilation Design!

This time, the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff changed in a way that even Wu Yu thought was unbelievable!

When his spirit design was activated, the advanced dao treasure in his hand actually shattered from its hardest form and crumbled into millions of particles of golden sand!

These millions of grains of sand moved before Wu Yu's eyes. Each grain seemed to be alive! This should be the Infinite Eternal Sand!

Those golden grains of sand transformed into a huge Golden Millstone under Wu Yu's control!

On the Golden Millstone, all the sand churned crazily. It changed position at high speed and caused the Golden Millstone to turn at a horrifying speed. It tore apart the air and seawater, letting out an ear-piercing wail!

This was like a shield and also like a meat grinder! The golden grains of sand formed a sharp blade!

When the Golden Millstone appeared, Lan Yu was waving her Spear of Flames and piercing towards Wu Yu!

The large, icy cold Spear of Flames instantly pierced the Golden flaming Millstone!

Ding, ding, ding, ding!

In an instant, there were piercing sounds of weapons clashing in the Ghost Sea Prison! 

One could see the Spear of Flames embedded in the Golden Millstone!

However, the Golden Millstone was scarier than the Spear of Flames. No matter how large and icy cold the Spear of Flames was, when it clashed crazily with the Golden Millstone, the golden sand simply tore into it. Lan Yu watched in disbelief as her Spear of Flames became shorter and shorter. It had no chance and was simply being grinded into oblivion. When she wanted to withdraw her Spear of Flames, the Golden Millstone clamped onto the Spear of Flames and destroyed it entirely!

You could say that the destructive power of the Infinite Eternal Sand Reincarnation Design had totally exceeded Wu Yu’s imagination. This spirit design truly expressed the value of this advanced dao treasure, the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff!

Lan Yu was originally highly confident in her mystique, but it had been annihilated by the Infinite Eternal Sand Reincarnation Design!

However, this was not the end yet because the Infinite Eternal Sand Reincarnation Design was not only a defensive spirit design. Its greatest ability was that it could both defend and attack! The Golden Millstone formed from sharp sand instantly exploded and scattered after it destroyed the Spear of Flames within such a short time. The sand rolled towards Lan Yu, and a series of loud explosions followed.

Lan Yu was still in shock over the defeat of her mystique, and in her carelessness, those millions of golden grains of sand surrounded her. They transformed into a huge Golden Millstone again, and at this moment, Lan Yu was in the middle of it. Previously, a portion of the sharp, golden sand had rushed outwards, but now every grain was rushing inwards. Countless golden grains burrowed towards the center of the Golden Millstone. It was going to tear Lan Yu's blood and flesh apart, layer by layer. It wanted her blood, flesh, bones, and tendons to all shatter.

Wu Yu believed that the Infinite Eternal Sand Reincarnation Design had the power to do so.

Lan Yu was totally suppressed by the spirit design of the advanced dao treasure. The heavy pressure of the Golden Millstone was being exerted on her, and she could totally sense death approaching. Under the pressure of the sand, she could not move at all. 

There was no talk about retaliating, or even escaping. If not for Wu Yu not having the intention to kill her at all, she would probably have been shredded into pieces already.

However, the heavy pressure of the Golden Millstone hit her repeatedly and caused her to be injured.

Wu Yu appeared before her and said coldly, "Use your Darkness Breaching Talisman and get out. Otherwise, even if I don't kill you, I can make you remain like this." 

He was already polite because the other party's attack was meant to kill him. The other party's murderous intent was obvious.

"You!" With the repeated bashing of the Infinite Eternal Sand Reincarnation Design, Lan Yu's organs and bones were close to shattering. Her face was deathly pale and she was heavily injured.

She knew she had been defeated. Previously, those youths who were cheering her had all fled or were injured. Some had even begged Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar for mercy. While the Heaven Devouring Avatar had no specific moves, he still beat them until they cowered and ran like mice.

While they outnumbered Wu Yu by so much, they had been defeated by him badly.

"You want to force me out of the Ghost Sea Prison?!" Lan Yu could not believe her terrible defeat.

"What do you think?" Wu Yu was expressionless.

Humiliation and indignation coursed through Lan Yu's heart.

Of course, they also coursed through the heart of the City Lord of Ice and Fire.

At this moment, he was on the verge of crushing the armrest of his seat. The City Lord of Ice and Fire was staring with his eyes wide open and his veins popping. He was breathing heavily in anger. The instant Lan Yu was defeated, he suddenly stood up and wanted to rush downwards. The entrance to the Ghost Sea Prison was below the Shadowers, but, of course, it could only be opened by You Shi.

"Stop there!" Suddenly, a stern voice stopped him. He turned back, and that person was looking at him coldly from high above. The City Lord of Ice and Fire only then recalled that this was the Dark North Battle for Supremacy. Under no circumstances could he interfere, much less enter a place like the Ghost Sea Prison. After all, even You Shi could not enter. This was an ancient rule.

It was just that he could not control his anger in the moment he witnessed his daughter being suppressed and injured.

"This is ridiculous!" The City Lord of Ice and Fire cursed and returned to his seat even though he still wanted to destroy his own seat.

"Wait till he gets out!" The City Lord of Ice and Fire could only say that.

"Calm down." The Master of Justice beside him could understand his feelings because his own son, Gong Shenjun, had also just been bullied by Wu Yu.

The two of them held important positions in the Dark North Kingdom. One of them guarded the Dark North Capital and the other was the lord of the Eastern City of Ice and Fire. It was unexpected for both of them to be angered by this person that they thought to be a barbarian from the Dong Sheng Divine Continent.

The City Lord of Ice and Fire was still angry when he heard someone say, "Someone else is coming!" He quickly looked and realized that there was indeed another person between Wu Yu and Lan Yu.

This person's sudden appearance was unexpected for Wu Yu too. He did not expect to meet him again.

He was the Full Moon of Nanshan. If he did not use his Eyes of Fire and Gold, this guy's human form would be quite handsome and charming.

At least he appeared to be learned and refined. He seemed upright and looked impressive and elegant.

When he saw Wu Yu again, he did not chase and try to kill Wu Yu like before. Instead, he was smiling radiantly. He stood beside Lan Yu, and no one knew what he was planning to do.

When the Full Moon of Nanshan appeared, he completely ignored Wu Yu's Infinite Eternal Sand Reincarnation Design. He stood beside Lan Yu and said with his voice full of pity, "Aiya, you silly bum. Don't you know how to treat girls properly? How could you do this to such a great beauty? This is such a waste!" 

Lan Yu clearly knew that this was a demon, and to her, all the demons in the Ghost Sea Prison were prey. They were all enemies from the Dead Souls Sea Region. Even though the other party was smiling at her, even though the other party was handsome, she felt only disgust.

Lan Yu glared at him and screamed angrily, “Get away from me, and go as far away as possible!” 

"Aiyo, this little beauty's so fiesty. Don't be so angry, calm down." The Full Moon of Nanshan smiled gently. After he spoke, he suddenly reached out and petted Lan Yu's tall bosoms. He massaged them into various shapes. This was a perverted act, but his expression remained righteous. It was as though he really wanted Lan Yu to calm down.

At this moment, Wu Yu could only hear Lan Yu's piercing screams, then her Darkness Breaching Talisman appeared. With simultaneous hits on her body and mind, she chose to leave.

Wu Yu did not expect the Full Moon of Nanshan to be so daring.

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