Chapter 0759: Glacial Netherflame Emperor's Domain

The number of participants remaining in the Ghost Sea Prison was roughly 800. The demons in this place were still rather powerful. At this point, several demons had gathered sufficient Darkness Breaching Talismans for them to return to the Dead Souls Sea Region. 

Having his doppelgangers distributed, encountering familiar faces were common occurrences. For example, Wu Yu bumped into Princess You Xue frequently. 

The daughter of the City Lord of the City of Ice and Fire wore a vibrant blue long dress and glowed with pride. Even though she was surrounded by dark seawater, she was still gorgeous and enchanting. Each action and smile could charm everyone around her. 

In Eastern City of Ice and Fire, she was almost certainly the dream lover of all young male martial cultivators. If anyone could become her dao companion, he would achieve instant success on top of having a beautiful girl. 

Therefore, Lan Yu had rejected several young men. Those that could accompany her along the way were largely offsprings of the nobles. At the very least, he would be the son of a provincial lord. 

Without any background and strength, standing beside Lan Yu would definitely make them feel inferior and ashamed. 

When Wu Yu's doppelganger saw her, she was surrounded by a cluster of young men. She was chuckling and giggling over the humor of these young martial cultivators. 

However, when she saw Wu Yu, her expression chilled rapidly and turned rigid. 

"It's that mutt again! That's probably just his doppelganger. Sister Lan, don't be angry. I'll go finish him off right away!" A young man reacted the quickest. Just as he completed his sentence, he charged ahead, executed a dao technique, and ripped Wu Yu's doppelganger apart. 

"I heard that this guy has snatched Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills from many people. He's really lawless and has no respect for anyone. If his real body appears here, we will definitely give him more than he bargained for!" the young man said with confidence after finishing Wu Yu's doppelganger. 

"Let's not talk about that guy. I'll puke just from seeing his face. I wonder why Army General You Shang would let this Yan Huang Tribe lout participate in our Dark North Battle for Supremacy!" Lan Yu said with a frown. 

"Moreover, I heard that he isn't really from the Yan Huang Tribe. He is just a barbarian that came from Dong Sheng Divine Continent." 

While everyone was happily conversing, to their astonishment, a figure appeared before their eyes and blocked off their path. 

Wu Yu had really arrived here. 

"Another one? Now die!" said that good-looking young man who had just finished off one of Wu Yu's doppelgangers. 

He charged forward once again and executed his dao technique to destroy this doppelganger. 

"Scram!" When the other party charged ahead, Wu Yu pulled out the 10,000 Dragons Staff, swung it casually, and extended it to over 10 zhang. The staff landed on the young man's chest, and the immense force instantly pushed the young man away. He disappeared from the vision of the crowd, and what remained was just his blood-curdling scream. 

Without a doubt, they knew that Wu Yu’s main body had appeared. 

Seeing Wu Yu attacking their group, the expressions on this group of people changed drastically. They were infuriated. It was especially so for Lan Yu, who was the leader, and the others took instructions from her. But Wu Yu didn't show her any face at all. 

All of a sudden, the crowd started cursing. However, no one dared to take a step forward at the thought of the outcome of that young man. 

Although he didn't require Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills at the moment, he happened to bump into Lan Yu at this point. Storing some extra ones was never a bad idea. 

He lifted his 10,000 Dragons Staff to point at Lan Yu. With a calm and emotional tone, he emphasized each word. "There hasn't been an outcome for our previous clash yet!" 

"That's because you are a coward and you ran away." Lan Yu scoffed. Seeing the cowards around her lacking the guts to make a move, she could only do so personally. 

"Sister Lan, finish him off! Don't let him be so arrogant!" a young man shouted. 

"Scram!" Lan Yu yelled at them angrily before stepping up to face Wu Yu. 

"Your daughter has met up with Wu Yu again!" The Master of Justice happened to take a look at Wu Yu's Shadower and saw Lan Yu in it. 

The City Lord of Ice and Fire had noticed even earlier. He only felt like scoffing upon seeing how Wu Yu taunted his daughter. Clearly, Wu Yu must have seen her as a target. 

"It's clear they are going to fight. How confident do you think Lan Yu is?" asked the Master of Justice. 

"Since she was young, she has rarely been defeated, especially against those at her age," said the City Lord of Ice and Fire confidently. 

Their conversation had also drawn the attention of many people. They instantly turned their attention to Wu Yu, who had been on a meteoric rise with his shocking performances. 

"I simply let you get away last time. It's time to return the favor." After finishing her sentence, Lan Yu demonstrated her vast Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. Several dao treasures appeared around her. Although they weren't advanced dao treasures, they were all top-class with powers that were exceptionally close to advanced dao treasures. 

The truth was, Wu Yu had his eyes on her because she was way above the eighth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. After Wu Yu reached the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, he wanted to challenge those at this level. For him, this battle would be key to verifying his achievements and improvements. It was especially important for him to practice with the offensive spirit designs of the 10,000 Dragons Staff! 

He wouldn't mind mercilessly defeating a clueless lass either. 

When Lan Yu struck, those young martial cultivators behind her wouldn't dare to interfere. Instead, they were cursing and screaming at Wu Yu. What they didn't notice was that the Wu Yu with white hair and red eyes had appeared behind them and was silently creeping up on them. 

Wu Yu thought about this. His second body would be exposed before the eyes of others after all. Since no one knew about the background of this body, Wu Yu just had to avoid letting them see the devouring process. 

Even if others had seen the body, they would never connect it to the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. At this moment, Wu Yu had transformed into the golden ape. After which, he used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth and became a giant in the blink of an eye. The tall and slender Lan Yu was no taller than Wu Yu’s forearm. 

Wu Yu looked down from above. His entire body was thick and strong, and his expression was savage and brutal. When facing off against Lan Yu, it was just like a beauty versus the beast. 

Behind the group of young men, the Heaven Devouring Avatar with white hair and red eyes appeared creepy, darker, and more bloodthirsty. 

Wu Yu and Lan Yu locked eyes coldly. At the same instant, they suddenly struck and started launching different techniques! 

He could see Lan Yu surrounded by blue flames. Although she was completely immersed in the blue flames, the flames were chilling. The endless seawater around the flames froze into ice rapidly. 

"Glacial Netherflame Emperor's Domain!" With raging anger, Lan Yu struck with the mystique she specialized in! When she executed the mystique, the blue flames on her swept forward rapidly, engulfing the range of the Shadower in a sea of blue flames. While the blue flames burned, they also brought bone-chilling cold waves. It wasn't much different from the extreme cold that the Dark North Emperor Beast could bring. 

The might of the Glacial Netherflame Emperor's Domain was incredible. At the very least, it wasn't any weaker than Wu Yu's World of the Golden Eye. Wu Yu could have used the World of the Golden Eye to clash with her. However, he didn't do so. This was because what he wanted to know the most today was the might and power of this advanced dao treasure! 

"10,000 Dragons Total Annihilation Design!" After this scream, all the spirit designs within the 10,000 Dragons Staff were complementing the 10,000 Dragons Total Annihilation Design. Under Wu Yu's Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, all the spirit designs started circulating crazily. Within the world of the 10,000 Dragons Staff, 10,000 dragons were pumped into the 10,000 Dragons Total Annihilation Design. After which, they were released explosively in Wu Yu's hands. 

At this moment, the 10,000 mystical dragon engravings on the 10,000 Dragons Staff started shimmering. One could almost hear the deafening dragon roars from 10,000 dragons. The surrounding seawater was initially frozen. With the dragon roars, it shattered instantly. 

At this moment, Wu Yu was surrounded by the shadows of 10,000 dragons. Below his feet, the 10,000 Dragons Total Annihilation Design was triggered. Power from between the heavens and earth was gathering into the 10,000 Dragons Staff as Wu Yu jumped. He ripped apart the Glacial Netherflame Emperor's Domain with a devastating swing of the staff. Instantly, a swarm of dragons charged ahead like thousands of war horses galloping forward, shattering the Glacial Netherflame Emperor's Domain completely. Lan Yu, who was within the region, was forced to retreat. If she wasn't protected by the dao treasures on her, she would likely be ripped into pieces by the 10,000 dragons! 

The clash was completely head-on. Wu Yu didn't flee from Lan Yu's control like the previous time. Instead, he faced her directly and completely destroyed the mystique that Lan Yu was so confident of! 

Obviously, this wouldn't be enough to defeat Lan Yu. After all, she had Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy befitting of an eighth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivator and also a lot stronger than Wu Yu's. 

Lan Yu might have been flushed by anger from being embarrassed. She lifted all her dao treasures, cursed with her eyes emitting blue flames, and instantly launched strong attacks with domineering, cold waves. 

Initially, there were people cheering her on. However, there were none now. This was because when the fight started, his Heaven Devouring Avatar had approached the group of young men from behind and launched incessant attacks to suppress them. 

The Heaven Devouring Avatar didn't have any attacking means at the moment. At this point, he definitely couldn't use mystiques. As for dao techniques, they didn't seem to be suitable. Wu Yu still needed a long time to familiarize with his new body. However, after devouring a large number of demons and absorbing the essence in their flesh and their Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, the insides of the Heaven Devouring Avatar were filled with boundless energy. This energy greatly exceeded Wu Yu's current Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. Moreover, the Heaven Devouring Avatar was almost indestructible. Therefore, he wouldn't have to be concerned about defense and could focus solely on attacking. 

When the Heaven Devouring Avatar charged into the group, Wu Yu's past experience in martials arts provided great aid. He was simply using his punches and kicks and yet he could make those young men cry out in pain, scampering around while dodging and leaving their Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills behind. 

"That's also a clone of Wu Yu's?" Outside, many people had seen this. Other than being shocked by Wu Yu suppressing Lan Yu after the first clash, they were astonished that Wu Yu had another doppelganger that was rather strong. 

"You are right. That should also be a clone. However, it's a little different from other clones." 

"Perhaps that's the most important one." The truth was, many other people had mystiques relating to creating doppelgangers. Creating three, five, or ten was more common. They were more impressed that Wu Yu's Unshackled Doppelganger could create several thousand doppelgangers. 

While they were in shock, Wu Yu and Lan Yu clashed again. Moreover, it was way more intense this time. 

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