Chapter 0758: Domineering Rise

"Wu Yu, you again?" Gong Shenjun and Yin Xuan said unanimously when they saw Wu Yu's clone.

They had hostile and frustrated expressions.

They likely knew that Wu Yu was using his clones to bait demons.

Besides, it was said to be very effective - at least the number of Dead Souls Nets that he had accumulated was far beyond their total. This made them jealous.

After Wu Yu's clone found them, the real body immediately sped over.

The real body was on the Somersault Cloud, and broke through the waves like the wind. Even though Wu Yu was lounging on it, the Somersault Cloud still bore him swiftly to them.

In a flash, Wu Yu appeared before them.

This speed revealed to Gong Shenjun and Yin Xuan that Wu Yu's real body had arrived.

They were a little intimidated now, but quickly recovered their composure. Gong Shenjun cleared his throat. "This is the Ghost Sea Prison, and there are 800,000 people watching outside. What are you trying to do?"

Although he was not happy about his loss to Wu Yu, when he recalled the manner in which he lost, he still had to treat this person with due respect.

As for Yin Xuan, he had long lost to Wu Yu, and his ability was considered the weakest in the entire Ghost Sea Prison. He was only here thanks to a leg up from Gong Shenjun.

"You were involved in the matter of Yin Ying as well. I haven't settled the score yet." Wu Yu gave a casual laugh, which unnerved them tremendously.

"Come. Ignore him." Gong Shenjun was not afraid of being shamed. He dragged Yin Xuan and prepared to leave.

Naturally, Wu Yu would not let him.

"You can indeed go, but you have to leave something behind." As he spoke, Wu Yu had already used the Immortal Ape transformation, blowing a bunch of hairs to create a few thousand clones.

All of the Immortal Apes screeched and chattered, staring at the pair with their burning eyes.

Only a small portion of the clones were in their sight. Many more were in darker places that they could not see. And this made them even more fearful.

This many Immortal Apes was a chilling scene.

"What are you trying to do? You dare to raise a hand against us? Tired of life? You think I, Gong Shenjun, can't finish you off?" Gong Shenjun yakked on and on, but his stammering belied his nervousness.

"Hehe." Wu Yu did not deign to reply. He wanted a decisive exchange, so that others would not see that he was stealing Sumeru Pouches. He moved.

For Wu Yu right now, defeating these two was all too easy. It was like taking candy from a baby.

These few thousand clones were not very strong yet, but he could use them to test the Blood Weeping World Technique and Holy Elephant Hell-shocking Technique.

However, just the Blood Weeping World Technique would be enough for these two.

The thousands of clones used the Blood Weeping World Technique at the same time, and it was an impressive sight. Wu Yu had to repress it slightly, or the two would die, and that would be a problem.

Therefore, he only had his clones use the technique, while his real body held back.

Even so, the thousands of Blood Weeping World Techniques created a sound that battered one's eardrums and Primordial Spirit. Both Gong Shenjun and Yin Xuan were pale and curled into balls, screaming and trembling.

Under the onslaught of the Blood Weeping World Technique, they were powerless to resist. They could only cry and beg for help.

Perhaps they still did not believe that Wu Yu would truly attack them, but now they were completely undone. Occasionally, when they peered up at Wu Yu, his merciless gaze made them tremble.

What they did not foresee was that Wu Yu would appear beside them and then take their Sumeru Pouches.


It was even more shocking and painful to see Wu Yu open their Sumeru Pouches right before their eyes.

"I'll be taking your Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills. Here's the rest back." Wu Yu returned their Sumeru Pouches to their side.

At this time, the Blood Weeping World Technique had also ended, as did their pain. Their minds were blank as they clutched their own Sumeru Pouches, looking fearfully at Wu Yu, too scared to say a word.

In quick order, Wu Yu retrieved all his clones and very quickly vanished from their sight. Only now did they realize how badly they had been humiliated. They hurled insults, curses, and threats after him, but Wu Yu could not hear them.

"Wu Yu, I swear to God, in half a year, when we leave this place, I will see you begging on your knees! I will return you the pain you have dealt to me tenfold!" Gong Shenjun cursed.

It didn't matter how badly they abused him, because Wu Yu was long gone.

And he could not possibly return their Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills to them.

"He dares to steal our Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills! Does he think the Dark North Kingdom is his home?! This is OUR territory. How can we be run over like that!?" Yin Xuan said with clenched fists.


It was not just them. Hundreds of thousands outside had noticed the situation here as well, and many jaws were on the floor. Wu Yu's conduct had far exceeded their expectations.

"This Wu Yu is really a bold one. Those two youngsters are the next generation of the Master of Justice and Minister Yin households. Wu Yu actually took their Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills!"

"Preposterous! Does this kid really think that the Yin Residence is feeble?!" Yin Ding was beside himself and seething with rage when he saw this. Wu Yu had caused the Yin Residence to lose face, and this was not the first time.

"After the Dark North Battle for Supremacy ends, it'll be time to deal with Wu Yu," Yin Ding decided.

Although there would often be clashes between the 1,000 participants, this outsider, Wu Yu, had robbed them of their Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills. This was quite a stir, and those from the Yin Residence and the Master of Justice's house were looking especially grim.

"It seems like this Wu Yu has grown significantly stronger after a period of cultivation. Will he continue to perform in spectacular fashion?" Qu Yin mused.


In the Ghost Sea Prison, Wu Yu gathered all his clones. Besides the Heaven Devouring Avatar, who was still moving separately, the rest had gathered before him. He had not gained many Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills, and after portioning them out to 10,000 clones, it was like pouring a cup of water on a burning cart of firewood.

"In order to strengthen all these clones, I still need huge amounts of Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills. The strength of the clones is also my strength, so I have to snatch even more pills." Wu Yu decided that he would kill all the demons and rob all the martial cultivators he came across.

After absorbing the Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills, the 10,000 clones were slightly stronger. And then he continued on his reckless plan. His subsequent performance took many by surprise.

In half a month, he had a bountiful harvest. Firstly, his Dead Souls Net count reached close to 100. Because the Heaven Devouring Avatar was now close to saturation, Wu Yu left the demon corpses alone.

But he also could feel that both Primordial Spirits were currently in a state of equilibrium. If the Primordial Spirit of the Heaven Devouring Avatar overtook the Primordial Spirit of the real body by too large a margin, he would feel an insatiable need to devour.

Within this time, he had also stolen a total of 18 Sumeru Pouches, and used all of them to fuel his clones. Currently, his clones had basically reached their saturation point, and he himself had also reached his strongest state.

What he could confirm was that he had power to match eighth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivators, and perhaps higher.

Of course, such brazen and despotic behavior drew everyone's attention, and many within the Ghost Sea Prison knew about what he was doing as well. Wu Yu actually dared to do such unruly things.

Many communicated via Message Talismans, vowing to exact a terrible price on Wu Yu if they saw him again. Wu Yu was basically like a rat crossing the street within the Ghost Sea Prison now. He would be beaten up on sight.

The funny thing was that no one could find Wu Yu's true body. Even if they could, they couldn't catch him. Therefore, verbal abuse was all they could throw his way. And as for Wu Yu's clones, that was even more useless. Wu Yu had plenty of them, and didn't mind them being killed.

He had chosen to engage in this highly disgraceful and detested behavior in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy. His reputation continued to rise, and the number of Dead Souls Nets and his ranking with it. With 10,000 clones, his efficiency grew more and more ridiculous by the day, and his rate of Dead Souls Nets farming not only did not diminish, but continued to grow.

In a flash, only four months remained in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy. Wu Yu had obtained 140 Dead Souls Nets.

This was already enough for him to enter the top 30. In this month, all 800,000 spectators outside had noticed Wu Yu, and his shockingly bold behavior.

The other 900-plus participants were furious with him. If not for the fact that they, too, were competing against each other, they would all band up to kill Wu Yu.

Wu Yu loved their expressions of fury as they hurled abuse and nothing else his way.

In terms of being high-profile, there was no one even close.

However, he also felt that it was time for him to truly go all-out, since there were only four months left. Since he had already come so far, why not shoot for the top 10, or even first place? The Dark North Royal Obelisk was close to a seraphic dao treasure. It was something that all 1,000 martial cultivators dreamed of. Before, he had not even dared to dream about the top 10, or first place. But now he dared.

It was not just because he had 10,000 clones, but also because he had a Heaven Devouring Avatar that was even stronger than his actual body, and the Heaven Devouring Avatar's fighting power was still slowly being developed by Wu Yu.

While looking around for demons, he suddenly spotted a familiar face. Wu Yu recalled that when he had fought his first demon, this woman had tried to snatch it from him. He had not known that this person was Lan Yu from the Eastern City of Ice and Fire.

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