Chapter 0756: Infinite Eternal Sand Reincarnation Design

Both of them were his bodies. When his main body was talking to Ming Long, his Heaven Devouring Avatar was completely immersed in devouring. That was the primitive instinct of that body. 

He had transformed into a ball of black mist and was ripping the body of that demon bit by bit. After which, the more frightening part was his ability to convert energy. The flesh of the demon and even his Primordial Spirit, Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, and other parts that ordinary people couldn't control were also devoured and converted to his own strength. 

The entire Heaven Devouring Avatar only cares about one thing: devouring.  

This existence could be classified as energy or Primordial Spirit. Regardless, everything was fused together. He could think, he could transform, he could attack, and he could devour. 

For him, the body of the octopus demon was just like a huge mountain. 

His current fragile body would likely take a few days to completely devour it. 

Therefore, Wu Yu wasn't in a rush. On one aspect, his doppelgangers were improving rapidly. But his main body could consider completely conquering the 10,000 Dragons Staff before raising the tier of his Unshackled Doppelganger. 

All of this could greatly enhance his fighting prowess within a short period, greatly improving his ability to hunt for demons. 

However, there was something to consider. As the Shadower was following him, he couldn't enter the Floating Dreams Pagoda to challenge the puppets. 

Otherwise, the Floating Dreams Pagoda would be exposed before the eyes of the public. 

Even with just the advancements in the Unshackled Doppelganger and the 10,000 Dragons Staff, he would become even more frightening. 

However, Ming Long told Wu Yu another thing at this point. 

She said, "Your Heaven Devouring Avatar can't grow endlessly stronger by devouring. Even the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord had his limits. When it reaches the limits, you have to stop it. Once you exceed it, you might find it hard to control." 

"What's the approximate limit you are speaking of?" Wu Yu was clear on this as well. If his Heaven Devouring Avatar could devour endlessly without restrictions, he wouldn't have to continue cultivating. All he would need was to go around devouring. 

The Heaven Devouring Evil Lord wouldn't have been imprisoned and suppressed by the immortals that were sent by the heavens otherwise. 

"You have two Primordial Spirits, and the one in your main body is still the main one. The one in the Heaven Devouring Avatar is the secondary. As the Heaven Devouring Avatar and the Primordial Spirit have fused completely, so your Primordial Spirit will strengthen as the Heaven Devouring Avatar gets stronger. Once your lesser Primordial Spirit exceeds the greater Primordial Spirit, the connection between the two will be destabilized. If the difference isn't great, it might not be a problem yet. Once the lesser Primordial Spirit greatly exceeds the main Primordial Spirit, I'm afraid you wouldn't be able to contain the desire to devour. You will be completely driven by your instincts and become a new Spirit of the Universe like the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord." 

Due to the integration of Wu Yu's lesser Primordial Spirit into the newly born Heaven Devouring Avatar, the lesser Primordial Spirit had become very fragile and possessed huge room for growth. 

His Primordial Spirit and physical strength were uniform. Wu Yu's current main Primordial Spirit was roughly at the level of an eighth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator’s. 

In that case, the limit for the Heaven Devouring Avatar would roughly be at the eighth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. 

"In other words, when the Heaven Devouring Avatar reaches the eighth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, he can still devour. The ability remains, but if I let him grow overly strong, he will greatly exceed my greater Primordial Spirit. I might lose my control under such circumstances, be driven by the instincts of devouring, and implicate the innocent, right?" 

Ming Long nodded and said, "Yeah. Only when your greater Primordial Spirit is stronger than the Heaven Devouring Avatar can you use your main body to control him and maintain a clear mind when the Heaven Devouring Avatar is controlled by his instincts."  

Wu Yu was a little disappointed. He thought he could have an avatar that would far exceed the strength of the main body. 

"You actually don't need to be upset. If it exceeded the main body by a little, it wouldn't be much of a problem to some extent. The main body and the Heaven Devouring Avatar would still be under your control. The only worry is when the difference is too large. If there's an accident and the difference is too huge, your main body can still catch up rapidly to eradicate the issue," Ming Long consoled him.

She was right! Even with the limits of the Heaven Devouring Avatar, this was something that anyone in the entire Jambu Realm would desire. 

"I believe I should be able to sense when the Heaven Devouring Avatar reaches a similar level as the main Primordial Spirit," said Wu Yu. 

At least for the moment, Wu Yu couldn't feel his limits. He felt that his Heaven Devouring Avatar still had room for endless devouring. 

To be capable of reaching the level of Wu Yu's main body within just a month was something unbelievable for the entire Jambu Realm.  His main body wasn't far from the Heaven Devouring Avatar. 

If anyone passed by Wu Yu's doppelgangers and saw the Heaven Devouring Avatar, he could also arrive at the scene rapidly. 

After all, the surveillance of the Shadower was only so big. 

While the Heaven Devouring Avatar was devouring, Wu Yu prepared to completely conquer the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff. 

At this moment, he couldn't be considered the true owner of his advanced dao treasure. 

Therefore, in the deep and boundless sea and before the eyes of some, he retrieved the 10,000 Dragons Staff and sat with his legs crossed. He placed the 10,000 Dragons Staff before him and held it tightly with both hands. 

Since he now had a Primordial Spirit, communicating with the dao treasure became much simpler. 

His Primordial Spirit entered the dao treasure directly and he arrived at the world of the 10,000 Dragons Staff. 

In this world, the bottom was a vast and endless sea. At the surface of the sea, 10,000 dragons were playing, dancing, and flying around. 

That Infinity Beast had been waiting for Wu Yu for a long time. 

When Wu Yu arrived in this world, a huge, black shadow surfaced from the endless sea. The shadow became clearer and darker, a sign that the Infinity Beast was getting closer and closer.


Soon, the Infinity Beast dashed out from the sea. All of a sudden, the entire sea was tumbling and howling. 

Wu Yu finally got a good look at the Infinity Beast. 

Its looks would be... It possessed no looks…

Just like the endless sea below him, the Infinity Beast was actually a ball of water. However, this ball of water was way darker and closer to the shade of black than that of the sea. 

This was similar to a Spirit of the Universe. For example, the Stygian River that Wu Yu had once defeated was a sphere of water that could transform freely. 

At this moment, the Infinity Beast had taken the form of a huge mystical dragon. The mystical dragon was entirely formed from water but still appeared vivid and extremely real.  "The Infinity Beast is an exemplification of power. If I want to conquer it, I need absolute power." 

At least on this aspect, Wu Yu was wildly confident.  

"Be careful and don't fail miserably in this easy task. Otherwise, it will be hilarious." Now that Wu Yu had undergone a huge metamorphosis, Ming Long was really content as well. 

The truth was, the Heaven Devouring Avatar made her feel that it wouldn't be long till she would be reborn. 

"Bam!" The Infinity Beast didn't waste time speaking when it saw Wu Yu. It swung its dragon claws and tail towards Wu Yu instantly. 

Those were the most basic attacks. Ripping with its dragon teeth, tearing with dragon claws, and sweeping with the dragon tail. However, due to the immense force behind them, they were hard to deal with.  Wu Yu had to focus all his energy and will to confront the Infinity Beast head-on. 

Within the endless sea, columns of water shot up. The sky and earth seemed to have tilted and the ravaging water was tumbling in the air before falling back down, resulting in a deafening boom. 

Wu Yu clashed with the Infinity Beast with pure strength within this space. 

He transformed into the golden ape and clashed with the water dragon countless times. 

His Primordial Spirit was dense, compact, and sufficiently tough. Overall, he far exceeded a typical first tier Primordial Spirit. 

Within the endless sea, he seemed to have an indestructible body, like the Infinity Beast. He smashed the Infinity Beast into smithereens, but it formed back soon after.  As for Wu Yu, his body couldn't be broken at all. 

Both parties seemed impossible to defeat. In that case, it would go down to a contest of willpower to see whose patience would last longer.  "Don't even think of competing with me in this aspect!" Wu Yu was least afraid of a contest of willpower and laughed heartily. He was confident, passionate, and threw punches and kicks constantly. 

He had completely lost track of time while battling the Infinity Beast. Since his Heaven Devouring Avatar was still gradually devouring the body of the demon, he had the time to force this Infinity Beast into submission. 

Moreover, he had the cheers and support of the 10,000 dragons in the endless seas. He had conquered the mystical dragons previously. Now that he was in battle, they were cheering and helping Wu Yu. 

As things would seem, even the Infinity Beast knew Wu Yu would likely conquer it as time passed by. 

Therefore, after half a day, the Infinity Beast finally stopped. In a vibrant voice, it said, "A unique young talent that deserves my total respect. From today onwards, the 10,000 Dragons Staff will definitely follow and help you battle and rule the world!" 

"Thank you, Seniors, for helping. Wu Yu will definitely let the 10,000 Dragons Staff shine brilliantly and leave a mark in history!" 

After fully conquering the advanced dao treasure, Wu Yu was in an extremely good mood. He couldn't wait to move out of this world and master the remaining spirit designs on the 10,000 Dragons Staff. 

Within the remaining spirit designs, the most important were the offensive spirit designs! 

Wu Yu had a good understanding of the other spirit designs of the 10,000 Dragons Staff. These spirit designs were largely servicing those few offensive spirit designs.  Within this advanced dao treasure, there were 10 offensive spirit designs, and more than 10,000 other spirit designs were used to complement these offensive spirit designs. 

The 10 offensive spirit designs were the core of all the other spirit designs. Among which, two were the strongest, and what Wu Yu needed dearly currently. One was known as the 10,000 Dragons Total Annihilation Design. 

This spirit design had 10,000 scaled mystical dragons as the core. It gathered all the strength of the advanced dao treasure and released it explosively in a catastrophic manner that could obliterate spirit designs. 

The other spirit design was the Infinite Eternal Sand Reincarnation Design. This was even more incredible than the previous spirit design, with even more mystical functions. It wasn't just an offensive spirit design, but also could be used to defend, control the enemy, and attack. Moreover, the infinite powers were recycled constantly to enable wave after wave of attacks. 

The two main offensive spirit designs were attacking methods that Wu Yu needed dearly at the moment. Together with his four mystiques, the Blood Weeping World Technique, and the Holy Elephant Hell-Shocking Technique, Wu Yu's battle prowess could definitely reach a new peak. 

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