Chapter 0755: First Devouring

Wu Yu had now put aside his Unshackled Doppelganger, advanced dao treasure, and the puppets of the Floating Dreams Pagoda. His focus was solely on the Heaven Devouring Avatar. 

He often gave his Unshackled Doppelgangers Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills to use and therefore this process wouldn't draw the attention of others. 

When his Heaven Devouring Avatar saw a Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pill, he didn't seem to feel the desire to consume it. 

From this, Wu Yu concluded that perhaps immortal medicines wouldn't do the trick. 

He took out some immortal essences of various types for the Heaven Devouring Avatar next. In the end, immortal medicines and immortal essences didn't seem to be what the Heaven Devouring Avatar wanted. 

Nonetheless, he still gave it a try. In the end, he realized that his Heaven Devouring Avatar couldn't digest immortal medicines or immortal essences. 

The core of the Heaven Devouring Avatar was a ball of mist. Therefore, he could retrieve those immortal medicine and immortal essences by reaching into his new body and pulling them out. 

There was a possibility that it was because his Heaven Devouring Avatar was too weak at the moment. Perhaps the new body would be able to digest them in the future. 

Regardless, the most important thing now was to find a way for the Heaven Devouring Avatar to evolve and become something stronger. 

Wu Yu tried everything on him and found that nothing worked. 

"Do you remember the Ghostly Emperor and Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas? They seemed capable of devouring the bodies of martial cultivators and demons to strengthen themselves. I feel you can give this a try as well," Ming Long remarked after reminiscing about it. 

"That should be right." That jolted Wu Yu's memory. When they were in the East Sea, he saw the Ghostly Emperor strengthen himself rapidly by devouring the bodies of the cultivators in battle. It only ended when Luo Pin appeared to annihilate him. 

Perhaps what he needed now was the corpses of demons. 

For those dozen-odd demons he had killed previously, he had basically left all of them on the spot. 

With the exception of the corpses with value, no one would clean up the demons that had died here. They would just be left to rot. 

However, the Ghost Sea Prison was huge and extremely chaotic. It would be difficult for Wu Yu to find the places he had battled in previously. 

Because of this conjecture, he needed to kill a demon as soon as possible. 

With an objective in mind, things were getting simpler. 

Wu Yu continued his mission to kill the demons. 

He still used the same old method. As he required the corpse of a demon dearly, he released all his thousand doppelgangers and dispatched them in all directions. 

In this process, the Heaven Devouring Avatar also headed out to stay away from the range of the Shadower. 

He naturally wouldn't want outsiders to see his Heaven Devouring Avatar devouring the corpse of a demon. 

Therefore, from here onwards, his second Primordial Spirit would stay a certain distance away from Wu Yu's main body. It would be just beyond the surveillance of the Shadower. 

At this moment, Wu Yu sent a few doppelgangers to protect his new body. He had a hard time obtaining this Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast and couldn't let it die prematurely. Therefore, the first devouring would be extremely important. 

"Would you be emotionally affected if you had to devour the corpse after killing the demon?" Ming Long asked. 

"If one is dead, the corpse doesn't matter. Martial cultivation is a path of pillage that is determined by heaven. In this world, I just have to stick close and solidify my dao." Wu Yu knew Ming Long had asked him about this for his own good. 

This was because the ability to devour would seem very evil. If it was used frequently without the right recognition, his dao might waver, leading to a complete collapse for Wu Yu. He had to be certain about what he should do and shouldn't do. 

This world was filled with all kinds of conflicts. More often than not, it was difficult to make a choice between two options. Perhaps one wouldn't even have the opportunity to choose. 

A total of 1,000 doppelgangers were released. Soon, it might be 10,000. Obviously, Wu Yu didn't have sufficient Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pill at this moment. Therefore, the additional doppelgangers might not become very strong any time soon. 

If he was in the Ghost Sea Prison, there would likely only be one way to get Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills. Obviously, that would be to snatch them from other contestants. This was a question that Wu Yu had to consider in the future. For now, the only thing in his mind was to strengthen his new body and not let it remain as vulnerable as it was currently. 

If Wu Yu's dao treasure weren’t protecting it, the Heaven Devouring Avatar might not have lasted long within the seawater of the Ghost Sea Prison. 

The demons hidden in the Ghost Sea Prison didn't disappoint Wu Yu. When his 1,000 seemingly weak doppelgangers separated to cover a large area, one or two demons would think a Darkness Breaching Talisman was coming his way. 

The truth was, the demons were competing with one another in the Ghost Sea Prison. They had to fight to get Darkness Breaching Talismans to get out. If there were any important pieces of information, they might not be spread to other demons. Therefore, Wu Yu using his doppelgangers to lure out demons was still a very effective method. 

It was especially so after he rested for a few days. 

The truth was, the number of Dead Souls Net he had obtained had been exceeded by many people during this period. However, he wasn't worried as he was about to go on a real killing spree. 

"A fish has taken the bait." After waiting for a short period, an expression appeared across Wu Yu's face once again. He instantly used the Somersault Cloud to move towards the location where his doppelganger was attacked by the demon. 

This wasn't the first time, and he had become efficient in this. In a short while, he caught up to the sixth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation demon. 

A demon like this was basically the weakest demon in the Ghost Sea Prison. All it could do was snatch a few Darkness Breaching Talismans through ambushes. 

However, it was relatively easier for them as well. They just required roughly 10 Darkness Breaching Talismans to leave this place and return to their homes. For them, this place was no different from hell. 

The demon was a huge, black octopus. His eight tentacles had large spikes and his entire body seemed to be forged from steel. 

Previously, he had hidden himself in the mud. When Wu Yu's doppelganger passed by, he reached out all eight tentacles and crushed Wu Yu completely. 

In the rules of the Ghost Sea Prison, it would be either the demon that died or the martial cultivator that perished. It had made the first move against Wu Yu. 

When he realized that Wu Yu's doppelganger was fragile, he got a scare initially and thought he had killed a martial cultivator by accident. If that were the case, his outcome would be tragic. 

After a period of time, he came to the realization that this might just be a clone of a martial cultivator. 

"It's a bait!" The octopus demond dived into the mud in a hurry. 

At this moment, Wu Yu's main body appeared before his head. Wu Yu was insanely fast. With the Somersault Cloud, one could even say that there were few in the entire Ghost Sea Prison that could possibly match his speed. 

While Wu Yu was rushing here, over 10 doppelgangers were escorting his Heaven Devouring Avatar over as well. 

"Martial cultivator! Unscrupulous! The Dark North Tribe will definitely be annihilated! My companions in the Dead Souls Sea Region will definitely flatten the Dark North Emperor Continent one day and obliterate the Dark North Tribe. They will use your flesh and blood to feed thousands and thousands of our offspring!" 

When Wu Yu appeared, the black octopus started growling frantically. 

The truth was that Wu Yu's main body didn't look very strong either. Therefore, after fleeing for a period, the black octopus steeled himself and turned to attack Wu Yu instead. 

"Take out your Darkness Breaching Talisman right now! Don't beg for mercy after I beat the absolute crap out of you!" Wu Yu was surprised that this demon would still act so arrogantly in the Ghost Sea Prison. 

"Grandson, do you know how many Dark North Tribe members I've killed on the battlefield? I've skinned many young martial cultivators alive. Even if you get on your knees and beg for mercy, it won't work. The Dark North Tribe didn't kill me, they gave me an opportunity to live. I have accumulated three Darkness Breaching Talismans now and there are five months to go. All you guys can do is watch me return to the Dead Souls Sea Region openly and you guys will still be trash in my eyes!" 

The black octopus was extremely agitated. As he charged and attacked Wu Yu, he executed his Natural Mystique. At the same time, he was talkative and laughing brazenly. 

However, Wu Yu wasn't in the mood to entertain him. He came quickly and the ending was quick as well. 

He retrieved his advanced dao treasure, the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff, and swung it down on his head with the Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy of a Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivator and the brute strength of his Invincible Vajra Body. The strike was rapid and brutal and forcefully put an end to the chattering of the black octopus demon. 

He was killed in one strike. 

Wu Yu took away his Dead Souls Net and left rapidly. His reappearance and onstart of hunting for demons had drawn the attention of many people outside. It was especially so when he employed such a high profile hunting method. 

However, everyone's attention was on his main body. They weren't aware that when he left, his Heaven Devouring Avatar had arrived at the top of the octopus demon's corpse. 

At this moment, Wu Yu could clearly feel the frenzied desire and restlessness from his new body. 

He had been starved for a really, really long time.

Now that he had finally seen the food he had so desired, it didn't matter if the food was alive or dead. The most core and primitive desires in him were deeply aroused.

This was still the first time and he had entered a frenzied state. The intense desire and restlessness would have some impact on the mental state of his main body. 

However, Wu Yu didn't restrain this desire. The body with white hair and red eyes transformed into a ball of black mist and rapidly shrouded the corpse of the octopus demon. 

When the demon was shrouded in the black mist, he felt like countless microbeads had entered his body. 

Wu Yu could indeed feel the exhilaration from devouring. It felt just like he was about to become a cultivator. 

For him, the sixth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm demon might be a little too enormous. The newly born him would take a long time to devour it. Therefore, even after two hours, only a small portion of the corpse of the demon was gone. 

Nonetheless, Wu Yu could clearly feel that his body was getting stronger and stronger. The pace of strengthening had even exceeded his imagination. 

The increment in toughness that was typically achieved over a few years or even decades through cultivation could now be completed within two hours. 

From this point onwards, Wu Yu finally understood what kind of existence the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was and how lucky he was to have the Heaven Devouring Avatar.  

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