Chapter 0754: White Eyed Scarlet Hair

The natural stability of Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar was definitely thanks to his Primordial Spirit.

Although his Primordial Spirit was currently in a new body, it bore Wu Yu's brand, and was a completely new Spirit of the Universe.

And not the brand of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord.

Wu Yu felt that the newborn Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast was actually very weak.

How weak?

Even the weakest life form in the Yan Huang Ancient Region could probably defeat it.

Such a weak second Primordial Spirit. Without Wu Yu's protection, it could not possibly survive in this world.

"Seems like heaven is fair. Heaven gave the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord horrifying devouring powers, but made him start out so weak. Perhaps all the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beasts in history were unable to grow to power because they started out too weak, and were destroyed before they could get started. Only the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord remains in the memory of history," Wu Yu mused.

"Makes sense. Nature is fair. The stronger the talent, the more risky the maturation process. However, out with it! Have you succeeded?!" Ming Long was going mad outside.

The matter of the second Primordial Spirit. She was even more anxious than Wu Yu, because she knew just how destructive the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord could be.

A demon capable of destruction that could fell an immortal.

"Just about. Just waiting to come out of the cocoon," Wu Yu said, looking out at the Ghost Sea Prison.

Right now, the newly born Heaven Devouring Avatar was flailing its arms and legs within the shell, trying its best to break it.

At this moment, the Heaven Devouring Avatar was truly too weak. Therefore, it beat on the egg countless times, striving hard.

Wu Yu's real body could not help. All life had to break through their shells by themselves.

Wu Yu and Ming Long waited together in anticipation for the Heaven Devouring Avatar's arrival.

When it happened, Wu Yu would be able to master his new body even more perfectly.

After thousands of attacks, his Primordial Spirit had thoroughly gotten used to his new Spirit of the Universe body.

After thousands of times, Wu Yu was fairly familiar with this new body, and it was roughly the same as controlling his real body.

At this time, it was still a very weak body struggling, but it was finally rewarded with a cracking sound. The first crack appeared on the shell.

This meant that the egg was broken.

With the first crack delivered, the rest was much easier. His Heaven Devouring Avatar strove hard, increasing the speed of its punches and kicks, creating a web of cracks.

His new body had already seen light from the new world. Of course, it was still within his Sumeru Pouch.

This was like being born.

Next was to get out of the Sumeru Pouch. The Heaven Devouring Avatar smashed the shell, and made a heroic leap.

Perhaps because his life force was still so small, the impact to the Sumeru Pouch was not that large. Right now, Wu Yu's Sumeru Pouch was at dao treasure level.

However, Wu Yu still pulled his Heaven Devouring Avatar out of the Sumeru Pouch fairly quickly. After all, it was a space that he controlled. Pulling something out was easy as pie. Especially when it was a part of his body.

When the Heaven Devouring Avatar appeared before Wu Yu, he exclaimed with feeling, "Done!" 

Of course, Ming Long could see it at this time as well.

The few clones beside Wu Yu were still fine - there had been no disturbance for a long time.

Here in the Ghost Sea Prison, many others were out slaying demons. When nothing was happening to him, it was hard to draw attention.

The most marvelous part of the Heaven Devouring Avatar's body was that it was basically unnoticed when it appeared.

Even if it were, it would not raise suspicion. Besides Wu Yu, no one knew of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord and the second Primordial Spirit. Others would simply assume that it was another clone.

When it first appeared, the second Primordial Spirit's Heaven Devouring Avatar was simply a puff of black mist. Those outside could not even spot it on the Shadower. After all, the seawater was murky.

Wu Yu still hoped that his second body could retain his looks, and so this puff of mist grew to become exactly the same as he did.

However, perhaps because the mark of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord still lingered, or perhaps because this was the distinctive characteristic of the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast, the hair of the Heaven Devouring Avatar was snow white, just like that of Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas. The individual starkly silver strands made for an eerie sight.

Besides the long hair, there were the eyes. Unlike Wu Yu's own black eyes, these were crimson.

Crimson eyes, and their luster was extremely pure. When they met his own, he felt a pang of fear. This was the fear of the real body meeting the Heaven Devouring Avatar.

Of course, this was but for a moment, because it was all Wu Yu.

It has to be said that the white hair and crimson eyes gave it an off look. This new form of Wu Yu's gave a completely different vibe compared to his true form.

His true form was stern and intense, an indomitable look in his eyes that was only enhanced when he used the Immortal Ape Transformation. His eyes had a fiery and bold aura to them, brought on by the Invincible Vajra Body.

But the Heaven Devouring Avatar was different. Although it looked the same, save for the white hair and red eyes, it was a sinister, enigmatic, dark, and demonic feel that came forth, just like a killer in the shadows.

Especially the crimson eyes. They were hard to meet.

Wu Yu reckoned that this was probably from the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast's body, and a brand of the beast.

This was why it had the devouring ability.

With a hard and fiery body, and another cold and enigmatic body, the contrasting opposites were quite interesting.

"It's too cool. Too awesome! Looks much better than your original! I like this model!" Ming Long was grinning from ear to ear at the white-hair-red-eye version.

Actually, if not for the fact that this was modeled after Wu Yu's own body, he would have thought he was face to face with Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas.

Back when she had appeared in the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence, she too had the same two features as his Heaven Devouring Avatar. And the same unsettling feeling.

Of course, Wu Yu himself could control it.

In the Ghost Sea Prison, Wu Yu gave a suit of armor dao treasure to the Heaven Devouring Avatar and then changed it into a simple dao robe. It complimented the white hair and red eyes to create an inexplicably spectacular image that was difficult to forget.

There was a huge difference between this body and Wu Yu and his clones. Because the rest all looked exactly the same.

Of course, Wu Yu was not worried that others would see much through the Shadower.

"Quick, test your powers. That's the most essential. It looks so weak. See what it can devour, and if it can convert it to your own strength," Ming Long urged.

This was the most crucial thing.

In control of his new body, Wu Yu now could also feel the needs of this new body.

Ordinarily, mortals who were just born would search for food. This was an instinct, and especially so for this body, driving Wu Yu to action.

Wu Yu could feel that he was starving, but he was unsure of what he could eat. Perhaps he would only know when he saw it.

He had some immortal essence and medicines in his Sumeru Pouch, but he did not know if the Heaven Devouring Avatar needed those. He took them out.

"Let me test this." Wu Yu wanted to know the answer as soon as possible.

Just at this moment, both his real body and his Heaven Devouring Avatar felt a pang of fear, originating from a demented shriek coming from Wu Yu's real body.

This furious voice screeched with a hair-raising shrillness that swept over them.

"Wu Yu, you actually dare to snatch my hopes at rebirth? You wretched, despicable dog. One day, when I return to my own body, I will see you suffer for eternity. You've touched a sore nerve now. I hate you a thousand times over. Die, die, die!" This was Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas' voice, and also the voice of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord.

In his outburst was contained his incomparable rage, his ultimate despair, and his extreme hate.

Wu Yu clearly felt the wave of hate. He knew that by occupying this body, he had destroyed the hopes that the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord had been nursing for five yuan, perhaps longer.

He had prepared for hundreds of thousands of years to nurture this important hope, and now it was all Wu Yu's. This was 600,000 years of enmity.

Yet Wu Yu was clear. If there came a day where the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was no longer suppressed by the Ruyi Jingu Bang, returning to the mortal world, he would have his revenge.

Just as he had said, Wu Yu would be tortured for eternity, just as the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was feeling now.

However, there was no turning back for Wu Yu now. Hearing the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord's warning, he might experience a moment of regret and fear, but his dao was indomitable, and he had already walked this path. There was no time to regret.

When the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was reborn, he was already unable to stand Wu Yu. And now Wu Yu had stolen his body and ability.

"Got it. We'll see." This was Wu Yu's reply to the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord after he composed himself

Of course, the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord had already subsided, and perhaps had not heard Wu Yu's reply.

"What's wrong?" Seeing his face suddenly pale unnaturally, Ming Long was afraid that there was some problem with the Heaven Devouring Avatar.

Wu Yu told her.

"Cultivation and the road to immortalhood is fraught with risk. Choosing the best ability also means you have to face the most dangers. You probably know better than I do. If ever I come back to life and reincarnate, I will do my best to stand with you on this. After all, it was I who urged you to do this," Ming Long said somberly.

"Don't worry. I am prepared." The sudden outburst of rage from the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord had not affected Wu Yu. Right now, he wanted to test the abilities of the Heaven Devouring Avatar. Firstly, he had to see if it could grow by consuming immortal essences or immortal medicines.

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