Chapter 0753: Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast

When the lesser primordial spirit saw that egg, both felt an attraction to the other. 

It had just left Wu Yu's physical moment and this was when it needed a physical body the most. 

The physical body of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord had now appeared here and this was an unoccupied body. 

Ming Long had long verified Wu Yu's lesser primordial spirit could occupy this body and possess the ability of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. 

Therefore, when he saw the egg, Wu Yu was on cloud nine. 

This level of agitation was just like a starving wolf seeing its food.  Moreover, it was a wolf that had starved for a really, really long time.  In the eyes of the lesser primordial spirit, there was no longer any other things in the sumeru pouch other than that egg. 

Obviously, the agitation of the lesser primordial spirit was also Wu Yu's agitation. 

This was a pure and unoccupied physical body.  Wu Yu could definitely invade it and make it his body.   

Without further ado, Wu Yu dashed to the side of that egg. 

"I've finally reached this moment." 

His lesser primordial spirit took deep breaths before dashing into the egg without further hesitation. 

The truth was the primordial spirit was his. 

In the ocean of life, it was equivalent of Wu Yu having two selves from one. His original physical vessel could accommodate two. At this moment, another physical vessel that was suitable for inhabitation had surfaced. His second self could definitely occupy this other vessel. 

This was because the new vessel never had a master. Therefore, it was empty and clear. Wu Yu could become its new master and modify it. 

Naturally, he still required some secret arts that Ming Long had taught him. 

Others might not be successful even if they used the second primordial spirit method. 

After all, this was the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord's physical body.  Something that was the most crucial to his rebirth. 

When his lesser primordial spirit entered the egg, it felt just like immersing in a pool of warm liquid. 

All of a sudden, his spirit felt as though it was returning to the warm embrace of its home. 

His primordial spirit quickly occupied the physical body before gradually assimilating perfectly with it.  It felt just like returning to the womb of his mother and he had turned into a foetus. 

However, this was likely not a human but a Spirit of the Universe. 

It was also because this was the body of a Spirit of the Universe that Wu Yu was able to successfully occupy it. 

The years of preparation by the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord had made this new physical body extremely close to perfection. 

A Spirit of the Universe was born of the heaven and earth. They were different from martial cultivators, humans and demons. 

It didn't have the process of growing from childhood to maturity. When it appeared, it might be a powerful individual. 

The body of a Spirit of the Universe was full of mystery to start with. 

It didn't have tendons, bones and flesh like a human and the entire body was in a mysterious state. For example, the Green Glows that Wu Yu had encountered in the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence were balls of light.  

For example the Stygian River he encountered in the Alternate World was just a mysterious river without any corporeal form. In comparison, the body of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was relatively alike to humans and demons. 

It had a physical body state.  Nonetheless, in terms of its core, it was still a Spirit of the Universe. 

Similar to other Spirits of the Universe, the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord didn't possess Violet Kingdom primordial energy or a primordial spirit. 

The most mysterious thing about the Spirits of the Universe was that their souls and physical bodies were the same. In fact, all their powers and everything of them were in one form. 

Taking the Green Glow as example, its vitality and all others were a ball of light. 

And so was the Stygian River. 

The Heaven Devouring Evil Lord probably had been suppressed for a very long time before it separated its soul from its original body, leaving only remnants of his soul behind.   

After which, it created a new body. 

However, this wasn't the best state for it. It was only a means for its rebirth! 

Wu Yu had no idea how it did it. 

However, he knew if the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord could get his hands on this egg, he would definitely assimilate in and return to its most primitive Spirit of the Universe form once again.  That would be its strongest state. 

Therefore, when Wu Yu occupied this body, the greatest changes would be for his primordial spirit to completely diffuse into this body. 

Every single remnants of his primordial spirit, everything he had including his memories and the usage methods of dao techniques had to fused with the new body to create an extremely pure form.  

Just like the glow of the Green Glow. 

One could even say that his primordial spirit had been converted into a unique state. 

However, in this process, Wu Yu could clearly feel the existence of his self-consciousness. Moreover, it felt even clearer than usual. This was proof that the core of his primordial spirit still existed. 

A perfect fusion of the primordial spirit and physical body was ongoing. 

This was just like the Spirits of the Universe that he had imagined. 

For a human, owning a body of a Spirit of the Universe was an exceptionally magical and shocking experience. That would be to exist in a completely different state. When Wu Yu felt the existence of his second primordial spirit's body, he was moved to the brink of tears.

It was like this living form was born directly from heaven and earth.   Compared to the procreation of humans and wild beasts, this was closer to the Great dao he had in mind. 

At this juncture, he felt he was a lump of substance within the egg shell. 

His body wasn't fixed and could change as he wished as though he was a ball of mist.  He could rotate his body as he desired or to enlarge or shrink. At the same time, he felt his body was gradually maturing. 

At this juncture, he felt he should have succeeded. 

Following next, it would be to control his new body and break out of the shell.  

"How is it? How is it? Are you done? Speak! You are driving me nuts!"  Ming Long jumped up and down impatiently. For her, this was an unprecedented attempt. 

"You will know soon." What Wu Yu was experiencing within the body of a Spirit of the Universe was something he could not simply explain in words. 

Currently, it was as though he was a mass of  primordial entropy. As he rotated his body within the egg shell, he familiarized and learned to control his new body. 

This was different from controlling his initial body. Therefore, he felt a little foreign to it. 

For a human, one would likely move his hands, legs, eyes, mouth or others. However, the body of the Spirit of the Universe had none of these. 

Even if there were, those were manifestations.  Taking the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord as an example, it could manifest in human form. However, this wasn't its core. 

Wu Yu could now feel that the real core of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was a ball of mist.   A ball of primitive mist. 

However, this ball of mist had endless transformation possibilities. 

If one was speaking of transformations, the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord might have more changes than the 72 Transformations.  

Wu Yu was completely immersed in the magical transformation. He was euphoric and felt as though he had a new life. 

Naturally, he would indeed have two lives starting from today. 

Even if his main body had died, his Heaven Devouring Evil Lord's body could continue living.  

This was in fact just a way the humans had addressed the Spirit of the Universe of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. 

Wu Yu thought of giving it a name. 

First, he felt the innate ability of the Spirit of the Universe to devour, digest and strengthen was like a huge beast hidden in the corners of the world, crouching and ready to strike. 

"Why don't I just call it the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast!  What about the body?  I think it should be called the Heaven Devouring Avatar." 

Once he broke out from the shell, it would signal a new life. 

Currently, while Wu Yu was trying to control his new body, he was also attempting to see if he could break out of the shell. 

For him, the insides of the egg was a sealed world and where he was born. 

He wasn't in a hurry. At this juncture, he was immersing in the mysterious experience of trying to control his new body and was exceptionally euphoric. 

It was at this point when Wu Yu's main body and greater primordial spirit had entered a steady state and finally reaching the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. 

His greater primordial spirit was still as dense as those at the eighth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm.  As compared to others, even without his second primordial spirit, his Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm was still more perfect than others. 

With a primordial spirit like this, he successful expelled the dragon head of the Heavenly Dragon Soul Lock that You Yan had left in his body. 

As such, those 800,000 people could see Wu Yu recover from his injured state through the Shadower. 

Obviously, they wouldn't know Wu Yu had reached the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm and wouldn't know Wu Yu had a second body within his sumeru pouch. 

After reaching the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, Wu Yu's Unshackled Doppelganger could be raised to a new realm.  The Infinity Beast within his advanced dao treasure, 10,000 Dragons Staff, would also appear to take his challenge. Also, he could choose to challenge stronger puppets in the Floating Dreams Pagoda so as to become stronger holistically. 

However, for Wu Yu, what he was looking forward to was still the body of his second primordial spirit, the Heaven Devouring Avatar. 

Therefore, his main body started roaming the Ghosts Sea Prison. However, his attention was fully on his second primordial spirit. He would likely only feel at ease and delve into other methods after the Heaven Devouring Avatar of the second primordial spirit was born. 

He felt it wouldn't take long for him to break out of the shell. It should be soon.    

Moreover, he could clearly feel his two bodies weren't in conflict. 

Two bodies shared the same thoughts. 

Instructing it would be no different from instructing one's own right hand. 

Wu Yu had once controlled a thousand doppelgangers. Controlling another one would be a walk in the park. 

"This shall do it." Within the egg shell, Wu Yu had a certain level of confidence to break out of the egg shell after familiarizing his new body. 

At this point, his existence wouldn't affect the sumeru pouch due to the egg shell sealing him off. 

When he broke out of the shell, he had to leave the sumeru pouch instantly. Otherwise, the Na Word Array on the sumeru pouch would explode due to overloading, causing a huge commotion. Therefore, Wu Yu had to time it extremely well. 

At this point, his new body was prepared. 

His new body could be transformed as he desired. The easiest form to transform was how the main body was. This was a very steady state and not much different from the original state of a ball of mist.  However, there was a slight difference in looks compared to the original Wu Yu. 

At this moment, Wu Yu had transformed into himself within the egg shell. 

After which, he extended his fists and legs to break the egg shell! 

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