Chapter 0751: Primordial Spirit's Sea of Knowledge

Condense a primordial spirit.

This had been Wu Yu's greatest goal in Ghosts Sea Prison.

From before, he had searched high and low for a way, with no progress.

But the key was that he did not know how to control his spirit. After all, he did not know where it was.

And right now, with the fatal Mystique plaguing him mercilessly, it in fact made Wu Yu keenly aware of his spirit, and what it was.

At this difficult juncture, being done in this way had in fact led to a solution.

Of course, this did not mean that You Yan's Mystique could help everyone reach the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm.

Firstly, it was because Wu Yu's spirit was much stronger than others of his level.

Secondly, it was because Wu Yu had escaped on the Somersault Cloud that only a small portion had entered his body. If the entirety had entered his body, Wu Yu would be in dire circumstances right now.

A stroke of fateful coincidence that could not possibly be replicated.

For Wu Yu, it was time to gamble with his life on the line!

Cultivation was about daring and being decisive. Therefore, he did not wait for Ming Long to analyze his decision, but immediately pulled out Great Way of Immortality Art, focusing his attention and beginning to condense his primordial spirit.

This was a heavenly immortal's technique, and therefore definitely more refined than ordinary primordial spirit techniques. It was more complicated, but for someone of Wu Yu's level, would yield a primordial spirit that was much stronger than others. Just like his Jindan back then.

He began without further ado.

Great Way of Immortality Art was the fundamental medium through which the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal had reached immortality.

Wu Yu had the Invincible Vajra Body. 4 Mystiques, the 72 Transformations. But the most important to becoming immortal was still Great Way of Immortality Art.

His entire spirit shivered with pain. Wu Yu was completely in tune with it. He had forgotten his own physical body at this time, and had submerged his consciousness into his spirit.

"Life is a bitter sea. The body is the vessel, and the soul is one's capital."

Wu Yu read this line.

Before, he had not understood well what this meant, but right now with his soul stinging with pain, and yet his body completely unharmed, it was an exquisite pain that made him understand slightly.

Cultivation was indeed more about enlightenment. Such enlightenment was mostly converted into Violet Kingdom primordial energy, which floated within one's Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea. But the most fundamental portion was nestled within the spirit, which would eventually evolve into a primordial spirit. The primordial spirit was where all the dao enlightenment would be gathered.

The more his spirit hurt, the more he could not separate himself from it. Wu Yu was completely immersed within it, forgetting about his body. For him, condensing his primordial spirit became a familiar feeling, as though he were forging the Invincible Vajra Body and making his body stronger.

Condensing one's primordial spirit was also about refining one's spirit to make it stronger. 

Until finally this Heavenly Dragon Soul Lock within his body could no longer hurt his spirit.

Therefore to Wu Yu, condensing one's primordial spirit was similar to strengthening one's body. The logic was the same. Especially at this time, he could clearly feel the presence of his spirit. His entire world had been filled by his spirit.

It was truly ingenious.

If Prince You Yan's Mystique had just been slightly stronger, Wu Yu would probably have been consumed by spiritual pain, and incapable of cultivating and condensing his spirit.

If Prince You Yan's Mystique had just been slightly weaker, then it would not have been painful enough for Wu Yu to completely immerse himself within his spirit.

Therefore, Wu Yu was thanking the heavens for smiling down on him.

A once in a lifetime opportunity had appeared before him.

He had not expected this day to arrive so quickly. He had only been in Ghosts Sea Prison for half a month.

Besides, the entire process had been quite smooth. Under the sharp pain of the Mystique, his soul condensed rapidly in response. Although in an intangible way, but under the guidance of Great Way of Immortality Art, the invisible spirit was guided in a coherent direction.

The place was the Sea of Knowledge. Like the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea, the Sea of Knowledge was an invisible place where the condensation of your spirit began. It was the second step of the primordial spirit.

First step, condense your spirit. Second step, open your Sea of Knowledge. Third step, condense your primordial spirit and strengthen your Sea of Knowledge.

In the Sea of Knowledge, your primordial spirit resided. In the Violet Kingdom primordial energy, there was Violet Kingdom primordial energy.

Wu Yu's spirit had retreated rapidly due to the pain. The repeated triggering from the Mystique was making his spirit stronger and stronger. Things were going very smoothly. As the spirit condensed, it would become even more robust, and the Mystique's power would be lessened. The dragon was still banging against Wu Yu, but Wu Yu already barely felt the pain. Because his spirit had contracted tensely, it did not feel the pain much, nor was it as easily penetrated.

"Very good! Keep it up! Next, opening the Sea of Knowledge!"

Ming Long was very worked up as well.

"Finally, when your primordial spirit succeeds, remember to use the method which I taught you to split your primordial spirit into two. It's like splitting your physical body into two - obviously very painful, but a new primordial spirit will be available. Given how strong your primordial spirit is, I think even a quarter will be enough to fulfill the requirements of the Great Way of Immortality Art, and be stronger than others."

"Therefore, for the body of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, you have to hold on. Believe me, with this second body, you not only have a extra body available with some godly powers, but you can very likely become the next Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. Of course, power is simply power. How you use it is up to you. All I can say is that the benefits of that body are no less than the immortal's legacy. After all, the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was only stopped by immortals."

Ming Long again reminded him.

She was afraid that Wu Yu would be carried away after condensing his primordial spirit, and would forget this. The window to split one's primordial spirit was roughly within 10 breaths' of creating one's primordial spirit. Once this critical window passed, the primordial spirit would be fully condensed and the chance would be lost.

That would not do.

The egg was currently Wu Yu's most treasured possession.

Wu Yu too longed for the sort of power that Ming Long was talking about. Naturally he had not forgotten about the matter of the second primordial spirit.

Of course, the most important thing now was still to reach the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm successfully. Without completing his primordial spirit, the rest was moot.

If he could reach the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, he could also advance his Unshackled Doppelganger, completely master the 10,000 Dragons Staff advanced dao treasure, and learn another of the 72 Transformations. Just the thought of him rampaging through the Ghosts Sea Prison with 10,000 clones made Wu Yu excited......

"Don't be distracted!"

"Mm." He had indeed gotten a little carried away.

Luckily Ming Long was there to remind Wu Yu to return back to his spirit, where he funneled his energies into compressing it as much as he could. In a concerted burst, he could open the Sea of Knowledge. It resided within everyone's body, and this process simply made it appear.

To Wu Yu, the hardest step was already accomplished. As for opening the Sea of Knowledge, the Great Way of Immortality Art had fairly thorough instructions. After Wu Yu could control his spirit, the next step was much easier.

Compressed to the maximum in one burst, the Sea of Knowledge made an abstract appearance!

His entire spirit had been transported to a different world.

If one's body was a vessel, then the spirit was the person. And the Sea of Knowledge was like the ship cabin. On a vessel without a ship cabin, the human would be battered by the weather. No matter how strong the body of the ship was, with no place to take shelter from the elements, the spirit would still be very vulnerable. Right now, with the Sea of Knowledge appearing, his spirit could hide within. Even if his primordial spirit had not fully condensed, but You Yan's Mystique could not attack Wu Yu easily now.

With the ship cabin closed, the ferocious beast on the ship could not attack people unless it tore apart the cabin and entered.

The Sea of Knowledge was created!

Wu Yu's spiritual power appeared in a world of whiteness. It was a little like the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea, except there was only emptiness rather than spiritual power.

The Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm's final step.

By this point, Wu Yu had already won half the battle.

He was only one step away from his ideal self.

In truth, compared to other cultivators of his age, having just reached the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm was not considered slow at all. Rather, he had progressed at a speed never seen before. After all, he had started to cultivate only when he was in his teens.

And until now, he had only been cultivating for 10 years or so.

Whereas here in the Yan Huang Ancient Region, children began to cultivate when they were a few years old. Right now, You Xue was also a few decades old, and had only just reached seventh tier Primordial Spirit cultivation. If Wu Yu had had as many years, he would probably have reached the Dao Querying Realm.

His spirit was in a warm environment, and could completely relax in this warm room, and slowly metamorphose into a primordial spirit. Within the Sea of Knowledge, it could change a spirit into a primordial spirit.

The floating water vapor was Wu Yu's dao. The dao entered his spirit.

From the look of things, the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm was not a problem.

As for You Yan's Mystique, it was still bumping around madly within Wu Yu, unable to do anything to him. Once Wu Yu finished his primordial spirit, it would not be difficult to expel it. After all, such a small bit of Mystique was not that strong.

"Don't forget. Second primordial spirit." Ming Long reminded him again.

Actually, to condense the primordial spirit right now was no hardship for Wu Yu. The Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm was more or less settled.

What made him a little nervous was the splitting of this second primordial spirit. It was a violent process - like tearing a newborn into two...... It sounded brutal indeed.

But at least his primordial spirit would be split into two different things, and split according to the golden ratio.  Approximately 618 of 1000 parts of the spirit would remain in Wu Yu's body, while the remaining formed the second primordial spirit that would control the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord.

Of course, although Wu Yu would be split into two, both were him, and he would forever only have one consciousness. The second primordial spirit was like a second body, much like if he had grown a few more arms and legs, or eyes and noses. Fundamentally, it was still about the primordial spirit.

This second primordial spirit was like the evolved version of the Unshackled Doppelganger. The doppelgangers did not have a primordial spirit within them, but the second primordial spirit did. Therefore, the second primordial spirit was much stronger than the doppelgangers. And most importantly, it had the powers of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord!

Devour the world!

Soon, Wu Yu's primordial spirit would be complete, and he would enter a whole new world.

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