Chapter 0750: Heavenly Dragon Soul Lock

Evidently, Prince You Yan would not let him leave easily now that he had gotten a hold of Wu Yu's real body.

Before, he had warned Wu Yu to stay away from You Xue in order to pressure him unduly, and cause him to chafe. He had not expected Wu Yu to acquiesce.

He wanted Wu Yu to object and then teach Wu Yu a lesson.

Since this outsider had wandered up to him, of course, he, a prince of the Dark NorthKingdom, had to teach him a lesson for leeching off his sister's care and getting all arrogant.

Therefore, he did not allow Wu Yu to leave his presence.

"Wu Yu, you are not of the Dark North Kingdom. It's already a privilege to enter here. How dare you perform so well. Are you trying to shame the youths of the Dark North Kingdom?" You Yan glared at Wu Yu accusingly.

If you wanted to bully somebody, any excuse would fly.

Wu Yu waved it off. "What do you think I should do that would be more preferable? This is a platform for competition. I am just doing my best, and performing as I should. Besides, there are 800,000 people watching."

You Yan snickered. Duan Yi laughed fawningly as well.

"Whatever I do, I do not need to care about them. It was your bad luck to meet me. Let me tell you this. After I leave, have some sense and ignite your Darkness Breaching Talisman at the next demon you meet, and leave the territory of the Dark North Kingdom. Then I will leave you alone. This is easy for you. I think you won't dare to reject me," You Yan said with a grin.

He was getting rid of Wu Yu directly.

Of course, such resolution from this Prince meant that Duan Yi must have been whispering all sorts of things into his ear.

This was quite a silver-tongued worm.

However, Wu Yu could not possibly agree to what You Yan was saying. His opponent was putting on airs, and treating Wu Yu as a pathetic nobody. Although the Prince was indeed of eminent status, Wu Yu daring to come here was testament that he was afraid of neither heaven nor hell. He had even faced the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord before. Who was this guy?

Therefore, he shook his head firmly, saying, "I'm sorry. It was Army General You Shang who bade me come. If you wish to chase me out, you have to ask him first."

He, too, knew that You Yan was waiting for Wu Yu to contradict him, so that he could have an excuse to attack Wu Yu.

Rather than making Wu Yu leave, he would rather send Wu Yu out himself.

Although many people were watching, he did not care. Contestants could fight here, as long as it did not result in death. This was not against the rules. Some had also been forced out by other participants.

"Impertinent! Blasphemy! You dare to speak thus to the Prince!" Duan Yi's face was black with rage. He was very unhappy with Wu Yu.

From the side, Prince You Yan took this chance and acted like he was going to do something. It was about time.

At this juncture, Wu Yu activated the second tier of his Somersault Cloud mystique. It was already fused with his body, so he could flip away at any time.

He was prepared to leave immediately. He could not be bothered with this meaningless heckling. As for offending Prince You Yan, it could not be avoided. He was being targeted anyway.

If Wu Yu wished to place in the top 10 at the Dark North Battle for Supremacy, he could not afford to be low profile.

In that instant!

But Prince You Yan moved even faster than Wu Yu had expected, acting swiftly and cleanly.

He understood Wu Yu, and knew that Wu Yu would leave immediately. After which, he would not be able to catch him. He should know about the incident of Duan Yi luring the Dark North Emperor Beast.

The Dark North Emperor Beast could not catch Wu Yu, and he had roughly the same speed.

Therefore, he who strikes first wins!

"Heavenly Dragon Soul Lock!" Prince You Yan's eyes changed, suddenly turning inordinately cold! This mystique took effect invisibly. In a flash, Wu Yu's own Eyes of Fire and Gold saw a transparent mystical dragon condense out of the fog!

This was a mystique that attacked one's soul and Primordial Spirit. It was slightly similar to the Blood Weeping World Technique!

The mystique of a prince of the Dark North Kingdom was indeed terrifying. Wu Yu had slightly underestimated him. He was just a tad slower. Although he had already leaped backwards very quickly, all but vanishing from his spot, he could feel that a portion of the mist mystical dragon had entered his body and was brought away with him!

Of course, only a portion had entered, perhaps just the dragon's head.

This sort of attack on one's spirit was hardest to defend against! Most armor dao treasures were ineffective in this scenario.

With a whoosh, Wu Yu was somewhere else. This time around, he called all his clones and burrowed deep down into the sea trench below him, seeking the safety of silt and sand.

He hurriedly hid himself because Prince You Yan's mystique had already entered his body. Such a mystique was hard to expel. For example, the head of the mist mystical dragon continued to swim within Wu Yu's body, a knife that turned and twisted within him. It was not cutting his body, but his spirit!

"I was careless."

He had already prepared very swiftly, but had not expected such a spirit-based mystique attack. It had entered his body to be carried away by him.

He was aghast.

Right now, he had to quickly think of a way to get rid of this mystique.

Prince You Yan and Duan Yi were even more aghast. They had personally seen Wu Yu vanish from before their eyes.

"Your Highness, he escaped from the Dark North Emperor Beast in similar fashion. It's exactly because he has such means of escape that he dares to be this bold," Duan Yi said spitefully.

"However, he was hit by Your Highness' mystique. He must be feeling the pain now."

You Yan said darkly, "Only a portion of the mystique truly hit him. But he's not yet at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, so it will bring him close to death. The problem is that this person can fight so many levels above his own, and has fantastic techniques as well. I think that he must have many secrets about him, and there will be correspondingly many people trying to unravel his secrets. Since he has come here, I have to stay ahead of the others. Just the advanced dao treasure on his person would be valuable enough."

Evidently, Prince You Yan was coveting Wu Yu's legacy.

Wu Yu was the bane of Duan Yi's life, and the hardest rival to deal with in the matter of You Xue. He could not wait for Wu Yu to lose everything, and so he said, "I think so as well. But the elders are too doting on You Xue. It cannot be more fitting for you to personally act and take that legacy. However, the Ghost Sea Prison is so vast. It will not be easy to find him again."

You Yan smiled. "This time, he can't run far. Besides, my Heavenly Dragon Soul Lock mystique is still running amok in his body. As long as I am near, I can discover his location. Although his escape technique is quite good, he will not escape my clutches next time."

There was still plenty of time, and he was not worried.

"We go. To the place that you said before. I want to see how many demons there are. We have dawdled here for a bit. Others must have gotten some gains as well."

"Come with me, Your Highness. I will definitely not dare to lead you carelessly. I have confirmed that place before. Many weak demons hide there, trembling in fear."

You Yan smiled. "Then I will send those wretched scum to hell. Demons and ghastly things are all damned things."


The swimming knife within his body was a slicing pain that was hard to endure.

It was not his body that hurt, but his soul.

All this while, it had only been Wu Yu attacking the spirit of others. This was his first time enduring it. Truly horrifying.

The blinding pain was enough to make him pass out, and also heightened his senses, making him very aware of the pain.

"You don't have a Primordial Spirit, and therefore no way to defend against this attack. It is very difficult to expel. But if you don't, it will continue to wreck your body, and can even allow that dog of a prince to find you." Ming Long frowned.

"You Yan."

Having no quarrel with him before, the prince had forced him onto this path of no return.

"I'll remember this."

There was no status that Wu Yu would ever give unconditional respect to. For example at Immortals Viewing Platform, he had eliminated many super geniuses.

From their initial meeting, he had already tried to kill Wu Yu. He would remember this debt, and pay You Yan back someday. Regardless if he was the prince or not.

Right now, the key was to purge this mystique.

With his soul constantly pricking with pain, and he himself with no Primordial Spirit, how could he purge it?

Actually, You Yan had precisely hit Wu Yu's Achilles heel. At this time, Wu Yu's spirit was very strong, but without a Primordial Spirit to defend against this attack, it would be hard to expel from his body after it entered!

Wu Yu's weak point was one that most people had not thought about.

The opponent must have put some thought into this attack.

Right now, his doppelgangers had quietly returned, and Wu Yu's demon killing speed had dwindled.

The 800,000-strong audience could only pity him after seeing the exchange with You Yan. Hiding now meant that Wu Yu was in danger.

With his spirit constantly under attack, it could pose a threat to his life.

"What now?" Ming Long was also very worried. Wu Yu was pale now, his forehead beading with sweat. He sat cross-legged, his eyes wild.

He had not suffered such a troublesome injury for a long time now.

Before, he had not even known of the existence of his spirit, but now the onslaught of the mystique had highlighted the outline of his spirit. At least he knew which parts hurt. As the mystique ran through his body, all the parts which ached were where his spirit was.

A sinister pain.

After half a day, Wu Yu was very clear as to where his spirit was. He felt its presence like never before, although each sensation was accompanied by agony. His face was already completely bloodless.

Not just his forehead, but his entire body had broken out in cold sweat.

"Hey, what now!" Ming Long wailed.

Wu Yu took a deep breath. And made a crazy decision.

This decision was built on his newfound touch of his spirit.

He gritted his teeth: "Damn it, it's double or nothing. I'll condense my Primordial Spirit and expel this mystique!"

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