Chapter 0075: Supreme Godkiller Art

The fire energy from the ruby rose, creating a small tendril of fire. It was fearsome. In short order, it had scorched the surrounding ground and vegetation. If not for the fact that Jiang Junlin's clothes were made of a special material, they would have been scorched off as well.

"Behold the Firestarter Gem."

While Wu Yu stood there bemused, Ming Long spoke up.

Evidently, it was an immortal treasure, and it seemed even more terrifying than the Gilded Ruler.

"What does it do?"

"Normally, he can store flames within it. If he releases it instantly, he can burn down the entire city," Ming Long informed him indifferently.

"That's ridiculous...."

Wu Yu understood that this was the difficult part about fighting with martial cultivators of high status. Who knew how many more treasures were in his bottomless Sumeru Pouch? Many of them had to be deadly.

The Firestarter Gem was clasped tightly in Jiang Junlin's hand, and it looked difficult to knock out of his grasp.

"If I force him to the limit, he might unleash the power stored in the Firestarter Gem...." Wu Yu was aware that this involved the lives of hundreds of thousands of Capital Wu citizens.


Just at this moment, Jiang Junlin attacked wordlessly with a cold smile. Debris whirled around him! The flames and golden light completely enfolded him.

"Bone-Adhering Fire!"

When the two clashed, Jiang Junlin extended the Gilded Ruler. Just like that, the Bone-Adhering Fire started burning within Wu Yu's body again. 

Instantly, he was completely immolated and swamped by a terribly sharp pain!

"How's that feel?"

Jiang Junlin rushed forward, the Gilded Ruler lancing forward!

In truth, a dao technique like Bone-Adhering Fire was difficult to counter. Wu Yu had not learned other dao techniques, so he could only endure the intensity of Bone-Adhering Fire. He portioned out some spiritual power to create a barrier that stopped the Bone-Adhering Fire from advancing throughout his insides.


In a short time, Wu Yu's Demon Subduing Staff and Jiang Junlin's Bone-Adhering Fire had clashed many times. The opponent had tremendous spiritual power control, and he was very powerful as well. The Gilded Ruler snaked out from all directions, cutting into Wu Yu's flesh at times. He could only hold out thanks to the Invincible Vajra Body!

"Immortal Ape Transformation!"

In this battle against Jiang Junlin, he could not afford to hold back even the slightest.

As night began to fall, Wu Yu turned into the majestic golden ape. Powerful and savage!

Although the Bone-Adhering Fire was burning strongly, it could not penetrate Wu Yu's body and burn his internal organs.


After the Immortal Ape Transformation, his aggression became difficult to control.

"If only I had more dao techniques, I could fight him in another way. But now I'm forced to use this difficult-to-control Immortal Ape Transformation!"

After the change, Wu Yu's defenses were like that of a savage ape. The power of his physical body was augmented with the spiritual power of two spiritual sources. He could indeed clash with Jiang Junlin head on! As they battled, explosions rang out. The city walls began to crumble under their onslaught!

Bang, bang, bang!

The dust and debris flew!

"I never expected this Wu Yu to have actually activated two spiritual sources. That's impossible!" Jiang Junlin had only just discovered that he had underestimated Wu Yu. He recalled that Wu Yu had only just condensed his qi!

After clashing a few times, he felt deeply uneasy.

"Even so, what can he do?"

He had activated four spiritual sources!

He was armed to the teeth with treasures!

If he could not even kill Wu Yu under such circumstances, how could he face the deceased Yuan Chen? How could he return to the Zhongyuan Dao Sect with any sort of dignity?


Jiang Junlin soared through the sky. The Gilded Ruler in his hands actually emitted a brilliant light. He shone like the sun above Wu Yu. That was the result of some plan being put into action! 

"Taste my Zhongyuan Dao Sect's Supreme Godkiller Art!"


The Gilded Ruler cleaved down like a longsword. The blinding light flashed past Wu Yu's vision. His entire world was bathed in gold. He did not know where the real killing blow would come from!

"How incredible!"

In that moment, Wu Yu felt the threat to his life.

This Supreme Godkiller Art specialized at beheading the enemy from an unpredictable angle. If you could not sense the killing intent, and stood there in a daze, then you would lose your head!

"Ming Long has just been awakened, and my journey of dao has only just begun!

"The limitless world awaits I, Wu Yu. Bearing the legacy of the Great Sage and the hopes of Ming Long, I will charge forth!"

In his heart, there were too many things that he wished to do!

In this instant, he was going up against Jiang Junlin. The disgraces of the past aside, at this moment, he was trying to stop Wu Yu's path of dao!

He wanted to kill Wu Yu!


He could hear Jiang Junlin's voice very vaguely. His long robe flared in an impressive manner.

"Where is the killing intent?"

Wu Yu lifted his head.

His life would hang on this decision.

An icy-cold feeling crept up his neck. It was an intense killing intent that he could not avoid.

The Demon Subduing Staff burned like fire in his hands.

"If he is heaven, and this is heaven's judgement, then I will break apart the sky!"

Inexorably, his spirit swelled.

The golden light was too blinding. His eyes were useless at this point.

"Don't see with your eyes. Use your heart to sense the trajectory of the enemy's spiritual power." Although Ming Long was irritating, she was still helpful at crucial times, guiding Wu Yu.

"The trajectory of the spiritual power...."

That's right! Spiritual power!

Although he could not see it with his eyes, the spiritual power in his own body could feel the opponent's spiritual power. The pattern could not be hidden. He was there!

A Staff to Ascension!

With a cry, Wu Yu moved decisively, his staff firmly moving to the spot. Without hesitation, he struck!

If his strike was off, then his head would be separated from his body.

However, Wu Yu not only had the courage of a dao practitioner, but also the belief of one. He moved decisively and surely. He had found the true attack direction of the opponent!

This required strong faith in order to move so surely.


A sharp ringing sound!

The Demon Subduing Staff, using A Staff to Ascension, firmly blocked the fatal attack of the Gilded Ruler. The rebounding strength sent Jiang Junlin flying. He landed on the floor and stumbled, almost falling down!

"My awesome Supreme Godkiller Art was actually countered by you! How did you do it!?" Jiang Junlin was reeling from the shock. This was the second time that he had been stymied by Wu Yu. He suddenly realized that this was a terrifying opponent!

He had to finish him here!

Otherwise, he would become a huge thorn in the side of the Zhongyuan Dao Sect in the future!

Jiang Junlin searched for a killing opportunity. Wu Yu opened his eyes. His gaze was piercing, and filled with a horrifying savagery. Without a word, he shot towards Jiang Junlin like a cannon!

Bang, bang, bang!

Both clashed another few times. This time around, Wu Yu's confidence grew. His overwhelming physical strength kept Jiang Junlin on the retreat. Jiang Junlin's expression grew uglier and uglier.

"He's going to use the Firestarter Gem now."

Wu Yu saw the look in Jiang Junlin’s eyes change, and he knew this.

He owed Ming Long this time. Without her, Wu Yu could not have possibly fought Jiang Junlin head-on like this.

The moment the Firestarter Gem was unleashed, it would spell the doom of the entire Capital Wu. Although Jiang Junlin did not care, Wu Yu really did. This was the home that he had lived in since he was a little kid!

"I've been battling in the Immortal Ape Transformation since the start of the battle. My spiritual power has already been considerably drained. Can I still use the Fixed Body Art?

"And even if I use it, I'm afraid that it will use all my energy. If I cannot defeat him with it, then not only I will die, but the entirety of Capital Wu will perish with me!"

The Fixed Body Art was an ultimate art, but it was not so easily employed. Firstly, he did not know if it would succeed, because he had not fully mastered it. And secondly, he had already used too much energy!

Luckily, Wu Yu still had his physical prowess!

In that instant, Jiang Junlin's expression was malevolent. He was about to open his palm and unleash the Firestarter Gem! 

"By my power, stop!!"

Wu Yu made up his mind. For Capital Wu, he would take the risk!

In that instant, he saw the Unparalleled Monkey King rising up again. He could feel the curious feeling of the Fixed Body Art.

"It actually succeeded again!"

Ming Long was taken aback. Back then, when she had just begun learning it, she had not been able to achieve two consecutive successes.

This was actually extraordinarily difficult.

Wu Yu could feel that his two spiritual sources were almost completely drained of spiritual power by this Fixed Body Art. Suddenly, all he had left was his physical strength!

Wu Yu rushed in front of Jiang Junlin.

The Demon Subduing Staff, channelling the will of A Staff to Ascension, crashed down violently!

Jiang Junlin laughed coldly. He was about to unleash the Firestarter Gem!

In that moment, Wu Yu blew and pounced on Jiang Junlin!


Jiang Junlin was startled for an instant. It was not even a breath of time, not even enough time to blink. He could feel that something was off, but this hesitation had caused him to slow for just a moment.


The lag actually caused Wu Yu's staff to land on his shoulder!


His shoulder bone was smashed to smithereens!

Jiang Junlin howled with pain, dropping the Firestarter Gem in his hand. The entire shoulder was completely broken and would be useless for a while. Wu Yu was anticipating this. He reached out to snatch the Firestarter Gem, taking the immortal treasure for himself. And then his staff lashed out for Jiang Junlin's chest!


This time, his ribcage was smashed!

Jiang Junlin rolled on the floor many times before he could finally stand up. His smashed arm and ribs were severe injuries. He had clearly lost a huge portion of his fighting ability. And although Wu Yu's spiritual power was completely spent, he looked like he was standing strong!


Jiang Junlin quelled the anger in his heart and chose to escape!

Wu Yu's paralysis skill had shaken him deeply. If not for that curious skill, Wu Yu was not his match.

But to continue fighting, even if he had more up his sleeve, was a deadly risk to take. Therefore, Jiang Junlin had chosen to whistle, summoning his Pegasus from the palace. Jiang Junlin immediately leapt to its back and took to the skies!

Wu Yu wanted to pursue, but his spiritual power was completely spent, and he was a moment too slow. Jiang Junlin ascended. Without a spiritual beast, there was no way to chase him down.

"Wu Yu!!"

Jiang Junlin was in great agony. He glared down at Wu Yu with red eyes. Today, Wu Yu had gotten the better of him. The enmity between the two had been thoroughly evened out!

His spiritual power still regenerating, Wu Yu could not pursue even if he wanted to. It was already commendable that he could survive this day.

"How does it feel? Losing to someone you beat before?"

Wu Yu sheathed the Demon Subduing Staff, turning back into his human form. He stood naked on a boulder, and looked up chillingly at Jiang Junlin.

"Return my Firestarter Gem. It's the property of my Zhongyuan Dao Sect. You dare to take it?" Jiang Junlin raged.

"I dare to take even your puny existence. What more of the Firestarter Gem?" Wu Yu laughed, then followed, "The Lifegiving Fruit was grown in Dong Yue Wu, and I'm the Immortal Kingdom Supervisor. It was rightfully mine. If you return the Lifegiving Fruit to me, I'll give the Firestarter Gem back. What say you?"

Jiang Junlin was going mad with anger.

"Wu Yu, the next time we meet will be your doomsday!" He shouted his anger to the skies. His wounds did not allow him to linger. He reared the Pegasus and flew off.

Wu Yu stared at his retreating figure and could not help but laugh.

"Having beaten away this Jiang Junlin, I can finally proceed along my path to immortalhood!"

His future was limitless. And it began here!

Jiang Junlin had put Wu You through so much hardship. If he did not choose to escape, then Wu Yu would have destroyed him for sure.

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