Chapter 0749: Prince You Yan

In the encounter with the Full Moon of Nanshan, from their initial meeting until his escape, Wu Yu had felt something off about the whole thing.

Wu Yu could not tell which of what he had said were truth and lies, including his background.

He asked, "Ming Long, the two mystiques that guy showed. One can hide his body and aura, making him difficult to detect. The other is a phantom mystique. Do you find that strange?"

He was very clear that if his opponent had not overdone things by drowning him in girls, Wu Yu's soul would still have been firmly locked in a stupor within that phantom technique.

After all, Wu Yu did not even have his Primordial Spirit formed.

Ming Long said, "In truth, from the four mystiques that you have, I feel like that demon must have some superb legacy. The one who left it probably had a very high cultivation level, perhaps even close to immortalhood."

"That's pretty powerful." He recalled how close it had been just now.

However, to meet such a demon within the Ghost Sea Prison would indeed be rare.

Therefore, he put this demon aside and continued to hunt the sea region demons.

"With half a year's time, those 10th tier Primordial Spirit cultivators will kill demons much more easily than I do."

After thinking about this, Wu Yu still decided to take the risk and utilize his clones to determine the locations of demons.

The first time he did so, he sent out 50 clones in many directions, while his real body stayed put, letting the doppelgangers do the legwork.

His clones looked very weak, and any demon that came across one might very well attack it. This way, Wu Yu would not only be able to confirm the demon's location, but even their strength. Currently, all he could deal with were sixth or seventh tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm demons. Any higher, and he would not take the risk. After all, the number of weaker demons was higher.

After the 50 clones departed, he very quickly got a result.

One of his clones descended deep into the abyss and was soon discovered by a demon. One attack, and Wu Yu's clone vanished.

Although it was only a brief moment, and he had not even been able to see the demon clearly, Wu Yu could still use this method to determine the demon's strength.


He sped forth.

Wu Yu used the Somersault Cloud, pouring on the speed.

The moment the demon attacked and the clone vanished, he knew that it was a trap. He hurriedly fled.

His speed was not slow, but Wu Yu's Somersault Cloud was extreme in its speed. He zoomed over, and those outside could only see the Shadower in a blur. There were not many among the 1,000 capable of speeds that could make the Shadower blur.

Wu Yu's clone had not been far from his main body, so he still caught the enemy. And as his clone faded, other clones nearby came chasing as well, to pin down the demon's position.

It was a sixth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm demon.

Wu Yu smoothly ended it and obtained his third Dead Souls Net.

This was indeed much more effective!

After tasting sweet results, Wu Yu readily sent out even more clones, but only within the radius that he could reach after discovery.

He basically kept a few hundred clones moving outside.

The upside was that it allowed him to slay demons more quickly.

The downside was that he also met more contestants, and invited their displeasure. They could easily tell that Wu Yu was baiting with his doppelgangers.

And because the competition had just started, many demons were prudent, and many would be suspicious of Wu Yu's clones. They might not attack.

Therefore, although he could kill demons quickly, Wu Yu understood that he was not the fastest here.

After half a month, Wu Yu had seen many others, and had obtained 18 Dead Souls Nets. This figure would probably earn him a spot in the top 50.

Top 50 would not be enough for a prize.

That was not Wu Yu's goal.

Therefore, he knew that he needed a breakthrough.

Of course, a breakthrough was easier said than done. Especially to the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. He knew what a Primordial Spirit entailed.

Within the Great Way of Immortality Art, there was a way to condense one's Primordial Spirit. Ming Long had a way for him to divide out a second Primordial Spirit once he had condensed the first one. But comprehending such a method would be no child's play either.

Crucially, everyone's Primordial Spirit was different in the condensing process. One's most fundamental dao was embedded within one's Primordial Spirit. Therefore, the Great Way of Immortality Art only had the instructions, but the success would depend on Wu Yu.

The soul was something that you could not place, or feel. Only after one's Primordial Spirit was condensed would one be able to feel its presence. In theory, a Primordial Spirit could not die. As long as it had a shell to exist in, a spirit remnant could live on.

For example, Ming Long had been absorbed by the Jingu Bang after she had died in battle.

If Wu Yu were to die as well, he might very well end up as Ming Long's companion.

Wu Yu dearly longed to reach the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. As he fought, he continued to seek dao enlightenment. Although it was effective, it was slower than he had imagined.

After the clones had been sent out, they often came across other martial cultivators. After a few encounters, they learned that these were Wu Yu's clones, and were unhappy. Many had not known about Wu Yu, but gradually got to know him through news on him.

These people truly did not treat Wu Yu with respect. They would casually destroy Wu Yu's clones if they met them.

Being high profile truly offended many.

But this was, after all, a competition, so Wu Yu did not mind.

He continued to keep the speed up. Amongst those of equal ability, his rate of accumulating Dead Souls Nets was indeed at the lead.

Half a year was not a long time.

In half a month, Wu Yu had met a few hundred people at least, but had not even met Duan Yi once.

90% of the time was left.

You Xue was not doing bad either. She had gotten five Dead Souls Nets.

Those in the top 100 were basically all ninth and 10th tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivators. For example, Duan Yi definitely did not have as many Dead Souls Nets as Wu Yu, even though he had an advanced dao treasure.

This time around, Wu Yu had released a few hundred clones, all towards one direction. After getting used to killing demons, his net was being cast wider and wider.

Through this process, he could not move on perhaps half or more of the demons.

Because these demons were at the eighth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm and above.

Although his clones did not meet Duan Yi, surprisingly, his real body did.

Not just Duan Yi, there was another person with him. When Wu Yu's real body appeared here, Duan Yi was respectfully conferring with this person.

Wu Yu immediately saw this person clearly. Clad in a black robe emblazoned with golden dragons, he cut an impressive sight with an intimidating composure. 

This youngster had an incredibly imperial air around him, shining from his narrow, cold eyes. Wu Yu naturally recognized him. He was one of You Xue's three brothers who had entered the Ghost Sea Prison.

Of the three elder brothers, this person was the strongest.

His name was You Yan.

The word “Yan” meant “a dragon flying in the sky.”

This person was at the tenth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. He was near the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm.

Prince You Yan's reputation was fairly huge within the Dark North Kingdom. Although he had not joined the army, his fighting power was undisputed. He was definitely one of the hot favorites contesting to be Dark North Kingdom's ruler!

He had been cultivating for roughly 80 years.

The two spotted Wu Yu at the same time that he spotted them.

Duan Yi assumed that this was Wu Yu's clone, and called for him to piss off with an irritated face. He lifted a finger and shot a blast of black light towards Wu Yu's chest, attempting to pierce through Wu Yu's clone.

However, this was Wu Yu's real body. He casually dodged Duan Yi's attack.

"Your real body?" Duan Yi was surprised.

Normally, if he met a difficult opponent, Wu Yu would quickly call his clones back so that they could attack with multiple dao techniques together.

Wu Yu did not intend to tangle with them. He wanted to leave immediately.

"Stop there." Surprisingly, Prince You Yan called Wu Yu back.

"Prince You Yan, is there something you need?" After all, he was of a higher status than You Xue, and Wu Yu did not want to start trouble with him.

With a cold look, he surveyed Wu Yu and then asked, "I’ve heard much news of you recently. Your baiting draws much attention. Since you have such a good method, tell me how many Dead Souls Nets you have so far."

He said so in a commanding tone that took for granted that Wu Yu would reply.

Wu Yu did not hesitate. "18." 

Duan Yi's eyes widened in displeasure. Evidently, Wu Yu's number was higher than his.

However, Prince You Yan was not that surprised. After all, his current Dead Souls Nets was probably in the top five. He had to have at least 50.

He looked at Wu Yu again, and said tersely, "I hear that you are on good terms with my royal sister. Not just good terms, but even better than that. Is that right? She is very protective of you."

It must’ve been Duan Yi who had blabbed to him.

You Yan seemed to care a lot about this.

Wu Yu was uncowed. "This humble creature saved Princess You Xue's life on the Taigu Immortal Path. We were bonded on the brink of death, but an even better relationship is an exaggeration."

He knew what You Yan wanted to say.

As expected, the reply came. "No matter what your bond is, stay away from my royal sister in the future. If I hear that you're still pestering her, I will throw you into the ocean. Got it?"

Wu Yu still had to depend on You Xue. How could he stay away?

Of course, he had no need to debate with the prince here, so he nodded.

"If there's nothing else, I'll take my leave first." Wu Yu could not be bothered to stay here and be flexed on by this prince.

He made his move.

With a chilling gaze and tone, the prince replied, "Did I say you could leave?"

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