Chapter 0748: A Pig!

"Luo Pin?"

Within the clear water, his mind was blank. It had forgotten many other things, but it knew that he had met the beautiful Luo Pin here.


Even if for a moment, this racy scene was seared into his brain, and his blood pumped furiously.

The view of her back and her turned smile was the most beautiful thing in the world.

However, Wu Yu would see no evil. He chose to firmly shut his eyes.

His mind was a mess. It was completely blank, but now filled with the scene he had just seen. He still had some questions, such as why she would appear before him....

He could not recall what had happened before. He did not know why he was here.

"Wu Yu...." That voice was Luo Pin's. Warm, sexy, and seductive.

She seemed to be near him, her flowery breath and fragrance permeating the clear water and embracing his body....

At this time, he was confused and muddled, but also aroused, excited, and completely bewitched.

His mind was full of that scene.

"Open your eyes." Luo Pin's voice was layered with a pressure that brooked no resistance.

Wu Yu could not refuse. He opened his eyes, and Luo Pin was before him. Her face was smiling as she stretched out her hands and placed them on Wu Yu's shoulders. This caused Wu Yu's heart to flutter wildly. Especially with all that was going on at her chest....

He could not wonder why this was happening....

The warmth of the palm on his shoulder could not be fake.

Luo Pin's mouth was curled in a smile, enchanting, a little bashful, a little dominant.

Wu Yu had longed for her for so long. He was completely unable to control himself at this time.

Luo Pin held him in her embrace, and he was almost swooning. Especially at her chest.

Wu Yu felt like he was dreaming....

At this time, he could not control himself anymore.

Just at this moment, his eyes widened. He saw an even more incredible thing.

Behind Luo Pin, many more dainties appeared. Just like Luo Pin, they were all completely naked, and their arousing figures were each better than the last, each more seductive than the last.

He took a closer look. They were all familiar faces. The Ninth Spirit, with her many charms; the nubile and fiery Nangong Wei; as well as Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas, Princess You Xue, Ji Lingshuang, and many others. Basically all the beauties that Wu Yu had ever met, and they were all the same, lined up before Wu Yu with subservient looks that invited him to do with them as he pleased. They were all devastatingly beautiful and charming. Even Yin Ying, whom Wu Yu had met not long before, was here, looking so shy that Wu Yu longed to consume her immediately.

With so many beauties surrounding him, this was the ultimate happiness.

Each of them looked at Wu Yu with a thirsty look. Their flaring passions were the most compelling point.

Luo Pin alone had been enough to make Wu Yu swoon thoroughly, but this over-stimulation of beauty before him was more than Wu Yu's heart could take. 

It was beyond his imagination. And it was impossible. Also, what he wanted was not excessive. He did not want such a huge crowd of beauties to wait on him. Moreover, the Ninth Spirit was already dead. Wu Yu himself had killed her. How could she be alive? 

"This is wrong! Wrong!"

This problem dismayed him. Although it was difficult to tear himself away from Luo Pin's embrace and this sweetness enfolding him - much like a pauper having to throw away gold - Wu Yu could feel deep down that this was a trap. The more he thought about it, the more fearful he got!

"Wu Yu, you're caught in his mystique!" Finally, he heard Ming Long's voice from far away. Before Wu Yu had discovered this problem, this voice would definitely not have appeared.

"Full Moon of Nanshan! A pig!"

These six words made Wu Yu come to his senses. He recalled everything. Before, his soul had been completely enthralled by his opponent's mystique. Everything he had seen had been a lie.

One of the most disgusting things in the world was to have a great beauty who was hugging you suddenly turn into a man with the head of a pig.

Wu Yu almost threw up.

He understood everything now. He was in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy!

This demon had used an enthralling mystique on him, and it was exquisite as well!

What a ridiculously powerful mystique!

After he broke the spell, Nangong Wei, Princess You Xue, and the others all faded away.

The clear waters around him turned back into dark seawater, gloomy and desolate.

"Not bad, you actually came back to your senses from my mystique. Not bad at all. Perhaps I went too far." The Full Moon of Nanshan chuckled.

Wu Yu knew how terrifying this demon was now. This time, he had shrugged off that mystique purely by luck. If the demon had only used Luo Pin, Wu Yu would’ve still been helpless.

His overdoing had instead allowed Wu Yu to escape.

This showed that the Full Moon of Nanshan was very scary. Such a mystique was definitely effective, and a huge threat to Wu Yu. He would simply escape on the Somersault Cloud from ordinary attacks.

This opponent unnerved Wu Yu greatly.

He knew that it was basically impossible for him to get the Dead Souls Net of this opponent. Therefore, he decided to leave!

"Somersault Cloud!"

Wu Yu immediately used his mystique. Swiftly, the Somersault Cloud fused with his body and he leaped away. One somersault, and he had vanished from the Full Moon of Nanshan's view.

"Damn me, what the hell?" The Full Moon of Nanshan had still been chortling. He did not think that Wu Yu could escape from him just because he had escaped the dream world. But he hadn't even blinked, and Wu Yu had simply vanished.

"You actually escaped from before my very eyes? How is that possible?" The Full Moon of Nanshan was bewildered.

Actually, those watching from outside were equally nonplussed. WhenWu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan met, many turned their attention his way due to his performance from before.

What they saw was that Wu Yu seemed to have been hit by a mystique, and he stood petrified, his expression blank. He was completely in the Full Moon of Nanshan's control.

Wu Yu seemed like he was doomed, but then suddenly he came to and then, curiously, the Shadower whirled. Wu Yu reappeared, but the Full Moon of Nanshan seemed to have disappeared from view.

The Shadower could not show how far Wu Yu had traveled, but the whirling was definitely unusual.

Not just unusual, but impossible!

Before this, Wu Yu had shown off many marvelous skills, such as the clones, the World of the Golden Eye, and the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth. These mystiques were all extraordinary and wondrous. The entire Dark North Kingdom had never seen their like before.

Of course, even the Yan Huang Ancient Country people were amazed, especially as to how Wu Yu had escaped.

Luckily, they did not know how far Wu Yu had gone, or they would’ve been even more shocked.


Actually, Wu Yu had also guessed that those outside must be suspecting his mystique. Therefore, he pretended that he had not gone far. After somersaulting away, he continued to run with speed.

This way, their suspicions might be lessened.

It was just as Wu Yu had guessed. There was much discussion about him, and what legacy he might have. His mystiques were awesome, and each was unique in its own right.

However, there had indeed been many miraculous mystiques throughout the history of the Jambu Realm.

Therefore, the talking point, especially amongst the higher echelons, gradually shifted to the Full Moon of Nanshan, especially between You Shang and You Shi.

The two seemed to have forgotten their past quarrel.

You Shang asked, "Strange. This demon is not from the Dead Souls Sea Region. Why is it imprisoned here?"

Prince You Shi answered casually, "I don't know how he got in either. But since he's in, then we'll wait and see. The Dead Souls Prison has never had a case of releasing prisoners besides through the Dark North Battle for Supremacy. This is his only chance. If he can get enough Darkness Breaching Talismans, it will not be a problem for him to get out."

You Shang nodded.

Prince You Shi continued, "When I first got to know about this guy, he was still very weak, but he was damned good at camouflage. For a few decades he hid well, and now he's actually thriving in the Ghost Sea Prison. That's not easy. The key is that his bloodline is very poor - belongs to the ordinary wild boar type. But strangely, his improvements have been astronomical, and he even has an innate ability to hide his cultivation level. I've met him a few times, and could not figure out his cultivation level. However, in the recent few years, I've noticed something."

"Oh?" You Shang had just been casually making conversation. He had not expected such an interesting tale.

"The other demons of the Ghost Sea Prison are very afraid of him, including many strong demons. We do not have constant surveillance inside, and do not know what happened. I've studied this guy a few times, but didn't see anything special about him. Just someone with an interesting Natural Mystique."

"Afraid of him? Well, what's the quota of Darkness Breaching Talismans you set for him?"

"30. Roughly the same as a ninth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation demon."

You Shang nodded. "Then it won't be easy for him to get out."

Prince You Shi shook his head. "I feel like I set it too low. This guy is cunning, and a specialist in hiding. He might exceed our expectations. I'm somewhat regretting setting it at 30."

"If you let him out, you have to investigate clearly. If he's a genius demon, we can't have him trying to take revenge on us," You Shang said.

"I'm not stupid." You Shi rolled his eyes.

And that was how the conversation ended.

Other Shadowers again clamored for the audience's attention, which switched over.

Over at the Yan Huang Ancient Country side.

Qu Yin nodded. "I'm wanting to bring this Wu Yu back to Yan Huang more and more."

"And then?" Qu Fengyu asked.

Qu Yin said, "Study where all these mystiques and dao techniques of this Demon Sealing Continent guy came from."

"Mm." Qu Fengyu nodded, her gaze blank.

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