Chapter 0747: Full Moon of Nanshan

Even this Dao Querying expert had said that the demons were very strong. This was no easy target.

The young man being led away had probably been forced to use his Darkness Breaching Talisman by that demon.

"Maybe I won't last long, but I've still lasted longer than you. You're the first one out, you're famous now, haha...."

This wretch was about to be kicked out, and was still so talkative. How could Wu Yu let this pass?

"You! Who are you!? What's your name?! I'll sew your mouth shut when you get out! Just you wait!" The youth was just about to leave, and now he was seething after he heard Wu Yu's words.

"Move!" The elder did not give him the chance, pulling him away. Wu Yu waved him off with a chuckle, further fanning his anger.

"You just keep on blustering! If you have the balls, just stay here. You'll be out in a minute too!" he called back as he was brought away.

Wu Yu was rather curious as well. Who was this mysterious demon who had forced out the first Darkness Breaching Talisman and elimination?

This demon might still be in the vicinity.

He used his Eyes of Fire and Gold to sweep the surroundings.

Beneath him was a deep valley, extremely deep. Besides that, it was endless seawater all around him.

Inky black, and often a hindrance to his vision.

Very soon, the elder had led the youth away. He vanished from sight completely, and Wu Yu was left alone again.

Besides the sound of moving water, there was no other sound. This was a patch of dead water, with no life at all.

The demon might have already left.

Wu Yu was constantly on alert. Actually, he had a plan, which was to send the clones out. That way, the efficiency would be higher, and he might increase the frequency of demon encounters.

However, that would draw a lot of attention, and there was no need to do it now. He could still implement it towards the end to quickly find demons and overtake others. Of course, he might do so in a few days’ time, spreading his clones all over like he did on the Taigu Immortal Path.

"I'm just afraid that the clones are too weak, and will be targeted by demons before long, and they'll all be destroyed."

But it was worth a try. He first sent a few dozen clones forth as trial.

After about 15 minutes, no demons had appeared, and Wu Yu made ready to leave.

He was just preparing to leave when he sensed a presence nearby. His instincts told him that a pair of eyes was watching him.

He scanned with the Eyes of Fire and Gold, but all about it was just seawater! Only seawater!

But he was so sure that someone was nearby. It was easy to confirm this. He upped the Eyes of Fire and Gold into the World of the Golden Eye!


Fire consumed his environment!

As he wielded the fire around him, he realized that the presence that he had detected was very close to him! Just a few dozen zhang away!

The World of the Golden Eye was Wu Yu's domain. His opponent had hidden himself extremely well, but Wu Yu still spotted him.

It was a person.

Or at least, in human form.

But Wu Yu knew that this was a demon, even though he did not have much demonic aura and was in human form. Besides, this might very well be the demon that had caused the young man to use his Darkness Breaching Talisman.

By the radiant light of his flames, Wu Yu could very clearly see this "person."

He was wearing long robes with five colors, beautiful and accentuated with precious pearls. The luxurious and grand robes could only be described as beautiful.

But the person was a man.

Looking closer, Wu Yu was stunned. This person was indeed very beautiful. In all his years, he had never seen such a beautiful man. His features - eyes, ears, mouth, nose - were all perfectly shaped, and came together as a work of art. And his pale pink skin was the most compelling of all, as though a few layers of rouge had been applied to his face.

This person was tall and alluring, and his world-class looks would not be easily forgotten by anyone. Of course, Wu Yu could basically confirm that he was a guy. At least his chest was flat.... This was definitely a male demon.

Not only were his features exquisite, but his dress and make-up were pretty and elaborate, as though he were a Chinese opera star. But even those singers were not as striking.

Wu Yu's flames from the World of the Golden Eye made his body glow with heat.

A flimsy gauze blocked the heat of the World of the Golden Eye, and this demon looked like a delicate flower within the flames.

"Little boy, your eyes surprised daddy. What's your name, little boy?" Wu Yu was surprised that a smiling face and beautiful voice were addressing him.

This demon was a strange one. He did not attack immediately after appearing, to decide the battle as quickly as possible. Instead, he was chatting with Wu Yu.

Wu Yu realized that he could not determine his opponent's cultivation level. Before, he had guessed. But this person before him was completely unreadable. He could not sense his cultivation level at all.

But he felt a sense of extreme danger that could not be wrong. Wu Yu guessed that he was at least as strong as the Dark North Emperor Beast.

It was not wise to linger around such a powerful being, but he was actually willing to strike up conversation, so Wu Yu was happy to see what this demon was up to.

"My name is Wu Yu. How about you?" Wu Yu asked mildly.

The demon was startled. "Oh? You're not afraid after seeing me? Not an easy one. Then I won't hold back for you. This humble creature is known as the Full Moon of Nanshan. I was born deep in the Nanshan Mountains, and I gaze at the bright moon. Isn't that very profound? That's right. I gave myself that name. Are you dazzled by how erudite I am?"

This strong demon was a chatterbox.

Full Moon of Nanshan?

This name indeed fit his attractive looks.

However... Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold were excellent at detecting one's true form. After looking through, Wu Yu felt a little embarrassed. His impression of this attractive demon had completely changed. The true form of this demon was a pig.

He was a completely black pig, deformed and vulgar in his looks. Completely different from his fair looks....

Wu Yu had not met many pig demons before.

"Hmm. Isn't this a place for demons captured from the Dead Souls Sea Region? Why would there be a wild boar among the demons of the Dead Souls Sea Region?"

The two demons that Wu Yu had met before were sea region demons. Like the Perennial Shark.

The opponent did not know that Wu Yu had seen through him, and he said, "I came to find you today to ask you something. I am not actually a sea region demon. I was born in the Dark North Kingdom, and was an ordinary member here. I did not do anything bad in my life. I was a good citizen. I couldn't even bear to step on the cute ants. When I was still little, an old man captured me and threw me in here. That was strange, because this place is for captured demons from the Dead Souls Sea Region, right? In the end, I figured it out. The old guy was ferrying prisoners, and he had lost one along the way. Therefore, he used me to bump his numbers. Poor me, I spent most of my precious youth here, and I don't even know what's going on in the world right now. Can you help me let the supervisor outside know? I am definitely an upstanding citizen!"

Could such a tale exist?

If that was truly the case, then this person was to be pitied, to grow up in a demonic place.

However, Wu Yu still had doubts.

He said, "If what you say is true, and you came here while young, how could you possibly live until now, and accomplish what you have done? I can't believe it."

The opponent said in a troubled manner, "Indeed. I didn't expect it either. But since I was young, I was good at hiding, and so I lived. However, in terms of strength, that's impossible. In this Dead Souls Prison, there isn't a single demon weaker than I am."

He affected a pitiful poise.

"Don't believe him. This guy is something special. You couldn't even see him just now. I suspect he has a mystique that prevents anybody from seeing him. If not for the Eyes of Fire and Gold, you wouldn't even know if he was right beside you!"

Ming Long's reminder made Wu Yu realize how much danger he was in. He would not be deceived.

"Don't deceive me. I know how strong you are. I don't believe a word you say. I'm just curious - why did you stop to chat and not immediately fight?" Wu Yu demanded coldly.

The other party started and then laughed. "Spending all this time here has been too boring. There's still half a year left. I'm trying to obtain every single Darkness Breaching Talisman I can in an amusing method."

As expected, he showed his true self after being unable to deceive Wu Yu.

"Little boy, take your Darkness Breaching Talisman out for the handsome Full Moon of Nanshan to see." The opponent skulked over, and Wu Yu could only determine his position with the World of the Golden Eye.

Wu Yu laughed. "If you want it, you'll have to fight for it. In truth, I know you're a pig demon. I don't know why you would appear here, but I know that you're up to no good."

For some reason, the words “pig demon” caused his face to change. He was furious.

Of course, he was also wondering how Wu Yu had spotted him, but his anger overwhelmed his curiosity.

"You dare! I'm angry! I'm actually angry now!" The Full Moon of Nanshan stared at him with large eyes, his mouth screwed up in a pout as his body shook with spasms.

"You're a pig demon, but afraid that others will see your true form?" Wu Yu was very wary. He was about to go crazy.

"Keke...." The Full Moon of Nanshan did not reply. When his eyes met Wu Yu's, the whole world suddenly changed.

Suddenly, Wu Yu appeared in a different place.

All around him was clear seawater.

Before his eyes was a beauty, her back turned. She was completely nude, and those sylph-like curves were breathtaking.

She turned back, dreamlike, and smiled at him. Wu Yu flushed.

It was Luo Pin.

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