Chapter 0746: Twin-Headed Bane

An ebony body, baleful red eyes, and a shrill hiss....

In the realm of poisons, the Twin-Headed Bane's toxin mystique had been refined to an absolute peak of destruction. Such a mystique was enhanced by the medium of seawater, which would help to spread it. It was a powerful mass-killing weapon.

Although this mystique was an ungainly sight, it was highly effective. In the fight between the Dead Souls Sea Region and the Dark North Kingdom, the Dark North Kingdom martial cultivators must have suffered very much at the hands of the Twin-Headed Bane.

Ordinary Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivators could not stop it at all. Wu Yu was currently shrouded by the black toxic liquid. When he turned his Eyes of Fire and Gold on it, he discovered that the toxin consisted of a teeming mass of miniscule black snakes, each the size of a strand of hair. There were billions of them, and they continued to wriggle their way to surround Wu Yu. The immediately permeated Wu Yu's armor dao treasure and attacked his body.

Just the smallest of wounds would be enough for one of these miniature vipers to burrow its way into the body and madly spread its toxins. At the same time, it would chew its way through sinew and bone, through flesh and organ. Within a short amount of time, the Twin-Headed Bane's opponent would be completely hollow, filled only with little vipers.

That was why Wu Yu felt how horrifying this Twin-Headed Bane's mystique was!

It was not just this mystique. The Twin-Headed Bane had already closed in on Wu Yu with speed. In close combat, the Twin-Headed Bane itself was a deadly force to be reckoned with, in complement with his mystique. If not for this demon's cultivation level, which was not yet at the eighth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, Wu Yu would long have fled on the Somersault Cloud.

He could not afford to lag in this battle!

Wu Yu's response was lightning quick. As the opponent's toxins squirted out, he immediately used the World of the Golden Eye!

Many of the demons in the Dead Souls Sea Region were of the frost and darkness affinities, and abhorred the elements of heat and light. Wu Yu's Invincible Vajra Body was supremely resistant against such a mystique. Combined with his World of the Golden Eye, fire shot forth from his eyes, and the golden flames bathed everything around them! The opponent's mystique was completely subsumed within Wu Yu's!

If the opponent's toxin was mere poison, that might have been harder to deal with. However, this superb poison was made of small snakes, which were living creatures of the cold and gloom. In an environment like the World of the Golden Eye, they writhed and hissed, struggling to twist their way out of Wu Yu's body.

Just one World of the Golden Eye alone had suppressed his opponent!

But Wu Yu was also gunning for a highly efficient kill. This was just the beginning!


In the World of the Golden Eye, 1,000 clones sprang forth. The Twin-Headed Bane was thrashing within the World of the Golden Eye, his twin heads lunging for Wu Yu. But now, with 1,000 Wu Yus, he could not tell them apart.

"Blood Weeping World Technique!"

The clones and Wu Yu all used the Blood Weeping World Technique in concert.

The Blood Weeping Monkey's dao technique filled the World of the Golden Eye with shrill shrieks!

The offending Twin-Headed Bane was completely embroiled by this assault!

The Blood Weeping World Technique was a straightforward attack! The Twin-Headed Bane crumbled, keening as he was enveloped by Wu Yu's Blood Weeping World Technique.

This humongous sea snake was thrashing about in the sea region! After writhing for a good while, a few dozen clones took him down.

If not for Wu Yu seizing the initiative, he did not know if he would have been able to take this demon down. After all, the enemy's spiritual power was considerably higher than Wu Yu's, and Wu Yu had to rely on the combined power of a dao technique and the mystiques of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal in order to beat his opponent!

However, it was obviously time to press the attack!

"Holy Elephant Hell-Shocking Technique!"

While the clones' Blood Weeping World persisted, Wu Yu stopped his own and unleashed his new dao technique!

The Holy Elephant Hell-Shocking Technique delivered the fatal blow!

The golden flames still burned strongly within the World of the Golden Eye, and it obscured the vision of anyone outside, but the Shadower on Wu Yu's person still showed everything around Wu Yu clearly to those outside. 

In truth, Wu Yu was currently a hot topic, because out of all the Shadowers outside, many of them were black. Only his was completely golden, raging with flames.

"It's Wu Yu again!"

"What dao technique is he using?"

Wu Yu's body was bathed in golden flames. In order to kill this demon, he had already brought himself to his strongest state. Immortal Ape Transformation, Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, Violent Art, and the 72 Transformations were all added to his Holy Elephant Hell-Shocking Technique and his advanced dao treasure. A towering, golden elephant appeared, descending from above and charging the Twin-Headed Bane.

At that moment, the Twin-Headed Bane had just emerged wounded from the Blood Weeping World Technique, and had barely recovered. The dragons from the 10,000 Dragons Staff and the elephant appeared at the same time, drowning the Twin-Headed Bane in golden light.

And done.

The second Dead Souls Net had been obtained, with no interference.

After killing the Twin-Headed Bane, Wu Yu rapidly stowed his clones and mystiques before submerging deep into the water and heading far away.

He had a feeling that his display here would attract many people over.

However, it was inevitable. If he did not show it today, it would all be eventually revealed as he contested for more Dead Souls Nets anyway.

Here, the most important thing was the reward. If he could enter the top 10, that would be best, but if he could achieve a breakthrough, that would be ideal as well.

Wu Yu had come here to reach the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm.

As he had thought, many of the 800,000 outside had turned their attention his way after he revealed many of his techniques.

After all, the two royal siblings of the Dark Sea Emperor had even quarreled about him.

Wu Yu was definitely stirring discussion.

"I heard that he defeated Gong Shenjun before. Such power is truly considerable."

"This kid's spiritual power is average, but he can't be compared to ordinary Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators. All of his various mystiques and dao techniques are extraordinary! And with that stupendously strong body, he's made up for his fallibilities in spiritual power!"

"I heard that this person has a fairly good legacy. He must hide many secrets on him. How come no one has investigated?"

"How? Firstly, he can even avoid the Dark North Emperor Beast. Second, he's protected by Princess You Xue. Of course, he hasn't been here for long. If he can reveal even more secrets, some might not be able to resist."

Unexpectedly, Qu Yin from the Yan Dragon Army addressed the Dark North royal family with a smile. "Ladies and gentlemen, after the Dark North Battle for Supremacy, I will bring this Wu Yu back to the Yan Huang Ancient Country. I take it there are no objections?"

Evidently, he had seen Wu Yu's shining points. Or perhaps he had other intentions.

Hearing this, Wu Yu's stock rose another level in the general view.

Over at the Dark North royal family's side, You Shang replied, "Yan Qing invited him to Yan Huang as well, but Wu Yu rejected it. Yan Qing also said that he would forbid Wu Yu from putting a single foot into Yan Huang Ancient Country."

Qu Yin laughed. "What is Yan Qing? The Yan Huang Ancient Country is not ruled by him. His words hold no weight."

Yan Qing's status was nothing to sneeze at either, but he was a servant of the Eastern Region Duke, and not the central ruling power of Yan Huang Ancient Country. In terms of status, Qu Yin surpassed him. And therefore, he could openly dismiss him here.

Of course, such a manner of speaking was also a Yan Huang Ancient Country specialty. They seldom held anyone else in high regard.

You Shang smiled thinly. Evidently, he did not wish to let Wu Yu leave, and so he said, "We first have to see if Wu Yu is willing. If he does not want to go to Yan Huang, no one can force him. Yes?"

Qu Yin smiled as well and settled back down. He too knew that the Dark North Battle for Supremacy had just begun, and it was too early to be speaking of such things.

Who knew what developments there would be in half a year's time.

Wu Yu had faded back again, and the brilliant performances of others soon captured the attention of the crowd.

Yet, over at the Yan Huang Ancient Country side, Qu Yin tilted his head towards Qu Fengyu. "Yu Er, have you seen this person before?"

Only now did Qu Fengyu lift her head and look at Wu Yu. She nodded. "In the Taigu Immortal Path."

She still showed no emotion as she spoke.

"I heard that he was with you for a while, but he escaped and came out first. Do you know about his secrets?"

Qu Fengyu shook her head. "It was a short time. I don't know. But he's interesting. Try to bring him back to Yan Huang."

Qu Yin said, "You also think that we should bring him back?"

Qu Fengyu said, "Mm. One should not allow one's fertile waters to flow into the field of others. He was ours in the first place."

"Well reasoned." Qu Yin stretched out his single limb to stroke his beard, smiling.

Wu Yu did not know that his single performance had triggered those outside to discuss his fate.

After fighting the Twin-Headed Bane, he understood that all of the demons here were killers.

The deeper he went, the more demonic auras he sensed.

However, compared to demons, he met other contestants more frequently.

They mostly did not recognize each other, and hurried past.

Occasionally, they would exchange pleasantries.

Wu Yu had obtained two Dead Souls Nets, and this was considered quick. You Xue had only obtained one, and the majority were still empty-handed. Because the demons right now were all well hidden.

However, there were also some who already had three or four.

He was currently advancing in an underwater mountain network.

Suddenly, a beam of red light came from afar. This was a familiar sight to Wu Yu. A Darkness Breaching Talisman!

To think that someone was already forced out so quickly, and it was right beside Wu Yu as well. This meant that there was a very strong demon there!

Wu Yu did not hesitate to charge over with the Swift Art!

He was still some distance away, and the demon seemed to already have fled by the time Wu Yu arrived. All that remained was an elder and a young man. The elder was leading the young man out. Wu Yu did not recognize the young man, but he was a seventh tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivator.

"What are you looking at?" The youngster was still rather belligerent when he spotted Wu Yu. He said, "You wouldn't have been able to hold out long either!"

It looked like he was crushed by his own elimination.

As the elder led him away, he said to Wu Yu, "Leave quickly. There are only demons nearby, and they are very strong."

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