Chapter 0745: Qu Yin

For captured demons that landed here, death in battle was their only fate.

The chances of escaping alive were slim indeed.

Even if Wu Yu did not kill them, others would.

This was the rule of the Dark North Kingdom. The history of conflict between the Dark North Kingdom and the Dead Souls Sea Region was not one that Wu Yu could change alone right now.

Cultivation was plunder. The strong could do as they wished.

The strong preyed on the weak. The strong would survive.

This rule was the most cruel rule of the Dead Souls Prison.

And here at the Dark North, they were the objects of the hunting ground.

Demons were prey.

Of course, they had also given the demons a chance to escape.

"Who are you?" The girl was angry. Although she had been the thief, she felt like she had been metaphorically slapped by this nameless small fry. There were many outside who were watching her, and this shaming definitely raised her ire.

Her huffy manner was pretty cute. After all, good-looking people always looked pretty adorable....

However, Wu Yu did not bother to reply. His goal was to get more Dead Souls Nets, so he simply brushed the question off with a wave. "If you can catch me, I'll tell you."

Saying thus, he turned and left, vanishing in a flash.

He was not afraid of offending people either.

After all, this place was a contest. How could there be meaning without competition? Rather than being timid, why not try a more frank approach? Offend all who should be offended.

Wu Yu could not be bothered to learn who this person was, or how she was feeling right now. He continued onwards, looking for the next demon.

He did not know that his snatching of the Dead Souls Net had attracted quite a lot of attention outside.

Firstly, there were only a few dozen who had already obtained a Dead Souls Net.

And the person who had contested his kill was of a high status indeed. This girl was the daughter of the lord of the Eastern City of Ice and Fire, a city of equal importance and scale as the Immortal City of Northern Frost.

The City Lord of the City of Ice and Fire guarded the eastern region, in deterrence against many nations in the Northern Hell Snow Continent.

In the east side of the Dark North Kingdom, the City Lord's daughter's authority was absolute, given how removed they were from the central powers. Not many dared to treat her this way.

A few dozen people, including the City Lord and some important family members, had come to watch. The City Lord of the City of Ice and Fire would naturally watch his own daughter from start to finish.

He also saw Lan Yu's tantrum, and her inability to catch Wu Yu.

Naturally, the City of Ice and Fire's City Lord was not happy, and the faces of those around him were displeased as well. He asked, "Does anyone know who that boy is? How audacious, to stir my daughter into such a rage."

Not far away, there was a middle-aged man sitting upright and still, clad in a long, black robe and wearing a severe expression. He had a beard and slanted, narrow eyes, and his seating position indicated that he was also an elite of the Dark North Kingdom, and a very powerful person. In the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm, he was a famous name.

He looked at the City Lord of the City of Ice and Fire and said, "I have a strange relationship with that person."

"Esteemed Brother, you know him?" the City Lord with the short-cropped, blue hair asked. This person was not one to anger. He sat in guard at the Eastern City of Ice and Fire, and had never had a breach before.

And anyone he would address as “Esteemed Brother” would naturally be an important person of the Dark North Capital. The Master of Justice!

The Master of Justice oversaw law and order in the entire kingdom, and his power was incredible.

He gave a dry smile and said, "Brother Lan must have heard of this person before. He's got a bit of a reputation. The one from the Demon Sealing Continent who Princess You Xue brought back. Named Wu Yu."

The City Lord of Ice and Fire was amazed. "So it's him. No wonder his performance was outstanding." He had heard that Gong Shenjun had been defeated by this person before, and had paid some attention to him.

This Wu Yu was quite the famous person in the Dark North Kingdom right now. The most extraordinary thing was that he had yet to reach the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm.

He found Wu Yu's Shadower and took a look. Wu Yu was currently focused on searching for demons. Before, quite a few people had been watching him. But now that others had met demons as well, not many people were watching Wu Yu.

Something suddenly occurred to the City Lord of Ice and Fire. "That's not right!" He said questioningly, "This person came from the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. According to the rules of the Dark North Battle for Supremacy, those not of the Dark North Kingdom are forbidden from participating. Even the outsiders of the Dark North Tribe only have a few slots which they must fight for. How did this Wu Yu, who is neither of the kingdom or tribe, come to be in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy?"

This bunch of people were a candid and fiery bunch, and voiced their suspicions loudly. It attracted quite a lot of attention. Right now, many of the spectators only dared to confer in hushed whispers, afraid to raise their voices.

Hearing this, the Master of Justice gave a wry smile. "I don't really get it either. I heard that it was Army General You Shang's decision, and this person used a slot from the Dark Sea Army."

Hearing this, he turned to You Shang, his smile still fixed on his face.

Many had turned towards You Shang now. He was a member of the royal family, and therefore at the highest position here, seated at a corresponding peak. Beside him was the organizer of the Dark North Battle for Supremacy, Prince You Shi, who did not understand it himself. Many people turned questioningly towards him, and Prince You Shi frowned slightly. "Royal Brother, is this true? This Wu Yu person is an outsider?"

He had focused most of his energy at the Dead Souls Prison, and had not really watched over the Dark North Capital and the name list. There were layers upon layers of checks, and he had never had problems before.

You Shang had long anticipated these questions. Without any change of expression, he answered their questioning looks. "The Dark Sea Army has 33 places. As the Army General, my responsibility is to assign these places fairly to the most outstanding youngsters in the entire Dark Sea Army. Wu Yu meets the criteria. Naturally, I considered giving him a place."

Prince You Shi had a stern face. "But this person is not from the Dark North Kingdom! How can he take up the cultivation resources of the Dark North Kingdom?"

You Shang did not budge. "Firstly, I am only concerned that the places go to the geniuses of the Dark Sea Army, and not where they are from. Secondly, who says that Wu Yu is not of the Dark North? When he came to the Yan Huang Ancient Region, he came directly to the Dark North Kingdom, and entered the Dark Sea Army. In that case, he's part of the Dark North."

This clash between the siblings was closely watched by many of the 800,000 spectators, especially because it slightly involved the Yan Huang Ancient Country.

Prince You Shi had not expected You Shang to prevaricate like this. Although it sounded very reasonable, he was dodging the issue.

He stood up, saying, "It is against the rules for one not of Dark North Kingdom to participate. It cannot be allowed. I will pull Wu Yu out."

You Shang stood up as well. Since he had given Wu Yu a spot, he naturally would not let his decision be interfered with. "No."

This struggle was even more exciting than what was happening below. Approximately 70,000 people turned to watch them.

Suddenly, the Yan Dragon Army’s General Qu Yin spoke up.

"You Shi, don't be so hard-headed. Since there's one of our Yan Huang Tribe in your mix, doesn't that become more interesting? This is a good chance to see how our Yan Huang Tribe descendants fare in your Dark North Tribe territory."

He had come from the Yan Huang Ancient Country, and therefore had a special status.

You Shang laughed. "Senior Qu's joke is amusing. Wu Yu is now one of the Dark North Kingdom's people. Of course, no matter whose he is, he should only come out in half a year's time."

The ones who really wanted Wu Yu removed were the City Lord of Ice and Fire, the Master of Justice, and You Shi. But involving so many people in the quarrel had changed the nature of the issue. After all, this was a dignified occasion, and Ancestor Yang from above You Shang and the others said, "Since it has already begun, let him remain. He will not affect the final outcome anyway."

In the Dark North Battle for Supremacy, the most important were the top 10 places.

With the elder weighing in, Prince You Shi could back down gracefully as well, and the matter was smoothed over.

However, this indeed drew much more attention to Wu Yu.

And at this time, many people were watching Wu Yu.

Not long after Ancestor Yang spoke up, Wu Yu met another demon.

Perhaps because he looked just too weak....

However, Wu Yu's opponent this time around was no weak daisy.

This time, Wu Yu had descended into an underwater trench. He slunk around for a while but found nothing.

But soon enough, he felt a deadly intent behind him.

This deadly intent had appeared very suddenly, and very close to him. It was from the silt right beneath his feet.

He saw two massive red lanterns below him. An eerie sight. A closer look revealed them to be two vermilion eyes.

Before he had time to react, another two vermilion eyes appeared. A total of four.

"Two demons?"

Just as Wu Yu was prepared to fight two opponents, the demon sprang up from below and attacked!  It was a colossal, venomous snake! The head was split into two triangular snake heads!

This was a sea snake!

The vipers of the sea were fairly common, and they turned into demons pretty frequently as well.

This viper demon was clearly much more ferocious than the Lobster Emperor. It had been hiding here to ambush martial cultivators, and immediately used its mystique. The two mouths opened and unleashed a huge volume of black mist that clouded the seawater, mixing and spreading.

This was evidently a mystique that would bring the pain!

"Twin-Headed Viper!" many people who were watching Wu Yu exclaimed when this demon appeared.

Evidently, this Twin-Headed Bane had a vicious reputation from before.

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