Chapter 0744: Lobster Emperor

Wu Yu still did not know how wide the area of the Ghost Sea Prison was.

But he knew how deep it was. From the start, he had headed down diagonally. Although not at a great pace, he reached the sea floor after half a day.

In such an open sea region, it was very difficult to find a place to hide oneself. And there were many marine trenches, underwater forests, and even mountainous landforms at the sea bed of the Ghost Sea Prison, which all served as hiding spots.

Therefore, a majority of the demons were here at the sea floor. Logically, one would have a higher chance of meeting demons the deeper one went.

And that was why Wu Yu was currently at the bottom of the sea.

There was a thick, black silt here at the bottom, which hid many demons. Wu Yu began to search with his Eyes of Fire and Gold. Many others were searching as well. But this was just the beginning, and the demons were all well-hidden - it would not be easy to find them.

Most of the time, it was the demons who would come knocking.

However, it was said that as the half-year time limit approached, the demons would also panic and come of their own accord.

"Actually, the weaker participants and demons find it easiest to find an opponent. Given my current cultivation level, any demon who I pass will definitely take notice. Whereas the stronger cultivators will see their opponents turn tail."

That was why Wu Yu felt that the chances of him meeting a demon would be relatively higher. Besides, he had the Eyes of Fire and Gold.

Some strong demons were rumored to have multiple Dead Souls Nets on them. This was also possible, and the rules had also been changed for the recent few iterations. Previously, all demons only had one Dead Souls Net, whereas the stronger demons would have a few. Otherwise, no one would be interested in fighting the stronger demons.

Actually, Wu Yu still looked like a Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator. Someone of his level had never appeared in the Ghost Sea Prison before.

Even with the Eyes of Fire and Gold, his vision was limited. After all, the darkness of this deep sea was just too impenetrable. And the plants, rocks, silt, and ground here were all black as well.

There was nothing much for him to be scared of. Others were afraid of attracting strong demons, but Wu Yu was not. Therefore, he immediately pulled out the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff, growing it to a size of more than 10 zhang long. He thrusted this huge 10,000 Dragons Staff into the silt and started to roll it.

"Demons? Come on out." Right now, all 1,000 people were being watched. Even though he was causing trouble right now, not many people were looking at him.

However, such a big commotion would definitely cause all the demons in the area to notice him.

It was said that there were actually many demons in the Ghost Sea Prison, but they were hard to come across because they were hiding. They had spent 10 years here looking for ways and means to hide. How could such elaborate preparation be easily undone?

However, they saw the very obvious Wu Yu, and he was even holding an advanced dao treasure! A Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator to boot. He would definitely stir the hearts of all the demons. Some demons might only need 10 Darkness Breaching Talismans.

Wu Yu's baiting technique was not one that others could copy. And, as expected, it was wondrously effective. He had just started and he already felt a demonic aura fill the air. Some big demon was approaching.

He looked up to see a pale man emerge from the murky silt and gloom. This demon had been hiding in the deep sludge in his human form. If he had not revealed himself, he would have been hard to find indeed.

Generally, demons had bulky bodies. When they were hiding, they would often assume human form.

This person's skin looked a little armor-like. This was a shell-type sea region demon. There were many life forms in the sea region, and subsequently many that turned demon.

At least compared to the demons in the Yan Huang Ancient Region, there were many more varieties.

"Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator? With an advanced dao treasure?" the demon rasped. His voice seemed to have been in disuse for decades, and his eyes were lifeless as well.

Having gone to such pains to snag a demon, Wu Yu was in no hurry. Firstly, he retrieved the 10,000 Dragons Staff, then he slowly approached the demon while sizing him up.

After all, the opponent was a demon from the Dead Souls Sea Region, and had been imprisoned here for many years. The savage, murderous air emanating from his body could be clearly felt, even though the demon was trying to hide it.

If not for the rules, they would naturally like to kill Wu Yu and the others.

Wu Yu did not reply, and soon came to stand before the demon.

"Ready to break your Darkness Breaching Talisman?" the opponent croaked. His harsh voice was grating to the ear, and particularly uncomfortable.

"That depends if you have the ability."Wu Yu peeked and saw a Dead Souls Net twined around his body. If he seemed to have souls lingering around him, it should be a Dead Souls Net.

"Keh." The demon chuckled, and sprang into action. He was decently fast, and sprang towards Wu Yu. At this time, he had not even changed into his true form.

The opponent was seriously underestimating him. Wu Yu lazily swung his staff with deceptive slowness. Just as the opponent reached him, he brought it crashing down on his head. This abrupt strength gave the demon a fright, and he quickly retreated. But he had still been hit.

"Strange. How did you conceal your cultivation level?" The opponent was even paler than before now, clearly surprised. However, this did not scare him off. Only now did he pull out his true form.


The peaceful sea was stirred with hidden currents.

What appeared before Wu Yu was a huge, pale... lobster.

This pale lobster was huge. Each feeler was as large as Wu Yu's staff’s size just now. A pair of huge pincers served as massive weapons, and his entire body was encased in shell armor. The pale shell gave off the vibe of a dao treasure, and its specialized defensive capabilities made it even more resilient than a dao treasure.

The Dong Yue Wu Kingdom was a coastal country, so Wu Yu had seen many lobsters on his dining table. He had even seen huge lobsters before, but a demon-sized giant lobster was quite horrifying. It was a killing machine, a tyrant of the seas. 

Fortunately, this demon's cultivation level was not high. It was considered one of the lowest here. That was why he did not have many Dead Souls Net.

"I am called the Lobster Emperor. Be wise now, and quickly break your Darkness Breaching Talisman. Don't force my hand, or you'll be in trouble." The opponent tried to intimidate Wu Yu after revealing his true form.

Of course, this was no use against Wu Yu.

At this time, something unexpected happened.

That was the appearance of a third person on their battlefield.

That person must have hurried over after noticing the commotion.

This was a young woman in long, blue robes. She moved with grace despite her youth, and her light-blue hair was gorgeous. Just looking at it, one could feel the frosty energy it radiated.

Of course, more than 300 women had entered the Ghost Sea Prison out of the 1,000. These 300 women were all the young elites of the entire Dark North Kingdom. Each was a worldly beauty in their own right, and all 300 were in the running as the great beauties of the world.

Even so, this girl would rank well within the 300. She belonged to the higher circles, and was exceptional in quality, looks, physique, ability, and cultivation level. Especially that slender and tall figure, which qualified her as a great beauty.

Wu Yu did not know her status.

But he could see that she was an eighth tier Primordial Spirit cultivator, and someone that Wu Yu could not best yet. Especially with his physical advantage diminished, the tremendous disparity in their Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy made it punishing for him to close the gap of seven tiers.

However, he knew her intention. This girl had not even looked at Wu Yu since she arrived, but was locked on to the Lobster Emperor. She attacked.

"Kill stealing?" Wu Yu was dismayed.

Of course, she had the right. This was one of the highlights of the Dark North Battle for Supremacy, which would draw attention. Only the one who delivered the final blow to the demon could obtain the Dead Souls Net.

The Lobster Emperor had spotted the new enemy even before Wu Yu. He had already turned and fled the moment she showed herself.

Evidently, he knew that he was not her match, and he could only flee for his life.

But he was too late. Although he had a head start, she was already close. He had already revealed himself, and it was hard to shake off an opponent that was so much more powerful than he was. 

In a flash, she had turned into a streak of blue light that shot past Wu Yu.


Wu Yu was never worried that he would lose to anybody in terms of speed. Although he had a slower start, just the combination of the Swift Art and the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth alone allowed him to pass the girl, and he now appeared above the Lobster Emperor.


Wu Yu did not hold back.

A shift from the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, and he turned into a one-zhang-tall giant. His 10,000 Dragons Staff also grew with him!

The Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth tripled Wu Yu's strength.

Even without the Violent Art, his physical strength and Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy alone combined to bring the advanced dao treasure down on the demon's head!


The dense shell of the Lobster Emperor was smashed with a dull thump, and the Lobster Emperor was killed immediately!

Wu Yu casually took the Dead Souls Net and put it in his Sumeru Pouch. As he turned back, the girl had just caught up to the sight of the Lobster Emperor's corpse sinking to the seabed.

Wu Yu had acted too quickly and too powerfully for the blue-haired girl to react.

The two looked at each other, and Wu Yu gave a small smile. "Sorry, you're too slow. I'll be taking this Dead Souls Net."

She had intended to snatch Wu Yu's opponent, but was surprised by this turn of events.

But now Wu Yu's words roused her ire.

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