Chapter 0743: Ghost Sea Prison

Armed with a Shadower and a Darkness Breaching Talisman, the Dark North Battle for Supremacy was ready to begin.

From above in the sky, Prince You Shi declared, "Everyone knows in your hearts how important this event is. Everyone knows how they should conduct themselves. You little bastards should know better than I do! Final words: this Dark North Royal Obelisk is in my hands. Who will be its new owner? We will be waiting! And watching!"

Speaking of the Dark North Royal Obelisk, it immediately raised a stir amongst the competitors. This was the most superb of advanced dao treasures, close to a seraphic dao treasure. There were many people present, but those that had a seraphic dao treasure were few.

Legend had it that there were sky palaces which held the weapons of the gods. That caliber of weapon did not exist in the Jambu Realm. In the current Jambu Realm, except for those that no one knew about, seraphic dao treasures were the absolute best.

The Dark North Royal Obelisk was also Wu Yu's ultimate goal this time.

Even the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm cultivators were filled with envy when they heard the Dark North Royal Obelisk being announced. In truth, if they had the opportunity, they would’ve also liked to contest for the Dark North Royal Obelisk.

The Dark North Royal Obelisk was innately strong, and also had a halo around it. It was the dao treasure that the Dark Sea Emperor had used!

Right now, the Dark Sea Emperor was close to immortalhood, and it was said that he was just one Great Trial of the Immortal Dao away. Right now, he was not yet advanced in age, and he still stood a fair chance of reaching immortalhood. The emperors of many countries all stood a fair chance of attaining immortalhood.

"Ghost Sea Prison, begin!" Just as everyone was salivating over the Dark North Royal Obelisk, Prince You Shi's thunderous voice boomed out again, almost like a command. Instantly, everyone charged towards the center of the black crystal platform, where a deep trench had appeared!

They could hear the gushing sounds of seawater.

In a flash, even the ground beneath Wu Yu's feet had given way, and the 1,000 of them were immediately plunged into the bottom of a cloudy sea. This was the Ghost Sea Prison!

One of the prisons where demons were held.

The Ghost Sea Prison seemed deathly silent, as though there was not a single living thing around.

The 800,000 people above could see that a circular hole had appeared in the black crystal, and the Ghost Sea Prison was revealed beneath it!

"I declare the start of the Dark North Battle for Supremacy! Give us a good show, you bastards. Bring glory to the Dark North! See you in half a year!"

Prince You Shi's yell was like the horn of war blown for the 1,000 of them. They rushed and pushed past each other to go in first. They all descended into the deep sea.

After they entered, the black crystal above their heads reformed, and the entryway shrank.

"Let's go, Wu Yu." Yin Ying was very excited as she dived deeper.

Wu Yu had already made his preparations. He lifted his head towards the end to regard Qu Fengyu. Her face was still emotionless, staring straight ahead. She reminded Wu Yu of a puppet from the tomb.

"I must be overthinking this. If that's the case, the Yan Huang Ancient Country experts would definitely have long identified it. How could I be the one to discover it?" He shook his head. Since she did not seem to recognize him, he would not go and interact with her either.

He immediately sank down into the Ghost Sea Prison with the others.

Before long, the crystal above his head began to close, until it was completely formed. Prince You Shi disappeared from his vision as well.

The Ghost Sea Prison was actually below the crystal.

After the passage closed, the entire Ghost Sea Prison was deathly silent. Not a sound could be heard, and the seawater was all silent. There were few currents, and the sea was pitch-black all around them. It was like ink, a gloomy and sinister scene that gave off a chilling feeling even if one was above the surface.

This was a hellish world.

And then Wu Yu could feel a slight pricking pain on his finger. Looking down, he saw that the Shadower was currently activated, and a crimson spirit design winked a few times before it reverted to its usual state. Wu Yu knew that this meant that the Shadower was active. The 800,000 people above him could watch the caged struggles of Wu Yu and the others while laughing and chatting.

This was interesting indeed.

There was no need to care about the Shadower for now. After all, there wouldn't be many people actually paying attention to him.

As his gaze swept past his surroundings, he realized that the Ghost Sea Prison was huge in scale, and very deep at that. He could not see the bottom, and the darkness of the seawater turned everything a dusky shade. Even with the Eyes of Fire and Gold, he could not see very far. It was said that there were many spirit designs in effect here that were supposed to target the demons. They made it hard to orientate oneself in the seawater, to determine direction, and even know which way was up and down.

Now that they were inside, these spirit designs would affect them as well.

"And that's because of the Dark North Battle for Supremacy. I hear that usually, there is a spirit design in the seawater that gives it a rotting effect. Therefore, demons trapped here will face constant decay, and be in a constant state of decay and regeneration. That is why the demons here are all extremely grotesque. Of course, they hate us deeply." Yin Ying was beside him now. Looking at the cold and gloomy Ghost Sea Prison, she was a little apprehensive as well.

As they entered, everyone rushed to get more Dead Souls Nets. They were still very confident, and quickly scattered to the rest of the Ghost Sea Prison.

Some had even started fighting already.

There were many demons in the Ghost Sea Prison. They were currently all hiding in ambush. In order to leave this place, they would definitely be even more prudent than Wu Yu and the others. All the demons here harbored hatred in their hearts, and were not easy to deal with.

Wu Yu did not bid You Xue stick with him, but left her free to hunt. After all, everyone outside was watching.

As for Yin Ying, she had already asked Wu Yu on the Underworldly Skeletal Warship if he wanted to go with her. Although having this beauty alongside him would brighten his journey, Wu Yu still turned her down. He was here to get the best rewards. If Yin Ying tagged along, she might affect his progress. And she was in no danger either. She was here to train. If she was in over her head, she could just use the Darkness Breaching Talisman to leave.

She knew Wu Yu's intentions as well, and so she said, "Then I'll be leaving first. Take care."

"You too. Use the Darkness Breaching Talisman if you have to."

"Don't worry. I don't want to die here. That would be too embarrassing." Yin Ying tittered. Very quickly, she turned and was lost to the murk.

Perhaps because of the spirit design, Wu Yu realized that he had completely lost track of her after just 100 zhang.[1] It was said that those outside could see one li[2] around them clearly thanks to the Shadower.

Demons were mostly hidden in the deeper parts of the sea, and there were even complex terrestrial formations, such as underground mountainous networks, forests, cliffs, and marine trenches. The demons were hidden within and would not easily show themselves. Only towards the end, when the time ran low, would they be worked up into a frenzy.

Right now, it was too dangerous to face the madness.

Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold had reached a very developed state, so he could see many things. This was a huge advantage for him.

Those around him had headed for further, deeper places. He, too, chose a direction, and dispersed with the other participants. There should be no one within a li of him.

After adapting, Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold could see a rather long range in the murky waters. He could see close to half a li, and he would probably be able to see more after adjusting further.

Before he entered, he had been boiling over with enthusiasm, but now he was calm after entering this saturnine world.

"This is not just a matter of a day or two. This is a half-year affair! The key is endurance, and aggressiveness!"

Wu Yu had asked before. He knew how many Dead Souls Nets the champions of each decade had obtained.

The number would not differ too drastically.

However, the participants this time around were said to be slightly stronger than usual, and there had been many demons caught in this last decade as well.

"Let's begin!" Wu Yu said as he drew further and further away.

He wondered if anyone had already met demons.


Dead Souls Prison.

More than 800,000 people were currently watching the crystal platform below.

At this time, 1,000 obsidian spheres had appeared above the crystal platform. Each had a radius of a li or so, and seemed to be filled with black seawater. Of course, the seawater looked much lighter in this one, and the audience could see a person at the center of each sphere, as though they were trapped there. Their every action was being recorded.

This was the footage from the Shadower.

Those with higher status or abilities were placed in central locations, such as the royal family, including Princess You Xue. They were in the center dozen or so.

Wu Yu was in a corner, and while everyone was watching the main 100 or so, there were a few who would watch Wu Yu in the corner.

"There! They met a demon there, and are fighting it!"

"There's one there too! That's Princess You Xue! Who would have thought the little princess would meet a demon so quickly. And such a strong opponent! Let's see how Princess You Xue handles this!"

"They're fighting there too. The Shadower is truly awesome, it can even see the demons clearly. Is that a Ghost-Stallion Fish?"

The Dark North Battle for Supremacy quickly heated up.

"Who's that? He's already got a Dead Souls Net!"

"You don't know? That's the son of the Li Heavenly Province lord, he's in the Dark Sea Army as well. Called Duan Yi."

"So it's him. He's really fast. Seems like he's gunning for top 10!"

"Everyone is gunning for top 10. But who will get it?"

From their positions up above, they could see everything clearly. To them, this Dark North Battle for Supremacy was very interesting indeed.

But to Wu Yu, all he saw was a wall of silence.

1. 1 zhang=3 ⅓ meters or 3.645 yards

2. 1 li=500 meters or 1640 feet

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