Chapter 0742: Guests of the Dead Souls Prison

When the Underworldly Skeletal Warship entered Dead Souls Prison, 800,000 pairs of eyes immediately turned to it.

It was an opulent setting within.

The space within was huge.

Standing on the deck and looking out, all they could see was a vast platform directly below them, with a shining black crystal flooring. It was plain and sparkling, and could fit an ordinary castle of the Dark North Kingdom on it.

This black crystal platform was the center of the egg.

On all four sides of this platform were the 800,000 seats.

The seats were layered on top of each other, and there were at least 100 layers.

Looking out, the dense arrangement of 800,000 seats in orderly fashion was a grand sight indeed!

More importantly, each seat was made of precious treasures. The configuration of black and gold was luxurious and also adorned with many intricate spirit designs that would allow a seat to change shape and color to suit its owner's wishes. For example, some girls preferred their chair be a soft pink, and fresh flowers and plants even bloomed beside it. 

The higher the seats went, the grander they were, and the larger the chairs. From a higher position, the black crystal platform could be seen more clearly. One had a superior, heavenly feeling of looking down on all life.

Naturally, those with a higher station, status, or ability would be seated at the higher positions. They would not let others be above their heads.

The Underworldly Skeletal Warship came into a mostly full house. A few were still on the Underworldly Skeletal Warship, and would take their places soon.

You Shang steered the warship onto the black crystal. On his order, the 1,000 people descended. There were no seats for them here.

The 1,000 descended onto the crystal platform, watched by everyone.

Luckily, there were 1,000 people, and the ones who were being watched closest did not include Wu Yu. He blended in with the others and escaped the brunt of the pressure.

The Underworldly Skeletal Warship escorted the important people of the Dark North Capital to their respective places. Of course, those like Bian Xuesha of dark north general level still had to quietly make their own way.

Although there were many people, each seat was already designated. There had been 10 years to prepare, so no mistakes would be made.

As for the positions, they basically embodied the strict hierarchy of the Dark North Kingdom.

Of course, guests who had come from afar had rather decent seats as well. 

Finally, everyone had disembarked from the warship, and You Shang put it away, returning to his own position. Beside him were the eminent members of the royal family, each a mover and shaker in their own right.

His younger brother was the host and organizer of the Dark North Battle for Supremacy. The master of the Dead Souls Prison, Prince You Shi, was beside him.

You Shang was cool and aloof, while Prince You Shi had a head of messy hair and a wild look. He was burly and looked mentally tough. He wore a long robe, and looked like a person who did not bother with trifles. Not an easy person to deal with. In the Dead Souls Prison, there were sea region demons who had been held for countless years, and many were murderous types. To sit in this position and hold all these demons in check required a merciless character.

However, there were simply too many people here right now.

Looking out, there were people everywhere. It confounded the eye.

Right now, all that remained on the crystal platform was the 1,000 contenders, for everyone to look at.

The 800,000 were all sizing them up. The overwhelming number of people created a cacophony of voices that made one dizzy.

In this half a year, they had come to enjoy the Dark North Battle for Supremacy.

Wu Yu swept his Eyes of Fire and Gold over these 800,000 people and was stunned. Even with 800,000, the number of those at the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm was not small. Those without connections to powerful families or experts, and had come here on their own merit, would at least be at a dark north general's level.

Chiliarchs and the like had no place here.

This place was not only filled with the finest of the sub-100-year-old talents of the Dark North Kingdom, but also a congregation of the Dark North experts, including a few that were close to immortalhood.


This fired Wu Yu's passion a little as well.

Although he was insignificant and weak at this time, he wanted to perform well to show these people....

Right now, those who were being discussed were the strongest contestants, the ones at the 10th tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm.

As Wu Yu looked out, he found it difficult to see those at the highest positions, such as Ancestor Yang, You Shang, and the others.

"There's Yan Huang Ancient Country people here?"

Wu Yu very quickly spotted them.

After all, Yan Huang Ancient Country people had a superior presence about them, compared to those from other kingdoms. They felt like they were superior, and indeed they had the quality. Therefore, of all the guests, they had the best positions, almost on par with You Shang and the others.

A few hundred people had come from the Yan Huang Ancient Country, and this was a great show of respect already. Amongst those who had come, they were mostly important people that Wu Yu did not recognize.

However, he had seen somebody who he recognized.

Wu Yu had met this person at the Dong Sheng Divine Continent before.

He had golden hair and a single arm. He was Qu Haoyan's father, the army general of the Yan Dragon Army!

He had not expected to meet him here.

He was an important elite of the Yan Huang Ancient Country.

However, there were too many people of such caliber here today. Therefore, even though he was present, he was not the most eye-catching one.

Wu Yu only paid special attention to him because he was from the Yan Huang Ancient Country.

Wu Yu still remembered that his son, Qu Haoyan, and his daughter, Qu Fengyu, had come back from the dead at the Taigu Immortal Path.

Thinking thus, he saw another person who made him start.

She had been blocked by the Yan Dragon Army General before, so Wu Yu had not seen her. She was actually just beside him.

She was Qu Fengyu!

If not for the news that they had returned from the Taigu Immortal Path at the last moment, Wu Yu would already have forgotten that such a person existed.

When he looked more closely, Qu Fengyu still looked the same, unchanged. But Wu Yu could feel that her aura was slightly different. Right now, she was looking forward seriously, her face blank and unmoving. He did not know what she was looking at.

Wu Yu recalled that he had once seen her corpse.

The dead had returned to stand before him anew. That sort of feeling was uncanny.

He even felt a little breathless.

"She's very threatening. Best not to look at her," Ming Long reminded him.


Qu Fengyu had probably followed her father here.

Fortunately, Qu Haoyan and the others had not come.

But Qu Fengyu lingered in Wu Yu's mind, not because of how strong she was, but because of that memory of the tomb.

At this time, a shadow appeared above their heads. He stood in mid-air, and emanated waves of pressure. It was the organizer of the Dark North Battle for Supremacy - Prince You Shi.

His appearance signified that the Dark North Battle for Supremacy was about to start.

With a booming laugh, Prince You Shi announced, "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for making the long journey to attend the Dark North Battle for Supremacy. A special welcome to our guests from all over the Yan Huang Ancient Region. I greet you on behalf of the Dark North Kingdom. There are too many august presences today - I will not introduce all of you individually. Presently, all who should arrive have arrived. I will not waste time, I’ll let these brats give you a good show."

Laughter all around.

800,000 experts was too mind-numbing a number.

After he finished speaking, Prince You Shi gave a grand wave, and 1,000 black ring dao treasures descended from the sky, landing precisely in the palms of each person. The black rings were made of metal, and looked plain, although they contained many spirit designs within. These were dao treasures called Shadowers.

Everyone put their Shadower on their finger.

Prince You Shi said, "Although everyone already knows, I still have to explain this. The Shadower is used to ensure fairness. It monitors you for flagrancy, so anyone who takes their Shadower off during the Dark North Battle for Supremacy immediately declares their surrender. They are disqualified and will immediately be brought out. Does everyone understand?"

"Yes, Sir!" Everyone chorused, putting their respective Shadowers on.

"Through the Shadower, we can see what happens around each person. Your movements, and anything within one li of you, will appear here. The 800,000 of us will see this clearly. Therefore, do not do anything outside of the rules, such as snatching the Dead Souls Nets of others. Or killing one of our own. Or, more importantly, giving your own Dead Souls Net to others. You must vow that each Dead Souls Net was obtained through your own efforts."

Although the rules allowed for teaming up, the Dead Souls Nets could only belong to the one who killed the demon, or the one who contributed the most to the collective kill. In order to avoid accidentally flouting the rules, many people chose to move alone.

For example, if the killing blow was simultaneously delivered, who the demon belonged to was unclear.

Wu Yu also put on a Shadower, which was the eyes of all 800,000. Right now, the Shadowers had not been activated yet. But everything about them would be broadcasted once they entered the Ghost Sea Prison.

And then everyone also obtained a Darkness Breaching Talisman.

Prince You Shi said, "The 100 saviors of the Dao Querying Realm are already within the Ghost Sea Prison. They will not reveal themselves normally, but they will personally escort you out once you use the Darkness Breaching Talisman. Of course, that also means that you have lost in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy."

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