Chapter 0740: Meeting Old Friends

Wu Yu also made some preparations to take part in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy. Mainly, he was going to familiarize with all the battle methods he had learned so far.

The outside world was in an uproar over Wu Yu's right to participate. Hence, Wu Yu did not bother going out. If he wanted them to shut up, he would have to perform well in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy.

If people from outside were to seek trouble with Wu Yu, Bian Xuesha would block them for him.

The funniest part was that many people had gone to the Burning Skies Barracks to cause trouble for half a day before finding out that Wu Yu was no longer at the Burning Skies Barracks.

Of course, even though they were unhappy, they only dared to make small actions because of the rules of the Dark Sea Army. This was the Army General's decision, and whoever stirred up trouble would be punished.


You Xue was also preparing. Naturally, she wanted to compete with her elder brothers and sisters. At least for now, her talent was at the top of all princes and princesses. In 100 years, it would be hard to tell who would truly get the recognition of the Dark Sea Emperor.

In the history of the Dark North Kingdom, many women had taken the role of Dark North Emperor. In fact, they had the most female rulers of all the countries. 

This half a month was mainly time for the participants to reach the Dark North Capital from all over the country. It was also the time for all the spectators to head to Dead Souls Prison. In fact, over 100,000 of them would come from all over Yan Huang Ancient Region. They were invited to watch the battle, and of them, many were people from Yan Huang Ancient Country. Of course, there would be ghostly cultivators too. However, there would be neither demons nor sea region demons in the audience. After all, the demons were the prey in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy.

This was also an opportunity to display the future strength of the country. As one of the strongest countries in the Yan Huang Ancient Region, the Dark North Kingdom had to make the other countries wary of it.

The time soon arrived.

On that day, Bian Xuesha came by personally to take Wu Yu to the Dark North Capital's gate.

The reason for his enthusiasm was entirely because Wu Yu had brought honor to him. Obviously, he had bet against others that someone from his barracks would become a participant, and because of this, he must have won a huge sum....

If Wu Yu could perform well, he would be happier.

Now that Wu Yu had brought honor to him, he wanted to personally send Wu Yu to the gate, to prevent any trouble from happening during the journey.

"Today is the start of the grand event of the Dark North. Many important people will be at the city gate, and some have already reached the Dead Souls Prison. However, most will tag along with the participants on their journey there."

Wu Yu and Bian Xuesha left the Dark North Army together. Just as he arrived, he could sense the atmosphere of a grand event that Bian Xuesha had described. Wu Yu had been at the Dark North Capital for so long, yet he had never really seen such a lively scene. The streets of the Dark North Capital were filled with people and chatter. The key was that there were people of high status and ability among this crowd.

It was a common sight for state lords and the like to chat with a group of people in the streets.

The time was still early, so many young participants also appeared on the streets of the Dark North Capital. These people were usually scattered across the whole country, but now they were all gathered at the Dark North Capital. There was really a feeling of geniuses being the commonplace.

Honestly, Wu Yu and Bian Xuesha went unnoticed in the streets of the Dark North Capital. As a dark north general, when Bian Xuesha walked out, he was respected, and everyone they met was very polite to him, even if the other party did not recognize him.

"Each time this event takes place, the powerful people of the Dark North Capital are everywhere. It is so easy to feel small." Bian Xuesha sighed.

You Xue and the other members of the Dark North royal family were also moving towards the city gate.

It was almost time, so people started to gather at the city gate. If a participant had not arrived by noon, they would be considered as having given up their participation.

In history, there were such situations, and many of them were born into low status but had outstanding talent. They would be targeted at this moment. If they could not arrive on time, they would lose the opportunity to take part. So many people learned and headed there quietly.

It was also because of these previous cases that Bian Xuesha had to personally escort Wu Yu to the city gate. After they arrived and were in the view of many people, no one would dare to make a move.

There was a wide, empty space inside the city gate that could host a few hundred thousand people. Now it was filled to the brim. Of course, most people were there just to watch. An empty space was cordoned off in the middle. That was the restricted area where only participants could enter. It was less packed inside.

This place was livelier than the Dark Millenium Platform from half a month ago. It was really noisy with lots of chatter. Most people were discussing the strongest of the 1,000 participants. For instance, the princes from the royal family.

"You can go in now." Bian Xuesha stopped worrying once he brought Wu Yu here. Next, he would head towards the Dead Souls Prison. As a dark north general, he was allowed to watch the battle.

"Thanks." After arriving, Wu Yu also saw some people who were watching him. They probably recognized him. Bian Xuesha had indeed helped him. After thanking him, Wu Yu entered.

All were proud geniuses inside the restricted area. Those who knew others gathered in groups or pairs, chatting.

A brief glance and he could tell that these opponents were really terrifying. All of them had strong skills, and Duan Yi was not really outstanding in this group.

Wu Yu's greatest resource was that he was still young. Of these 1,000 participants, he should be one of the youngest.

"Unauthorized personnel cannot enter the restricted area for participants!" A middle-aged man was standing guard at the entrance of the restricted area. His power was deep and unmeasurable. He looked very strict and was at least at the Dao Querying Realm. He had heard from Bian Xuesha that he was one of the dark sky generals of the Dark Sea Army and You Shang's best assistant. He was called Gongsun Wuyan.

Dark sky generals were very highly ranked, but now he was maintaining order at the entrance of the restricted area. It was obvious that the whole Dark North Kingdom placed utmost importance on the Dark North Battle for Supremacy.

Wu Yu was not scared of the other party's stern demeanor, but was calm and peaceful. He calmly said, "Dark Sea Army, Wu Yu, reporting." 

This person was a dark sky general in the Dark Sea Army, so he definitely knew about Wu Yu. After all, he would definitely be doubtful of You Shang's decision. Hence, after hearing Wu Yu's name, he looked at him again and said, "Oh, it's you."

Then he waved his hand, signalling for Wu Yu to enter.

Perhaps Wu Yu's participation was indeed an accident, but there were too many people involved in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy. A change in the name list was normal, and even concerned the struggle between the powers there. Wu Yu was not the only unexpected participant. There were many others who like him depended on relations to enter.

Only a few hundred of the 1,000 had arrived. Wu Yu did not know most of them.

But Wu Yu saw Gong Shenjun and his group. Duan Yi was there too. There was another unexpected participant: Yin Xuan.

It was said that he was training in seclusion and should not be out yet. However, how would Yin Ding let his precious son miss out on such a good opportunity? Hence he was out of his secluded training session.

The previous incident had passed. Now everyone was focused on the Dark North Battle for Supremacy, and not many people were looking at their family.

They, of course, saw Wu Yu when he entered. This group of people sniggered and continued to discuss their own things.

"Wu Yu!" Someone suddenly called out to him from behind. It was a familiar voice. When he turned back and looked, it was really someone unexpected!

That girl was full of bright smiles. Her eyes curved, and upon seeing her, it was as though the whole world had lit up.

Because of her, Wu Yu still felt some guilt, and it hung like a shadow in his heart. Her smile instantly swept away all his dark thoughts.

"Yin Ying!"

That’s right, it was the one who had been trapped in Cryogenesis.

"It's unexpected for me to be here, isn't it?" Yin Ying was a very bubbly girl, and when she spoke, she was constantly smiling. The dimples in her cheeks were very impressionable and looked cheery.

"How did you...."

"My grandfather came back specially and brought me to the Yan Huang Ancient Country to ask one of his famous friends in the Yan Huang Ancient Country to fiddle with the Cryogenesis. So I'm alive again! I just returned to the Dark North Capital 10 days ago."

As expected, Minister Yin still liked her.

Since she had recovered fully, Wu Yu was no longer worried.

"Yin Ying, come here! Don't mix with those random people. It'll affect our Yin family's name!"

Suddenly, Yin Xuan looked over. He was angry and attracted many people's attention.

Yin Ying heard him, but she smiled and said, "Big Brother, your friends are really all righteous. Even when your blood-related younger sister almost died because of one of them, you are still hanging out with him. I wonder who is the one spoiling our Yin family's name. As for the one beside you, if not for your father kneeling and begging my grandfather for a few days, would you still be alive and standing here? Don't think this thing is over. One day, I'll seek justice for myself."

After her close escape from death, she would definitely not just let things go.

Perhaps Yin Xuan really thought that she was easy to bully.

"Shut up! Looks like you've become too daring!" Yin Xuan was jumping in anger and was moving forward, but Duan Yi pulled him back. He shook his head and said, "The Dark North Battle for Supremacy is more important, let's not bother with the unimportant people now."

"You're right." Yin Xuan ground his teeth and nodded.

"Let's go to the other side and ignore them." Yin Ying rolled her eyes and pulled Wu Yu away from these people she hated.

As the participants arrived, there were many more people with better ability and higher positions than Duan Yi and his group. Each arrival roused cheering and chatter from the surrounding audience. Wu Yu occasionally looked at them, and after looking, he understood something. It would be harder to get into the top 10 in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy than climbing the sky. It was practically just a dream....

As for the Dark North Royal Obelisk, that was an impossible miracle.

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