Chapter 0739: Before the Battle

Duan Yi had recently put Wu Yu at the back of his thoughts.

He knew that even though losing his dark north general position was unbearable, there were more important things now.

Actually, he had entered the Dark North Battle for Supremacy once.

But at that time, he was only at the seventh tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm and only stayed for two months before being forced out.

While it was normal for his cultivation level at that time, he could not tolerate the fact that he had failed to put on an outstanding performance in such a grand event.

He had failed to boost the names of the Li Heavenly Province and his father.

He had prepared for 10 years just for this event. Actually, his father had personally travelled to Dark North Capital to look for You Shang one year ago to ensure that he would enter the Dark Sea Army and confirm his participation in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy.

You Shang was willing to take in an ambitious young genius.

While he knew that he would be chosen and was already on the list, there was still a need to be here to experience that feeling of hope.

At this moment, Wu Yu was long forgotten.

At the peak of the crowd's excitement, many sank into nervousness.

Noon was here!

When the clock struck 12, that black pillar glowed with strong white light, lighting up the surroundings. Everyone was momentarily blinded. The white light weakened slightly after a while, and people started to see a total of seven words appearing vertically on the pillar.

"Demon Imprisonment Barracks, Bei Tangyu!"

Not only the seven huge, black words appeared. A booming voice also exploded from that pillar. It rolled out towards the whole Dark Sea Encampment in a deafening volume that shook their hearts! Such a strong voice made the whole Dark Sea Army excited.

This was the voice of their Army General, You Shang!

In an instant, every martial cultivator roared enthusiastically – though no one knew whether it was for the guy called Bei Tangyu or for You Shang. In this instant, their shouts rushed to the sky, and they were even more deafening. Wu Yu felt as though he was on the battlefield. No matter what, such roars were shocking. Unknowingly, he was affected by the Dark North Battle for Supremacy.

"Bei Tangyu!"

Everyone was screaming this person's name. While he could not see where this person was, he was definitely among the crowd and cheering.

Next, the black words changed into six words in the white light.

"Vast Sea Barracks, Qing Ye!"

Another person was announced, and everyone screamed again. Then the name that everyone was shouting changed from Bei Tangyu to Qing Ye!


"Icy Heaven Barracks, Jiang Zhizun!"

One after another, the names were announced. Large numbers of excited martial cultivators’ screams accompanied each announcement. The Dark North Battle for Supremacy seemed to make everyone excited, especially when their own barracks was called.

It was no wonder Bian Xuesha had asked Wu Yu if he wanted to let the words “Blood Evil Barracks” be made known throughout the Dark Sea Encampment!

"Burning Skies Barracks, Duan Yi!" Finally, Duan Yi's name was announced, and there was a crazy cheer erupting in the front. Duan Yi's eyes filled with hot tears as he raised both his arms and screamed, "Dead Souls Prison, I, Duan Yi, am coming!"

It has been 10 years, and he was going to emerge victorious from his failure!

"Duan Yi! Duan Yi!"

Everyone was chanting his name and looking at him with envy and respect. Of all the names announced, Duan Yi was no worse than those strongest.

33 names were slowly revealed.

"Nervous?" someone suddenly said beside Wu Yu. They were Bian Xuesha and Gao Shenyi. Bian Xuesha smiled and patted Wu Yu on the shoulder and said, "When I was young, I also thought that the Dark North Battle for Supremacy was the most hot-blooded thing I'd known. The passion of youths is indeed interesting. It is also because of this that the first 100 years of martial cultivation shows the most improvement. After 100 years, many plateau...."

He was now 200 years old. He was qualified to take part in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy previously, but now he had yet to break through to the Dao Querying Realm. In these 100 years, he had only improved by three tiers.

Wu Yu remained silent, but he believed that his tracks would not stop even after becoming 100 years old.

The remaining names were few, and many whose names were not announced started to get anxious. Many people's faces paled, and as the list reached the end, people became restless.

Those whose names were announced were elated.

As the list neared the end, Wu Yu felt that his chances were minimal. However, at this moment, You Xue was still beside You Shang and chattering non-stop. Obviously, Wu Yu could sense that even she was anxious at this moment.

Very quickly, only the last name remained. 

The 33rd participant. Everyone knew that once the last name was announced, it was all over. Those who were not selected had basically lost the opportunity.

The last name on that pillar was changing, but this time it changed slowly.

Wu Yu also held his breath and stared at the pillar without blinking.

Finally, the words and voice appeared simultaneously.

"The last one, Blood Evil Barracks, Wu Yu!" You Shang's voice boomed through the Dark Sea Encampment for the last time.

But this time, it did not rouse cheers, but dead silence....

The last name was too unexpected. 

In the end, when the Army General's voice stopped, the Dark Millenium Platform was still dead silent. They all looked at each other in doubt. They thought they had misheard.

After Wu Yu heard that, he relaxed. You Xue had used more effort and had slightly increased the risk of exposure. However, the Dark North Battle for Supremacy indeed could bring great benefits to him. This risk was worth taking.

You Shang must have softened at the end and made her a promise.

Actually, Wu Yu also knew that he must have been prepared to be under public scrutiny for making this decision. He was the one who had allowed Wu Yu to take part. If the people of the Dark North Kingdom were not happy, he would have to bear with it.

People finally reacted.

"Why him!?"

"Wu Yu? That foreigner from the Demon Sealing Continent? A guy from a rural area, and they let him take part in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy!? My God, how is that possible!?"

"The Dark North Battle for Supremacy is a fight between the outstanding youths in the Dark North Kingdom. What has this got to do with a foreigner? It is already an exception that he can join the Dark Sea Army!"

"What right does he have? Many outstanding Dark North Tribe members do not even have the chance, yet this foreigner is taking part? Can Wu Yu compare to the eighth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator Li Dongque? Qian Yuan?"

No matter from which angle, this was illogical. Generally speaking, in every Dark North Battle for Supremacy, the competition between the Eight Main Armies was the most intense, and those who could participate were all elites. 

If you were in those big families, maybe being at the sixth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm was enough, but in the Eight Main Armies, you had to be at least at the eighth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm!

Wu Yu should not even appear in the list.

Hence, the entire Dark Millenium Platform was noisy again. However, it was now full of scolding, thrashing, and disbelief!

However, this was the Army General's decision. 

It could not be changed.

"It must be because of Princess You Xue. The Army General could not stand her pleading and made him a participant!"

"This is ridiculous! Really ridiculous!"

"This is so shameful!"

"What can we do? Once announced, the names are set. Do you dare to voice your disappointment with the Army General?"


It was chaotic.

When people spotted Wu Yu, their gazes were different.

If not for the fact that a dark north general was standing beside Wu Yu, probably their saliva could’ve drowned Wu Yu.

Many people were screaming that they were not satisfied, but many more were cursing and scolding, which drowned their voices.

Wu Yu saw Duan Yi again in the crowd.

His expression was dark.

"Him again!" He did not approach Wu Yu but muttered these words under his breath. His eyes were filled with hatred and disgust.

Very quickly, he was hidden by the crowd.

Unknowingly, many people pressed towards Wu Yu.

If he continued to stay here, he would be raising the crowd's anger. Bian Xuesha had probably predicted the situation and directly told Wu Yu, "Congratulations, this also brings honor to our Blood Evil Barracks. Let me take you back."

With a dark north general leading him, Wu Yu was basically safe. At this moment, if he acted a little prouder, the dissatisfied Dark North Tribe members would probably rush up to him and tear him apart.

They moved fast, and soon, Bian Xuesha had brought Wu Yu back to the Blood Evil Barracks. The Blood Evil Barracks was his territory, and Wu Yu was representing the Blood Evil Barracks in battle. Hence, at least the soldiers here would not have much animosity towards him.

"Congratulations. Let me wish that you get good results at the Dark North Battle for Supremacy. I'll be there to watch. I suggest that you stay in the Blood Evil Barracks for these next few days. After all, too many people are unhappy. If you do not show yourself, nothing will happen. In half a month, all qualified participants will gather at the Dark North Capital and head towards the Dead Souls Prison together. Just stay here for half a month and nothing will happen. When you are at the Dead Souls Prison, no one can do anything to you."

Hiding was quite simple.

Now all the people outside hated him. It was indeed troublesome. However, as long as he did not show himself, they would have no way of venting their anger.

After all, no one dared to challenge the authority of the Army General.

Wu Yu sent a Message Talisman to You Xue. "Good work." 

"He changed his mind at the last minute to let you take part. I'm quite surprised too. But it's set now," You Xue said. 

She did not expect You Shang to allow Wu Yu to take part in the end.

However, Wu Yu would not know what he had gone through to make that decision.

"In half a month, we gather at the Dark North Capital. Every participant will be there. Then we'll go to the Dead Souls Prison together."

The participants would move together, while the audience could go there now. Actually, this half month period was mainly for the participants from all over the country to gather at the Dark North Capital. It was also to allow the audience to reach the Dead Souls Prison first and be in position to watch the battle.

Everything was set and the battle was about to start.

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