Chapter 0738: Dark Millenium Platform

He had just arrived - what question he would have for him?

Bian Xuesha was clearly a direct person. He asked, "I heard that Princess You Xue went through life and death experiences with you in the Taigu Immortal Path. You have even saved her life previously. Therefore, I would like to ask if Princess You Xue is fighting to get you a slot in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy." 

Wu Yu was taken aback. 

He had never expected him to ask this. 

This matter wasn't settled, and You Xue had to go to great lengths to get it for Wu Yu. Therefore, Wu Yu answered, "At this moment, she has this intention. However, whether she will be successful is uncertain. It would be good if you don't leak this to others." 

Bian Xuesha chuckled and said, "Don't get me wrong. I'm asking you because I want you to participate in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy. After all, the Dark Sea Army has a total of 33 slots. Based on current circumstances, our Blood Evil Barracks doesn't even have a representative. If someone can represent our Blood Evil Barracks, we wouldn't embarrass ourselves even if we get nothing out of this." 

So that's how it was. 

It was not surprising that he was concerned about this. 

"Since you aren't confident yet, I won't say anything to others. Alright, you can go make your preparations. After all, the namelist will be announced in a few days. At that time, there will likely be lots of people standing and waiting at the Dark Millenium Platform. The Dark Millenium Platform is a huge field in the middle of the Dark Sea Encampment that can fit 10,000 people. It resembles a huge plain, and major events are typically announced there.”

"Alright. I'll get going now." Wu Yu nodded. Gao Shenyi led the way. Wu Yu was just their subordinate. However, it was clear they didn't want to go against him. Instead, they wanted Wu Yu to bring glory to their Blood Evil Barracks. 

This would be mutually beneficial, and Wu Yu was satisfied with the arrangement. At the very least, when Wu Yu needed their help in certain aspects, they would definitely be willing to lend a hand.


Moreover, Bian Xuesha hadn't arranged for Wu Yu to guide and lead other dark north soldiers. This saved Wu Yu from many trivial matters. 

In the Dark Sea Army, this was actually not allowed. However, no one in this place talked about it. Typically speaking, a centurion would only be shelved if he committed an erroneous act. 

Obviously, Wu Yu was happy with the current state as it was convenient for him. 

The residence of a centurion was a lot classier. It was more than 10 times larger than before and had all the necessary setups. It was no different from a royal chamber. 

In the main hall, there were items like dao treasures, immortal essences, talismans, immortal medicines, and others that Wu Yu had been given as rewards for promoting to a centurion. The upgraded Dark Sea Battle Armor was a prominent symbol of his identity and status. While moving in the Dark North Capital, he had to put on the suit of armor to represent his centurion identity. 

There were also some books that included his responsibilities. Moreover, there were some secrets that ordinary dark north soldiers wouldn't know. Wu Yu went through them one by one. After all, he was mainly waiting for news of the Dark North Battle for Supremacy. 

His residence, which he named Heaven's Equal Palace, was really serene. However, since a few days ago, the entire Dark North Kingdom was immersed in a raucous and lively atmosphere. Almost every single person would talk about the Dark North Battle for Supremacy whenever they met up. 

In those small areas and castles, people were discussing which superb genius had obtained the qualifications after going through rounds and rounds of selections. 

In the barracks, the cultivating soldiers were also discussing which superior of theirs had obtained a slot. 

Only approximately 800,000 people would be allowed to witness the battle at the Dead Souls Prison, so not everyone was allowed to go. One had to have a certain level of standing and status to receive the invitation. 

Over this period, compared to contestants, there were more spectators moving towards the Dark North Capital from all corners of the Dark North Kingdom. The spectators were also largely those with noble backgrounds, high standings, or possessed large amounts of strength. Within a province, those who could enter to witness the battle would at most number slightly over 1,000. Most of the spectators were from the Dark North Capital. This was because the Dark North Capital had the most people with high standings and status. 

It was said that during the trial, the vast majority of the experts, influential figures, and geniuses of the Dark North Kingdom would gather around the Dark North Capital. All 99 satellite cities would become exceptionally lively. 

The atmosphere around the Dark North Capital had transformed from the usual cold and deathly silent to lively and vibrant. It was especially so when there were over 10 favourites that could make it to the very end, and they were the center of attention. 

A while back, Wu Yu was rather well-known. As the Dark North Battle for Supremacy approached, he was completely forgotten. At this point, the people were waiting in anticipation to witness the process of the Dark North Battle for Supremacy and knowing the outcome. A meagre outsider really couldn't be compared to the event. 

For the majority of youths in the Dark North Kingdom, emerging victoriously and showing what they were capable of in this grand national contest would bring them fame and glory. This might be even more important than those rewards for some. 

The title of Little Dark King would be like a thunder ringing in one's ear regardless of the place. In fact, the royal family would even see this as a chip for whoever fought for the throne in the future. 

Someone that could clinch the overall victory before the eyes of 800,000 people would definitely be a heroic existence! 

It was also because 800,000 people were watching that the Dark North Battle for Supremacy had to be open and fair without any under-the-table schemes. In history, an ordinary character clinching the overall victory had happened more than once. Those elite princes and princesses might not be the ones who would have the last laugh. 

Competing with others directly would relate to the face of the royal chamber. 

Several princes and princesses had participated previously. Some of them made it to the top 10 or even the top three. However, none of them had ended up in first place in the previous few iterations. Those that had clinched first were now over 100 years old. 

In the current Dark North Kingdom, a storm known as the Dark North Battle for Supremacy was brewing. The atmosphere became torching, restless, and passionate. Within his Heaven's Equal Palace, Wu Yu was familiarizing himself with his newly mastered dao technique, honing his battle techniques, and pursuing greater dao while waiting for the news. The days passed peacefully. 

10 days passed in the blink of an eye. 

Over the past 10 days, Wu Yu knew You Xue had tried her best. However, Wu Yu was an outsider after all. There was almost no precedent to let an outsider be part of the event. Moreover, the 33 slots had been confirmed a year ago. There were lots of implications, so changing them would be difficult. Therefore, even though You Xue had attempted both soft and hard means, she wasn't successful as of yet. 

You Xue had tried many different methods to converse with You Shang. 

However, there were areas You Shang would find hard to move through as well. Once he made an amendment, he would definitely draw dissent. After all, in the management of the army, he had to be fair and open. 

However, You Xue knew the importance of this matter. Therefore, she didn't give up. Today was the day of the announcement at the Dark Millenium Platform. She asked Wu Yu to head there first to wait for her while she would make her final push. If she still couldn't make it, there would be no other options. 

Truth be told, Wu Yu really wanted to participate in the monumental Dark North Battle for Supremacy. It was especially so after learning of the handsome rewards. The Dark North Royal Obelisk, 3 million Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills, and 500,000 merits! This wasn't a small sum. Although getting first was almost certainly impossible, the top 10 wasn't out of reach. Nonetheless, Wu Yu wanted to give it a try. After all, he had his edges. For example, he had the Eyes of Fire and Gold, the Somersault Cloud, and others.... 

All four of his mystiques would be of great help. 

If You Xue failed to get it done, it would really be regretful. When the Dark North Battle for Supremacy began, he might have to return to the Alternate World to hunt for Alternate Creatures. 

Even so, he still chose to wait at the Dark Millenium Platform. 

The entire Dark North Capital was extremely lively and vibrant, let alone the Dark Sea Encampment. The majority of the participation rights in the Dark North Capital were distributed to some huge families and forces. For example, Minister Yin, the Master of Justice, and others. However, everyone was looking forward to finding out who the 33 elites from the Dark Sea Army would be. 

When Wu Yu arrived at the Dark Millenium Platform, the area was packed with humans. Over 10,000 dark north soldiers had gathered and were leaning forward in anticipation. Before them, there was a towering black pillar. When noon struck, the namelist would be announced here. It was still morning, but numerous people had already gathered here. This place would likely be filled to the brim at noon. 

Voices of discussions could be heard everywhere. All the martial cultivators here were at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. In this place, anyone would feel insignificant like an ant. 

Now that everyone was discussing fervently, no one had noticed Wu Yu, the outsider. 

Vaguely, Wu Yu could even hear Duan Yi's name

There were also some extremely outstanding and widely recognized geniuses, like Jiang Zhizun, Bei Tangyu, You Luan, and others. 

All of them were from the Dark Sea Army, below 100 years old, and at least a ninth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivators. Some of them were even 10th tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivators. 

Reaching the 10th tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm and knocking at the doors of the Dao Querying Realm within 100 years was undoubtedly proof of one's insane talent. This was similar to You Xue reaching the sixth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm at her age, and there weren't many people in the Yan Huang Ancient Country like them. 

Typically, these people were from the royal families of various martial cultivation kingdoms.

While people were discussing with great enthusiasm, time was ticking gradually. More and more people arrived, making it hard for one to breathe at ease. 

"Do you think your little slave will succeed?" Ming Long asked in a strange tone. 

Wu Yu stared at the black pillar and said resolutely. "I think... yes." 

"Why are you so certain?" 


"Rubbish! What kind of intuition do you have?" Ming Long said with disdain. 

She felt that the success rate was low. After all, this matter was too important. 


"Wu Yu, what are you staring at? Could it be that you want to participate in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy? Don't make a fool of yourself. You are just an outsider!" All of a sudden, someone recognized him. The other party was a centurion and clearly wasn't afraid of Wu Yu. Therefore, after finishing his words, he broke into laughter with the people around him. 

"The Dark North Battle for Supremacy is a grand event for our Dark North Kingdom. Many of our Dark North Tribe members aren't qualified to participate, let alone you, who aren't even from the Dark North Kingdom. Why are you even here?" 

"Brother, you aren't being kind here. Everyone's here to enjoy the atmosphere. Why couldn't he do the same?" Wu Yu heard a familiar voice at this moment. He turned around and saw Duan Yi, who had come with a few other chiliarchs. They bumped into Wu Yu by chance and they clearly still saw Duan Yi as a dark north general. 

However, Duan Yi wasn't bothered by him for long and instead made his way forward. 

"Yeah, you are right." Those who spoke previously agreed with a smile. After all, they knew clearly that even though Duan Yi had a trip, he would definitely still be an influential figure in the Dark Sea Army in the future. They definitely couldn't offend him. 

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