Chapter 0737: Dark North Royal Obelisk

The honor and fame from participating in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy sought by the royal youths and youths of the Dark North Kingdom actually was useless to Wu Yu. 

He was not aiming to fight for power here in the future.

He wanted to take part now because firstly, with such a setting, the Dead Souls Prison would be an extremely intense killing environment. Secondly, there would be opponents better than the Alternate Creatures in the Alternate World. These two reasons would help Wu Yu improve. He wanted to use better methods to enter the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm.

Of course, he also wanted to know what the rewards were. That was his more direct reason.

While he did not know if You Xue could get him in, he was still interested in the rewards.

You Xue was in no hurry to explain but gave Wu Yu all the details clearly. She said, "I've already checked. First, our Dark North Kingdom royal family's rewards will be given to anyone who is in the final top 10 in the number of Dead Souls Nets acquired.

"Of course, the best rewards go to the champion, who not only earns the highest honor, but also the greatest reward. First, there will be a top-notch advanced dao treasure. It is not announced yet, but I know that it is probably the Dark North Royal Obelisk. The Dark North Royal Obelisk is the advanced dao treasure that my father used when he was young. It has terrifying power, and the number of spirit designs on it nears that of a seraphic dao treasure. Compared to your advanced dao treasure, it should be stronger by a few levels."

Dark North Royal Obelisk! 

Wu Yu's interest was aroused by the fact that the Dark North Royal Obelisk was close to a seraphic dao treasure.

"The Dark North Royal Obelisk is really powerful. When I was very young, I heard that no one has inherited my father's advanced dao treasure so far. This time, he took it out because I have three brothers who will participate in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy. He prepared it basically for them. Of course, there will be no bias, so if there are outsiders who can surpass the three of them, the Dark North Royal Obelisk will belong to them."

Wu Yu nodded. Although the three princes were very powerful, there was half a year's time after all. It would not be certain who could take first place, and there would always be suspense. Why couldn't it be him? After all, it was about the number of demons killed, not the ability to fight each other.

"The Dark North Royal Obelisk has two forms. It can be a sword or a whip. It can be changed at will. It has a long history in my Dark North Kingdom."

You Xue talked about the Dark North Royal Obelisk like she was yearning for it. Obviously, she also wanted it. Of course, she had little confidence.

"Other than the Dark North Royal Obelisk that everyone is madly aiming for, first place gets 3 million Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills. With this amount of Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills, you can purchase almost everything."

This was the official reward.

"For second place, there is also an advanced dao treasure as a reward. Of course, it's not bad. It must be close to the Dark North Royal Obelisk, and it is topped off with a million Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills.

"Third place will also get an advanced dao treasure. It is top-level with at least 30,000 spirit designs. Also, 500,000 Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills.

"For the fourth to the 10th place prizes, they are all advanced dao treasures. The higher the placing, the better the advanced dao treasures are, and each has 200,000 Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills. My goal is to be in the top 10. Although it's not possible, I have to work hard to get an advanced dao treasure," You Xue said seriously.

Although she was in the royal family, her elders would not directly give her an advanced dao treasure. They hoped that the youngsters could all fight for one on their own. After all, although there were not many brothers and sisters, there were still several of them. They would all compete with each other and determine who was more outstanding.

To Wu Yu, if he was lucky enough to be in the top 10, it would be really good.

"In addition, if you represent the Dark Sea Army and can get a rank, the Dark Sea Army will reward you. I've also inquired about it. If you take first place, you get 500,000 merits! You must know that to be a dark north general, you only need 100,000 merits. With these merits, you could become a dark north general five times over. Merits are not just numbers. 500,000 merits are obtained in one go. There are many things that you can buy in the Dark Sea Army!

"Even if you get second place, you get a reward of 300,000 merits directly and can still become a dark north general. Third place will get 100,000 merits. This is the exact amount to become a dark north general. This reward is different from that of Duan Yi when he became a dark north general directly. When he became a dark north general, his total merits were adjusted to 100,000, but his present merits is zero. With this kind of reward, your total merits and present merits can be 100,000, 300,000, or 500,000!

"From the fourth to the 10th places, 50,000 merits will be rewarded.

"If you can take part and be in the top 10, you can get a lot of rewards. Of course, it may be very difficult, because there are too many competitors. Among those younger than 100, there are many people who have reached the sixth tier or higher of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. After all, the first 100 years of cultivation is the optimal period for cultivation. I estimate that amongst the 1,000 people, my strength is in the bottom half."

Although there was not much hope, she said, "This is the first time that I am qualified to participate. I should trainnow. According to the rules of the Dark North Battle for Supremacy, as long as I am not in the top 10, I can still participate and win rewards 10 years later if my age is not more than 100. At my present age, I still have at least six opportunities to participate in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy. In the future, there will be a time when I can get first place."

In fact, as long as they were not over the age limit, even if they were in the top 10, they could still participate next time. However, it was stipulated that the second time they participated, their ranking had to be higher than the first time. Otherwise, their scores would be invalid. For example, when they participated in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy after cultivating for 80 years, they won the 10th place. The second time they participated, they cultivated for 90 years. They could still participate, but they would have to be ranked at or above ninth place. If they got 10th place again, there would be no rewards, their scores would be invalid, and the original 11th place would take 10th place. In the future, they could also no longer participate in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy.

This meant that unless you made progress, you could not be rewarded more than twice.

This rule was quite interesting.

You Xue was still young and would have plenty of opportunities in the future. She had the most outstanding talent of all the princes and princesses. It would not be surprising if she won it all in the future.

But it would be difficult for her now. Those who had a chance for championship were basically only those who were at the 10th tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, or those who had reached the Dao Querying Realm before becoming 100 years old.

After sharing the details, You Xue looked for You Shang and tried to persuade him to give Wu Yu a place. Wu Yu could only wait for her good news. Being at the Dark North Kingdom, it would be a pity if he missed such a grand event.

Of course, now he had to move to the Blood Evil Barracks.

After You Xue left, he emerged from his living quarters and bade farewell to Yuan Xunyu and Black Skeleton. Yuan Xunyu could not wait for him to leave and was now full of smiles. As for Black Skeleton, he smiled insincerely and said, "Congratulations, I hope you have a better future in the Blood Evil Barracks."

Wu Yu could not be bothered with pleasantries and left immediately. In this group, only Liu Qing, who was not convinced by his abilities at first, felt a little sad about him leaving.

Walking to the entrance of the Burning Skies Barracks, he even met Duan Yi. He recalled that You Xue had just mentioned him. Thinking back, Duan Yi had to be one of the participants of the Dark North Battle for Supremacy. He had just lost his position as dark north general. The merit rewards given by the Dark Sea Army for the Dark North Battle for Supremacy were too important to him.

He, of course, did not expect Wu Yu to have a chance to participate. When he saw Wu Yu, he said, "Leaving already? Don't worry, I won't be seeking trouble with you for about half a year. Live in peace and enjoy this time."

After saying this, he left.

Wu Yu was too lazy to care about him.

Of course, there was indeed a chance for Duan Yi to get into the top 10. After all, he was strong among the 1,000 participants.

He went straight to the Blood Evil Barracks. There was a dark north general in charge of the Blood Evil Barracks. When Wu Yu arrived, many of the soldiers immediately recognised him. In the Dark Sea Army, most dark north soldiers did not like Wu Yu. However, this group was neutral. They did not seem to mind too much that Wu Yu was a foreigner. When Wu Yu arrived, they said, "Centurion, our Dark North General Bian Xuesha has been waiting for you at the Bloodlust Palace for a few days, Chiliarch Gao Shenyi is there too. The Dark North General instructed us to wait for your arrival and immediately bring you to them."

Since the other party was friendly, Wu Yu returned a smile and said, "Thank you."

"You don't have to be so polite, the Dark North General might assign us to your charge. Perhaps then you will be our new centurion. 

“Our original centurion was just promoted to chiliarch. He is Gao Shenyi."

No wonder he had been transferred here. Naturally, it was because they lacked a centurion. 

Usually, promotions in the Dark Sea Army would be in the same barracks. For instance, Gao Shenyi directly became a chiliarch of the Blood Evil Barracks. After all, he was more familiar with the Blood Evil Barracks.

With them leading the way, Wu Yu reached the Bloodlust Palace.

While the Bloodlust Palace had a scary name, Dark North General Bian Xuesha was a gentle, scholarly middle-aged man. He looked like an administrative official. The Bloodlust Palace was also decorated like a study room. There were many papers, brushes, and ink. It looked like the room of a scholar.

And Chiliarch Gao Shenyi looked loyal and honest. He stood beside Bian Xuesha and did not say much.

"Wu Yu greets Dark North General, Chiliarch." Wu Yu approached them.

He need not anger these two, because his entry into the Alternate World would be permitted by these two. As long as they did not make things difficult for him, Wu Yu would not go against them.

Bian Xuesha smiled widely and said, "No need to be so polite, you're a popular person. It is our surprise for you to come to our Blood Evil Barracks. I also know that you are at the Dark Sea Army to improve. I'm not going to make things difficult for you. You can act independently, so I'm not going to arrange dark north soldiers for you. What do you think?"

Wu Yu instantly knew that this dark north general really understood him. The other party did not want to trouble him at all. Hence, Wu Yu quickly thanked him.

"Little Gao, arrange Wu Yu's living quarters. In his living quarters, arrange for the setting of a centurion."

The setting referred to things like the armor.

"Yes." Gao Shenyi nodded.

Just as he was about to leave with Wu Yu, Bian Xuesha suddenly asked, "Wu Yu, can I ask you a question?"

Wu Yu stopped in his tracks and waited for him to ask.

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