Chapter 0735: Dead Souls Prison

When Wu Yu chose this puppet, the other puppets in the spirit design disappeared into the ground. What was left was that spirit design, which had never shone that brightly before. The black light quickly engulfed its surroundings.

When the darkness expanded to the extreme, it did not disappear as before.

Instead, the whole Floating Dreams Pagoda turned black.

This was the first time in history that this had happened.

The huge body of the puppet looked especially fierce in the dark. Even though it was dark around, Wu Yu could still see the puppet clearly with his Eyes of Fire and Gold.

In the dark, its pair of copper bell-sized green eyes were the most obvious.

They were dull green. They looked very scary in the dark, like ghost fire.

Other than the eyes, all other places were pitch black. All of them were made of high-grade steel, which was obviously better and purer than what the Black and White Deities were made of. It had a gloomy and domineering feel.

This was a man-shaped general clad in armor. He was extremely muscular, but there was one special thing: the head. If Wu Yu was not mistaken, the head was not human at all, but the ugly, rough-looking head of a boar. Under the green eyes, its pair of sharp teeth was very obvious.

Looking down, it had blade-like sharp claws like those of fierce tigers.

However, he had a peculiar weapon. Looking carefully, it was a rake. It was clearly a kind of farm tool, which he had only seen before in the farmlands of Dong Yue Wu.

Wu Yu was speechless.

"The maker of this puppet had really disgusting taste. He made this puppet so ugly and equipped it with such a strange weapon."

In fact, the so-called weapon was also a part of the puppet's body. The reason why it was separated from the body was to facilitate the direct embedding of martial cultivators or demons' fighting habits when drawing the spirit design.

However, as Wu Yu looked at it more, he had an intriguing feeling. The puppet's appearance, its pig head and rake, all seemed familiar. This feeling came from his blood and was very intriguing. But he was very sure that he had never seen such a thing before, other than the time when he was challenging the Black and White Deities and he took a glance at it in the white spirit design.

"My name: Dark God of Massacre!

“Let's fight." The puppet was very serious. Before the challenge, it cupped its hands in salute to Wu Yu.

"I may be thinking too much." Wu Yu moved the strange idea to the back of his mind and concentrated on preparing for the battle. Although the Dark God of Massacre was big and tall, Wu Yu was still taller than it after using the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth. After defeating Gong Shenjun and learning a new dao technique, Wu Yu would not be defeated that easily for the time being!

At this moment, a fierce golden ape and a monster puppet with a pig's head and human's body clashed directly without any words!

From the clash just now, it was true that the Dark God of Massacre was a little weaker than the Golden Holy Elephant, but its power was also comparable to Gong Shenjun’s.

"Wood Spirit Design!"

There were many top offensive spirit designs drawn on the opponent's body. For example, at this moment, it was using a spirit design with wood attribute. When the spirit design shone and erupted, countless black trees grew in the Floating Dreams Pagoda. The trees were alive, and the Dark God of Massacre hid within these trees. The branches made their mad attacks against Wu Yu!

Once broken, new branches and leaves would grow again and attack him some more!

Unfortunately, Wu Yu could easily restrain this kind of spirit design completely!

"World of the Golden Eye!"

His gaze was blazing, even though it was darkness around him. Wu Yu's eyes exploded instantly. The golden fire immediately engulfed the whole interior of the Floating Dreams Pagoda!

Those black trees were completely suppressed in the golden fire. Although they were not burned clean, they had no power to fight back and could only struggle!

During this period, the Dark God of Massacre appeared in front of Wu Yu. It waved that black rake and exchanged a few close combat blows with Wu Yu. The other party's ability was really good, but it was finally suppressed by Wu Yu. After all, Wu Yu's physical body was still very strong.

"Dark Swallowing Hell Spirit Design!"

He did not expect the other party to still have moves. After he stopped using the Wood Spirit Design, the burning darkness shrank back to the side of the Dark God of Massacre. It whirled violently and formed a huge whirlpool around it. That darkness directly changed into a whirlpool, and a gush of cold air rushed out, squeezing out Wu Yu's World of the Golden Eye and forming a dark sea region in the Floating Dreams Pagoda. To one's surprise, it seemed to be trying to be on par with Wu Yu.

Then the whirlpool suddenly reversed its rotation. Inside, the Dark God of Massacre stirred up trouble and even wanted to engulf Wu Yu's World of the Golden Eye. Such power could not be underestimated!

"Very good!"

At this point, Wu Yu was about to try the power of the Holy Elephant Hell-Shocking Technique. He could practice it with this puppet. He laughed, raised his advanced dao treasure, and blew on his hair. Immediately, thousands of doppelgangers appeared at the same time. All of them had dao treasures in their hands!

At that moment, as Wu Yu prepared to attack, all his doppelgangers were particularly in sync. Instantly, all the dao treasures showed their power. Wu Yu did not use the Violent Art this time, as his physical body with the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth was powerful enough!

"Holy Elephant Hell-Shocking Technique!"

A staff fell from the sky, and there were countless attacks following closely behind!

On the huge 10,000 Dragons Staff intertwined by countless dragons, a beast roared and a Golden Holy Elephant rushed forward. When its front legs landed, Wu Yu used the 10,000 Dragons Staff to land a blow on the puppet's head. For a while, the whole Floating Dreams Pagoda was shaking. The power of the Holy Elephant Hell-Shocking Technique was fully exerted. That Dark God of Massacre's spirit design broke into pieces by the consecutive shockwaves!

Then there was the Dark God of Massacre itself. Wu Yu's staff struck its head. The rake was broken to pieces first, then its body. Although it had blocked the strike, after Wu Yu's doppelgangers' attacks, it exploded into pieces!


The Dark God of Massacre exploded.

Wu Yu could only say that the power of this Holy Elephant Hell-Shocking Technique was stronger than the Blood Weeping World Technique.

It should have a better effect when combined with the Blood Weeping World Technique, and this was not his peak. Once he used the Violent Art, his power would definitely reach another higher level.

"It's over." The Floating Dreams Pagoda could regenerate the Dark God of Massacre slowly. Soon, he could use the Dark God of Massacre.

With the help of the Dark God of Massacre, he would have more resources. His short term goal now was Duan Yi. He had the confidence to catch up with him. Although it was not possible now, there would always be opportunities in the future.

Of course, he felt that he was one step closer to the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, which he longed for most.

After coming out of the Floating Dreams Pagoda, there was good news from Princess You Xue. She had reached the seventh tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm.

As Princess You Xue was still very young, this was a very sensational piece of news to the whole Dark North Kingdom. A few days ago, the Dark North Royal Palace even set up a banquet to celebrate You Xue's achievements.

At that time, Wu Yu was still thinking about the Holy Elephant Hell-Shocking Technique, so You Xue did not disturb him.

Unknowingly, the transformation of Princess You Xue also increased power in the Dark North Kingdom.

It was very rare to reach the seventh tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm at this age. Only Prince Le, who came back from the dead and from the Taigu Immortal Path, could compete with her.

As for Wu Yu's test to be a centurion, Princess You Xue had sent a Message Talisman to tell Wu Yu that he was now a centurion. It was now eight days after the announcement. Wu Yu had to report to the Blood Evil Barracks within 10 days of the announcement and serve as centurion.

The Dark Sky Hall had transferred him to another barrack. From today on, he had nothing to do with the Burning Skies Barracks. There were two days left. He had to move to the Blood Evil Barracks.

In fact, Wu Yu was the slowest to find out in the Burning Skies Barracks. When he found out that he had become a centurion, people were still surprised at the speed of his achievements. Some people did not even believe it and asked for a reexamination. However, Wu Yu submitted complete evidence, and he had killed a lot of Alternate Creatures.

Hence, no one could say anything.

Among them, Duan Yi, who was also a centurion like Wu Yu, had to be feeling very upset.

However, Wu Yu had left the Burning Skies Barracks. He was definitely not under his management now.

After learning that Wu Yu had already come out of seclusion, Princess You Xue left the Dark North Royal Palace and came directly to Wu Yu.

Before she spoke, Wu Yu knew what she was going to say. After all, she always thought of what she was going to say before she spoke.

"Dead Souls Sea Region? Dead Souls Prison? Little Dark King? Dark North Battle for Supremacy? Advanced dao treasure? 5,000 merits?" Vaguely, Wu Yu already knew these words.

"I'll tell you more." You Xue smiled when she saw him.


"To the extreme north of the Dark North Emperor Continent, there is a dead sea region. It is a forbidden area for the martial cultivators. We call it the Dead Souls Sea Region."

"Mm." Wu Yu nodded.

"There is a large number of sea region demons gathering in the Dead Souls Sea Region. Compared with other sea region demons, the sea region demons there are more ferocious and bloody. They live in a place where only the fittest will survive. They have blood feuds with us martial cultivators. Basically, they will kill any martial cultivator they see. They are merciless and often want to attack the Yan Huang Ancient Region, and occupy our Dark North Capital and take our treasures. Over the years, we have fought countless wars with the demons of the Dead Souls Sea Region. Among the Eight Main Armies, three of them are dedicated to dealing with the demons of the Dead Souls Sea Region. To this day, the demons in the Dead Souls Sea Region are still eyeing the Dark North Emperor Continent and the Northern Hell Snow Continent."

You Xue seemed to hate the demons in the Dead Souls Sea Region. It sounded like they were arch enemies. In this world, if there were resources, there would be disputes.

She continued, "After many years of war, the demons in the Dead Souls Sea Region have failed to return. Of course, we have also suffered damage. In these wars, we have also captured a large number of demon captives. These fierce captives from the Dead Souls Sea Region are locked up in the Dead Souls Prison. The Dead Souls Prison is not far from the west of the Dark North Capital. My other uncle, Prince You Shi, is guarding it personally. This time, it has something to do with the Dead Souls Prison."

Of course, You Xue would only find him if there was something good going on. 

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