Chapter 0734: The battle between the Dragon and Elephant

Just exchanging blows, Wu Yu understood the strength of the Golden Holy Elephant.

The other party had yet to use its signature dao technique. It simply charged towards him, and that heaven-defying strength already shook the heavens and earth.

Wu Yu used all his strength and coordinated with the 10,000 Dragons Staff. He slammed with all his might, and the 10,000 Dragons Staff and Golden Holy Elephant knocked into each other. Instantly, a loud, explosive collision occurred!

A battle between the dragon and elephant! 

The Golden Holy Elephant was no weaker than a mystical dragon. For this first exchange, this old senior's concentrated strength knocked Wu Yu directly onto the cover outside. That terrifying strength almost made him vomit blood.

The strength of the Golden Holy Elephant was mainly the power of the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques. It was not from its physical body or spiritual power.

When they fought physically, they fought with physical strength. When they used dao techniques, they fought with spiritual power.

The front legs of the Golden Holy Elephant reared up high. It trumpeted loud and deafening. Wu Yu's appearance made it excited, and it turned into a streak of golden light, rushing towards him.


Sometimes, he needed a crazy amount of will to battle such giant beasts.

Wu Yu took a deep breath, raised the 10,000 Dragons Staff, and rushed towards it.

At this moment, as expected, the Golden Holy Elephant used its Holy Elephant Hell-Shocking Technique.

He saw the Golden Holy Elephant burning bright and golden. It jumped high and landed with a loud crash. In an instant, everything seemed to fall. There was a loud, explosive crash, and from where Wu Yu was standing, he could feel the Golden Holy Elephant trampling on the world before him and destroying everything!

Time and space were rendered into fierce ripples and rushed towards Wu Yu. The gold color of the Golden Holy Elephant had immersed into these ripples, forming huge, golden waves. They crashed towards Wu Yu, wave after wave. He could feel his whole body collapsing even when the waves had yet to reach him.

Wu Yu only understood after witnessing its power that the Holy Elephant Hell-Shocking Technique was much stronger than he expected.

And there was simply no way of evading this power.

In reality, even if he could win, Wu Yu did not want to end the battle quickly. He wanted to battle with the Golden Holy Elephant and familiarize himself with the Holy Elephant Hell-Shocking Technique. It was only from suffering one blow after another from the dao technique that he could better understand it.

So this time, he chose to bear the blow.


At the instant it hit, it really felt like death. Under this unbelievably strong shock, Wu Yu's bones and flesh were instantly torn apart. And he even possessed the Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body.

He clearly experienced those shock waves rippling through his body. At that moment, his body almost became like a wave.

The unbearable pain was just one effect. The scariest part was that this shock would not end easily.

This decision to take the blow pushed Wu Yu to his limits. If that blow was stronger, he probably would have died.

But he learned a lot. After personally experiencing it, he had sufficient understanding of this Holy Elephant Hell-Shocking Technique.

Before the Golden Holy Elephant could unleash the second attack, Wu Yu used the second tier of the Somersault Cloud and leapt out of the barrier covering the platform hurriedly.

His body started to recover only after exiting. Ever since he gained the Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body, Wu Yu's body had not suffered such damage. It was lucky that his body had strong recovery and was practically at the level of immortality. Hence, after escaping, his broken physical body healed at record speed.

The Golden Holy Elephant seemed to be confused as to why Wu Yu could exit. To him, perhaps Wu Yu had broken the rules. Hence, the Golden Holy Elephant was extremely furious. It kept using its sabre-like tusks to poke the challenge platform cover. The whole challenge platform kept shaking.

After half a day, Wu Yu had fully recovered and was back to his peak condition. This recovery also used some of his immortal medicines.

"If I take a few more blows, even my body can strengthen. I'm now meeting stronger opponents, so my physical strength advantage is diminishing. Even if I reach the first tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, I may not be a match for an eighth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator. After all, the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm mainly concentrates the Primordial Spirit and does not increase Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy."

His spiritual power was lagging quite far behind that of his peers. If not for his mystiques, he could never have challenged those who were at much higher cultivation levels. As he met with stronger opponents, his advantage in challenging the higher cultivation levels would diminish. Perhaps when he reached the Dao Querying Realm, he could only challenge up to four or five tiers above. After all, those who could reach the Dao Querying Realm were all geniuses who had trained for hundreds of years. 

It was not easy to train his physical body.

Without hesitation, he rushed into the challenge platform again and fought the depressed Golden Holy Elephant again.

If Wu Yu used the Blood Weeping World Technique and the World of the Golden Eye, he felt that he could defeat the Golden Holy Elephant. However, he chose not to do that. The other party's Holy Elephant Hell-Shocking Technique could not kill him yet. He had the Invincible Vajra Body, hence he was very daring. He wanted to familiarize himself with the Holy Elephant Hell-Shocking Technique when challenging the Golden Holy Elephant. It would make it easier when he learned it later.

He challenged repeatedly and persevered!

Each time, he emerged with injuries, but the dream in his heart grew stronger.

He wanted to be like the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal - he wanted to achieve immortality.

He wanted to look for Luo Pin. He wanted to be qualified to stand by her. Other than the Ninth Spirit and Nangong Wei, whom he met when he was young, only Luo Pin could give him the feelings of love and respect.

He also wanted to protect the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. That place was too weak.

It was all of these that formed his motivation and kept him going each time.

Of which, that Monkey King bathing in fierce flames was Wu Yu's most outstanding thing in his mind. He could not wait anymore.

Bang, bang, bang!

He would stand up as many times as he was defeated.

As long as the Invincible Vajra Body could recover, then he could withstand any degree of destruction and pain.

He was of lowly birth and had met with great misfortune. He had Sun Wudao to lead the way for him, and that was when he knew he could pursue the Great Dao. That was such a fortunate thing, and he appreciated it more than anyone.

He indeed became familiar with the Holy Elephant Hell-Shocking Technique after repeated challenges.

On the day he felt that it was enough, he used all his moves. Combining the doppelgangers, the Blood Weeping World Technique, and the World of the Golden Eye, he defeated the Golden Holy Elephant easily.

The Golden Holy Elephant did not expect Wu Yu to have such moves hidden till today.

But it was long dead, and now only spirit remnants remained. The most it could have were simple emotions like confusion and anger. When Wu Yu defeated it and won the challenge, its mission became to help Wu Yu to learn the Holy Elephant Hell-Shocking Technique.

The scroll with the Holy Elephant Hell-Shocking Technique was in the middle of the challenge platform. Wu Yu picked up the scroll from the water, crossed his legs, and sat down. He started to study the great creation of this ancestor. The path of martial cultivation was paved bit by bit by countless ancestors.

They, especially this group of demons from the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques, were worthy of respect.

Hard work always reaped rewards.

Wu Yu had been hit by the Holy Elephant Hell-Shocking Technique many times. Hence, when it was time for him to understand the spiritual art, he read it with his questions in mind and realized that many dao technique problems could be explained easily.

Even if he struggled, the Golden Holy Elephant would immediately demonstrate and help him answer the question.

"Legacy" was a great term. 

Wu Yu saw it in the Golden Holy Elephant's serious demonstrations.

He could not help but tear.

What the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal and the Victorious Fighting Buddha had given him were also a type of legacy.

This endless world blossomed because of legacies. Those who passed down legacies were all great, hence he swore that he would also pass down the essence of his predecessors' learnings. He also wanted to create.

When creating dao techniques, it could also be the time his Great Dao improved. Sometimes, creation could inspire improvements more than studying.

“Dao technique” contained the word “dao.” It was actually related to dao. There was dao within dao techniques. More so, dao techniques were a type of display of one’s understanding towards dao. The dao within was easier to understand than spirit designs.

At this moment. Wu Yu was also studying the dao in the Golden Holy Elephant, and from its dao, he understood his own dao.

Time passed as he immersed himself in the Holy Elephant Hell-Shocking Technique.

Sometimes, learning dao techniques required an epiphany. However, under usual circumstances - like Wu Yu's method of slow digestion - learning it bit by bit, solving each difficult problem, and ultimately understanding the whole complicated dao technique was the majority of people did. Compared to dao techniques and spirit designs, the rising of one’s dao tier required more epiphanies.

Wu Yu had not been troubled by over-complicated problems while learning the Holy Elephant Hell-Shocking Technique because of what he withstood previously and with the guidance of the Golden Holy Elephant. It was smooth sailing. At the end, after he practiced the Holy Elephant Hell-Shocking Technique many times, he basically succeeded.

Of course, at this time, two months had passed. During this time, Wu Yu neither eaten nor rested. He had forgotten the passage of time and was drunk from the understanding of dao.

This was the time in Floating Dreams Pagoda. In the outside world, only about one month passed. At this point his application for centurion should have been approved.

After learning the two dao techniques, the Blood Weeping World Technique and the Holy Elephant Hell-Shocking Technique, and fully understanding them, Wu Yu had more confidence in earning a place in this foreign Dark North Kingdom.

Actually, if he really had enough confidence and resources, he still wanted to go to the Yan Huang Ancient Country. That was the true center of the Yan Huang Ancient Region.

But it was not time yet.

He was in no hurry to exit, because after learning another dao technique, he had something to do.

That was to challenge the puppets!

Now that he had the ability again, he could challenge new puppets in the Floating Dreams Pagoda, puppets stronger than the Black and White Deities.

He left the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques and returned to the Floating Dreams Pagoda. After putting away the signboard, he made his preparations. Then he summoned all the puppets that he could challenge now.

The one mightier than the Black and White Deities!

Within that spirit design, there was a gigantic, black shadow. It seemed fiercer compared to the Black and White Deities. Just like a fierce beast.

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