Chapter 0733: Holy Elephant Hell-shocking Technique

In this ability test, the number of centurions was less than that of decarchs.

However, there were still a dozen of them.

Wu Yu had just created a huge commotion, and that piece of sensational news had just arrived here. People were just talking about Gong Shenjun's tragic defeat. Several decarchs that had been promoted to centurion did not expect Wu Yu to come here.

They stayed in the same hall, waiting for time to pass.

They dared not talk to Wu Yu. After all, Wu Yu could defeat Gong Shenjun.

With Wu Yu here, the atmosphere became serious.

What they were most puzzled about was how Wu Yu could earn enough merits to promote from a dark north soldier to a centurion in such a short period of time.

You should know that they had been fighting for ten years or so to have this exciting opportunity today.

However, it was useless to doubt. Whoever appeared here meant that they have passed the merit review.

The Dark Sky Hall was very serious. Promotion was the most important thing for the whole army. It was impossible to cheat.

Once someone was found to be in cahoots with someone else or cheating, it would be a serious matter. No matter who it was, his or her years of effort in the Dark Sea Army would possibly wash down the drain.

In the evening, before the deadline, there were nearly 20 people.

Under the leadership of an old man, they went deep inside the Dark Sky Hall and finally stepped into a very grand-looking square.

Here, there was a group of people sitting on the high seat, waiting for today's batch of soldiers waiting to get promoted.

There were five elders sitting on the high seat, all of them seniors in the Dark Sea Army. As long as three of them thought that the strength of the person being tested was up to standard, he or she would pass the test.

The content of the test was to fight a fourth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm opponent, and the five elders would judge by looking at the process and result of the battle.

Everyone had an opponent. These opponents were actually centurions. They had come to the Dark Sky Hall to test new people and earn merits.

In the past, they would have to read the mood and even secretly go easy on the examinees.

But today's situation was different. On the contrary, the centurions were very nervous, because they were afraid that their opponent would be Wu Yu.

Today, Wu Yu was the focus here. In terms of combat effectiveness, the elders judging above might not even match up to Wu Yu.

First, one of the elders stated some rules and other things. Then the test started directly. It was according to the order of registration today. Because Wu Yu had come later, he wasted some time and saw more than 10 tests in which both sides were well-matched in strength.

In fact, those who dared to come here were mostly those who fished in troubled waters. They could basically all pass.

When it was Wu Yu's turn, the opponent surrendered directly and said, "He can even defeat Gong Shenjun. Let's forget about this battle."

"No way." The elders shook their heads.

According to the rules, no matter who it was, they had to fight.

Wu Yu did not make him feel embarrassed. He fought directly and defeated him in one or two moves. It was so fast and powerful that everyone was even more speechless.

Those elders also dared not make trouble for him. All five passed him.

"Congratulations, you pass the test. Please wait for the Dark Sky Hall's announcement in a month's time. You can leave first."

This was Wu Yu's special treatment. The others had to stay there to listen to a lesson.

"By the way, you have to choose whether you want to be a centurion in the Burning Skies Barracks or to join another barrack. If you are willing to join another barrack, the arrangement may be faster."

"I have no problems with a different barrack."

The main purpose of his promotion to centurion was to make it easier for him to enter the Alternate World.

His strength was comparable to that of a chiliarch. No matter which barrack he went to, no one would create trouble for him. In fact, Wu Yu's next goal was to achieve the merits to become a chiliarch directly.

Working alone might be more efficient. 10,000 merits might just take several months.

However, he would only be a centurion after the Dark Sky Hall's announcement. Before the announcement, he was still a dark north soldier.

He had a month's time. Wu Yu decided to go back to the Burning Skies Barracks. He wanted to make use of this time to go to the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques again to challenge a dao technique.

The dao techniques from the Demon Dao Sect were really quite powerful, especially when Wu Yu had doppelgangers to perform one 1,000 times at once. Wu Yu had tasted the benefits of the Blood Weeping World Technique. He could not wait to learn another dao technique when it was so hard to improve his mystiques.

It was evening. There were many people in the Dark Sea Army still discussing what had happened during the day.

When Wu Yu passed by, they immediately silenced themselves.

Wu Yu had not been at the Dark North Capital for a long time, but now, he had become one of the popular figures here. There were discussions about this foreigner everywhere. When Wu Yu passed by, they also looked at him differently.

"Princess You Xue might really like this Wu Yu."

"Wu Yu is a smart person. He knows that if he does not maintain his distance from Princess You Xue, he'll anger the royal family."

"This person is really daring to come here and create trouble! Let's watch and see, my guess is he won't survive more than three days after today. The people from the Master of Justice's residence are not for show only."

Such rumors could not stop Wu Yu's determination to rise. They actually made him more determined. He returned to his living quarters in the Burning Skies Barracks and hid the Floating Dreams Pagoda in a corner that would be hard to discover. After he entered it, he took out the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques from the Sumeru Pouch again.

The Demon Hall of Dao Techniques could be activated using his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. He placed it on the floor of the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Wu Yu quickly entered it and wandered about the white world.

"What dao technique should I learn this time?

"Firstly the demon creator must not be too strong. Secondly, it is best if it can unravel the potential power of 10,000 Dragons Staff."

The blood bond with 10,000 Dragons Staff had not been completed successfully yet. Its strongest offensive spirit design had yet to surface. The Infinity Beast had not appeared, so he could not use the true power of this advanced dao treasure yet.

With these two criteria, there was not much choice because Wu Yu could not defeat most demon creators here.

But he had discovered something new upon entry this time.

"Different challenge platforms and dao techniques have appeared this time. Some of these dao techniques did not appear before.

"That also means that it's not possible that there are only a few hundred types of dao techniques here. There might be more, and they are constantly changing. Hence, every time I enter, something will be different."

That was the reason he needed to relook at his choices.

This time, he spent five days carefully choosing.

In the end, he made his choice.

In front of him was a huge challenge platform, and on that challenge platform was a pure gold elephant that looked to be forged of gold! That gold elephant had a heavy build and four thick legs. It had a pair of golden tusks and a muscular trunk. They were like a pair of sabres and a long whip.

This huge elephant was practically a moving golden mountain. This was the symbol of strength.

Reading the introduction from the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques, this demon was called the Golden Holy Elephant. It belonged to a very powerful bloodline of demons. The higher the purity of the golden color of the demon, the purer the bloodline.

The Golden Holy Elephant was the master of strength. It walked the world and no one could block him, regardless of whether it was mountains or cities. All would just shatter.

This Golden Holy Elephant was called Ying Ya. He was a fourth generation elite elder of the Demon Dao Sect. He was a highly respected demon, and he had peaked at the third tier of the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm. Ultimately, he perished in the first disaster of the Dao Querying Three Disasters.

He was one level higher than the Blood Weeping Monkey. This was not much higher, so Wu Yu dared to challenge him.

The dao technique that he had created was called the Holy Elephant Hell-shocking Technique. It used the huge strength of the Holy Elephant to form countless heavy vibrations. This dao technique allowed one to form large scale earthquakes. It claimed to be able to shake even the deepest crevices of hell.

And the Holy Elephant Hell-shocking Technique could be activated by the 10,000 Dragons Staff. Combined with the Violent Art and the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, the craziest attack could explode outwards. Additionally, if the doppelgangers could all use it simultaneously, they could achieve a superposition effect.

Wu Yu's doppelgangers were a part of his body. In terms of synchronizing and integration, it was different from thousands of people using the same dao technique at the same time. Wu Yu's 1,000 doppelgangers using it at the same time was actually him using it 1,000 times. It would be difficult to achieve real synchronization and integration with thousands of other people. This was Wu Yu's greatest advantage.

His doppelgangers were different from thousands of people gathered together.

Wu Yu was ready to challenge the Golden Holy Elephant when he chose the Holy Elephant Hell-shocking Technique. Of course, he knew that the Golden Holy Elephant was scary. But in order to increase his fighting strength and killing ability, he decided to go for it.

He was at the Dark North Capital. With such a high profile, someone would want him to die.

But Wu Yu still wanted to be high-profile. He did not want to suppress his own nature, but to release it. He was on the road to achieving the Immortal Dao. This was what the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal had taught him.

So, he summoned up his courage and shouted out loud. Very quickly, he completed the Immortal Ape Transformation and the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth. He raised his strength to the peak state, held in his hands the advanced dao treasure intertwined with 10,000 roaring dragons, and rushed into the cover of the challenge platform!

To Wu Yu, the value of the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques was lower than that of the mysterious Floating Dreams Pagoda, but definitely higher than the 10,000 Dragons Staff.

Of course, he remembered challenging the new puppets of the Floating Dreams Pagoda. More powerful puppets than the Black and White Deities were waiting for him. Because puppets seemed useless against the challenges in the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques, he might not be able to bring them in, so he had decided to learn dao techniques first and then challenge the puppets.

Once successful, he would be stronger!

The Golden Holy Elephant had been watching for a long time. When Wu Yu came in, the elephant was very quiet at first. But when it really moved, not only the whole challenge platform, but also the air around it, as well as the cover, shook.

That long, golden nose lifted and swept across. Even if it did not attack Wu Yu, it could cause huge pressure. This made Wu Yu realize that every part of the elephant could be fatal weapons.

Once they confronted each other, this golden elephant really suppressed him.

"I'm going for it."

Wu Yu gritted his teeth and rushed forward.

A new future lay just ahead!

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