Chapter 0732: The Road to Centurion

With the sun shining on in support, the long period of energy gathering had brought the full power of the World of the Golden Eye to bear. Flames spewed forth, filling the entire sky above the Dark North Barracks.

A fiery, golden sun blazed above their heads!

It was too close, and this World of the Golden Eye seemed even hotter than the sun itself. the Dark North Capital's frostiness itself began to fade within the World of the Golden Eye.

And for Gong Shenjun, who was fighting Wu Yu, he rushed into the World of the Golden Eye.

He had some understanding of Wu Yu's mystique.

Wu Yu had used it in the fight against Yin Xuan.

That was why he had already prepared for this.

He had an armor dao treasure on him, known as the Immortal Umbra Armor. It was close to an advanced dao treasure as well. When he entered the World of the Golden Eye, his Immortal Umbra Armor shifted from its robe form to an immortal armor form. It was mostly black, with many attractive, blue streaks in it!

More importantly, this armor dao treasure could form its own world, a modest spherical space that moved with Gong Shenjun, completely separating him from the World of the Golden Eye!

With this Immortal Umbra Armor, he was currently unaffected by the World of the Golden Eye, and could move freely!

Of course, even such an armor dao treasure could not withstand Wu Yu's World of the Golden Eye for long. Therefore, Gong Shenjun had to end the battle quickly, before Wu Yu was ready!

He immediately activated his Great Dao Mystique as he rushed in!

"18 Executioners!"

Gong Shenjun appeared before Wu Yu, his eyes gleaming wickedly. His Great Dao Mystique burst forth from his body! On a closer look, 18 differently colored smoke streams ejected from his body, forming giants that were three zhang tall! These giants were not real people, but rather the deities that guarded the legendary hells. They had huge, bronze bell-like eyes, and sharp teeth. They glowered at Wu Yu with menace. They must have killed countless people before!

"18 Executioners, go!"

This mystique was about the same as calling forth clones.

The 18 Executioners all had the power to create death, and Wu Yu's World of the Golden Eye could not burn them to death instantly.

When the 18 Executioners appeared, Gong Shenjun gave a cold laugh. He was supremely confident! The 18 Executioners was only one of his methods of killing Wu Yu. With them attacking and wearing Wu Yu down, he was within the battlefield preparing a new mystique - that was the true killing method!

In such a major battle fraught with risk, many could not see what was happening within the World of the Golden Eye, but they still felt anxious. A few Dao Querying experts knew what was transpiring, and they judged that Gong Shenjun had the upper hand.

The 18 Executioners moved through the fiery defenses, their own savagery assailing Wu Yu.

Gong Shenjun's confidence shone from his very eyes.

But Wu Yu was even more confident than he was!

"Unshackled Doppelganger!"

With a puff after using his Immortal Ape Transformation, 1,000 golden apes appeared to face the 18 Executioners!

These clones had reached their peak strength!

When they appeared, they all sprang into action instantly.

"Blood Weeping World Technique!"

All around Wu Yu, blood-curdling wails rang out. The Blood Weeping World Technique was used 1,000 times over, and permeated the World of the Golden Eye with frightening speed. The perimeter of World of the Golden Eye was also the perimeter of Wu Yu's Blood Weeping World Technique.

Within the Blood Weeping World, eerie shrieks filled the air. It was a living hell, a disaster to all living things.

The key was that Gong Shenjun's Immortal Umbra Armor could not defend against this sonic dao technique. In addition to the constant burning of the World of the Golden Eye eating away at the armor dao treasure, Gong Shenjun's 18 Executioners crumbled to another of Wu Yu's dao techniques even before they had attacked him!


Following the shrieks of the Blood Weeping World, they soon heard the shrieks of the weeping Gong Shenjun.

In truth, the Blood Weeping World Technique alone already made the onlookers ill, even though they were not within its radius. And Gong Shenjun's shrieks were even more unbearable for them.

They could not believe, did not want to believe, that what they were hearing was real.

Within the World of the Golden Eye, Gong Shenjun's wretched state was what Wu Yu had expected.

After being hit by the Blood Weeping World Technique, his Primordial Spirit was injured, and even his armor dao treasure could not withstand it. There was a hole, and the fire of the World of the Golden Eye immediately burrowed in. This attack meant that both his body and mind were being assaulted by Wu Yu!

Gong Shenjun's face was white as a sheet.

Wu Yu wanted to press his advantage for a victory!

However, the 18 Executioners could still move. They had already made their move while Wu Yu was executing the Blood Weeping World Technique. The 1,000 clones rushed out to block the 18 Executioners, and the 18 Executioners could not find the real Wu Yu within the World of the Golden Eye!

Although the 18 Executioners killed the clones easily, the 10,000 Dragons Staff in Wu Yu's hands was given a new burst of speed. His Blood Weeping World Technique did not falter, and his World of the Golden Eye was still burning Gong Shenjun. While Gong Shenjun was holding on without counter-attacking, Wu Yu brought his staff crashing down on his head. Suddenly, the World of the Golden Eye dissipated, and the charred and unmoving body of Gong Shenjun fell from the sky. His condition looked about as serious as Yin Xuan's had.

After this battle, it was clear that Gong Shenjun was completely helpless before Wu Yu. With so many Dark North Tribesmen watching, Gong Shenjun's grievous injuries were a painful blow to the entire Dark North Tribe.

Today, Wu Yu's reputation would only rise further.

At this time, Wu Yu's golden hairs were wafting through the breeze, while his fallen opponent had collapsed in the arms of the elders of the Master of Justice's house, receiving emergency treatment.

"Well fought." Wu Yu cupped his hands in respect.

His utterance marked the clear end of the battle.

At this time, the Dark North Tribe was bitter at Gong Shenjun's loss, which was a collective loss on their behalf. Naturally, they felt disgraced and angry!

On the other hand, Wu Yu had won this battle fair and square, and he was strong indeed, beyond their expectations. This made them feel even more demoralized.

This was like being slapped across the face, and only being to marvel at the speed of the slap.

Of course, Wu Yu knew that this was no time to rub salt in the wound, or risk getting hunted down by these thousands of Dark North Tribe members. That would be hairy.

He said, "Previously, today's appointment was only conveyed to Duan Yi, Gong Shenjun, and a few others. I, Wu Yu, have no quarrel with you, and yet you ambushed me underhandedly. Although I am an outsider in your eyes, if anyone makes a move on my life, I will retaliate. Today, I defeated Gong Shenjun fair and square. That is my answer. Duan Yi, one day I will send you the same way."

He did not target the Dark North Tribe, but only Duan Yi, Gong Shenjun, and the other few. Besides, he had almost been set up, and it seemed like a reasonable answer. This quelled the anger and frustration of the Dark North Tribe a little.

However, when Wu Yu singled out Duan Yi, their eyes turned to him.

Duan Yi lifted his head. He was surprised by Wu Yu's improvements, but he too had an advanced dao treasure, and was someone with abundant resources. Even after Wu Yu's performance today, he was still uncowed.

"Then I will be waiting for you. Don't make me wait too long," Duan Yi declared.

This was basically an appointment for the next battle. They could only assume that an even more spectacular battle was in the cards!

Wu Yu heard someone say, "If they are going to participate in that major event that's coming up, there will definitely be chances to cross paths."

This was a fair win, and the Master of Justice's house had lost face. They could not possibly cause trouble for Wu Yu now without shaming themselves further. They could only bring Gong Shenjun back with all speed. As for how to deal with Wu Yu in the future, their family would definitely make plans.

It was not wise to linger here. After finishing off his opponent, Wu Yu bade the crowd a farewell and returned to the Burning Skies Barracks with speed. Of course, Duan Yi was headed there as well.

Only now did people begin to disperse. Of course, news of the outcome had already spread throughout the Dark North Royal Region the moment it had ended.

No matter how Gong Shenjun spun it, this would become a legend of the Dark North Capital. Such a stunning loss was subtle pressure for the Dark North Tribe.

Their opinion of Princess You Xue, who had brought Wu Yu back, had also changed slightly.

Along the way, Wu Yu headed back with great speed. Oblivious to how many people were discussing him, he was only focused on optimizing his own improvement and reaching the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. This time, he had finished off his opponent, and he needed to embark on a journey of improvement again.

However, before that, he had an important task to accomplish, which was to become a centurion.

To become a centurion, one had to go to the Dark Sky Hall, which was why Wu Yu changed course from the Burning Skies Barracks to the Dark Sky Hall. The Dark Sky Hall was where all Dark Sea Army personnel went for promotions.

The Dark Sky Hall was huge. However, most of the people here were dark north soldiers slated for promotion to decarch. There were very, very few like Wu Yu throughout history, who had jumped from dark north soldier to centurion.

And those who rose to chiliarch and dark north general were even fewer.

As for dark sea general and above, they needed to be personally tested by the Army General. Each promotion to dark sea general was when the Dark Sky Hall was busiest, as the Army General would personally attend.

As for dark sky generals, they not only needed the army general's approval, they also had to be approved by the Dark Sea Emperor. It was a major affair for the Dark Sea Army.

Right now, Wu Yu was only rising to centurion. This did not mean anything for the Dark Sea Army, and he would soon be at the same level as Duan Yi. When he thought back to the start, he had been a dark north soldier, while Duan Yi had been a dark north general.

Before long, Wu Yu arrived at the Dark Sky Hall.

Within the huge horde of Dark Sea Army soldiers, there were perhaps another dozen or so applying to become centurions along with him.

The time limit was evening, then the tests would start. First, a count of total merits. Wu Yu's total merits had long passed the requirement. This was no problem. However, there would still be multiple tallies at the Dark Sky Hall.

More important was the ability testing.

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