Chapter 0731: Ensnarer of Gods and Demon Butcher

Now that Wu Yu had halted, Gong Shenjun and the others had stopped chasing as well.

Gong Shenjun looked at those around him to confirm that he had not heard it wrongly. Wu Yu had indeed said he was willing to challenge him.

Before this, Duan Yi had wanted to stop Wu Yu from fleeing, and have a fair fight with him.

But Wu Yu had not agreed.

And now, Wu Yu was challenging Gong Shenjun.

Duan Yi did not say anything. Wu Yu himself had admitted he was not Duan Yi's match. But challenging Gong Shenjun showed that Wu Yu had some confidence in his ability there.

"Are you sure?" Gong Shenjun was a seventh tier Primordial Spirit cultivator, and had not once considered Wu Yu his match.

"Of course. I'm a man of my word. I've declared it now. Even if you kill me, I will not run." Wu Yu's tone was somber as he announced this. It did not sound like he was playing.

"Excellent!" Gong Shenjun laughed. He said to those with him, "Brothers, wait but a moment, and I will take revenge for us."

At this moment, there was naturally a huge reaction. No one had expected Wu Yu's response, and now the matter had blown up. It was a highlight that would shake the entire Dark North Capital! There were often interesting things to watch in the Dark North Capital, but those that involved so many future leaders of the Dark North Kingdom were rare.

It would definitely be a spectacular and explosive battle.

That was why all the dark north soldiers hurriedly spread the news.

Gong Shenjun could barely wait. He was itching to get started.

Wu Yu was happy to play with them. It had already begun anyway.

However, this show had to be properly shored up to pack a punch. Just as Gong Shenjun was about to get started, Wu Yu said, "What are you so anxious about? I didn't say it was going to be now. In 10 days' time. At the entrance of the Dark North Barracks, at noon. I will beat you until you're on the floor looking for your teeth. Don't pussy out when the time comes."

Saying thus, he took off on the Somersault Cloud without bothering to wait for Gong Shenjun's reply.

"Then in 10 days' time, I will bury you." Gong Shenjun's strangled voice came drifting through the wind.

He had chosen 10 days because Wu Yu was not confident now. After all, Gong Shenjun had been cultivating longer even than You Xue, and was at a higher cultivation level - seventh tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. If he was not firing with all cylinders, he might not beat him.

He had done the bragging already. If he was defeated now, he would be a laughing stock.

Therefore, he had to secure this victory at all costs.

Now that that bridge had been burned, this group of people would harass Wu Yu to no end, until he died. Exactly because of that, Wu Yu would treat them as opponents of his dao. He would rise to the occasion.

The fire and call of battle was in his bones.

The Invincible Vajra Body demanded it. Never-ending battle, until one reached the peak of immortalhood.

The "Fighting" word in Victorious Fighting Buddha was for life.

Wu Yu was actually growing closer and closer to the mentality of that immortal's legacy.

Great Sage, Heaven's Equal?

That name was truly dominating. So cool!

He imagined that one day, he too could be equal to the heavens.


In the remaining 10 days, he first let his clones refine the Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills, until they reached their peak.

At the same time, he had them blood bond with dao treasures, until they were all wielding 1,000 dao treasures.

In the Dark North Kingdom, ordinary dao treasures were not expensive.

A good dao treasure would cost more than 1,000 merits.

After the clones had finished refining the huge amount of Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills, Wu Yu was again back to the pauper's life.

Luckily, his clones had reached their strongest.

This way, after increasing his cultivation level, Wu Yu would be much stronger than when he fought the Shadow Swallower previously. He was a whole level beyond that.

In these few days, he would hear whispers wherever he went.

Word of the appointed battle had spread as the sequel to the Dark North Emperor Beast saga previously, and again swept through the Dark North Capital. There were even many from the satellite cities who had heard of it, and traveled here to watch.

Even before the time had arrived, there were many milling about the designated place, jostling for a place.

The Dark North Capital had become very lively these days.

This sensation was truly an attention-grabber.

Because this would not inadvertently injure Yin Ying further, Gong Shenjun’s family did not bother with it. He would definitely have a plan up his sleeve.

He would definitely have many plans lined up to kill Wu Yu.

But in such a public manner, they guessed that even Princess You Xue would have no say.

On this day, Wu Yu had not made You Xue come. You Xue was in a critical period of breaking through to a new cultivation level, and her absence would also help to alleviate suspicions of the relationship between her and Wu Yu.

After all, no Dark North Tribe member would wish for their princess to fall in love with an outsider.

The 10 days passed quickly, and Wu Yu was already well prepared. The day drew on to noon. Although this was the Dark North, the sun still shone at noon, albeit a little less brightly.

When he came to the entrance of the Dark North Barracks, he was surprised by the turnout. More than half were Dark North Barracks soldiers, densely packed and everywhere that the eye could see.

There were others as well, watching from the entrance of the Dark North Barracks. The Dark North Capital was seldom this busy. There must be many thousands of people.

Amongst them, there were many Dao Querying experts. Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold could see Yin Yang of the Yin Residence in a teahouse, seated with a table full of important people.

There were many people who were interested in this outsider.

Of course, the Master of Justice and many others\ were probably also hidden nearby.

After all, Wu Yu was an outsider, and would naturally be condemned when he was this cocky in the Dark North Capital. When he arrived, he could feel that more than 90% of the looks were hostile.

Gong Shenjun and the others had arrived much earlier. As the host, he could feel the support of the Dark North Tribe. The bunch of them were of the same age, and had roughly the same ability and status. There was another group of about a dozen whose abilities were close to Duan Yi's caliber. As expected, there were crouching tigers and hidden dragons everywhere in the Dark North Capital. Here, Gong Shenjun's status and talent were not that special.

There were also princes and princesses of the Dark Sea Emperor.

It was just that they had not shown their faces today.

When Wu Yu arrived, the yells rang out.

"Outsider, get out of the Dark North Capital!"

"Demon Sealing Continent scum, you dare to show off in the Dark North Capital!"

"Today, we will see you humbled! How dare you go against the Dark North Tribe here in the Dark North Capital!"

"This person isn't even from the Yan Huang Tribe! Even the Yan Huang Tribe does not acknowledge him!"

"Get out of the Dark North Capital!"

A single person faced all the hatred and discrimination of thousands. And still Wu Yu could smile. This face was acknowledged by many of the seniors.

Faced with the jeers, taunts, and threats, the pressure could crush a mountain. It felt like one was being rejected by the entire world.

And Wu Yu stood alone, proud and erect. At this moment, he looked on at the crowd, and a glimmer of understanding hit him. He felt closer to the dao of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal.

The path he walked was one that went against billions, against the entire world, against all odds and dangers. To follow the path of his heart, and the great dao within!

Nothing in this world could stop him. He feared no immortal nor supernatural being.

"Gong Shenjun, come on up for your beating." Wu Yu was indeed cocky. He immediately shouted out upon reaching, even before the time had come, or Gong Shenjun had gotten a word in. It silenced the curses.

"Go to hell!" Gong Shenjun had waited for this day for a long time as well. His younger brother, Gong Xingwei, had come today as well. Seeing Wu Yu, his face flushed. "Third Brother, you have to kill him!"

"Don't worry." Gong Shenjun took to the sky to much anticipation.

He appeared before Wu Yu, his long robe swaying in the breeze. He had the ice-cold look of a god of death.

At this time, all eyes were on them. Before the battle started, there was a unanimous roar. "Gong Shenjun, finish him!"

"Let him know how strong our Dark North Tribe is."

"Kill him, smash him, make him beg for mercy!"

Gong Shenjun was also getting fired up thanks to their expectations.

However, before this, Wu Yu's eyes were already on fire. Although this was the Dark North, Wu Yu had called forth the sun's truefire, and it streamed into his eyes!

The World of the Golden Eye had not been used under sunlight for very long. Now that the sun was out, the World of the Golden Eye was at its most powerful. His eyes churned with heat energy that spilled out over the land!

Many at the Dark North Capital, like the Alternate Creatures of the Alternate World, hated such intense heat. Right now, the blazing flames in the sky made them feel very uncomfortable!

This was a battle between frost and fire!

Seeing Wu Yu already beginning to move, Gong Shenjun naturally wanted to seize the initiative! His actions also awed the entire field. This was the product of the Master of Justice's nurture. Even if he did not become immortal, he would still become an important pillar of the nation. This was the future of the Master of Justice's family - naturally, he was powerful!

He held two dao treasures in his hands. One encircled his entire left arm, a huge, black net with black snakes swimming on it. It was sinister and wicked-looking, and a murderous will emanated from it.

After learning that Wu Yu would fight Gong Shenjun, You Xue had been rather relaxed. Still, she had given information on Gong Shenjun to Wu Yu. For example, that this dao treasure had over 90,000 spirit designs, and was comparable to an advanced dao treasure. It had powerful binding capabilities, and it would be difficult to escape from if caught. One would be at Gong Shenjun's mercy. The net was called the Ensnarer of Gods.

In his right hand, he had a curved scimitar of ebony. There was a striking rivulet of blood running down the middle, like a winding, crimson snake. This was the Demon Butcher, which also had 80,000 to 90,000 spirit designs. It was said to be the most deadly dao treasure that was not an advanced dao treasure, and was said to specialize in attacking Primordial Spirits. It was an unavoidable sure-kill.

Gong Shenjun's Ensnarer of Gods and Demon Butcher wielded together were an invincible combination.

Seeing the two treasures together, everyone oohed and aahed with enthusiasm.

These two treasures together could match an advanced dao treasure.

However, when Wu Yu pulled out the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff, its grand majesty and the resplendence of its power made the Demon Butcher look like a child's toy.

Right now, their eyes met. On the cusp of breaking out into a fight, Wu Yu first used his mystique, the World of the Golden Eye!

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